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You can download digital products for free! These products have either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights. You can resell these products as many times as you want, and you keep 100% of the money!

What's the difference between private label rights vs. master resell rights?

Resell Rights - RR

If you purchase a product that comes with resell rights, you have the right to resell the product “as is” in conjunction with the terms and conditions set forth in your license. Basically this means that you are not allowed to alter, edit or in any other way change the product. And you may not put claim it as being your own by putting your name on it as the author.

Check your license, though, for specific resell rights rules. Not all are the same. For example, some products are not allowed to be sold in eBay auctions, potentially devaluing them.

Master Resell Rights - MRR

There is one big difference between resell rights and master resell rights. While resell rights allow you the right to resell the product, master resell rights allow you to resell the product along with the resell rights.

This is a powerful combination for potential buyers who also make a living selling to others. Because with master rights, they can use your product for themselves plus they can include it in their product line to generate extra income.

And just as with resell rights, make sure to look closer at the license that comes with the product. There may be limitations about where you can sell and not be allowed to add unlimited products to a membership site, for example.

With Master Resale Rights you keep 100% of the profits and still enjoy the product.

Private Label Rights - PLR

Private label rights are considered by many to be the “grand daddy of all rights.” When you have private label rights, you are allowed to edit, alter, revise and in any other way change the product as you like to suit your needs.

Plus you can claim authorship, slapping your own name or company name on the product as the author or originator. This means you are able to change paragraph order, sentence structure, insert other paragraphs or entire articles, graphics, ads… whatever you want to the product.

Or you might choose to break the product down into several different products. Regardless of what you decide to do, you can brand it and do what you want with it- toss up sales materials, promote and sell it as your own product, naming it what you like.

Many buyers prefer private label rights because they help save lots of time, money, energy and hard work creating new products. And some private label rights products come with lots of marketing materials that you can revise to go with the products, more of a win-win; like websites, sales copy, articles for marketing and autoresponder series and more.

You retain all profits from the sale of a Private Label Rights product.

Private Label Resale Rights
are licensed to the purchaser. This means the purchaser may republish and resell the item retaining all profits. 

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List of Ebooks Available for FREE Download!


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