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I've been using this service for about half a year now... It was the most responsive advertising I EVER used in terms of RESULTS and, by this, I mean signups and SALES not just clicks on my solos... I used e-Bestsellers to promote other ad exchanges and, once, for example, I had a referral upgrade ratio of more than 12%, much better than the general upgrade ratio of that ad exchange... It is simply a no brainier to add your service to any marketing or advertising budget. Truly cost effective and immediately responsive.
Ronaldo Cabria

My name is Davis Case and I have been in the affiliate marketing game since early 1999. I drive traffic in so many different ways to my squeeze pages and sales funnels, but lately have been using solo ads in ezines and other publications to save time. Your mega solo's are simply astounding!

Thanks for keeping your readers responsive and active. You have a customer for life in me.

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Davis Case

I've been the top money earner of several programs. I always use your solo ads to flood people into my team. They are super cheap and I always make way more than I spend for them.

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Lucas Ambrose

Your service was simply amazing, I was truly impressed. I will definitely be using you again in the future. Take care, and god bless.

Iosif Alcante

Thanks for the great service. I have received multiple sign ups to my list from just one ad I sent with your site. I will be sending many more in the future.

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Nadia Alicante




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