Q: What is PLR?

A: PLR stands for Private Label Rights and is a special type of permisson that allows you to claim full authorship of given material. For example, a typical PLR License will allow one to modify, sell, and distribute the product(s) the License corresponds to. Each PLR Package has their own Unique License so its important to review this document to make sure you follow the dos and donts of the license terms. With PLR you are able to create a brand new product in minutes that your market would love you for

Q: What is Master Resell Rights?

A: Master Resell Rights or (MRR) is a special permisson for certain products that allow you to resell the product under your name for 100% of the profits. With Master Resale Rights, you can also pass on resale rights (and sometimes master resale rights) to your customers. MRR Products are a great way to launch viral eBooks that skyrocket your online presence and opt-ins all on autopilot. If you have transferable master resale rights, you can also pass on master resale rights to your buyer as well. This is an another way to earn extra money from your customers (simply offer MRR as part of an supplemental one time offer) 

Q: What is Resell Rights?

A: Ressell Rights or (RR) is a basic distribution right for certain products. With Resale Rights you are able to resell the product for personal use . This means you can only act as a reseller of the product, but you can’t have your customers resell the product. On the up side, resell right products are an excellent way to start up new affiliate programs and have marketers promote for you. 

Q: What is Personal Use?

A: Personal Use means you can only use the product as is. These products are a great way to read information on your favorite hobby and niche markets. eBooks are generally a fraction of the cost of hard cover books, so you end up saving money too! . 

Q: How Does This Work?

A: BuyPLReBook offers PLR, MRR, and Resell Right Products (eBooks, Audio, Videos, and Themes & Templates) in hundreds of Niche Markets. Simply browse our massive catalog, find a product you like, purchase, and you will be sent to a page to access your download immediately. Each product has their own terms and conditions so it is best to read up on the license of each product you are interested in.  

Q: What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

A: We accept Paypal, Paypal accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, and eChecks.