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Top 15000 Adsense Keywords

At least 85% of people looking for goods and services on the Internet find websites through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The idea of optimizing your pages for high search engine rankings is to attract targeted customers to your site who will be more than likely to make a purchase. The higher your page comes up in search engine results, the greater the traffic that is directed to your website.

Internet. Business. Profit. To fully integrate all of these words into a successful merging you will need another word. Traffic. Every article you will find about making your site or company successful would always include the importance of generating traffic.

This ebook is a massive collection (over 330 pages) of MAGIC words and phrases that will grab your prospect's attention, INFLUENCE them to visit your web site and PERSUADE them to buy your product!

It's the perfect reference if you're selling products or services to consumers, business owners, auction buyers and sellers, marketers, entrepreneurs, MLMer's, affiliates, web masters, executives, investors and opportunity seekers and anyone else!

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200 Words and Phrases

That Land Profitable JV Deals

This report is a massive collection of 200 hot words and phrases that will grab your prospect's attention, influence them to accept your joint venture offer and persuade them promote your product.

Here's one that is short but to the point, the profitable point. Although this e-book is only 23 pages, it pakcs some of the most powerful words and phrases that could land you some big and highly profitable joint ventures with the big dogs. Grab this one and step up your sales into the big league.

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Magic Link Generator

Discover how you can magically increase the value of your content in a matter of seconds by turning your keywords into Money Making affiliate links and powerfully effective Anchor text

  • Converts the keywords in your .html, .php, or .txt documents into money making affiliate links and powerfully effective anchor text.
  • Automatically converts your text files to html to make the links clickable
  • Works Great with XsitePro sites, Article Site Generators, and other Site/Page builders that create static .htm and .html pages.
  • Super easy Interface makes it a snap to use
  • Can choose to have links open in a new window
  • Windows based program creates "hard links" that search engine will follow
  • Can automatically "cloak" the affiliate links created in your pages.

Magic Link Generator is so easy to use you can perform magic on hundreds even thousands of documents in a matter of seconds


Screen shot of the easy to use interface

How and why should I use Magic Link Generator?

Why? Content is by far the most important part of any webpage. Content is not only important to your visitors but to search engines as well. With MLG you can make it even more important, by creating money making links, or anchor text links to other pages on your site or other sites you own.

How? As you can see by the screen shot, MLG is super easy to use. You simply

  • Enter your keyword or keywords
  • Enter your URL or URL's
  • Choose a Source folder (where your content is at)
  • Choose a Destination folder
  • make a few optional choices
  • Click the Button and "Presto"

If you are looking for more ways to generate income from your site and/or are hoping to get better search engine listing, Magic Link Generator is a tool you should have in your web toolbox.

Master Resell Rights

Do you run the other way whenever you hear words like Web Design or HTML?

You don't need to have technical knowledge to create websites.
Web Design for Internet Business Owners is your solution to creating your web presence.


From the Desk Of:
Anne-Marie Ronsen

Dear Friend,

If you don't know to create a professional and easy to use website, then this will be the most important letter you read right now. Stop losing potential sales and wasting your time. Start building your web presence because it's not as hard as you may think.

People will judge you by your website design.

But don't let the fear of not knowing where to start or not knowing computer programming stop you, because it's easier than you think.

You will lose or gain sales depending on your approach to how your site looks and how usable it is.

You've seen ugly sites everywhere and it affects their sales dramatically sometimes without their knowing...and it doesn't be that way. Some Internet business owners take a blank white page and fill it up with buy now links or banner ads, and they expect to sell something.

They often don't sell anything and get frustrated and give up. Sound familiar or sound like someone you may know?

Why is Web Design and Ease of Use Important to your users?

Trust! That's right. Your presentation gains trust initially. So...If you have bad presentation, your business will go to your competitors and you don't want that right? Without gaining trust, you won't gain as many sales as your business deserves.

People judge covers more so initially than they do your product because it's what they see first.

You matter what people say about how you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover; by human nature, people will judge especially if they have to pull their wallets out. If your website does not have two things -- a professional design and is easy to use, then you will send a bad image for your business. are driving down the street looking for gas stations. There are two gas stations next to each other. One of them is clean, a few cents more expensive, nice looking, while the other one is dirty and no one is going there.

Which one will you go to? If you love your car enough, you will likely go to the clean one because you presume that you are getting good gas.

OK, by now you get the point. Your impression on the looks of the business will reflect greatly on the products themselves.

Professional does not mean lots and lots of graphics, it just means it requires a nice looking presence and most importantly your visitors can find what they want fast without having to go through unnecessary loopholes.

It's likely you already knew that, but you've either been avoiding web design because it sounds hard or you just don't know where to start, then read on...

The solution...?

Introducing Web Design for Internet Business Owners

Secret: Web sites that are designed to have a professional look and at the same time, are user friendly, can maximize the number of potential visitors to convert into customers or leads. You will increase your sales.

Now you can't predict exactly how the end user will view your web pages so your site needs to be compatible with a diverse variety of browsers, etc.

If you choose to read the book or listen to the audio book,
here is a what you will have access to:



Table of Contents


Who Should Read This Book

Icon Guide

Part 1: Setting Website Goals

The Website as Today's New Necessity

New Times Require New Approaches
Business Websites Benefit Both Consumers And Companies At Once

Not Just Any Website Will Do

People Still Judge A Book by It's Cover
Who Gets to Define "Professional"
The K.I.S.S. Principle

Giving A Website An Audience-Oriented Focus and Direction

Audience-Oriented Business Goals
Audience-Oriented Design Goals

Part 2: Key Factors In Site Development

The Work Factor

Doing It Yourself

HTML Editor Tools
Graphics Editors
Multimedia Editors

Working From A Template

Outsourcing the Job

The Cost Factor

Part 3: Web Design Guidelines

Planning Guidelines

The Flat Plan
The Multi-Level Plan
The Perfect Plan

Web Design Tips



Common Navigational Systems
The Multilevel Navigation Bar
The Sitemap


Text Links
Image Links


Color Schemes
Color Meaning
Web Safe Colors


Preferred Format
Common Fonts

Images and Multimedia



Part 4: Website Maintenance

Testing For Functionality


So don't think about how hard it is to build a website, think how easy it is. Grab this now and push your business to the next level of success.

Grab your copy of Web Design for Newbies today for only $37xx

Master Resell Rights

Getting Listed In Google

A great site, a great product and great advertising are just a few small part of making it in the Internet Marketing world. You're competing with millions of other marketers out there so you better know how to get Indexed and rise to the top of the Google ranks.

You're not going to be able to do a thing with Search Engines unless you have a little information to get you started and learn a few tricks of the trade. Until now this sort of stuff came at a very high price because the reward would be a huge income stream all from the Search Engines, particularly Google.

This ebook is a hard-hitting guide that gives you the information you need to make the adjustments to your site right away to help improve your search rankings and benefit from the increase in organic search traffic. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is simply the act of manipulating the pages of your website to be easily accessible by search engine spiders so they can be easily spidered and indexed. A spider is a robot that search engines use to check millions of web pages very quickly and sort them by relevance. A page is indexed when it is spidered and deemed appropriate content to be placed in the search engines results for people to click on.

Below are some samples of what you’ll learn:

  • What are algorithms and why they matter
  • The truth about Google Pagerank
  • How effective backlinks really are, and how to set them up 
  • How to "Dance" with Google to Get What YOU Want
  • The ins and outs of cloaking
  • Major do's and don'ts that most people miss
  • The facts about spiders and crawling your website, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Everything your website needs to earn a high search ranking
  • Step by step guide to optimize your website
  • How page size makes a difference and the right size for YOUR site
  • Dynamic URLs, frames, and redirects  
  • Keyword stuffing & spamming
  • And so much more!

The art and science of understanding how search engines identify pages that are relevant to a query made by a visitor and designing marketing strategies based on this is called search engine optimization. Search engines offer the most cost effective mechanism to acquire “real” and “live” business leads. It is found that in most cases, search engine optimization delivers a better ROI than other forms such as online advertisements, e-mail marketing and newsletters, affiliate and pay per click advertising, and digital campaigns and promotions.

Master Resell Rights

Get Your Site Indexed in Search Engines          Quickly and Easily

A great site, a great product and great advertising are just a few small part of making it in the Internet Marketing world. You're competing with millions of other marketers out there so you better know how to get Indexed and rise to the top of the Google ranks.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

· An advanced understanding of what SEO is all about and why you need it

· How doing a few simple things can rocket you to the top of Google  

· The tips and tricks that Google favors and rewards and how to carry them out

· Simple tactics that 99% of the time are totally free and 100% effective

· How simply visiting a forum can get you in Google overnight

· The terms you'll be lost in cyberspace without and why you need to know them  

· Why getting to know your fellow Internet Marketers is a great idea

·   The exact methods the pros use to get Indexed and rule Google

·  That being frugal and using classified ads put you at the head of the line

· How word of mouth can do all the promotion you need for your site

· And a lot more!

You're not going to be able to do a thing with Search Engines unless you have a little information to get you started and learn a few tricks of the trade. Until now this sort of stuff came at a very high price because the reward would be a huge income stream all from the Search Engines, particularly Google.

Master Resell Rights

"Discover The Secrets To Instantly Receiving More Job Offers Than You Can Possibly Handle!"

Job Hunting.. it's not always the most enjoyable part of being an adult is it?

Not only do you have to deal with the frustration of trying to find jobs that you are qualified for, but once you have a list of 'possibilities', you discover that there are dozens of other qualified job seekers trying to land the same position!

Here's How To Catapult Leaps And Bounds Ahead Of Your Competition..

Imagine this for a moment, if you will..

You draft up one of the most impressive resumes that these hiring agents have ever seen. Anyone who glances at it, is immediately impressed. Your phone starts ringing off the hook.. companies.. employers, interested in having you come in for an interview.

Within days, you have a dozen lined up.. and each time you finish one, you leave with the satisfaction that you've got it in the bag.. and you do.. before too long, the phone is ringing off the hook again but this time, it's from companies begging you to consider their offer..

Think this is just a fantasy? Think again..

Regardless of the industry you are experienced with or the kind of job that you are interested in landing, there are techniques that you can use to guarantee that your resume will be bumped up to the top of the pile. And when it comes to the interview itself, there are silent tactics that savvy job seekers have used throughout the years to leave a lasting impression on the employer..

You walk out of that interview and they already know it's you that they want to hire.

Of course, companies aren't always able to hire on the spot.. they are often restricted by regulations that require them to interview a certain number of people.. so they'll go about that the usual way, despite the end result being exactly as they had planned all along..

To hire you for the job.. as soon as you agree to accept it.

How do you think things would change for you, with so many job offers pouring in each day?

No longer would you have to accept the first lousy job offer that landed on your doorstep offering low wages and no benefits..

With this kind of control, you would have your pick of the best jobs in your industry that are available to you in your area.. YOU could finally be the one who decides your own fate, and accept a job that you would be excited waking up to each day.

How long has it been since you were happy with your job? How long ago was it since you woke up eager to get ready and rush off to work?

It's probably been awhile..

It's likely that if you have been unsuccessful with job interviews in the past, that you were making some of the most common mistakes that job seekers often make when seeking out a job..

You looked and sounded desperate..

Employers want confidence.. they want to know that whatever position they give you, you will do it right and do it well, with limited supervision. They want to know you're more than capable of doing the job, you were born to do it..

Thankfully, there are simple ways to get this message across - loud and clear - even if the interview is only minutes long..

Here is just a bit of what you will learn within the pages of this incredible guide:

Discover exactly what to do BEFORE the interview to guarantee that you get blow all other candidates out of the water!

The insider techniques to landing anyone job you choose regardless if you've failed miserably in the past..

Expand your job search easily and gain access to high paying jobs that are extremely difficult to find!

What exactly NOT to do during an interview and how to use the silent power of persuasion to leave a memorable impression that will make YOU stand out, instantly!

The one thing you MUST do after an interview that 99.9% of other job seekers applying for the same job will NEVER think to do!

And Much, Much More!

The Quick Start Job Guide features all of the hottest tips and tricks to standing out among the crowd and pushing your resume to the top of the pile. Be confident and self assured when you walk into that interview by prepping yourself using our interview strategies!

It's everything you need to landing the job you've been desperately searching for..

Master Resell Rights (95 pages!!!)

Your Own Audiobook Store

Discover How to Quickly & Easily Open Your Own Audiobook Store & Send Your Internet Profits Skyrocketing!

Dear friend,

Listened to any good books lately?

If so, you are definitely not alone.

According to the latest statistics, more and more people are choosing to listen to good books rather than read them.

And you know what that means!

It means now is the time for marketers like yourself to realize big profits by getting in on the ground floor of the exciting, fast-growing audiobook market!

That’s right, if you have ever wished that you could add a new raging revenue stream to your current Internet business – or create a new wildly profitable online business that takes practically no time at all to run each day – you absolutely must continue reading this letter.

Here’s why:

In less than 10 minutes, I’m going to reveal:

  • How to open your own highly profitable audiobook store in a mere matter of minutes!
  • The single easiest tool that you can use to take advantage of the booming audiobook industry and send your business profits soaring!
  • How you can offer a comprehensive selection of today’s hottest, most in-demand audiobooks in absolutely no time at all!
  • And much, much more!

The Popularity of Audiobooks
is Redefining the Notion of Reading!

According to the Audio Publishers Association (APA), audio books are becoming popular because of their convenience and their high-perceived value.

One of the chief benefits of audio books is that you can listen to them while doing other things – such as commuting to work, waiting to pick up your children from an activity, working out at the gym, exercising at home, doing household chores, jogging, walking, driving, mowing the lawn or doing other outside work, at night while your partner sleeps (you won’t keep them awake by having a light on), and much, much more!

Due in part to this convenience factor, currently one in five U.S. households purchases at least one audiobook a year and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the future – changing the landscape of reading in much the same way that digital music has reshaped the music industry.

In fact, it wasn't very long ago that the thought of carrying around 10,000 songs, or a complete book, in your pocket seemed pretty silly.

But now that more than 42 million iPods and 27 million MP3 players have been sold, the concept of taking music, or an audiobook, with you as you go out is as normal as walking out the front door with a credit card in your wallet!

So don’t miss out on what’s being projected as the next big entertainment boom! Get the tool you need to ensure you earn your share of the profits this booming industry produces … get the Audible Store Generator software program today!

Introducing the Audible Store Generator …

Thanks to Audible Store Generator it’s never been easier to tap into the rapidly growing audiobook industry and generate huge cash profits!

What is Audible Store Generator? It’s a easy-to-install, simple-to-use software program that allows you to quickly add digital audiobooks to your existing website or create an entire store from scratch!

In short, Audible Store Generator allows you to participate in the booming audio book phenomenon and reap huge cash profits without incurring any of the high start-up costs associated with this marketplace!

Additional features and benefits of this software program include:

  • Creates 20,000+ static HTML webpages (8,000+ products, 1+ HTML webpages per product, plus index pages)!
  • Opens links in separate window so you don't lose the visitor!
  • Easy to install and easy to use – comes with pre-defined configuration file and complete instructions!
  • Works on either your Linux server or your Windows PC computer!
  • Comes with pre-defined template files that save you a tremendous amount of set-up time!
  • Boasts customizable templates to match the look-and-feel of your website and shopping cart!
  • Compatible with script to use 50% less disk space on your webserver!
  • Creates an SEO friendly link structure!
  • Allows you to add meta tag/keywords on each page!
  • Allows you to synchronize your store with products anytime!
  • Downloads latest product datafeed files from and synchronizes it with your store!
  • And much, much more!

Master Resell Rights

"Discover My Secret Blueprint For Creating An Insanely Profitable Opt-in Ezine! It's As Easy As 1-2-3! 
Sleep Better At Night Knowing You Can Make Thousands Of Dollars Whenever You Want!

And, it's easier then you think to do this. You don't have to be a writer or have some techie experience, you just need the right blueprint..

Here is the right blueprint . . .

Easy Ezine Profits!

Easy Ezine Profits is a powerful new report where I reveal a simple way for you to create a profitable opt-in ezine that is incredibly easy to run and can make you big bundles of cash at will!

This is a simple system that has been laid out for anybody to get started with their very own opt-in list!

This report literally is a connect the dots blueprint for setting this all up and profiting quick!

Times are tight right now and I'm sure you could use some extra security and a consistent stream of money, right?

And, the bigger your list gets, the more your income grows. It's like giving yourself a raise each and every month!

But The Best Part Is . . .

  • You Don't Need Your Own Products! - You don't have to be a writer or programmer, I will show you how to set up an ezine without those skills!

  • You Don't Need Much Time To Start! - You can set this up quickly and easily! I have made it to where you use as little time as possible to get this going!

  • You Don't Need Much Money! - You can do most of this for free! If not, it is still dirt cheap to do..

  • You Don't Need to Be An Expert! - Following this step-by-step system, you will have no problem even if you are a newbie. A 6th grader could do this!

. . . You Can Set All Of This Up In Record Time! No Matter What Your Experience Level Is!

With my paint-by-numbers report, it couldn't be easier.

If you have ever wanted to start making big money like you see other people doing all of the time, then this is your chance.

I'll let you in on all of those secrets and more inside the Easy Ezine Profits report!

Here Are A Few More Things You Will Learn:

  • What Type Of Ezines You Can Create (I outline 3 different types)

  • The Easiest Way In The World To Get Other People To Send You Subscribers For Your Opt-in List Like Crazy!
  • How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read By Your Subscribers (it's easy when you have this information!)
  • How To Get Other People To Create Content For Your Ezine Without Hiring A Ghostwriter!
  • How To Build Your Ezine's Subscriber Base Quick And Easy! (This is big money for you!)
  • What You Need To Do To Build A Relationship With Your Readers So That They Buy From You Like Crazy!
  • How To Use __________ To Make Your Emails Ultra Responsive
  • Why Running An Opt-in List May Be The Most Important Business Builder For You!
  • An Example Format That You Can Steal From Me That Works Like A Charm (This template is all yours!)
  • A Simple But Brilliant Trick You Can Add To Each Issue To Make Your Ezine Go Viral And Generate A Ton More Subscribers! (it's so easy!)
  • Exactly What NOT To Do If You Want Your List to Be Successful (Don't fall into this trap!)
  • And More!

Master Resell Rights

Maximize Your Exposure On YouTube

Tips And Tools To Help You Maximize Your Exposure On YouTube…

Discover The Latest Technological Innovation To Hit The Web Since Its Creation, And Find Out How You Can Use YouTube To Become An Overnight Celebrity

Are you interested in learning more about what YouTube can do for you, but have no idea how to load or create your own videos?

Don’t worry.

The fact is, you are not alone.

Most people using started out with little or no knowledge about this innovative new technology.

The good news is this:

Anyone, regardless of their technological ability, can use YouTube by following a simple, three-step strategy…

You do NOT need a digital camcorder. You do not need to know html. You do not need to be a webmaster!

All you DO need is a little creativity, and about five minutes of your time to register.

  • Find out what YouTube is all about, and how it can create a successful platform for your business, product or service overnight…

  • Discover the #1 secret to creating a YouTube video that will rank highly, and gain featured status among YouTube users…

  • Learn how to create, upload, edit, and save your favorite clips and playlists, so you can access them any time of day or night…

  • Discover how to use YouTube to send private messages to your opt-in list, and get them to click through to your site…


Why EVERY Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner AND Marketer Should Use YouTube To Increase The Volume Of Targeted, Paying Traffic Overnight.


Brand Your Name, Your Corporate Image… In Just 2 Minutes

What have you got to lose? You can sign up FREE. You can promote your website, your business or just show off to your friends and family, using nothing more than your cell phone and a handy laptop!

What IS all the fuss about? is taking the Net by storm. Popular celebrities, political figures and even major corporate entities are now providing video clips to, and backing the site with millions of dollars in capital.

Within two short years grew to become one of the largest and most popular sites on the Web, outpacing and many other popular Web 2.0 sites.

Not sure video is for you? Think again.

What if you could:

  • Share video clips of your wedding, your children’s birthday’s, your latest invention – to anyone, anywhere in the world, in just a few short minutes?

  • What if you could instantly connect with 100,000,000+ ready, eager, credit card in hand consumers looking for the next big thing?

  • What if you, Joe or Jane Nobody, became SOMEBODY, overnight, simply by uploading a powerful message and presenting it to the world through the most highly trafficked site on the Net?

Who is YouTube for? It’s not for everyone. It’s for everyone. Whether you are looking to promote your image, your product, your service – or just someone interested in entertaining friends and family, offers something for everyone.


If you do not know how to use the site wisely, to your advantage, you might as well succumb to your fate, remaining a big nobody.

You see, it isn’t as simple as just submitting a clip and hoping for the best. Sure, there are stories of children submitting fun clips that garnered more than 1 million hits overnight…

While YouTube IS easy to use, you have to remember, millions of people upload videos every day. What are YOU going to do to get your video noticed? How are you going to beat your competition?

Find out the exact strategy you have to adopt to keep your clips among the most highly watched on the Net. 

In just a few minutes, you can change the way you live and experience life, in a positive way, and influence the millions of other people worldwide looking for something new, intriguing… revolutionary.

Master Resell Rights


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