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Net Audio Pro

Does Your Website Talk?

If You Said No, You Could Be Loosing A Small Fortune Everyday...

Audio Has The Ability To Triple Your  Website's Sale's

Now You Can Add Audio To Your Website In 5 Minutes Flat... And Never Pay A Monthly Fee!

Now you can let NetAudioPro do the selling for you.  

NetAudioPro is super simple to use... 

Step 1 All you need to do is plug your microphone into your PC,  choose a name for your audio message, hit the record button and start talking!

Yep, it's as simple as that.  Once you have finished recording your greeting, or sales message, just click stop and your half way to having your own streaming audio selling your product for you at a new heart stopping rate!

Once you have recorded your audio, you goto step 2 where you will select a button color to place on your website!

Sound easy?  it is....  I had this new software created with ease of use in mind and made sure there are no un-necessary or confusing steps to make it work.

In fact to make it even easier each step has it's own help button whith a pop-up video tutorial that will guide you along every step of the way...

Step 2 Select Your Audio Button color...  and click create!

There are no shortage of colors here, we covered every possibility to make sure there will be a color that will match your website!

Step 3  Enter your website FTP user name and password and NetAudioPro uploads your new audio file to your website for you!

Yep you read that correctly, This software will upload your new audio message right up to your website for you.  No confusion of trying to figure our where your new audio message has been saved to on your computer. You upload it right from the software.

Step 4  Paste a few lines of code that NetAudioPro software creates for you into your website.

That's it, you now have the power of audio selling your product from your website for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week! 

Master Resale Rights 

Discover How to Quickly & Easily Open Your Own Audiobook Store & Send Your Internet Profits Skyrocketing!

In less than 10 minutes, I’m going to reveal:

  • How to open your own highly profitable audiobook store in a mere matter of minutes!
  • The single easiest tool that you can use to take advantage of the booming audiobook industry and send your business profits soaring!
  • How you can offer a comprehensive selection of today’s hottest, most in-demand audiobooks in absolutely no time at all!
  • And much, much more!

In fact, it wasn't very long ago that the thought of carrying around 10,000 songs, or a complete book, in your pocket seemed pretty silly.

But now that more than 42 million iPods and 27 million MP3 players have been sold, the concept of taking music, or an audiobook, with you as you go out is as normal as walking out the front door with a credit card in your wallet!

So don’t miss out on what’s being projected as the next big entertainment boom! Get the tool you need to ensure you earn your share of the profits this booming industry produces … get the Audible Store Generator software program today!

Introducing the Audible Store Generator …

Thanks to Audible Store Generator it’s never been easier to tap into the rapidly growing audiobook industry and generate huge cash profits!

What is Audible Store Generator? It’s a easy-to-install, simple-to-use software program that allows you to quickly add digital audiobooks to your existing website or create an entire store from scratch!

In short, Audible Store Generator allows you to participate in the booming audio book phenomenon and reap huge cash profits without incurring any of the high start-up costs associated with this marketplace!

Additional features and benefits of this software program include:

  • Creates 20,000+ static HTML webpages (8,000+ products, 1+ HTML webpages per product, plus index pages)!
  • Opens links in separate window so you don't lose the visitor!
  • Easy to install and easy to use – comes with pre-defined configuration file and complete instructions!
  • Works on either your Linux server or your Windows PC computer!
  • Comes with pre-defined template files that save you a tremendous amount of set-up time!
  • Boasts customizable templates to match the look-and-feel of your website and shopping cart!
  • Compatible with script to use 50% less disk space on your webserver!
  • Creates an SEO friendly link structure!
  • Allows you to add meta tag/keywords on each page!
  • Allows you to synchronize your store with products anytime!
  • Downloads latest product datafeed files from and synchronizes it with your store!
  • And much, much more!

Master Resale Rights

The $50 Millionaire!

How To Turn A $50 Bill Into A Million Dollars!

This is the interview of the incredible internet marketer, Tellman Knudsen. He’s become a fixture on the Internet. He is one of the top forming entrepreneurs out there today. Just to give you an example, Tellman’s figures for 2005, he made $800,000. This is basically when Tellman first began on the Internet. He made $800,000. He did that using affiliate marketing.


Master Resale Rights

6 Minute Marketing!

How To Create 100 Products A Year
And Spend 6 Minutes Marketing!

Creating a portfolio of massively profitable products that the market is hungry to buy is your ticket to success. It takes very little marketing to sell a product the masses are drooling to get their hands on.

Master Resale Rights

The ADHD Success Formula!

Accomplish Twice As Much In Half The Time!

Usually having ADHD is viewed as a bad thing, but discover how to turn ADHD energy into an asset that allows you to accomplish twice as much as the average person.

Master Resale Rights

Affiliate Fireworks!

How To Become A Successful Affiliate!

Becoming a successful affiliate isn't rocket science. There is a simple system for running a successful affiliate business...and you're about to learn how to tap into that system.

Master Resale Rights

Learn Internet Marketing Through The Comfort And Convenience Of Head Start Audios!

Head Start Audios - Be Out In Front!

20 hard hitting marketing topics have been selected to give you that much needed boost! We are taking you through, step by step to give you the best chance for success.

No fluff... no hype... just the most up-to-date information and tactics to start your career online. This is the only A to Z guide you will ever need.

Now you can learn everything needed to begin walking toward a career online. Whether you listen to them on the computer... on your mp3 player... or even in the car.

Here is what you will receive...

Volume One.

An opt-in list within 24 hours.

Discover the special skills to easily build a list within 24 hours. A ridiculously easy step by step guide to building your followers!

Co-Reg list building.

Co-Reg list building is one of the most effective ways to build a list... find out how to go about it without putting yourself out their to fry.

Killer ad writing.

Lets face it... if your ads aren't captivating then your bank balance will suffer. Get the 'must know' tips to increasing your wallet size!

E-mail marketing pitfalls.

Can you write an email that will captivate ATLEAST 50% of your audience? If not then you need to hear why!

Co-reg Drama!

Find out the pitfalls of Co-red systems and how to stay on top of them!


Volume Two.

Explosive PLR techniques.

Find out the best PLR techniques to send JV's, traffic, and money straight to your site.

Profiting through resell rights.

The best and most profitable ways to make big bucks with resell rights products.

Products that have flopped.

The name says it all! Never follow in the footsteps of a flop!

Secrets of the Guru's.


Volume Three.

Bank account filling subject lines.

Eye catching subject lines that will make subscribers open emails and fill your bank account!

Professional forum participation for profits.

How a little forum participation can go a long way to forging relationships worth thousands in the future.

Tackling testimonials.

How to get testimonials from those around you, and EASILY!

Increase the potency of testimonials.

The tricks of the trade that will have your testimonials selling the product for you!


Volume Four.

Explosive offline traffic solutions.

Offline traffic solutions that will give your online traffic solutions a run for their money!

Generate traffic like a guru.

Guru's generate massive amounts of traffic... I explain it all in detail here!


Volume Five.

How to FAIL online.

If you never want to be successfully online... this is what you need to do. If your failing already... chances are you are doing this and don't know!

Why you're yet to succeed.

The simple strategies that need to be implemented to succeed online.

Succeed forever online.

The name says it all! You will never have to go back to the rat race!

The only way to get rich online.

The only way to get rich online... you need to know it!

The story of two IM friends.

Trials and tribulations of two IM friends... be like them or not?

Four words you must use.

Four crucial words that can have a devastating effect on your internet marketing career.

Five volumes of purely amazing content!

Master Resale Rights

Big Business Branding On
A Small Business Budget!

Super Profitable Low Cost
Branding Strategies You Can Use Today!

Branding yourself as the 'Go To Guy' or the 'Go To Girl' is key to your success. Getting your brand to stick in your customer's mind is a challenge with any size budget. Discover the secrets of branding on a small budget.

Master Resale Rights

Business Building Basics!

How To Build A Super Successful
Internet Business One Step At A Time!

This product created by Terry Telford from

He interviews the business building successor, Mike Filsaime.

You know this young man made millions of dollars from his online business even he is still young and very well known.


Master Resale Rights

The Seven Figure Code Blueprint

Here Are Just Some Of The Techniques, Strategies, and Secrets You Are About To Discover...

  •  All the ins and outs of their massive launch and how and why this was one of the most successful promotions of 2007.
  •  Why it’s important to set a launch date and then stick to it.
  •  The importance of creating “friendships” when it comes to promoting your product.
  •  Techniques to getting your own affiliates excited to sell your product.
  •  Find out why it’s important to start with the backend product first.
  •  Understand the psychology of putting offers in front of your customers.
  •  Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
  •  See why you don’t have to have it right, you just have to get it going.

Master Resale Rights

Copywriting Secrets From The Master!

         Discover How To Turn Your Website Into
                 An Overflowing Bank Account!

What's the one element in your sales process that can make or break you? Your sales letter. A well written sales letter will make you a fortune. But an inferior sales letter will sink you. Learn how to write killer copy that turns your prospects into hungry buyers.

Master Resale Rights

Database Dynamite!

Discover How To Build Your
Database Fast And Furious!

The key to a successful online business is a large targeted database. Building a database is not a difficult process and you're about to discover just how easy and profitable it can be.

Master Resale Rights

An open letter to all internet marketers who just can't seem to make money no matter how hard they try..

"Revealed - The Secret X Factor That Spawned Internet Empires For These 5 Internet Marketing Top Guns!"

The ultimate secret to supercharging your business overnight!

===> Secret Module #1
The 'Sure Fire Wining' Strategy
by Jeremy Gislason

===> Secret Module #2
The ''Xwebgraphics" Strategy

by Nicolaas D Theron

===> Secret Module #3
The 'Fairway Adword' Strategy
by Frank J Peters

===> Secret Module #4
The 'Breaking the SU Code' Strategy
by Jaz Lai

===> Secret Module #5
The 'Master Resell Rights' Strategy
by Edmund Loh

===> Secret Module #6
The Secret eXclusive Principles
by Cliff Teo

The Secret X Factor Will Uncover:


 ###> The number ONE pitfall more than 90-95% of the Internet Marketing novices fall into... and how you can avoid it! (Or if you already fall into this one, I'll show you the way out!)

 ###> All of what you can exercise with the power of the Secret X factor... to YOUR advantage!

 ###> How to become an "authority figure" in any competitive niche! (Even if you are NOT an expert )

 ###>  Build a 10,000 member list in 7 days, using the "Factor X" secret system

 ###>  The TOP branding success stories in the Internet marketplace - and what you can learn from these 6 BIG GUNS!

 ###>  How to use Resell Rights to spread your name like wildfire - and make yourself a "PC-Hold" title!

 ###>  And Exclusively, nowhere to be found,  you get to hear from not 1, not 2 but 5 Internet Experts and an excellent graphics designer's  interview with me; to personally tell you that Secret X Factor... 

I've assembled a classified multi modular 'success' system based on the Secret X Factor, The Secret eXpert Series.

And here's what you'll discover in this Series...

Classified Interview with Ewen Chia Disclosing His 'Mining Affiliate Wealth' Strategies

"...this is what we mean by building up your foundation on proven marketing principles, that you need to sell. And these business rules, that you have based your businesses on, and in fact in the case of my Secret X Factor. I think that’s a wonderful question – 'How can affiliate marketers find their Secret X Factor?' One of the best methods is.."

Ewen Chia

FREE Resale Rights

Ewen closely guarded 3 principles used to mine his affiliate gold mine is entirely exposed... 

     The Internet Marketing Home Study Crash Course  

12 Multi Millionaire Marketers Are Minutes Away From Sharing With You Their *Powerful 'Step-by-Step' Blueprint* To Making Millions Of Dollars EVERY Year On Complete Autopilot.

The Question Is... Are YOU Ready To Join In The Fun, Ride THEIR Coat Tails And Share In The SAME Success?

Just take a look at what's covered in this stunning home
study course...

  • CD #1: Joint Ventures

  • CD #2: Niche Marketing

  • CD #3: E-Z Search Engine Optimization

  • CD #4: Cheap And Free Publicity

  • CD #5: Ultimate Relationship And List Building

  • CD #6: How To Create Million Dollar Membership Sites

  • CD #7: Offline Strategies Guaranteed To EXPLODE Your Profits

  • CD #8: How To Host Your Very Own Highly Profitable Seminar

  • CD #9: How To Get 'Disgustingly Rich' Talking On The Telephone

  • CD #10: How To Easily Create Blogs And Understanding R.S.S.

  • CD #11: Emotional 'Battle Tested' Marketing Tactics

  • CD #12: How To Easily Create Your Own Million Dollar Product

  • 312-Page PDF With All The Transcripts

  • OVER 12 hours of packed to the brim liquid gold... begging to empower YOU with it's secrets to million dollar automated riches...

    This is the exact step-by-step 'paint-by-numbers' audio and home study 'crash' course on how to make money online that I used to save myself and my family from financial ruin!

    You'll be getting 12 hours of 'electrifying', "rock-your-world-like-never-before" instructions and details on how to make money... and...

    Lots of it... and... how to make it fast... super fast!

    PLUS... you'll also get the complete transcripts to the 'entire' course so that you can follow along and take notes if you want. (Some people learn better by reading.)

    And even better... you can easily burn everything onto CD so you can listen and learn while driving to your soon-to-be "old job!"

    And... you can even put the audio onto your iPod so you can grow rich while working out at the gym... while you jog... or even while doing housework!...

    Think about it: in less than a couple of minutes from now, you too can be listening to this amazing course and begin the exciting road to riches and living the lifestyle you dream of just like I did... and it's also stunningly inexpensive... as you'll soon discover.

    You're About To Learn Secrets About
     Making Money Online That Most
     People Will
    NEVER Discover...

    But first, I'd like to share with you just some of what you will learn from this course... here's just a tiny sampling of the exciting information that you will be discovering within these audios...

    CD1 - Joint Ventures

    Joint ventures (JV's) are the absolute fastest way you can get started making money (online or offline)… even if you have no product… no "reputation"… no list… and believe it or not… no money to get started. Actually, just like Randy did, I built my whole online business on the back of joint venture marketing. And on this CD you're in for a real treat, because you'll learn:

    • The #1 deadly mistake "newbie's" make when attempting to set up JV deals - make this mistake yourself and not only will you not make any money… but… word will probably circulate online that you are a "bad apple" - and nobody serious will ever deal with you again!

    • The "sure-fire" method of approaching potential JV partners that will raise your chances of "sealing the deal" by a factor of 1000! - Just this info alone is worth whatever you have to pay to get it (Remember, I made $100,000 in my first 5 months online, and I did it all on the back of JV's and this bit of "secret knowledge")!

    • How to add one sneaky marketing component to your JV's that creates a "killer" money-making combination - this is the strategy used by the savviest and richest Internet marketer's - now it's your turn to steal their secret and join them at the top of the "money tree"!

    • The one question you must ALWAYS ask yourself before hurtling off and "knocking on the doors" of potential JV partners - this is so simple… but… so overlooked!

    • The very best place in the world to find "ripe" and eager JV partners - this is where the real action is taking place!

    • Exactly how to write a JV proposal letter - 99% of people "nosedive" any chance of being taken seriously by getting this wrong!

    • The most important "thing" you can show potential JV partners - if you want them to open their doors and welcome you with open arms!

    • The 7 step formula for setting up profitable JV deals! This will take you right from the "root-to-the-fruit" without any "road bumps"!

     CD2 - Niche Marketing

    This CD is a blast. Here you'll be "spoon fed" the hottest secret to making money online. There's no doubt about it, niche marketing is the fastest, safest and surest path to online riches. Maybe you already knew that. But, did you also know about…

    • The N.E.T. formula that will turn you into a niche marketing ninja!

    • How to "zero-in" on exactly the right niche market for you - not so fast, it's probably not what you think it is!

    • The "killer" question you should ask yourself that will force a "buying frenzy" of your product or service - once you're clued in on this… you better watch out… because your bank account is gonna' swell to overflowing!

    • The "hidden" reason why niche marketing is the "highway to online heaven"! - Hardly anyone else seems to openly talk about this… yet… it's critical to your online success!

    • The "golden size" of a niche market - if you choose a niche market that's too big… or… too small… you're headed for a "blip-and-stutter business"!

    • How to become an expert in your niche market in 6 months or less - it's far easier than you might imagine (it only took me 5 months to bank $100,000!)

    • The "secret web site" used by all the people making real money online to check out the number of people in your "online herd"!

    • Why people that choose a perfect niche market… create the perfect product or service… and do everything else right… still screw up and never make the kind of money they should (rightly) be making!

       CD3 - E-Z Search Engine Optimization

    You know, you don't have to know all the "nitty gritty" stuff about search engine optimization - (a lot of it confuses even me) - BUT - you do need to know your way "around the track".

    Sure you can get a "techie" to take care of setting yourself up on, say, Google AdWords but, if you don't understand the importance of search engine optimization it's a bit like strolling down a back alley full of thieves and muggers at the dead of night - you're gonna get creamed by the competition!

              So, you're going to need to listen to this CD and get clued up on stuff

    • How to get to the top of Google AdWords without bidding on the most expensive keywords!

    • The importance of having many links on other web sites leading back to your web site - if you want to nail this secret to high search engine optimization there's one thing you MUST have on your web site - and it changes every week!

    • How to outsmart your fierce online competition and "jump the queue" to the top of the search engine rankings ladder!

    CD4 - Cheap And Free Publicity

    Wow! This CD is going to captivate your mind and hold it spellbound. Trust me, one of the BIGGEST secrets to online success is deploying offline methods. And, there is nothing - NOTHING - more powerful and profitable than cheap or free publicity.

    After you've listened to the CD you will be a "media maven" and have no excuse whatsoever for making all the money your little heart could ever desire!

              Check out a glimpse of the treat you're in for…

    • How to use the secret of juxtaposition to make it almost impossible for the media not to "showcase" your business!

    • The 10 C's that - once known - will keep your mind buzzing like a chainsaw with one profitable news story after another! You've gotta hear about this!

    • How to become the media's "go-to-guy" any time a hot story breaks related to your business! Once you've got this cracked you'll become seen as an instant expert in your industry… and people will be falling over themselves to "suck up" everything you have to say!

    • A "secret book" in your nearest library that's waiting for you to find - and once you do… you will NEVER be at a loss to know exactly how and when to get yourself picked up and aired by the media!

    • Who exactly in the media to send your press release to for the maximum chance of getting media coverage - this will surprise the hell out of you… because… believe it or not… this person does not "technically" work in the media organization that you are sending your press release to!

    CD5 - The Ultimate Relationship And
           List Building Guide

    You wanna know one of the Guru's BIGGEST secrets?

    It's the person who has the most highly target and responsive list that is king online. If you've got a list of loyal, eager to buy customers, then it's actually almost impossible not to make money online. But… how do you get that list to start with… and even more importantly… how do you keep your relationship with that list "alive and healthy"?

              Well, that's exactly what you're going to learn on this CD. Including…

    • How to use event marketing to build your list - this is one of the fastest and cheapest ways that exist to build your list… even if you're a complete "unknown"!

    • How to use the telephone to build your list - don't worry this has absolutely nothing to do with cold calling strangers! Actually, you don't even have to talk to anyone!

    • Why you must segment your list… if you want to squeeze the most profits from your customers!

    • Why having a smaller list can (in many cases) be much more profitable than a huge list!

    CD6 - How To Create Million Dollar
               Membership Sites

    Wow.. you're in for the treat of your life with this doozy!

    Listen: Membership websites are like the "sleeping giant" of Internet Marketing, and once you've "downloaded" the information from this CD into your brain, you'll be streets ahead of your competition, because you will know... "in-your-heart-of-hearts"... how to orchestrate your online business to pay you a solid, ongoing income.. for years to come... as well as...

    • Jason J. Cox's unique twist on "escalating" a membership sites revenue! This is a POWERFUL marketing twist… that if done right… will have people treading over each other to become a subscriber to your site!

    • The #1 thing you have to be very wary of when setting up a membership web site - if you don't get this figured from the get-go… your membership site might just become the bane of your life!

    • A neat little way to get others to eagerly create great content for your membership site… and gladly do it FREE of charge!

    • A secret snatched from the car business… that when translated and massaged to your membership web site will EXPONENTIALLY MULTIPLY your subscriber base!

    • How to use wicked psychology that makes people "hungry" to sign up for your membership site… before it's even been launched!

    • How to use joint venture partners to use their "pull" and deliver a "starving crowd" of subscribers to your membership site!

    • An ultra cool web site… you must know about… if you want to set up your own membership site that's firing on all cylinders in less than 24 hours!

      CD7 - Offline Strategies Guaranteed
                 To Explode Your Profits

    Hey, wanna know a secret?

    Hell yeah! Okay, if you want to mushroom your online profits by a multiple of 10 or more… the secret lies in implementing offline marketing campaigns.

    Would you like to know a little more about this electrifying topic? If so, this CD is gonna set your mind on fire and have you itching and twitching to get into the game as fast as humanly possible.

    Peel your ears back for this one… because here are a fraction of the "insider" secrets you're going to discover…

    • A "blow by blow" real life example of blending offline marketing with online marketing to drag in almost $83,000 net profit - this will make your head spin!

    • Why you must use offline marketing if you want to "smuggle" your offer past the vigorous anti-spam filters that are lurking online!

    • Why America Online is holding many cash-rich buyers "prisoners"… making them "untouchable" to your offers!

    • How to immediately multiply the revenue of any offline marketing campaign… at no additional postage cost!

    CD8 - How To Host Your Very Own
               Highly Profitable Seminar

    Again, we're going to be talking about some offline marketing methods on this CD. In particular, how to become a seminar promoter or get a gig as a seminar speaker.

    Both give you an amazing "platform" to become admired, respected, sought-after… and… very wealthy.

    Interested? If so… this is the CD for you… because… you're going to hear real world advice about…

    • How to get other companies to sponsor and pay for you to put on a mega profitable seminar!

    • The BIGGEST mistake you can make if you are hosting a multi-speaker seminar - get this wrong and you will forever soil your reputation as a seminar promoter!

    • Where you really make your money hosting a seminar - it's probably not where you think!

    • How to establish the all-important element of credibility as a seminar promoter - absolutely must have know how if you are currently an "unknown"!

    • The absolute FASTEST and surest way to make it in the seminar business!

    • How to get welcomed into even high-ticket seminars for FREE… and… get a "private pass" to snoop around and investigate behind-the-scenes! This is an awesome way to learn and get "intimate" with the biz from the "inside-out"!

    • How to "ease" your way into the seminar speaking business if "public speaking" scares-you-half-to-death!

    CD9 - How To Get 'Disgustingly Rich'
             Talking On The Telephone

    I'm sure you've heard of teleseminars before… and maybe even participated in a few. But, do you have any idea just how great a "marketing vehicle" they can be for your Internet business.

    Truth is, teleseminars are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote your business, build your mailing list, sell product… and… enrol people into seminars. Check out a "sneak peek" at what's on this CD…

    • When to hold a free teleseminar… and when to charge people an access fee! You don't want to screw up on this!

    • The best way to get your "feet wet" in the teleseminar business! You'll love this easy "passage to profit"!

    • How long your sales message should be to promote your teleseminar!

    • Why and how to use hosting a teleseminar as a great way to "grease the slides" to doing profitable JV deals - this is an awesome money multiply strategy!

    • The very best days of the week to hold a teleseminar!

    • The very best time of the day to hold a teleseminar!

    CD10 - How To Easily Create Blogs And
                  Understanding R.S.S.

    Are you up to speed on blogging? Are you on "first name" terms with R.S.S?

    Well, you should be if you want to stay at the forefront of Internet marketing.

    A blog is really a great knowledge management tool and intelligence department for your Internet business. And, don't let R.S.S. scare you off. It stands for Really Simple Syndication and is just technical mumbo-jumbo for a blog.

    Anyhow, you really ought to get clued up on blogging and all its little talked about advantages. That's why this CD is so valuable, because you'll discover…

    • How to use a blog the right way, so it becomes your finest marketing tool on the entire Internet!

    • A "secret web site" that "pings" your blog to the top of the search engine rankings!

    • How to use blogs to "bypass" the aggressive spam filters!

    • Two little-known web sites you can go to right away and get your own blog set up!

    • How to use a blog to "raise your profile" and drive more targeted traffic to your product or service web site!

    • How to use blogs to "meet and greet" potential JV partners!

    CD11 - Emotional Marketing Tactics

    Like I said before, if you want to create a wildly successful Internet marketing business you must - ABSOLUTELY MUST - be able to effectively market your product or service.

    Now, if marketing is the "fuel" that drives your business forward, then psychology is the "nitro glycerine" that mixes with the "fuel". If you understand marketing… and… you understand consumer psychology… you're going to be streets ahead of your online competition. Come, follow me and check out the treats in store for you on this CD…

    • A real life example of how to increase response to your marketing by a staggering 600%!

    • How to use emotional marketing to get people to justify almost any purchase - no matter how costly!

    • Why you must understand and use the two types of benefits in all your marketing communications - if you aren't doing this… you're leaving a bundle of money on the table!

    • How to use the 5 "emotional motivators" in all your marketing communications… so it's almost impossible not to have a stampede of people line up eager to buy whatever you are selling!

    CD12 -  How To Easily Create Your Own
               Million Dollar Product

    I bet you thought having the right product was where it was all at, right?

    No even close! Products are a dime a dozen. You can locate them, create them, make them or bake them! However, products are important.

    And, you need to know how to get yourself a product that people are going to want to buy. And that's what you're going to get the "low down" on in this gem of a CD.

    Secrets like...

    • How to create a product whilst talking on the telephone!

    • How to inexpensively get others to create hot selling software products for you - so you can go out and sell the pants off it!

    • Hate writing? No problem! Now you can use voice recognition software to create a written product in an afternoon!

    • How to get already recognized experts in your niche to help you create the content for your info product!

    • How to create an info product that knocks the socks off any other competing product in your market!

    And that's just scratching the surface!

    There is so much more that you'll learn and discover from this that it would take me days to tell you everything!

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    Cash in by coverting OLD ebooks into great NEW audio products!

    What are you going to learn in this amazingly simple and powerful video course?

    • A Simple Introduction
    • The Problems with eBooks
    • Planning Your Audio Set
    • Introducing the External Program
    • Collecting the Raw Data
    • Translating Into Audio
    • Collecting The Generated Mp3's
    • Revenue Options
    • Using iTunes as a Traffic Generator
    • Summary And Features

    You'll learn why e-Books have lost their effectiveness and how they can actually be HARMING your business...

    Audio Nichce Automator will show you how to make beautiful audio products out of any of those eBooks cluttering up your hard drive using simple, cheap, and powerful software...

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    Let's face it, the internet is going interactive. Internet users want to go to a site and watch video and rich audio content because it's so much more fun than boring old e-Books and text websites.

    Think about it, which would you rather a boring e-Book or listen to a content rich audio course? That answer is simple!

    The Audio Niche Automator Multimedia Series will Show you how to harness all of the top secret revenue options in audio for maximum profit!

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    What are you waiting for? This is exactly what you've been missing. This ebook gives you all you will ever need to building a responsive lists and generating sales!

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    I urge you to read what this ebook is about and then to read about my Special Fast Action Bonus, no one in the history of internet marketing has offered a service bonus like this one.

    Unlike most sales pages, I want to keep this one simple and to the point, I’m going to quickly explain what is in each chapter of my no fluff 45 page ebook.

     Chapter 1) Why a list

    Twenty pages of introduction content to really get your ideas flowing on Opt-In lists. Not only do I explain what an Opt-In list does, I explain the specifics to creating one, the best tips I know in fast results, different types of lists, and so much more.

     Chapter 2) Smaller Lists Equal More Money

    What!!! How is that possible, in this chapter I really catch you off guard, explaining how you can get 500 sales from a 1,000 person list. I run through an amazing case study explaining how big lists aren’t the real thing, and you should first concentrate on small lists.

     Chapter 3) the 25% converting Website

    Here we start to discuss what it takes to have a 25% converting website. I show you the secrets to an Opt-In list, and show you how to really get things rolling

     Chapter 4) Building the Converting Product

    In this chapter, I show you how to create your very own information product. Using the knowledge that your list will give you, you will learn to develop your very own product that your list will be dying to purchase

     Chapter 5) List to Product

    This chapter focuses on selling the product to the list, it is very brief, but it is a good chapter

     Chapter 6) Conclusion

    Simply, goes through a run down of the product, and how to repeat the process over and over again

    Master Resell Rights

    Web Audio Plus

    Then watch your sales go up, as customers are
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    Web Audio Plus Screenshots

    It's that simple to use, and extremely affordable.

    • You aren’t calling in by phone, or paying monthly service fees, which many other audio services require. But it’s powerful, with built-in features that will give you complete control of what goes on your site-and ensures that customers will be delighted with the results.
    • Quality sound files that are a snap to create with Web Audio Plus:
    • Record high-quality Macromedia Flash files - Web Audio Plus was designed to work with your favorite online file format to provide you with high quality and professional sounding audio files.
    • Record using your computer-with no need to buy expensive equipment. Web Audio Plus lets you record using your computer’s internal microphone and the programs you already have on it to record your audio message. You can record, update, and fix your files as often as you like, in just minutes! You don’t need to “call in” (and pay high phone charges) or pay each time your record a new file with this exciting program that puts you in control of the process, not an outside person or ‘hosting service’.
    • Let your customers hear you without having to download special programs. One of the best features of Web Audio Plus is that it uses the software already installed in most computers today for listening. Most people already have Macromedia Flash installed on their computers, and that’s what they’ll use to hear your files. You can reach a huge audience without asking them to go offsite to load special software or plug ins-and risk losing the sale. Instead, they can click your custom button, and instantly hear your message.
    • Use our powerful Record/Playback feature: with Web Audio Plus, you can record, playback, and clear your music and sound files to create the perfect presentation. Want to make sure that your recording is perfect? You’re in control of what others hear with this simple-to-use editing feature that gives you the results you want.
    • Let customers hear personal testimonials. Nothing can create instant credibility the way hearing real people share how your product or service has helped them can. You can upload customer testimonials in just minutes to your web site-and see the results in your sales!
    • What Makes Web Audio Plus Stand Out...
    • It doesn’t keep costing, and costing. There are several audio products available online, that let you place sound files on your site. But they have a catch: you have to pay each time you create a file, or pay expensive monthly fees to access them, and the sound files are hosted on their server. This means you lose control of your file, and if you don’t pay that monthly fee, your recording no longer works.

  • Impact Web Audio" Is Point-And-Click Easy. If You Have A Microphone, And Can Copy and Paste, You Can Add Streaming Web Audio To Your Website In Minutes!

    Impact Web Audio is a simple Windows™ application that will guide you through the entire process of creating and adding professional quality, streaming web audio to your web pages. Simply point, click, and create ... It really is that easy!

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    Have you ever wondered how to add streaming audio to your website without the hassle of montly fees?

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    How To Add Audio To Your Website

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    Here's just some of the answers,

    • . How to quickly get a blog up and running in 3 easy steps even if you don't own a website!
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    • 10 surefire ways to drive hordes of traffic to your blog!
    • How to finally 'get' what RSS means for your marketing once and for all..
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    • A quick guide to effective niche blogging!
    • When you should 'ping' your blog for maximum traffic benefit and why.
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    • Hosting your own blog Versus using a free service - the pro's and con's .
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    • Where to find a FREE newsreader to read your RSS feeds.
    • 5 hot tools I recommend for turning your blog and RSS feeds into a 24/7 cash-spitting ATM!
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    • Resources for creating instant content and blog directory use exposed.
    • List building and ezine publishing with blogs and RSS!
    • Which one more important blogs or RSS and which one is the future.
    • The fastest way to get an RSS feed from your website!
    • Wordpress Versus Blogger , I give you the low-down on what software to use for your situation.
    • How to use RSS and blogs to skyrocket your Google Adsense earnings!
    • Multiple blogging, what's advisable and whats unnecessary.
    • Where to advertise your RSS Feed to gain maximum exposure!
    • The best way to generate outside links from a blog to a website for search engine optimization purposes.
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      These audios are waiting for you and will answer your most pressing questions today.  

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    As a webmaster, do you spend time studying the number of hits your website is receiving?

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    Beware: Not All SEO Experts Are Created Equal!

    It's true.

    There are thousands of websites on the internet that are full of misinformation. Unfortunately, there are also websites on the internet that are full of intentional lies.

    You'll see "great" guarantees such as "We guarantee we’ll do the work. We’ll get you traffic. Or we’ll keep doing the work for free until we get you the traffic you need!"

    What absolute garbage.

    Well, your search for straight forward SEO answers ends here with SEO Secrets Uncovered.

    Here's What Else You'll Learn...

    • Common SEO pitfalls to avoid...
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    • How to spot misinformation online...
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    • SEO terminology...
    • What you absolutely must know before hiring an SEO expert...
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    "How Can I Get Visitors to My Website"?

    ... That question gets asked on a *very* regular basis. By those who are starting out. And by those who are just plain simply confused.

    The answer back is usually something like: "setup PPC campaigns on Google, create a blog and buy some ezine advertising." (Or a variation of that).

    What each of those mean, what they are, how they work, why they work and how to best implement each (and which resources can save time/money or produce automation results) isn't discussed.

    Which leaves the person still asking: "How can I get visitors to my website" or "How can I get more traffic to my webpage".

    Here's our answer:

    We put together a 4-CD audio walkthrough (nearly 4 hours of education ALL about traffic generation), along with a Resource PDF and even a "cheat sheet".

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    "How Can I Get Visitors To My Website"
    4xCD + Resource PDF + "Cheat Sheet" Traffic Course

      CD #1
     Article Marketing
     Video Marketing
      CD #2
     Blogging (Continued)
     Discussion Forums
     Traffic Exchanges (Explained, but not endorsed)
    CD #3
     Social Networks
     Social Bookmarking / Tagging
     Pay Per Click
      CD #4
     Pay Per Click (Continued)
     Banner Advertising
     Ezine Advertising
     Press Releases
     Podcasting / Internet Radio
      Resource PDF + Cheat Sheet
     Links to "Little Known" Tricks We Discussed In the Audios
     Automation Tools
     Directory Lists (such as article submission sites, video submission sites, ezine directories, etc)

    For each of the techniques, we look at the definition (what it is), we explain why it works and how that strategy means traffic to a website, we provide our input and our own "twists" for each one and then leave you with recommended next steps.

    In the end, you walk away with a clear understanding of how you could get to work and start funneling attention to your webpage(s) of choice (and, don't worry, we include short-cuts where possible and recommended automation resources to help you speed along with your results).

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    • How to choose a topic for your book that will make writing seem like anything but work – follow these tips and you’ll soon be looking forward to writing everyday … even if you’ve always hated it in the past!

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    • How you can stop wasting money with Google Adwords and start making it instead...
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    • How you can use the Search Engine for Buyers (i.e. eBay) to drive qualified traffic to your website...
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    • How video marketing can make you a rockstar in a very short amount of time...
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      How can I prevent my account from being "slapped?"

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    Live seminars are expensive. They cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 to attend, plus airfare and hotel and food costs. However, they are probably the best place to:

    • Recruit JV partners to help promote your products.
    • Learn new strategies to move your business forward.
    • Find out what is new, what works, and what doesn't.
    • Get your name out there and really start making some money.

    This is why we put together the 30 Day Formula Virtual Seminar Series. You see...

    Once upon a time we released the 30 Day Formula...

    The 30 Day Formula taught beginners like yourself how to make money within just 30 days using only a squeeze page and an auto-responder.

    It was a huge success as hundreds of people just like you learned our quick-to-cash money making secrets.

    This year we wanted to take it a step further, while still keeping the powerful simplicity of the 30 Day Formula Version 1.0. That is when we decided to go out and find some of the best marketers and speakers in the Internet Marketing industry to teach you how they make money in a pinch.

    In fact, each speaker will talk about their own unique ways of driving traffic and making money using squeeze pages, giving you several angles at which to start your business.

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         Web Design for Internet Business Owners  

         Do you run the other way whenever you hear words like Web Design or HTML?       

    You don't need to have technical knowledge to create websites.
    Web Design for Internet Business Owners is your solution to creating your web presence.


    Web sites that are designed to have a professional look and at the same time, are user friendly, can maximize the number of potential visitors to convert into customers or leads. You will increase your sales.

    Now you can't predict exactly how the end user will view your web pages so your site needs to be compatible with a diverse variety of browsers, etc.

    Table of Contents


    Who Should Read This Book

    Icon Guide

    Part 1: Setting Website Goals

    The Website as Today's New Necessity

    New Times Require New Approaches
    Business Websites Benefit Both Consumers And Companies At Once

    Not Just Any Website Will Do

    People Still Judge A Book by It's Cover
    Who Gets to Define "Professional"
    The K.I.S.S. Principle

    Giving A Website An Audience-Oriented Focus and Direction

    Audience-Oriented Business Goals
    Audience-Oriented Design Goals

    Part 2: Key Factors In Site Development

    The Work Factor

    Doing It Yourself

    HTML Editor Tools
    Graphics Editors
    Multimedia Editors

    Working From A Template

    Outsourcing the Job

    The Cost Factor

    Part 3: Web Design Guidelines

    Planning Guidelines

    The Flat Plan
    The Multi-Level Plan
    The Perfect Plan

    Web Design Tips



    Common Navigational Systems
    The Multilevel Navigation Bar
    The Sitemap


    Text Links
    Image Links


    Color Schemes
    Color Meaning
    Web Safe Colors


    Preferred Format
    Common Fonts

    Images and Multimedia



    Part 4: Website Maintenance

    Testing For Functionality


    So don't think about how hard it is to build a website, think how easy it is. Grab this now and push your business to the next level of success.

    Your ability to learn how to build a web site is crucial to your Internet business success. Here is an opportunity to learn it easily.

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       PLR Audio Blowout!  

    How To Get Started Online and In Niche Marketing!


     This is the first 3 sets of audio courses designed to tell you step by step how to start any online Niche Business including the best types of business models and products to sell so that you can make money on auto-pilot.

    How To Get Started Marketing a Niche Job Board


     This audio course will give you insights and instructions on how to market a niche job board. I have made thousands and thousands of dollars on autopilot in Niche markets.

    7 Highly Guarded Secrets To Building A Niche Empire


     This audio program will provide you with many hundred thousand dollar nuggets that tell you how to build yourself a niche empire. You will want to take immediate action when you listen to this value packed audio.

    Six Figure Automated Income

    In this audio, I give away my secret to making six figures on auto-pilot and how you can do the same by following what I teach.


    Traffic Building Secrets


     This audio course will give you some of the inside secrets for generating traffic to your website without necessarily paying through the nose for PPC ads.








    7 Highly Guarded Secret Strategies To Success


    This is a 35 minute power packed audio that gives the 7 secrets or strategies to becoming highly successful in business, your career, and life in general. You can burn the files to CD or sell them as download-able audio's.


    Minimum Budget Maximum Traffic


    The lifeblood of internet business, whatever type of model you use, is TRAFFIC! In this audio program, you’re going to learn about 5 powerful techniques that you can use to greatly boost your website’s traffic without spending your life savings on expensive ‘traffic generation’ software or pay-per-click advertising!

    Technique #1: Viral Marketing Rocks!

    Technique #2: Get In High Traffic Lanes

     - Giveaway Events

     - Membership Sites

     - Harnessing The Power Of Other People’s Super Blogs

    Technique #3: Build Power Links

     - Article Marketing

     - Do You Squidoo?

     - Flooding Your Site With Forum Traffic

    Technique #4: Understand How You CAN Use Traffic Exchanges

    Technique #5: The Power Of Making Friends

     - JV’s

     - AD-Swaps

    Master Resale Rights

    Dead Organized!

    How To Plan Your Estate!

    The interview of Richard Austin with us, who is going to explain the estate planning industry, how his business runs, and how he addresses a very niche market. Richard’s website is He also has another website called He also owns a publishing company called Estate Manual Publishing.

    Master Resale Rights

    Dynamic Software Creation!

    How To Create Software Even
    If You're Not A Programmer!

  • You can pump out hot software titles month after month and make huge profits...even if you can't spell HTML. You don't have to be a programmer to be a software mogul.

    Master Resale Rights

    Direct Mail Secrets Exposed!

    Profit Wildly In The Direct Mail Industry!

  • The direct mail industry is a multi-billion dollar giant. Making it in this industry has it's challenges, but the rewards are huge. 365 days from today, you could be sitting on a mound of cash. Find out if you've got what it takes.

    Master Resale Rights

    From The Foundation Up!

    Building Your Business
    Starting At Ground Level!

  • Building your online business is no different than building an offline business. You build it one brick at a time, from the foundation up. Learn the fastest, most successful building process right here.

    Master Resale Rights

    From Music To Marketing!

    How A Music Man Turned
    Experience Into Income!

  • Discover how an unknown Australian pop singer used the internet to gain massive radio play and land a top spot on the pop charts.

    Master Resale Rights

    Google Adwords Exposed!

    Make Your Fortune With Google AdWords!

    The interview of Phil Chapman!

  • As you probably know, Google Adwords is a pay-per-click solution offered by Google. As with other PPCs, you are given the ability to place your small advertisement on various platforms controlled by Google. While the platform provides you with a large audience, you must manipulate your keywords to generate success.

  • Matching Options

  • When running an Adwords campaign, you can and should define when your keywords will appear in search results. To do this, you can select matching options for each of your keywords to either reach a broad audience or target a niche.

  • The Google Adwords platform allows you to select four matching options:

  • Broad Match

  • Broad match is the default setting for an Adwords campaign. Broad match means your ad will appear in search results when any combination of the words in your keyword phrase search. Many an advertiser has learned expensive lessons using this setting. Let’s look at an example.

  • Assume I am selling travel writing diaries and using “travel journals” as my keyword phrase. Any time a person enters any combination of “travel” and “journals” in a search, my ad will appear. The ad will also appear for plurals and relevant variations. While this may sound great at first glance, a broad match setting can result in low quality hits and poor conversion rates. A person searching for travel journal stories is going to see my link. While a decent percentage will click my link, they are far less likely to buy because they are just browsing. Using broad match, my costs go up and my conversions go down.

  • Broad match isn’t necessarily a bad option. If your product makes a popular Christmas gift, you definitely want to use the broad match option in November and December. You prospective clients will be motivated to buy. Even the “browsing” surfers will convert well.

  • Phrase Match

  • Phrase match is a matching option that gives you a bit more control over your ads. Phrase match tells the Adwords platform to only show your ad when a search is conducted for the particular order of your keyword phrase. Using the phrase match option for “travel journals”, my ad would appear when someone search for a phrase with “travel journals” in it, but not “journals travel”. To use phrase match for keyword phrases, you simply place quotation marks around them.

  • Exact Match

  • Exact match is…exact match. It is the most targeted option. You should use it only if you want your ad to appear in searches for the exact keyword phrase as written. For instance, if I want my ad to appear in searches for “travel journals” and nothing else, I will use the exact match. To select the exact match option, simply place brackets (“[]”) around the keyword phrase.

  • Negative Match

  • No, the negative match option doesn’t involve cussing, insults or adult sites. Instead, it allows you to designate which keyword phrase search results you do not want your ad to appear in. For example, I may not want my travel journal product to appear in search results for “Amazon travel journals”. I would simply list the keyword phrase with a dash (-) in front of it and my ad will not appear. The negative match option is a tremendous option for eliminating junk traffic from your Adwords campaign.

  • The Google Adwords platform is a tremendous advertising platform. Effectively manipulate your keywords and it can be a highly profitable one as well.
    Google adwords have provided results that are better-than-expected by the advertisers and their clients, paving the way for a new system of online advertising. The online advertising experts have developed smart techniques, which can prove to be cost efficient, as also be an effective means of increasing the traffic of your website. It needs a bit of experience to get the knack of how Google operates, as you never know what kind of move will be helpful in the long run. It has been a mystery for a large number of advertisers, as to why the keywords are blocked within a short span of time once they are launched. The reason for this can be quite a few, including, the activities of the hackers or the similarity of the keywords used by other competitors.

  • Do You Need to Opt for Pay Per Click Marketing?

  • Pay per click marketing can prove to be beneficial as compared to other banner advertisements. For instance, you will need to wait for a number of weeks before you can buy space in an e-magazine. An equal amount of time is required by the search engine listings to improve and make your presence felt in the web world.

  • The initial period will be an even more testing time for you, since your account is new. The visitors might give an outstanding response in the beginning at times, but the bids get canceled within a couple of days and your ads are eventually disapproved. But these problems can be countered in a positive manner if you have the right knowledge of how to divert the traffic. There have been instances of numerous people who have increased their traffic and achieved a turnover of more than 100%. The success lies in the way you have inserted the keywords for your ads. The adwords world is quite flexible and you never know when things can turnaround. If the budget is a constraint, you can reduce the number of keywords. Pay per click program is not virtual but real, as has been experienced by a number of customers to-date.

  • You save a substantial amount on marketing costs once people start coming to your website. You can save both time and money on each click that your website receives. But one thing that you need to remember above all is that Google adwords is not about who can afford, but about who is more tech savvy and understands the world of online traffic and visitor-interests that keep on changing from time to time.

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    Guerrilla Marketing Explained!

    7 Steps To A Successful Marketing Campaign!

    The interview of Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing and he is a true marketing legend.


    Master Resale Rights

    High End Affiliate Marketing Secrets!

    Successfully Sell High End Affiliate Products!

  • Imagine uncovering the secrets that powerful high end affiliates use to sell products that range from $10,000 - $25,000. You're about to enter the world of the high rollers where commissions from one sale can be upwards of $5,000.

    Master Resale Rights

    Inside A Multi-Million $$ Company!

    Former COO Of Aesop Marketing Goes Public!

  • Learn what goes on behind the closed doors of a multi-million dollar company. Use this top secret knowledge to build your own super successful company in record time.

    Master Resale Rights

    Joint Venture Extravaganza!

    How To Make Your Million With Joint Ventures!

  • Marc Goldman from is a joint venture expert.

  • He’s going to tell us exactly how to work a successful joint venture.

    Master Resale Rights

    Keep All Your Eggs In One Basket - NOT!

    Cracking The AdSense Affiliate
    Code For Over Easy Profits!

  • Is it more profitable to get paid a few cents for every click, or several dollars for every sale? What if you could combine both methods and rake in the cash no matter what your visitor does? Find out how to maximize your profits without putting all your eggs in one basket.

    Master Resale Rights

    Marketing On A Budget!

    Squeeze The Juice Out Of Your Marketing!

    The interview of Ty Cohen, a multitalented guy; he is a music industry mogul, a real estate industry entrepreneur, and a master marketing coach. He is a very well rounded individual.

  • You'll be introduced to some very useful products and services. You can also use this as a checklist to help stay focused and make it easier to set up and improve your internet business.

  • 1) ‘Find a Market’ - Find a market before you decide on a product. If you pick a product first then find out later there isn’t a market for it, you will have wasted a lot of time and money. So be sure to look for the market first. Also try to find an area that inspires or excites you. If you find your passion then it’ll be easier to stay motivated when building your business. Use Google to search different keywords. Try searching with Yahoo to see what else is selling. Check eBay for all their different categories. And use ClickBank to look for interesting markets. When you locate a market and find out what people want, all you’ll have to do is sell it to them. After your first internet project is up and running, and is profitable, then you may want to start looking for your next market. Remember it's very easy to jump from one project to the next before the first one is finished. So try to find a market or project that you really like and stay with it until its making money.

  • 2) ‘Find a Product’ - After finding a market you’ll need to find a product to sell. You could search the internet to see what other people are selling to get some ideas. Or buy resale rights to a product. Maybe you can sell an affiliate product. Remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Find a product someone else is selling and make it a little better, different, lower in price, or add a bonus whenever someone buys from you. If you choose to sell digital products you will find many extra benefits such as: no shipping or handling, low start up cost, your profit margin will be close to 100%, your customer will get their product right away. And a lot of it can be set up automatically so there’s less work for you. Make sure to take full advantage of the automation possibilities of the internet.

  • 3) ‘Get a Domain Name’ - You’ll want to have your own domain name. Try to think of a few different names because your first choices may not be available. Choose a short name and it will be easier for people to remember. If possible get domain names ending with .com or You should also try to get a name to match your product. And maybe use keywords in your domain name to get a better listing on search engines.

  • 4) ‘Hosting Companies’ - The purpose of hosting company is to keep your website running properly. They will make sure everything is working properly so your customers can navigate through it and buy your product or service. This is a very important responsibility. If your website isn’t working properly or not at all then you are losing money. You may find some free hosting companies, but you really do get what you pay for. So it may be better to use a paid hosting company.

  • 5) ‘Create a Website’ - Create a website so your customers can buy your products 24 hour a day. You will be competing with lots of other website's so try to make yours unique. If your site takes a long time to download your potential customers will go somewhere else. Graphics are nice to look at but slow to download so have more text and less graphic. Remember its words that sell products. To get ideas for you website search the web and look for sites that you like. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. And if you are short on time and have the money you could hire a professional to build your site. Or if you want to save money you could do it yourself.

  • 6) ‘Payment Processor’- To collect money for your products you will need a payment processor. Make sure that you accept credit cards because most transactions will be made with them. You should also consider other options as well, like accepting cheques and postal orders. And you may want to use PayPal. The more ways you can collect money the more sales you’ll make. And if you’re selling a digital product you may want to use ClickBank.

  • 7) ‘Auto responder’ - If you want to make your internet business easier, then you’ll want to automate as much as possible by using auto responders. You can automate a lot of your every day business tasks leaving more time for you to concentrate on more important things. Here are a few examples: send out email advertisements to everyone on your list at predetermined intervals. Automate the delivery of several different mini courses all at once. Send out sequential emails automatically whenever someone buys one of your products. Have all of your digital products sent out automatically. And with auto responders you can collect names and email addresses and add them to your list of customers and much, much more.

  • 8) ‘Free Advertising’ - This may be a good way to start out if you are limited on funds. But this will be slower than paid advertising and will take a lot more time. And time is money so figure out how much you’re worth and monitor your time. If you are spending a lot of time with free advertising and not getting the results you like, then you may want to try something else. Keep in mind when using free advertising someone else may also place their ad with yours and this is not very professional. Also when you join these free advertising lists it usually means everyone on that list can send free advertising to you. So you may get a lot of unwanted emails.

  • 9) ‘Paid Advertising’ - You may get better results with paid advertising. And at first you may think blasting your ad to as many people as possible will make you the most money. But this really isn’t a good idea for a couple of reasons. First a lot of people won’t have an interest in your product so they’ll probably not even read your ad. And second you may be accused of spamming which is something you never want to do. So always try placing ads with your specific targeted group. And always test your results to make sure that its cost efficient.

  • 10) ‘Collect a List’ - This gets 5 stars. Start collecting your list of names and email addresses as soon as possible, add to your list often, and cherish your list because it will make you money over and over again. Whenever you need extra money you can send an email promoting a product to your list. So you’ll want to collect names and emails addresses by offering free e-books or a mini course, by having them join your newsletter and of course whenever they buy your great product.

  • And remember to always invest in yourself. Invest your money for quality information that will help expand your business, and invest your time to thoroughly read the information.

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    Master File!

    Uncover The Secrets Of Successful Marketing!

  • Your marketing has the potential to make you very, very wealthy. Discover how to build your own marketing company for maximum profits.

    Master Resale Rights

  • Membership Websites Demystified!

    How To Setup Your Own Membership Website!

    You are going to be hearing from Darryl Graham who is the president of ISO register.


    Master Resale Rights

    Membership Website Millionaires!

    How To Create A Million
    Dollar Membership Website!

  • Would you like a behind the scenes look at how two average guys generated $1.6 million in under 2 weeks? You got it :)

    Master Resale Rights

    Members Only!

    The Secrets Of Running A
    Membership Website - Revealed!

  • Running a membership website is extremely profitable. The security of a monthly income is hard to beat, but there are pitfalls that don't cross your mind until it's too late. Discover how to run a successful membership website without the hassles.

    Master Resale Rights

    Where The Money Lives!

    Tap Into The Financial
    Power Of The Internet!

  • The Internet is a giant sea of money, just waiting for you to dip your bucket in and scoop up as much as you want. You're about to discover one of the fastest, most effective ways to start pouring bucket load after bucket load of liquid cash into your bank account.

    Master Resale Rights

    The Mountain!

    Building Your Business To The Summit!

  • The interview of Dr. Joe Rubino here today who bills himself as North America’s Success Coach. He has a best selling list of books, tapes, and courses about the length of my arm. They’re available in 22 countries in 14 languages.

    Just to give you an example, one that he has is, Restore Your Magnificence: A Life-Changing Guide to Reclaiming Your Self-Esteem. Another is, Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Network Marketing Organization: From A Guy Who’s Been There, Done That, and Shows You How to Do It Too. Another one is 10 Weeks to Internet Marketing Success: The Secrets to Launching Your Very Own Million-Dollar Organization in a 10-Week Business-Building and Personal-Development Self-Study Course.

    Master Resale Rights

    Optimize Your Websites!

    Turn Your Website Into A Cash Funnel!

  • Make no mistake. the most impressive looking and product-rich web site will fail to convert visitors into paying customers if they are unable to more quickly and easily find what they are looking for. There's a lot of competition out there. Develop and design a web site that's easy to understand and use, and you'll attract more than your fair share of visitors - visitors that will return, and buy, again and again. Fail in this, and the only one's smiling will be your competitors.

  • How do we accomplish this? By utilizing intuitive navigation techniques. Use them in the development and design of your web site; then sit back as hordes of satisfied customers return to your internet business on a regular basis. And you'll find when marketing online, return business is your key to significant and effortless profits.

  • Ok, so what exactly is intuitive navigation - and how do we design it into our web site? I can tell you what it's not. It is not flashy, creative designs that entertain and distinguish you from the other 'dull' web sites out there. Simply defined, intuitive navigation implements a familiar and consistent look and feel across all the design elements of your web site. These elements include;


  • Your website menu - the table of contents if you will - that directs visitors throughout the various pages of your site should be consistent, and included on every page. Websites that contain a menu on the home page only or certain select pages on the web site (and I've seen far too many of these), force visitors to use the Back button (or click on the logo to return to the home page). The common result, visitors do more clicking and visitors get lost. And visitors who get lost... well, 'get lost'.

  • And for Pete's sake, keep your menu style and placement consistent from page to page. Again, fancy and different equals confusion. Confusion equals frustration. And frustration equals 'no sale'.

  • Site map:

  • Another useful website element, and one that's missing in many business web sites, the site map is a web page that contains a hierarchical, top-down, organized list of all the sections, or pages, on your website. It's a road map through your web labyrinth, which can get you where you want to go more directly, that is, quicker (especially to access links). It can also make up for any design 'sins' on your menu. And for many left brainers, like myself, it is sometimes the preferred route.

  • Subtitle index:

  • For those large pages on your web site, which require page scrolling, it is preferable to include subtitles in your copy, for readability. Repeating these subtitles at the top of your page, linked to the subtitle in the copy, makes it easier for visitors to access or return to those sections of the copy that most interest them.

  • Back to top link:

  • Again, for large pages on your web site, having 'Back to top' links, between subtitles, or at the very least the bottom of your page's copy, allows visitors to return to the top of your web page with one click, without the need to scroll.

  • Text links:

  • Whether it's a menu item or other link throughout your web site, the use of simple and efficient text links is the preferred navigation method in most instances.

  • Yes, there's an overabundance of fancy and impressive buttons, graphics and rollovers available for navigating your web site. However, this is an area where it is mindful to employ the well-known K.I.S.S. method for keeping things simple. Text links are much faster loading than images. Now, for fast broadband internet access, the difference between text and image load may be negligible. However, there are still many potential customers out there still surfing on slow connections. For them, the difference can be significant. So, until we are all on the same connection page, you would do well to accommodate all visitors.

  • In addition, text navigation menus can contribute relevant text for the search engines, which image navigation bars cannot. And of course, text is often easier than an image for understanding the purpose of the link. Just remember - on the web, and for your internet business, it is always preferable to err on the side of efficiency over impressiveness.

  • Page footer menu:

  • Ok, we have our menu items at the top (or side) of all our web pages. So, why would we want to repeat them at the bottom of every page? Well, in addition to providing your visitors with just another, alternative, option for navigating your website, there are two instances when placing your menu on your page footer is more an essential, than a 'nice to have'.

  • (1) If you insist on using graphics for your main menu items, the inclusion of a text menu on the page footer aids     both reader viewability and understanding, and ensures that search engine spiders can see you.

  • (2) Placing your menu on a frame is an easy way to ensure that your menu items stay fixed and in sight, even as  you're scrolling through a long web page. However, although there are many advantages to using frames on your web site, there are disadvantages as well. Although more detail on the pros and cons is fodder for another article, let's just say there are many web sites that prefer not to use frames. In such instances, scrolling down a long page will also scroll your menu items, sometimes out of sight. A page footer menu provides a convenient way to access these items without the necessity for scrolling back up the page.

  • Containing an abundance of particulars, a context-rich web site can be a dense, confusing and intimidating jungle of information for internet visitors.  However, by using time-tested intuitive navigation techniques, you can turn potential chaos (and lost customers) into a smooth and pleasant ride across the web superhighway.

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    Pocket Coach!

    Taking Your Business To The Next Level!

  • Having a business coach gives you a new perspective. Often just one new idea from your coach can increase your income by thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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  • Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Everyday Webmasters





    You're about to:

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    Super Affiliate Secrets Uncovered!

    Discover How To Generate A
    Fortune As A Super Affiliate!

  • Why be an affiliate when you can be a Super Affiliate. The process is the same, but the paychecks are significantly different :) Go for the gold and the larger than life lifestyle.

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    The Affiliate Manager's Handbook!

    How To Manage Your Affiliates For Huge Profit!

    Managing a team of affiliates can be a daunting task, or it can be a profitable experience. Learn how to manage your affiliates properly and motivate them to maximize your sales.


    Master Resale Rights

    Taking It To The Next Level!

    Using A Business Coach To Accelerate Profits!

    Interview of a famous and very successful internet marketer.


    Master Resale Rights

    The Truth Behind The Lies!

    The Real Truth Behind Making
    A Living On The Internet!


    This is the interview of Tahir Shah. Tahir has been online for almost 4 years, but he's one of those guys that's been working behind the scenes, quietly amassing a fortune and not straying into the limelight…until recently. Earlier this year, Tahir came out with his book "Dreams Not For Sale" and right out of the gate, sold 1,000 copies.

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    Thin Slicing!

    Hyper Niche Your Business For Huge Profits!

  • Discover how to tightly focus your business on a very targeted niche and become the leader in no time flat. Become the big fish in a little pond and generate huge profits.

    Master Resale Rights

    Traffic Jam!

    How To Get 1 Million Visitors This Year!

    We're very lucky to have Mark Flavin joining us. Now over the past year, Mark has put together a system of generating traffic that gets him over 1 million visitors annually. That's over 3,000 visitors a day. And all that traffic translates into a gross income of about $10,000 a month.

  • If you are looking for more website traffic, there are several marketing strategies you can do to increase your traffic. Knowing and understanding each one is crucial to determining which ones work best for you. If you use trial and error, you can quickly discover which marketing is generating more website traffic for you. Here are 7 ways to create more website traffic.

  • Clickbank Account

  • Clickbank is a product directory on the internet that allows you to sell various products through your website. When people begin searching for the product you offer they can end up at your site. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up for an account and it can create much more website traffic for you.

  • Submit To Search Engines

  • If you submit a site map to the search engines you have a better possibility of them examining your site more often. With visits from search engine spiders you will get more website traffic as your site climbs higher on the search engines.

  • Tell a Friend

  • By placing a “tell a friend” script on your website, you give visitors the option to refer your website to others. If you continuously add new content you will build up a list of returning visitors who will begin referring your website to others, thus generating more website traffic.

  • Article Marketing

  • There is almost no better way to get more website traffic today than article marketing. By writing articles you can use keyword optimization while placing a ad for your website on the bottom of the article. Then all you have to do is submit the article to various ezines and newsletters. You can then place articles on your own website giving people the impression that you are an expert on whatever it is your website is on, which will create more traffic and return visitors as well.

  • Press Releases

  • This form of marketing is often overlooked by internet marketers. It is a completely free way to quickly generate more website traffic easily. All you have to do is have a subject announcing a new product you sell or something newsworthy and submit it to online press release companies. If it is written well enough you can then have it be picked up by top search engines such as yahoo and google.

  • Affiliate Programs

  • If you sell a product or e-book on your website you should set up an affiliate program. This will allow visitors the chance to join your affiliate program and sell your product for you. Now you have a business within a business and this will allow you to receive more website traffic.

  • Joint Venture

  • If you team up with a company that sells similar products, you can swap links and promote each others’ business as well. This will allow you to get more website traffic from their site to yours.

  • 1. Design your web site to be a targeted resource center. Choose one subject and build on it. You'll gain repeat visitors that are interested in that topic.

  • 2. Offer something that is really free. If people go to your site and what you said was free really isn't, you'll lose their trust and they won't buy anything.

  • 3. Add a chat room or message board to your web site. People want to interact with other people that have they same interests as them.

  • 4. Entice people to link to your web site by giving them something free in return. This'll increase your ranking in some search engines.

  • 5. Trigger your reader's emotions in your ad copy. Example, if you sell a book on gambling tips, tell them the feelings they'll get when they win money.

  • 6. Make sure your site looks good in all browsers. You could be losing sales because it looks distorted in some web browsers

  • 7. Increase your sales by e-mailing full page ads to your e-zine subscribers. Remember to tell people before they subscribe or they may consider it spam.

  • 8. Ask people questions in your ad copy that make them think about their problems. For example: Do you want to be free of your debts?

  • 9. Magnify the size of your prospects problem in your ad; show how your product can solve it. The bigger the problem, the more sales you'll have.

  • 10. Invest a percentage of your profits right back into your business. Spend it on marketing, product improvement, customer service, advertising, etc.

  • 11. When you make your first sale, follow-up with the customer. You could follow-up with a "thank you" email and include an advertisement for other products you sell. You could follow-up every few months.
    12. You could upsell to your customers. When they're at your order page, tell them about a few extra related products you have for sale. They could just add it to their original order.

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    Video Magic!

    How To Skyrocket Your Sales With Video!

  • We're very lucky to have Jay Douglas with us. Jay's been creating high quality internet video since about 2001. That's four years before YouTube came onto the scene. So you can see where Jay's experience level is.

    Jay's a master at creating high performance sales videos. These are videos that help you sell your products. If Jay creates a video for you, you're pretty much guaranteed your products are going to start flying off the shelf.

    Master Resale Rights

    Vlogcast Profit Building Audio Series

    Combine the Rich SE spider food of Blogs with the Power of Video and Podcasting and See your Marketing Caldron EXPLODE!

    Expert Audio Interviews with 3 Top Marketers

  • You already know about the massive traffic a blog can attract with bakery fresh content that Search Engine spiders love – well combine that with the ever increasing popularity of podcasting as well as the huge market that is Video and you have the killer combination to explode your marketing success into orbit!

    • Business Blogging is now a ‘must have’ online business tool – if your website doesn’t have a blog, move fast and get one now!

    • Podcasting gives people to convience of using deadtime in the car, on the train, jogging in the park to catch up with audio information

    • Over 50% of Internet Traffic is video based! Conversions are much higher, prospects spend more time looking at your message and commissions come in more rapidly

    Every expert in this Vlogcast Profit Building Audio Series outlines reveals their successful strategy that you can replicate.

    Now you just need three case study audio MP3's of experts in Blogging, Video and Audio to find out how they exploded their businesses in their areas of expertise.

    #1 Video Expert

    Mike Koenigs - Mike is the co-founder of Traffic Geyers, the web 2.0 and video syndication service and has been a consultant to Sony Entertainment, 3M, 20th Century Fox, Dominoes Pizza.

    Running Time: 44 minutes

    #2 Blogging Expert

    Yaro Starak - Yaro is one of the most well known bloggers online today in the Internet Marketing world because of his incredible success with blogging. His $20-50k a month blogging empire is a perfect example of how blogging PAYS!

    Running Time: 38 minutes

    #3 Podcasting Expert

    Scott Paton - Scott hosts the popular Internet Marketing Unleashed podcast series and recently had 150,000 downloads of one of his niche podcasts. He is the dean of blogonomics and podology - period!

    Running Time: 54 minutes

    Master Resale Rights

    It’s Your Niche!

    Discover How To Conquer Your Market!

    The interview of Marc Gamble. Marc is a business development consultant both on and offline. He’s helped approximately 250 businesses over the last ten years to increase their profit margins and increase their results in marketing efforts.

  • Master Resale Rights

    Viral List Building Marathon Call

    You're going to be absolutely totally amazed at what Jeff and Liz revealed on this call! Real world marketing information like...

  • Learn the exact steps Jeff and Liz took to build their business. Neither of them held anything back on this call, so that you could easily understand everything and put it to use in your own online business.

  • Not keeping focused on what you want to do online can kill your business before it even stops. Listen in as Jeff and Liz talk about this and what you can do to stay focused and survive the plague of "information overload".

  • The value of outsourcing. Liz doubled her sales from October to December, and her and Jeff will talk about how outsourcing helped her do that, and how you can use it to work less and make more money!

  • By doing joint ventures you can quickly build a massive list and rake in the sales. Jeff and Liz revealed several ideas, tips, tricks, and techniques on how you can start doing joint ventures even if you have no list!

  • Using an autoresponder is vital to your business, but using one the wrong way can leave you totally broke. Listen in as Liz tells Jeff why she deleted a list of 20,000 subscribers, and how she built her list right back up to that and more!

  • Jeff has a very creative mind, and when it comes to product launches he's got a ton of ideas to really blast off your product launch, and he's sharing them all on this call! What Jeff talks about will totally blow you away, and allow you to make your next product launch an insane success!

  • Attending seminars can be a costly decision, but Jeff and Liz will reveal to you how they can change your business by putting you in contact with people who can help you in several ways.

  • Learn how Jeff and Liz set their sites up to make the most profits, and to build their lists to insane numbers. What they are talking about is easy to do, and you can implement it right away.

  • The truth about affiliate contests and why most affiliates don't care about the prizes. They care about winning and you can use this to your advantage.

  • Learn to use affiliates to launch all your products and build your lists. Liz talks about her entire strategy for recruiting affiliates and how they make up at least 70% of her sales. You could be doing the exact same things! Let other people promote your products, build your lists, and you still get paid!

  • Free giveaways happen all the time in Internet marketing. Learn to use them to your advantage to build a huge list. Jeff and Liz even talk about how to make money while building your list with free giveaways!

  • We could go on and on, and on this three hour+ call, you'll get more information about building your list and making money online than ever before....
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    Marketing Motivation

  • Motivational Marketing: How to Effectively Motivate Your Prospects to Buy Now, Buy More, and Tell Their Friends Too!

    Motivational Marketing reveals a new and powerful way to convince people to buy—and it doesn't take a massive marketing budget. It redefines marketing in simple terms that anyone can understand and reveals simple, effective, and affordable tactics for marketing any product to anyone. Inside are strategies that work for big businesses, small businesses, and even solo entrepreneurs.

    Marketing isn't slogans or logos or ads. Marketing is anything you do to make it easier for people to purchase your goods and services. It's the smile on the face of your receptionist, the friendly voice that answers your phones, the messages in your e-mails, the copy on your Web site, and even the brightly lit storefront sign that grabs someone's attention. Real, effective marketing stretches across every aspect of your business.

    Once you understand the basics of marketing, you can start to craft marketing messages based on the five commonsense emotional motivators that almost everyone responds to.

    Those five motivators are fear, connection/love/sex, freebies and bargains, effortless money making, and having dreams come true. Marketing campaigns that push these emotional buttons really do work. Though different products or services might appeal to different motivators, if you find the right one, you'll drive customers to your products.

    Using real-life examples to show how marketers apply these motivators to get results—no matter what they're selling—Motivational Marketing will help you remove the barriers between you and your customers. Connect with them on an emotional level, and you'll win them over. Make it easier and simpler for them to buy, and you'll keep them coming back.

    Great marketing doesn't take a massive budget. Start here, and you'll learn how to clearly explain the value of your product and produce marketing materials that press the right buttons to make people buy. For every product and every medium, these low- and no-cost tactics will help you get your message out and put your business in the black.

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    Classified Marketing Tactics

    "Internet Marketing *SLACKER* Shows You Exactly How To Rake It In Like The Heavy Hitters And Earn 'Big Player' Status!"

    You get all the juicy details in this no holds barred system!

    ==> Turn $40 into $3500 or more!
    ==> Get paid to build your list!
    ==> Uncover effective traffic sources!
    ==> Create cash campaigns 24/7!

    Plus we reveal the money making secrets from the video!

    This system is so simple, you don't even need a list..NOPE...Not one single subscriber to start making real money online. This program was designed for not only the lazy marketer, but also the "bare bones" marketer who just hasn't quite figured out how to get some momentum going and has absolutely no list whatsoever.

    I'll show you how to keep increasing your list over time after each successful campaign. Before you know it, you'll have a nice list of nothing but buyers! We all know how important a list can be and when you apply this system a few weeks down the road after you've built a nice list? Man! that's when the insane profits start rolling in!

    Look dude and's a really simple plan. Like I said before, if you're lazy, you've made it! If you have no list, you've made it! If you've never made a dollar on the Internet, you've made it! It's the easiest three step plan you'll ever try! 1. Read the program...2. Apply the program...3. Watch your email fill up with sales's that simple!

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     Download your INTERNET MARKETING AUDIOS Package  now for just $69.97, and you'll be on your way to making more money in minutes.

    No Gimmicks - No Hidden Charge

    Pay Only Once, Own it for Life!  


    Your low investment for this unique package is just $69.97!

    You're an intelligent person who can see the extreme value that's sitting right in front of your nose, so the only question is whether this offer is for you or not.

    Please feel free to take advantage of this extremely generous offer right now, or come back another day and cross your fingers that the price is the same. I'm market testing prices, so although it won't be any lower than it is today, it could be much higher.

    Get Yours Now Before the Price Goes Up! 

    Once your payment is processed you will be taken to a page for instant download access to the information. 


    Because this package is completely digital and you download everything including the source code to some of the products, no refunds are available. Once customers have downloaded the source files we have no way of maintaining any control. You have virtually unlimited possibilities of doing anything (or nothing) with them While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.  So once you buy this it's yours for keeps! You OWN it! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...

    Please Note: This is a fully downloadable digital package and NOT a physical CD set. You will gain immediate access to this package, as soon as your order is approved.



    What is an Instant Download?

    Even if you have never downloaded something from the Internet before, it’s incredibly easy to do. Just follow the simple instructions.

    And by taking advantage of instant download, you will also enjoy these benefits:

    • No shipping costs.
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    • No risk of your product being lost or damaged in the mail.

    ATTENTION HOST STAFF - I have distribution rights to ALL product, proof is available upon request. Furthermore, this listing complies with all HG rules and regulations and no trademarks or copyrights were infringed upon.


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