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  Starting today, you are a top search engine expert...

You can get a lot of targeted visitors from search engines and dominate any products in the market you want... using one absolutely awesome Collection -

      SEO TRAFFIC Massive Package!     

Search Engine Traffic Can Make You A Fortune!  Internet Marketing Requires Traffic, And You Are Minutes From Learning How To Get Loads Of That Traffic- Starting Right Now!

Discover how to rank well in the major search engines for any website you own.

There are thousands of websites on the internet that are full of misinformation. Unfortunately, there are also websites on the internet that are full of intentional lies.

Now that you have your website ready, you will want to make sure that you have a lot of great content.  Not only should you have great compelling content, you should also have that content filled with keywords relating to your website. 

The best thing to do is set up google analytics on your website so that you can track all the keywords people are using to get to your site.  Once you can track these keywords, then you can see which keywords you should add into your content so that more people can visit your site. 

So you finally got yourself a website.  Now you want to get it ranked higher on all the search engines so other people can see your new website.  Search engine rank is one of the most important things you will need to do in order to get your website to grow and prosper.  Just because you have a website now doesn’t mean that people will automatically traffic it.  Once a website is created it is basically out in the middle of no where and you need to get people and the search engines to traffic your site to make it stronger. 

Don’t pay so-called SEO experts to do what you can do. Make your site a magnet for traffic with our tips, techniques and Video/Audio products


The Barking Videos Reveal The Secrets Of Traffic Generation

You can have a great product, a perfect sales letter and award-winning site design and still not make a dime as an Internet marketer. That's why traffic is the HOLY GRAIL of Internet marketing. Without traffic, nothing else matters.

You can scour the web and come up with 1,001 different guides promising to provide you traffic generation insight. Some of them do little more than echo well-known truisms like "good content increases traffic". Others will promise to give you a "secret" based on a temporary black hatter's loophole.

You can buy, read, research, experiment and read some more for weeks on end and you'll still have a big stack of material in front of you. You'll emerge confused, frustrated by all of the garbage you encountered masquerading as "insider information" and your sites' stats still won't look any better.

I decided to do something about that. What Internet marketers really need is a one-stop means by which they can get the truth about generating massive traffic flows. They need ALL of the serious information and proven strategies.

So, I decided to get in touch with the best in the business.

I called on a Traffic King!!!

Someone I've worked with before and who I know to be a legitimate expert on how to drive traffic like nobody's business. He wasn't cheap, but he agreed to document ALL of the critical traffic information and to create an awesome series of video tutorials covering legitimate traffic generation from A-to-Z.

He went to work and emerged with fourteen stellar videos that will give you all of the ins and outs of traffic generation. They are nothing short of amazing.

Barking Video #1

Keyword Research:

How to find money making keywords by using some cool free resources on the Net.

Barking Video #2

Ebay Traffic

How to use ebay in order to send traffic to your sites.

Barking Video #3

Article Traffic

How to send traffic to your sites through articles' directories.

Barking Video #4

Web Directory Traffic

How to submit your listing to a Link Directory.

Barking Video #5

On Page SEO

How to write your HTML pages in a way Search Engines LOVE!

Barking Video #6

Forum Traffic

How to bring traffic to your sites by using Forums.

Barking Video #7

Blog Traffic

Everything you need to know on how to drive traffic to your websites through blogs.

Barking Video #8

iPod Casting

How to send traffic to your sites through iPod casting.

Barking Video #9


How to send traffic to your sites through RSS.

Barking Video #10

Stumble Upon

How to send traffic to your sites through Stumble Upon.

Barking Video #11


How to send traffic to your sites through Squidoo.

Barking Video #12


How to send traffic to your sites through Videos you can create using free resources.

Barking Video #13

Social Networking Sites

How to send traffic to your sites through MySpace and other Social Networking sites.

Barking Video #14

The Secret Site

How to send traffic to your sites through a Secret Social Bookmarking Site (with more than 300 Resources!)

You've never seen anything like The Barking Videos. These tutorials are not your standard "easy to find" materials. They're not cheap tricks, either. This is the kind of information you get when you combine a top traffic guru with an order to produce the BEST top-down guide to traffic ever created.

How much money could you make with your current ventures if you could double your traffic? What if you could triple it? Quadruple? The sky really is the limit. You need to understand how to find visitors, how to connect with the, and how to deliver them. That's that these videos are all about. They provide that understanding.

For instance, you might know about Squidoo. You know you can set up a lens. You know that the search engines tend to like Squidoo pages. Do you know how to build a lens for maximum effectiveness? Do you know how to integrate the lens into your bigger plans? Do you know how to structure your lens to convert its visitors into traffic for your primary moneymakers? Spend some time with Video 11. You will.

It's like that for every video. The idea was to do more than introduce a method and to then leave the rest to you.

The Barking Videos will show you how to actually use these strategies to your advantage.

The bottom line is that this video tutorial series will take you from being just another Internet marketer to being a traffic magnet.

I could talk about how good these videos are for hours. Instead, though, I'll make a statement that really sums up how I feel about them and their potential to boost your business. That statement is my personal guarantee, and it should give you a good idea of how serious I am about the quality and value of The Barking Videos.


Turn Your Business Into A Powerhouse Traffic Machine By Mimicking One Of The Most Underused & FREE Websites On The Internet !

Using Digg Style Marketing For Massive Exposure, Traffic & Cash!

Make Web 2.0 Pay Without Being An SEO Expert Or Hiring A Team Of Outsourcers!

Could you use more traffic?

Sure, we all could but it isn't usually the easiest thing in the world to do.

You can pay for traffic, work hard for traffic or hire people to generate traffic for you...

All of these also may NOT work for you.

The good news is that you no longer have pay for traffic, spend hundreds of hours trying to "manipulate the search engines" OR hire any employees.

This letter is going to reveal all of these secrets to you so that you too can cash in on the free traffic craze that's come with Web 2.0 technology...

For the full scoop read on...

Digg It Yourself

Leveraging Web 2.0 Marketing Tactics For Extreme Traffic, Increased Subscribers & More Sales!

How Do You Build A Non-Stop Furry Of Traffic To Your Site Using Web 2.0 Domination Strategies?

Digg It Yourself Has The Information You Need!  This Multimedia Rich Video Seminar Will Teach You How To Create Floods Of Traffic In No Time At No Cost!...

Here is what you'll learn from the 23 videos:

* Video #1 - What is Digg?
Video Time: 2 min 54 sec

* Video #2 - Join Digg
Video Time: 2 min 29 sec

* Video #3 - How to Spy
Video Time : 1 min 12 sec

* Video #4 - Auto Blog
Video Time : 2 min 07 sec

* Video #5 - Submitting a New Link
Video Time : 3 min 28 sec

* Video #6 - Digg It
Video Time: 1 min 55 sec

* Video #7 - The Front Page
Video Time: 1 min 50 sec

* Video #8 - Other Features
Video Time : 1 min 53 sec

* Video #9 - Digg Labs
Video Time : 3 min 24 sec

* Video #10 - Digg Tools
Video Time : 1 min 21 sec

* Video #11 - End of Overview
Video Time : 0 min 35 sec

* Video #12 - Why Digg it Yourself?
Video Time : 1 min 35 sec

* Video #13 - Download the Package
Video Time: 1 min 32 sec

* Video #14 - Rename Some Files
Video Time: 1 min 05 sec

* Video #15 - Create Directory and Upload
Video Time : 1 min 48 sec

* Video #16 - Set Permissions
Video Time : 3 min 43 sec

* Video #17 - Set the Install Script
Video Time : 3 min 35 sec

* Video #18 - Login and Update Profile
Video Time: 1 min 42 sec

* Video #19 - Changing the Template
Video Time: 3 min 42 sec

* Video #20 - Categories
Video Time : 2 min 17 sec

* Video #21 - Confirmation
Video Time : 2 min 03 sec

* Video #22 - Submitting New Story
Video Time : 4 min 22 sec

* Video #23 - Marketing
Video Time : 5 min 56 sec

 Resell Rights


"Here Is How You Can Easily Deploy Fully Search Engine Optimized WordPress Blog That Drives Tons Of Targeted Traffic To Your Niche Sites Without Spending A Dime On Advertising"

 Video #1 - Install Wordpress Part 1

In this video I am going to take you step by step through the entire process of setting up MYSQL database and configuration settings.

Installing Wordpress is very easy, but there are still folks out there that are having trouble with it. Video 1 & 2 will have your blog installed in less than 15 minutes.

 Video #2 - Install Wordpress - Part 2

In this video I am going to show you how to upload all the files on your server and proceed with the installation process.

I am also going to go over some post-installation settings that need to be done before any further modifications.

 Video #3 - Theme Settings & SEO Plugin Installation

Here you are going to find out how to set up your blog for maximum seo benefit and how to install the SEO plugin on your Wordpress.

I am also going to show you how to make your wordpress ping Weblogs and what services you should include.

 Video #4 - Customizing The SEO Plugin

This video is going to take you over some of the options and settings that you need to customize for your blog.

 Video #5 - Installing Google Sitemap Plugin And Optimizing It

In this video I am going to show you where to find and how to install the Google Sitemap plugin on your blog.

I am also going to go over some cool optimization tips of the plugin. 

 Video #6 - Installing Related Posts Plugin & Customizing It

You are going to find out where to download the plugin for free and how to install it in less then 5 minutes.

This video will show you how to set up better in-depth linking structure on your blog. 

 Video #7 - Installing A Killer Plugin That Will Allow You To Generate More Pages On Your Blog

This video is going to reveal an awesome plugin that is going to have a huge impact on your blog's performance. I will go over the installation process and customization. 

Master Resale Rights

Optimize Your Sites with
"SEO Traffic Explained!"

Finally... A Video Course That Will Take You By Hand And Shows You Exactly How To Drive Massive Search Engine Traffic With Proven SEO Tactics!

FULL Master Resell Rights Included!
($97 Value)

The Ultimate Guide to Hub Pages you will learn how to master hub pages quickly and learn insider tips and secrets.

So this is great not only for beginners but has excellent tips for advanced users as well...



What can hubpages mean for you?...

  • Instant Indexing - Hub Pages Get Indexed Very Quickly
  • Google Loves Hub Pages - Need We Say More?
  • Easy To Use - Hub Pages Are Pretty Straightforward, especially with our Step By Step Guide
  • Traffic--Traffic--FREE Traffic - Is there anything better than Targeted Free Visitors?
  • RSS Feeds, Links, Videos and More More More - Lots of cool features that allow you to add your links and build Hot looking Hubs that the Search Engines will devour and rank...

Seo Secrets Uncovered

Jerry West, a Search Engine Specialist with over 10 years of experience and a true SEO master in every sense of the word, has spilled the beans in an insightful, no holds barred audio interview which you now have an incredible opportunity to benefit from.

This powerful audio interview cuts through the rubbish and tells it like it is, with cutting edge information on topics such as:


Page Rank


Black Hat Seo

White Hat Seo


Keyword Density

..and much more!

I cannot emphasis enough how essential the information contained in this audio is for anyone with a website. Having a website and not having the latest dependable seo advice like this would be like having a new vehicle and not listening to the dealership on how to maintain its top peak performance.

Here's some more things you'll learn:

Common search engine optimization pitfalls to evade.

The keys to solid seo.

How to interpret misinformation online.

The truth about Meta-tags.

Seo terminology.

What you absolutely must know before hiring an Seo expert.

The best places to find the experts in search engine optimization.

New and improved search engine marketing tactics.

Your keyword density if this is wrong and you can kiss top 10 rankings goodbye.

..and much, much more!As you can see, the Seo Secrets Uncovered audio is packed with solid information that you can use to launch your websites to the first page of Yahoo, Google, and MSN!

You'll get complete access to the entire audio interview with Jerry West immediately when you place your order, and you'll be downloading the mp3 file in just minutes! Listen to it on your iPod, on your computer, or burn it to a CD for that next road trip!


Top 20 SEO Tools

"Every Tool You Could Ever Need
To Rank In Every Search Engine Is Revealed! SEO Secrets Are Exposed
With The Tools The Pros Use!"

...The myths behind how to rank on the major search engines don't apply here. All you need is the tool I reveal to you to conquer any niche you can imagine...

Here is what you receive with Top 20 SEO Tools:

 <>A 18 minute video showing you exactly how to use the tools with ease.

 <>SEO Manifesto. This is a 12 minute audio rant about how easy search engine optimization is and how you can slap the search engines back!

 <>A 55 page PDF with the 20 tools and explanations of how to use them properly. The 20th tool is a 30 page list of resources that will make your seo a breeze.


SEO Traffic Hurricane

Amazing Server-Based "Page Generator" Builds Thousands Of Content-Packed, Keyword-Rich Webpages In Seconds And Drives Hordes Of Highly Targeted, Eager-To-Buy (And Click) Visitors To Your Website!

Finally! You can now explode your V.R.E (Virtual Real Estate) empire with this powerful server script that builds thousands (even tens of thousands) of keyword targeted webpages that the search engines gobble up! Plus, you can now do all this in seconds, where it used to take hours or days with other desktop-based software.

There are no limits to the amount of websites & webpages you can create with this system. Build hundreds... even thousands of websites per day and watch your Adsense and affiliate income go through the roof!

SEO Traffic Hurricane seemlessly integrates with Adsense, as well as your affiliate links for any program you're promoting. You can also use SEO Traffic Hurricane to drive traffic to your own sites for a stream of highly targeted, free traffic!

FULL Private Label Rights & Master Rights Included!
($497 Value)

What’s Included In This Package:


PHP Script With Installer & Instructions. Simply upload the script to your webhost, install it, and start profiting from its powerful features!

Software setup executable (EXE) file. Allows you to quickly and easily install all necessary software to your computer without any hassle!

Actual Source Code To The Entire Program that you or your programmer can edit, modify and customize however you wish. Create your own customized version of this program without having to start from scratch!

Plug-&-play, ready-to-sell webpages with graphics. Professional sales copy, HTML website, graphics, order forms and even thank you pages have already been created for you. Just add your name & order buttons to get started with your new business!

Full-blown professional product & web graphics

. Includes professionally designed, beautiful cover & web graphics pack in various formats (.jpg, .gif, .png) - no need to hire any graphic designers yourself!

FULL Private Label Rights & Master Rights Included!
($497 Value)

Power Up Your Sites with
Huge Traffic & Quick Indexing using
"Google Sitemap Creator"

Are You Sick And Tired Of Trying To Figure Out The Secret Formula Of Getting Listed In Google?

New Software Quickly & Easily Scans Your Website And Creates A Google-Compliant Sitemap That Sucks In A Stampede Of Traffic!

Here's How You Can Quickly & Easily Create Your Own Google Sitemaps In 5-Steps Using This Software:

    Step 1. Enter The URL of the website you wish to create a site map for. Google Site Map Maker will then crawl that site and make a list of all the links it can find.

    Step2. Set a few features like how often your site content changes, this will help tell Goggle how often it should crawl your site!

    Step 3. If there are any URL's on your site you do not wish to have included into Goggle then list them in the bypass area so they will not be crawled and posted to your site map, you can also select file types to bypass such as .zip or .exe

    Step 4. You can optionally add your sites FTP information and if you ask Google Site Map Maker to it will automatically upload your site map for you.

    Step 5. Google Sitemap Creator will spider your site and do the rest. Google site Map Maker will Spider your web site, Create a site map for your site, Save a copy of that site map to a selected folder on your PC, and Upload a copy of your site map to yourdomain.com/sitemap.gz... automatically!

    FULL Private Label Rights & Master Rights Included!
    ($397 Value)

    What’s Included In This Package:

    Software setup executable (EXE) file. Allows you to quickly and easily install all necessary software to your computer without any hassle!

    Actual Source Code To The Entire Program that you or your programmer can edit, modify and customize however you wish. Create your own customized version of this program without having to start from scratch!

    Plug-&-play, ready-to-sell webpages with graphics. Professional sales copy, HTML website, graphics, order forms and even thank you pages have already been created for you. Just add your name & order buttons to get started with your new business!

    Full-blown professional product & web graphics. Includes professionally designed, beautiful cover & web graphics pack in various formats (.jpg, .gif, .png) - no need to hire any graphic designers yourself!

    FULL Private Label Rights & Master Rights Included!

    Lay a Solid Search Engine Foundation with
    "SEO Primer"

    Amazing E-Course Turns Any SEO Newbie Into An SEO Veteran In One Sitting!

    Here's The Table of Contents:

      Why Is Search Engine Traffic So Important?

      Introduction to Google Adsense
      Keyword selection
      So how do you go about selecting your keywords?
      Website building
      On-site optimization
      Link building
      Recommendations for on going SEO
      Link Exchange
      Increase Your Page Rank and Incoming Links Without Spending a Fortune
      Don't Get Your SEO Optimized Page Banned!
      Directories that you can submit your site to or place an "ad" or Article for a backlink
      Getting more out of Adsense as you establish yourself
      Importance Of DMOZ
      Ed Charkow’s Programmers Guide to SEO- Do's & Don'ts
      WebmasterPackage - Search Engine and Adsense help

      FULL Private Label Rights & Master Rights Included!
      ($297 Value)

      What’s Included In This Package:

      PDF File you can view with any PDF reader and also print out. Start reading and gain a wealth of insights and valuable information!

      Microsoft Word Source Document - allows you to edit, rewrite, rebrand, chop up, or use the course content any way you wish!

      Plug-&-play, ready-to-sell webpages with graphics. Professional sales copy, HTML website, graphics, order forms and even thank you pages have already been created for you. Just add your name & order buttons to get started with your new business!

      Full-blown professional product & web graphics. Includes professionally designed, beautiful cover & web graphics pack in various formats (.jpg, .gif, .png) - no need to hire any graphic designers yourself!

      For the first time ever, researching for profitable niche keywords and Search Engine Optimization has never been this easy! Keyword Niche Power levels the playing for everyone in the game of SEO so the little guy can have an equal chance to receive the benefits of the cool from Search Engines as much as the elites do!

      How To Discover Multiple Red Hot Keywords For Your Web Pages So You Can Rank Your Websites HIGH In Popular Search Engine Results, Take the Guesswork Out of Grabbing the Potential Keywords You Need, And Use Them to Drive In HOT FREE Targeted Traffic!

      What’s Included In This Package:

      Software setup executable (EXE) file. Allows you to quickly and easily install all necessary software to your computer without any hassle!

      Plug-&-play, ready-to-sell webpages with graphics. Professional sales copy, HTML website, graphics, order forms and even thank you pages have already been created for you. Just add your name & order buttons to get started with your new business!

      Full-blown professional product & web graphics. Includes professionally designed, beautiful cover & web graphics pack in various formats (.jpg, .gif, .png) - no need to hire any graphic designers yourself!


      ($197 Value)

      Getting link popularity is really hard and time-consuming. But what if you could automate it? …

      Imagine Thousands Of Links Back To Your Web Site From Other People's Blogs Starting Today!

      Imagine a tool that would:


      Take in keywords you enter OR pull keywords from Google Sandbox or Overture.
      • Use those keywords to find relevant blogs on blogger.com.
      • Automatically post your comments to those blogs, including that all-important link back to your site.
      • Skyrocket your link popularity!
      Blog Link Generator is so easy to use, it’s like having your very own money machine!
      You get:
      • Ability to plug in keywords – or get them from Google Sandbox or Overture.

      • 24/7 searching of blogger.com for relevant blogs

      • Automated message posting – that contains your keywords

      • Links back to your site – get thousands of hits!

      • FAST results – how fast? Some people have gotten into Google literally overnight!
      • FAST results – After Blog Link Generator makes your post it sends that persons blog to Pingomatic automatically to make sure you link is picked up in record time!
      • Huge traffic increases – the spiders find you, and you know what happens next. It’s all good! Visitors come, they click on the ads, Google AdSense sends you huge checks.
      • Turbocharge your ranking – very soon you’ll notice a distinct boost in rankings, which will boost ad revenue!

      Private Label Rights and Full Sourcecode & Graphics included


      Search Engine Traffic is FREE targeted traffic. Once you put in your initial efforts and a small amount of effort to maintain your site – the traffic just keeps coming. Targeted traffic can earn you money through advertisements, affiliate income, and even Google Adsense.

      Let me remind you that all the effort you do for optimizing your site will be for nothing if you don’t protect yourself.

      Here are some quick tips:

        Don’t make your username and password easy to guess. Remember it might be a computer program entering in combinations of your domain name and or server username.

        Try and protect sensitive areas of your computer like any config.php files.

        Make sure your forms don’t allow malicious code to be entered in. Many hacks and total system wipes are caused by poor programming – there is a cost for using the cheapest programmer you can find. It’s a shame that you don’t find out about it until your site has been hacked.

        Make sure you do REGULAR weekly, daily, monthly back-ups of your website. Don’t just store them on your computer – copy it to a disk every now and a then.

        On a regular basis Google your host. If you start to see negative comments from other users it might be time to switch as fast as you can.

        Anytime you give someone else access to your server, make sure you change your password after they are complete.
        Make sure you keep your computer up to date with an active firewall and virus scanner. It’s also very wise to keep a program scanning your system for spyware active.

        Private Label Rights and Full Sourcecode & Graphics included.

        Advance SEO Techniques!

        Turbocharge Your Traffic & Profits on Autopilot!

        At Last, The Real Secrets To Automatic FREE Traffic with SEO!

        "Discover How You Can Explode Your Traffic & Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques That Force Search Engines To Help YOU!"

        ...Whether you're happy with your online advertising and web traffic or not, YOU CAN Skyrocket your traffic and multiply your earnings!

        Learn how to get Blog high rankings in the Seach Engines.
        You’ll also learn:

        - What are algorithms and why they matter

        - How effective backlinks really are, and how to set them up

        - The ins and outs of cloaking

        - The facts about spiders and crawling your blogs or website

        - Step by step guide to optimize your website or blog

        -Dynamic URLs, frames, and redirects

        - Keyword stuffing & spamming
        Private Label Rights

        GEO Authority Link Explosion Generator!

        "Would 15 NEW articles a day help your Blog? 

        This software allows you to create/post up to 15 articles per day.
        You can create articles about your Affiliate Products. This will help your blog ranking in the Search engine. Plus you can put Videos in your articles to help sell your products.


        • In one session you can promote up to
          4 sites and 4 URLS feeds at the SAME TIME!
        • In html you can Add More Links to Your Sites.
        • Create articles about your Affiliate Products.
        • These pages Rank Very Well on their on in the SE's
        • You can put Videos in your articles to help sell your products.
        • Add Up to 4 of YOUR OWN URLS in one Session.

          Software also allows you to promote up to 4 sites and 4 URLS feeds at the SAME TIME! 


        You will be steps ahead after you have read these books and be on the way to making some serious money on the Internet. Doing your own marketing has never been easer.


        With the help of The Ultimate List Building Tool which gives you the freedom to do your own advertising using HTML. This is not a sales pitch, but the program that makes the sales.

        The Secret is in the Lists is true!

        This is the real secret in the game of making money, thats why you are here! Everyone talks about making money but do not point you in the right direction, we intend to do just that!

        Let's not fool ourselves, Internet Marketing cost money and can put you off the whole game of making money on the Internet.

        But all business are expected to invest so lets keep it at a low budget by letting other people know the secrets, even if they have to pay a little to know!

        Traffic, Signups, & Sales System!

        This Amazing System Shows You Step-By-Step How To Launch And Build Your Internet Business Without Risking A Lot Of Cash!

        "Amazing Secret System Reveals How You Can Easily Generate TONS Of FREE Traffic, Signups And Sales On Complete Autopilot!"

        The truth is you only need to do 3 things to make it work:


         Generate traffic to your sites - I'm sure this isn't a new idea to you, but the first step in making any money online is getting people to visit your site. The important point that's often missed about traffic, however, is that you need to do it consistently, and you need a way to do it that you know costs you less than you earn from it. All the traffic in the world is great, but if you go broke getting it you won't have much of an empire.


         Capture targeted prospects on an email subscriber list - the fact is, the most valuable asset you'll ever own for your online marketing is your list of subscribers. Why? Because they are targeted, they believe you can offer them some value, and they will buy on your recommendation again and again--which is the #1 source of profits for the "big name" pros you see everywhere online. Building a list allows you to market repeatedly to a growing number of potential buyers.


         Convert your list into a continuous, predictable, and growing income stream - you have traffic to your site, you are capturing subscribers, and you're building a list. The last vital step in really making money is to systematically develop your relationship with your subscribers, build their trust, and offer products and services they really need and can benefit from using.


        A complete system for generating up to 15,000 hits per website for absolutely zero cost, combined with the most current, cutting edge tactics to get the maximum number of list subscribers from your traffic, AND a real proven formula for converting your list into a continuous profit stream of cash that makes you money every day!


        The Traffic, Signup, & Sales System also features the one-of-a-kind Internet Marketer's Compass -- an amazing tool to keep you laser focused on your most important (and profitable) business tasks, organized with all of your ideas so you don't forget those little "gems" that pop in your mind at the strangest times, and constantly aware of your finances -- all at one glance in a single snapshot!

        Tired Of Downloading All The 'Free' Software Out There That You NEED For Your Business, Only To Find Out That They Want To Charge You to Keep Using It?

        Learn How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog at Zip Speed.

        Make Your Own Branded Version of ViralZip From The Source Code, Giveaway a FREE Version With YOUR Program Name, and YOUR Advertisement Inside PLUS Sell a Rebrandable Master Resell Rights Version!

        Private Label Rights and Full Sourcecode & Graphics included.

        "Whether You Are An Affiliate, Internet or Niche Marketer ... Keyword Cockpit Is Your Ultimate Solution for Finding the Most PROFITABLE Keyword Terms !"

        • Analyze Real Time Actual Keyword Searches (for FREE!)
        • Focus and Understand the Market's Searching Behavior
        •  Assess and Find the Highest Converting Keyword Terms
        • Easily Predict the Costs Associated with Targeting Your Desired Keyword Terms
        • Determine the Market's Current Competitive Environment

        In addition, Keyword Cockpit includes a Step by Step Video Tutorial that will allow you to gain an "Over the Shoulder" look on how to efficiently find and utilize your newly found Profitable Keyword Terms ...


        Choose The Right Keywords To Target
        And You'll Make A Fortune, Choose The
        Wrong Ones And You'll Fail Miserably!

        Keywords are the secret ingredient to getting organic search engine traffic to your website.  But the keyword you choose determine which kind of people come to your website.  If you're selling kitchen accessories, you don't want car mechanics coming to the site which is what may happen if you don't carefully choose your keywords.

        This Software was created under top secret and classified conditions out of necessity.  I was just spending too much time on this portion of my business.

        The result? 

        A smoking hot, easy to use software that generates keyword lists in seconds, not days and weeks!

        What Will I Be Able To Do With
        This Amazing Software?

        • Generate Huge Keyword Lists In Seconds, On The Fly!
        • Target Your Keywords By State So You Can Do Local Targeting!
        • Clean Your Lists And Remove All Of The Stuff You Don't Want Included Automatically!
        • Triple Your Keyword List Using Smart Tools In Just Seconds!
        • Save Hundreds Of Hours In Keyword Research Easily!

        Prepare Your Keywords For PPC Use In Just 2 Clicks!

        This Software Will Guide You Effortlessly To...

        1. Easy & Thorough Keyword Generation On The Fly!

        2. A Website Loaded To The Hilt With Targeted Traffic!
        3. Hundreds Of Hours Saved Not Doing Keyword Collection!

        4. More Subscribers, More Sales, More Respect!



        Google Page Bomber!

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          • What is the proper usage of keywords on your website, and how can you optimize things to keep the search engines happy? This is a tricky subject...there are some very specific places that your keywords MUST appear, or your work will be for nothing...do you know where they are? 

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          What types of videos are popular? Learn the 10 important factors that are part of almost all wildly popular videos.


          Want people who watch your video to go to your website? Learn where in the video should you put your website URL.


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          How to to add effects like titles, credits, transitions, and soundtracks to make your video an exciting multimedia experience.


          The secret of viral videos: Learn what makes people send YouTube videos to their friends, family and coworkers.


          How to use videos as a sales device on your company website (even if people don't find your video while searching YouTube, you can still use video to increase sales).


          What you should absolutely NOT do after you've uploaded your video.


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          As I'm sure you're aware, there are literally hundreds of eBooks, courses, reports, membership sites and full blown big home study courses touting the promise of teaching you to get traffic from the search engines.

          Most of these courses are over hyped and lack any real substance as far and tested and proven search engine optimization tactics.

          Almost all of them have been written by ghost writers who do nothing but research search engine optimization and then write a book on it for the person who's hired them. This means that a real expert hasn't even written that material and no one has tested it in many cases!

          "Can Someone Like Me, Really Learn How To Optimize My Website For Massive Search Engine Traffic?"

          You SURE Can!

          • You can set your pages up for maximum visibility from the search engine spiders!

          • You can get your site listed in days, not months!

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          "Getting The Search Engines To Send You All The Traffic That You Can Handle Has Never Been So Easy!

          While many courses would make you believe that getting traffic form the search engines is a major deal and takes and act of congress, the truth is it's easy.

          But it's only easy if you know the tricks to getting your rankings high. While simple, these tricks are only known to the REAL search engine optimization experts.

          They are used to increase website rankings through the roof and generate tons of free traffic.

          You are going to learn all of these secrets and more in the amazing new course the Super SEO GuideBook!

          Here are just a few of the awesome things you are going to learn:

          • On Page Tricks To Getting High Rankings - You are going to learn the secret "on page" factors that you can tweak in order to get your page the maximum exposure from the search engines.

          • Linking Tricks That Get Traffic Quickly - This section will teach you about linking and how you can use it to get noticed by the search engines quickly without tons of technical work!

          • Getting Listed Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible - If you know the tricks of the trade you can get your site listed in days, not months like some other courses say that you need to wait!

          • Hybrid SEO - This section shows you some simple tricks that you can implement to attract free search engine traffic by combining search engine optimization and pay per click traffic together for a hybrid effect that multiplies your traffic like crazy!

          • Easy Submission Guidelines - You will also learn how to submit your site to all of the search engines and directories extremely fast and in a way that the search engines love & appreciate!

          • Secret Tools List - This list is going to show you all of the tools, resources and secret pieces of software that the top search engine experts use to gain massive exposure and traffic from the search engines!

          • Easy To Follow System - Everything that you could need is in this tight new system. You just follow the simple directions and your on your way to getting loads of search engine traffic minus the complicated techno jargon that goes with most courses!

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           SEO SPIDER

          Now you can quickly and easily get the number of pages on the
          server, the number of pages indexed by Google, Link Popularity, and
          Alexa Rank, PLUS a Summary Report with page rank statistics!

          SEO Spider crawls any website and returns the number of pages on the server, the number of pages indexed by Google, link popularity, and Alexa rank, and a summary report with search engine ranking stats.

          Other SEO Spider features include:


          spider ANY website and build a list of URL's -- along with the titles -- for each page on that server


          quickly and easily query Google to find out how many pages are indexed and what the rank is for each of those listed pages


          powerful phrase matching search option gives you the most targeted rank results for every page indexed by Google


          check individual pages or use the convenient "Check All" features to analyze the entire list


          if you don't wish to use the default page title during the query, it allows you to make changes just by clicking on the title


          discover how well your website performs over time and know at-a-glance if you're improving your results


          easily analyze any and all competitors' websites and discover all of their TOP performing pages


          "smart" technology ensures that disallowed pages such as robots.txt files won't get indexed/listed


          features 100% customizable search engine and website courtesy levels for maximum safety


          searches whois records uncovering contact and domain registration information for any webmaster


          compare any two websites to find out which has more indexed pages, better link popularity and a lower Alexa rank


          reports the number of pages on the server, the number of pages indexed by Google, link popularity, and Alexa rank


          delivers a concise Summary Report with page rank statistics -- you can view the report, save, or even email it


          gives you the option of saving all the results, saving only the selected results, printing, and/or exporting to CSV


          know whether or not Google is updating their index with our handy Google Dance Tool

          Blog Spider Pro

          Your Auto-Website Builder

          Add Hot, Fresh, Search Engine Optimized, Keyword-Targeted Blog Content to Your Site Automatically! Build a Giant Website With Thousands of Pages Instantly - All Real Content! No Spam Pages!


          Blog Spider Pro utilizes the latest technologies to feed your website with hot, fresh, keyword-targeted, theme-related content and stories automatically, quickly and easily!

          Important Note: You do not really need to know any technical information about blogs, RSS or any of the latest technologies to use Blog Spider Pro.

          Blog Spider Pro considers several factors:

          1. Unique content
          2. Optimal internal link structure
          3. Optimal file size
          4. Scalability

          Generate thousands of keyword-targeted, theme-related content pages. Content is always fresh and optimized.

          Blog Spider Pro is your automatic website site builder. Build a giant website with 10,000 pages instantly... all real content rather than spam pages.

          Blog Spider Pro GENERATES new pages every time and adds them to your site! It does not generate a fixed number of pages that keep getting refreshed. What does this do? It increases your listings in search engines which translates to increased traffic potential.

          Fetch niche blog content by entering targeted keywords related to your site theme/topic/niche. You can also add RSS xml links manually.
          Just make sure you remove links of sites that do not permit you to use their content, ok?
          Multilingual support! This hot feature alone is worth more than the cost Blog Spider Pro. Auto-build websites with multilingual content like: Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc. to take advantage of the growing foreign PPC markets!

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          Traffic Scorpion!

           Attention: Naturally Transform Any Scrawny Website Into A Content Filled Giant That Search Engines Flood With Traffic & Send An Ever-Growing Avalanche Of FREE Search Engine Traffic Into All Of Your Sites On FULL Autopilot!

          Invest A Few Minutes To Generate YEARS Worth Search Engine Optimized Web Pages That Are Gradually Added To Your Sites For Maximum Search Traffic!

          Traffic Scorpion is a web-based solution that creates pages optimized for the search engines that increase "naturally" over time. An advanced feature built inside allows it to gradually add pages each day without you lifting a finger!

          Each page is optimized around a keyword you want to get ranked in the search engines for. By generating a large number of these pages, then you have a good shot for "hitting" the traffic bullseye for a number of prized terms!

          This solution is perfect for websites where you want a lot of free search engine traffic, but don't have a lot of time or money to get traffic there.

          Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

          • Quickly create an unlimited number of search engine optimized pages to attract a gigantic amount of FREE traffic! Best of all, it only takes a few clicks of a button!

          • Gain complete control over when and how many pages are added to your website! This means your sites grow naturally over time!

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          • Drive massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website! Organic search engine traffic is often some of the best converting on the web! If you're not getting your fair share, then you're losing out on a fortune!

          • Choose the keywords each of your pages are optimized around so you can claim prized search rankings! This guarantees your visitors are directly interested in what you have to offer!

          • Create dozens or even thousands of pages that are highly optimized to claim winning search engine positions! Just set Traffic Scorpion up once and let it take care of all the work, while you relax!

          • Handle all of the page creation tasks for sites more efficiently with a web based central administration area! As soon as you log-in to your account, you see exactly where all of you page creation jobs stand!

          Plus, much more!


          Generating Viral Traffic

          You've just taken the first steps to generating the traffic that you need if you're to be a success on the internet!

          "How To Generate Viral Traffic" is going to lead you through no less than twenty one different ways of achieving that elusive traffic.

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          Learn How to Reach Over 1 BILLION Net Users Globally - All Exactly One Click Away From Your Website (1-Click Away From Spending Money With YOU)

          "How Can I Get Visitors to My Website"?

          ... That question gets asked on a *very* regular basis. By those who are starting out. And by those who are just plain simply confused.

          The answer back is usually something like: "setup PPC campaigns on Google, create a blog and buy some ezine advertising." (Or a variation of that).

          What each of those mean, what they are, how they work, why they work and how to best implement each (and which resources can save time/money or produce automation results) isn't discussed.

          Which leaves the person still asking: "How can I get visitors to my website" or "How can I get more traffic to my webpage".

          Here's our answer:

          We put together a 4-CD audio walkthrough (nearly 4 hours of education ALL about traffic generation), along with a Resource PDF and even a "cheat sheet".

          We explored the most common (ie: most effective) traffic generation techniques and clarified what each strategy really is, how it works, why it works and most importantly, how YOU can act on it to turn it into results for your own website.

          "How Can I Get Visitors To My Website"
          4xCD + Resource PDF + "Cheat Sheet" Traffic Course

            CD #1
           Article Marketing
           Video Marketing
            CD #2
           Blogging (Continued)
           Discussion Forums
           Traffic Exchanges (Explained, but not endorsed)
          CD #3
           Social Networks
           Social Bookmarking / Tagging
           Pay Per Click
            CD #4
           Pay Per Click (Continued)
           Banner Advertising
           Ezine Advertising
           Press Releases
           Podcasting / Internet Radio
            Resource PDF + Cheat Sheet
           Links to "Little Known" Tricks We Discussed In the Audios
           Automation Tools
           Directory Lists (such as article submission sites, video submission sites, ezine directories, etc)

          For each of the techniques, we look at the definition (what it is), we explain why it works and how that strategy means traffic to a website, we provide our input and our own "twists" for each one and then leave you with recommended next steps.

          In the end, you walk away with a clear understanding of how you could get to work and start funneling attention to your webpage(s) of choice (and, don't worry, we include short-cuts where possible and recommended automation resources to help you speed along with your results).

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              This is why we put together the 30 Day Formula Virtual Seminar Series. You see...

              Once upon a time we released the 30 Day Formula...

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              This year we wanted to take it a step further, while still keeping the powerful simplicity of the 30 Day Formula Version 1.0. That is when we decided to go out and find some of the best marketers and speakers in the Internet Marketing industry to teach you how they make money in a pinch.

              In fact, each speaker will talk about their own unique ways of driving traffic and making money using squeeze pages, giving you several angles at which to start your business.

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              750 Traffic Tactics

              Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #1:
              What Every Webmaster Should Know About Traffic Building


              Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

              How to Get Targeted Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic

              01. Article marketing
              02. Forum marketing
              03. Traffic exchanges
              04. Free classifieds
              05. Press releases
              06. Resource box
              07. Email
              08. Google AdWords
              09. Title tag
              10. Submission to directories
              11. HubPage and Squidoo
              12. Link Exchange partnership
              13. Joint ventures
              14. Affiliate programming
              15. Subscriber list
              16. Tell-a-friend
              17. Paid reviews
              18. Re-visits
              19. Error page
              20. Promotion
              21. Offers
              22. Yahoo! answers
              23. Customer support
              24. Commenting
              25. Screensaver
              26. Keywords
              27. eBay
              28. Blog entries
              29. Advertisement
              30. Pay-Per-Lead*

              Important Principles and Tips on Getting Traffic

              01. Quantity of traffic
              02. Quality of traffic
              03. Non-targeted traffic
              04. Targeted traffic
              05. RSS
              06. Email subscription
              08. Opt in box
              09. Free traffic
              10. Patience is virtue
              11. Videos
              12. The right message
              13. Solve
              14. Target audience
              15. Competitors
              16. Innovative ads
              17. Be regular
              18. Variety
              19. Digg styles are in
              20. Niche marketing
              21. Sign ups
              22. Web Theme
              23. Involve the subscribers and visitors
              24. Postcards and business cards
              25. Exchanges with other marketers can also help
              26. You can give away free e-books to visitors
              27. Signature
              28. Communities
              29. Testing
              30. Web space

              What You Must Know About Traffic Building as a Webmaster

              01. Keyword research
              02. Uncluttered website
              03. Neat web pages
              04. Meta tags
              05. Avoid repetition of keywords
              06. Relevancy
              07. Home page
              08. Intranet
              09. Avoid redirect pages
              10. Analysis program
              11. Take it easy
              12. Control of error
              13. Maintain a record
              14. Improve your webpage rank
              15. Upgradation
              16. Complete web design
              17. Be a skilled webmaster
              18. Know what you want
              19. Organic listings
              20. Common words
              21. Javascripts
              22. CGI scripts
              23. No broken links
              24. Avoid frames
              25. Dedicated server
              26. Auto-surf traffic
              27. Buying traffic or impressions
              28. Tell-a- friend script
              29. The importance of back links
              30. Alexa banners


              Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #2:
              Fast Traffic Tactics

              Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

              Affiliate Program Tactics

              01. Select your target audience first
              02. How to approach your target audience
              03. Know what is hot and happening
              04. Have a positive and realistic mindset
              05. Have the right amount of information
              06. Use the power of Google Adwords
              07. Do your own writing
              08. Have a matching affiliate program
              09. Promote the in things
              10. Get paid - without sales
              11. Build a List
              12. Targeted Traffic Driving
              13. Position links well
              14. Clutter free diversification
              15. Don't try to fool your readers
              16. Look for alternate revenue streams too
              17. Use tools effectively
              18. Don't Overdo It
              19. Follow the results
              20. Have your own website
              21. Take part in forums and discussion boards
              22. Start your own ezine or newsletter
              23. Share a trustworthy relation with your readers
              24. Use e-mails
              25. Have a strong sales page
              26. Don't straightaway send prospects to the merchant's page
              27. Make people fill out your form
              28. Speed of replying
              29. Treat affiliates well
              30. Exchange plugs with affiliate managers

              Controversial Petition Traffic Tactics

              01. Petition marketing is a viral marketing petition
              02. ePetition
              03. The advantage
              04. E-petition is almost similar to a feed back form
              05. The party
              06. Scope for making a lot of money
              07. Keyword rich petition content
              08. Opt-in subscribers
              09. petitionspot.com
              10. ipetitions.com
              11. Gopetition.com
              12. PetitionThem.com
              13. Petition portals
              14. Petition script
              15. Petition forum
              16. Petition Hosting Providers
              17. Affiliate program
              18. Mailing list managers
              19. Sponsored ads
              20. Featured petitions
              21. Premium services
              22. Donations
              23. Legal notice
              24. Promise privacy
              25. Tell a friend tab
              26. Petition topics
              27. Well written petitions
              28. The extra effect
              29. Mention your details
              30. Positive petitions

              Mailing List Advertising Tactics

              01. The articles that you send must be highly informative
              02. Make your emails simple and user friendly
              03. Keep your customers updated
              04. Get to the point and quick
              05. Experiment, reach out and try different things
              06. Work on your current customers to find new business opportunities
              07. Make the best use of your sales data base
              08. Your employees could be the source to get new clients
              09. Lists contained in your server are also a great help
              10. Request from your websites
              11. E-news letter subscription
              12. Try joining various groups and networks
              13. Try and figure out your target sale group
              14. Online discussion group
              15. Get the attention of the media
              16. Networking
              17. Be careful abut the purchase of mailing list
              18. Look at the economic benefits
              19. Have the right size of squeeze page
              20. Have no outgoing links
              21. Use bullets
              22. Keep your marketing list up to date
              23. Have valid permission
              24. Profile your marketing lists
              25. Make sure that your mails are not taken as spam
              26. Have crisp content
              27. Send a reasonable sized email
              28. Return receipts
              29. Use spell check
              30. Test your mails

              Paid Web Space Advertising Tactics

              01. Revenue models
              02. CPM ad
              03. Unique impression
              04. CPC
              05. Risk factor
              06. Ad performance
              07. CPA
              08. Cost per lead
              09. Cost per sale
              10. Best ad
              11. Regular checking of ads
              12. Check the ads YOURSELF
              13. Ad content
              14. Effective advertising
              15. Advertising deals
              16. Communicative ads
              17. Role of Google
              18. Expanded matching
              19. Increased click
              20. Blogging
              21. Text link advertising
              22. Paid syndication
              23. Feed based advertising
              24. Banner advertisements
              25. PPC
              26. News letter advertising
              27. Pick up the right sites
              28. Attract with banners
              29. Correct placement
              30. Participate Contest

              Pay-Per-Click Tactics

              01. Have keywords on the display URL
              02. Keep the keywords separated
              03. Keep an eye on your position
              04. Try out different advertising styles
              05. Have the key words on the landing page
              06. Avoid landing the potential customers on the home page
              07. Have a plan
              08. Use a software that can manage your bids
              09. Bid sensibly
              10. Choose keywords that are less bid for
              11. Bid on targeted keywords rather than general ones
              12. Bid on the lesser known PPC
              13. Create separate ads
              14. Get listed in specialty pay per click
              15. Write crisp ads
              16. Being ranked number is not all that important
              17. Try to have an exact match
              18. Phrase match
              19. Broad match
              20. Negative match
              21. Contextual targeting
              22. Geo-targeting
              23. Day parting
              24. Keyword research tool
              25. Multiple ads
              26. Avoid joining the crowd
              27. Check the cost and revenue ratio
              28. Try other PPC search engines
              29. Try to get ranked in the top 3 positions
              30. Make your landing page buyer friendly

              Peer-to-Peer Network Tactics

              01. Business growth
              02. Corporate network
              03. P2P format
              04. P2P is legal
              05. Attitude of the users
              06. Domain controller
              07. Logging in
              08. Know what you are sharing
              09. Protect your personal information
              10. Safe download
              11. The right source
              12. Latest anti-virus software
              13. Security tools
              14. No unlawful activities
              15. Spywares
              16. File sharing programs
              17. Be alert
              18. Avoid giving personal information
              19. Protect your PC
              20. Identifying of P2P users
              21. Port based analysis
              22. Port matching
              23. Protocol analysis
              24. P2P application solutions
              25. Signature based authentication
              26. Application level
              27. Naming the file
              28. Traffic information
              29. Recommended P2P networks
              30. Gnutella

              Tactics on Using Auction Sites and Tell-a-Friends to Drive Traffic

              01. The huge size of the market
              02. eBay can generate customers and sellers
              03. Geographic distance
              04. Time limits do not apply
              05. Buyers are ecstatic
              06. eBay auction is not capital intensive
              07. Benefits of online auction
              08. Auction ID
              09. About me
              10. Follow the rules
              11. Make allies
              12. Advertisements
              13. Traffic
              14. Keywords optimization
              15. Cross promotion
              16. Attractive catch phrases
              17. Interactive forums
              18. Digg.com
              19. Bidd.buds
              20. Articles
              21. Reports
              22. Tell a Friend Script
              23. Attachment forwarding
              24. The strategy of Tell a friend script
              25. Recurring forwards
              26. Spreading the word
              27. No major skills required
              28. Just a click
              29. It's affordable!
              30. Steady results


              Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #3:
              Long Term Traffic Tactics

              Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

              Article Marketing Tactics for Targeted Traffic

              01. Avail the advantages of Article marketing campaigns
              02. Overcoming setbacks
              03. Focus on the writing style
              04. Quality
              05. Frequency
              06. Wide genre
              07. Hiring ghostwriters
              08. Write for popular websites
              09. Specialized directories
              10. How to use leading search engines
              11. Success through search engines
              12. How to improve
              13. Keyword usage
              14. Regular submission
              15. Display your picture along side your article
              16. How to register in such sites
              17. Use multiple identities effectively
              18. Use blogs for auto-syndication of articles
              19. RSS feeds
              20. Exclusive articles
              21. Terms for exclusivity
              22. Podcasting
              23. Power of Podcasting
              24. Using Squidoo
              25. Quality matters
              26. Affiliates
              27. Networking
              28. Sharing Information
              29. Comment
              30. Act

              Blog for Traffic Tactics

              01. Use the right software
              02. Blog hosting
              03. Title tag
              04. Article marketing
              05. Tagging
              06. Technorati
              07. Boosting blog's visibility
              08. WTF at Technorati
              09. Rate and ranks
              10. Blog commenting
              11. Choose your blog topics
              12. Intelligent linking
              13. Invite contributors
              14. Interaction
              15. Provide answers!
              16. Tracking visitors
              17. Charisma
              18. Proper archives
              19. Blog URL
              20. Sharing information
              21. Don't go overboard
              22. Link bait
              23. Writing style
              24. Branding tool
              25. Blog submission
              26. Yahoo feed
              27. Google Adwords
              28. Blog name
              29. Frequency of blog posts
              30. Signatures

              Search Engine Traffic Tactics

              01. Domain age
              02. Regular upgrade
              03. Write for your visitors
              04. Press releases
              05. Flash
              06. Meta tags
              07. Heading tag
              08. Site map
              09. Keywords
              10. External links
              11. Business address
              12. Article distribution
              13. Images
              14. Multiple domains
              15. Link exchange
              16. Link titles
              17. Anchoring text
              18. Keyword research
              19. New PPC account
              20. Keyword stuffing
              21. Invisible content
              22. Heading tags
              23. Link farms
              24. Scope for improvement
              25. Be patient
              26. Set goals
              27. Make the best site
              28. SEO friendly URL
              29. Consider blogging
              30. Use tools

              Social Media Site Optimization Traffic Tactics

              01. SMO
              02. Nickname
              03. Build your name
              04. Be organized
              05. Cross bookmarking
              06. Social relationship
              07. Research
              08. Trust and relationship
              09. Link bait
              10. Posting links
              11. Natural links
              12. Interesting content
              13. Know your customers
              14. Arouse interest
              15. Don't be panicky
              16. Have patience
              17. Proper reply
              18. Crisp responses
              19. Yahoo answers
              20. Videos
              21. Using pictures
              22. StumbleUpon
              23. Digg
              24. De.li.cious
              25. Listible
              26. Technorati
              27. Get into groups
              28. Traveling content
              29. Inbound links
              30. Upload your videos

              Tactics to Maintain Web Traffic Flow

              01. Link exchange
              02. Make use of proper keywords and also proper key phrases
              03. Submit articles that are interesting to read
              04. Offer a news letter on your website
              05. Advertise well
              06. Share your opinion by joining forums and creating online communities
              07. Exchange links
              08. Traffic exchange
              09. Make a newsletter
              10. Understand the working of search engines
              11. Pay per click program
              12. Inbound links
              13. Email marketing
              14. Blogs and RSS feed
              15. Try the social media and book marking web sites
              16. You can try other offline sources
              17. Organize your website well
              18. Stick to your central theme
              19. Other benefits of sticking to a central theme
              20. Provide user friendly information
              21. Get a keyword research done
              22. Create a simple and elegant design
              23. On-site optimization
              24. Create a title
              25. Post new content
              26. Remain active on the Internet
              27. Link
              28. Ezine advertising
              29. Distributing free report
              30. Submit your website to social book marking sites


              Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #4:
              The New Wave of Traffic Tactics

              Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

              Offline Traffic Tactics

              01. Guest star on a radio talk show
              02. Get yourself on television
              03. Be a guest speaker
              04. Make yourself into an expert
              05. Advertise in a local magazine
              06. Get in a newsletter
              07. Put up a billboard
              08. Place newspaper ads
              09. Hand out flyers
              10. Use direct mailings
              11. Start up a telemarketing campaign
              12. Print up business cards
              13. Sponsor a contest
              14. Sponsor a sports team
              15. Give to charity
              16. Get in the church bulletin
              17. Develop an offline affiliate program
              18. Become a news story
              19. Host promotional product giveaways
              20. Print up tee shirts
              21. Pass out bumper stickers
              22. Use the old stand by of word of mouth
              23. Set up shop at fairs or festivals
              24. Print up pamphlets
              25. Send out text messages
              26. Post ads on bulletin boards
              27. Be a part of the Sunday paper
              28. Team up with a local business
              29. Create a phone book listing
              30. Think outside the box

              Social Networking Traffic Tactics

              01. Go where the people are
              02. Optimize for best results
              03. Add friends carefully
              04. Add content with care
              05. Use multi-media
              06. Be aware of your audience
              07. State your purpose
              08. Follow the rules
              09. Keep it updated
              10. Use photos
              11. Try social media sharing sites
              12. Customize
              13. Watch for hackers!
              14. Choose a reliable service
              15. Understand the network
              16. Take advantage of groups
              17. Fill out your profile
              18. Use all the features
              19. Don't sell
              20. Be professional but friendly
              21. Go public
              22. Visit others pages
              23. Stay active
              24. Add target content
              25. Link your site
              26. Choose a theme
              27. Learn how the site works and how to use it
              28. Don't be afraid to share
              29. Be honest
              30. Constantly reach out to others*

              Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

              01. Demonstrate how to use your products
              02. Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling
              03. Convey how important the customer is to you
              04. Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product
              05. Put testimonials in your video
              06. Back up your printed information with the video
              07. Use every aspect of video
              08. Make it compelling
              09. Think hard about how your video is presented
              10. Reuse old video to make something new
              11. Keep your video professional
              12. Do not overwhelm the consumer
              13. Tailor the video to your target market
              14. Get creative
              15. Place it wisely
              16. Stick with one basic message
              17. Do not forget to edit
              18. Test your video
              19. Give options to the consumer
              20. Change your video on occasion
              21. Choose the images and people in your video carefully
              22. Get ideas from commercials
              23. Try to keep costs low
              24. Scope out other internet videos
              25. Understand the power of video
              26. Use emotion
              27. Take full advantage of all the attention you get
              28. Keep it simple
              29. Don't over sell
              30. Show, not tell


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              Maximum Advertising Tactics

              01. Make up a good brochure
              02. Use direct mail for a targeted campaign
              03. Use an email campaign to its fullest potential
              04. Place an ad in a target market magazine
              05. Write articles
              06. Place newspaper ads in local papers
              07. Develop an online newsletter
              08. Participate in online chats
              09. Become a member of various message boards
              10. Use email and message board signature lines
              11. Place ads on bulletin boards
              12. Create business cards
              13. Try out a spot on the radio
              14. Develop a telemarketing campaign
              15. Run television ads
              16. Participate in a link exchange
              17. Put your contact number in the yellow pages
              18. Use precise wording
              19. Be honest
              20. Install confidence
              21. Be an expert
              22. Use promotional items
              23. Give away freebies
              24. Hand out bumper stickers
              25. Get your name out there
              26. Be professional
              27. Keep things simple
              28. Avoid flash
              29. Grab attention
              30. Find a niche

              Tactics on Building Yourself as a Niche Expert

              01. Know the latest news
              02. Stay up-to-date on changes
              03. Don't publish junk information
              04. Know how to present information
              05. Do research on important topics
              06. Provide your readers with information
              07. Teach
              08. Talk at your reader's level
              09. Be open to new ideas
              10. Expose misconceptions and myths
              11. Let others talk about you
              12. Showcase your credentials
              13. Talk with readers
              14. Get yourself published online and in print
              15. Establish good relationships with other experts
              16. Associate yourself with your topic
              17. Write articles
              18. Write for others
              19. Always keep learning
              20. Change what others think
              21. Think quality over quantity
              22. If you do not know then find out
              23. Socialize with a wide range of people
              24. Join clubs and groups
              25. If you are wrong then admit it
              26. Help others
              27. Don't flaunt your knowledge
              28. Back up what you say with facts
              29. Develop your image
              30. Be professional

              Tactics on Converting Visitors into Customers

              01. Keep it simple
              02. Use targeted headlines
              03. Get rid of distractions
              04. Ask for the sale
              05. Make it easy to buy
              06. Make it secure for the visitor
              07. Learn how to write copy
              08. Don't sell too much
              09. Use precise wording
              10. Know your target market
              11. Use links carefully
              12. Grab attention
              13. Check out top sites
              14. Be unique
              15. Give enough information
              16. Link your pages together
              17. Use a good sales model
              18. Get help from the professionals
              19. Make use of tools
              20. Don't change what works
              21. Use videos
              22. Make your website interesting
              23. Highlight what you are selling
              24. Give them a reason to buy
              25. Offer freebies
              26. Have sales and offers
              27. Show products
              28. Use email lists
              29. Be competitive
              30. Avoid distractions

              Traffic Monetizing Tactics

              01. Sign up for Google Adsense
              02. Sell Newsletter ad space
              03. Join affiliate programs
              04. Sell banner ad space on your home page
              05. Sell advertising space on your message board pages
              06. Sell links
              07. Build a directory
              08. Sell articles you have written or that you own
              09. Do not let monetizing get out of hand
              10. Double free gifts as promotional items
              11. Create lead lists to sell
              12. Build keyword lists
              13. Put your blog to work
              14. Team up with another business
              15. Sell your newsletter
              16. Sell your blog
              17. Make a membership area
              18. Buy up good keyword domain names and rent them out
              19. Use tagging sites
              20. Use in-text advertising
              21. Add a search box
              22. Build your own paid advertising programs
              23. Sell your Ebooks
              24. Sell your expertise
              25. Set up a donation account
              26. Add RSS feeds
              27. Get a sponsor
              28. Set up a seminar course
              29. Write a blog for another company
              30. Join a program where you can make brand merchandise


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              for More Leads

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              Cost-Per-Action Tactics

              01. Understand the idea
              02. Calculate the benefit
              03. Track effectiveness
              04. Be precise
              05. Choose keywords wisely
              06. Investigate the company
              07. Make use of the tools included
              08. Target your market
              09. Understand the 24/7 market
              10. Don't drop the ball on your end
              11. Carry through and ask for the sale
              12. Look for competitive pricing
              13. Watch the competition
              14. Use different formats
              15. Promote one product
              16. Use as many keywords as possible
              17. Use call to action words
              18. Edit as needed
              19. Adjust bids often
              20. Make sure campaigns are working
              21. Have a clear goal
              22. Do not create competing ads
              23. Use unique URL's
              24. Research well before using
              25. Make it good content
              26. Take notes from top ads
              27. Grab attention
              28. Test new ideas
              29. Look at what others are doing outside your market
              30. Give it time

              Opt-in Form Placing Tactics

              01. Make your link clear
              02. Make your link prominent
              03. Promote on your home page
              04. Offer back subscriptions as samples
              05. Put subscribe links in emails
              06. Put link on sales and product pages
              07. Maximize your opt-in page
              08. Use testimonials
              09. Install confidence
              10. Make it valuable
              11. Offer incentives
              12. Be trustworthy
              13. Let them know what they will get
              14. Have a privacy policy
              15. Explain opt-in process
              16. Make the opt-in form easy to use
              17. Keep everything simple
              18. Ask for only what you need
              19. Use email validation
              20. Have a confirmation or other security check
              21. Give format options
              22. Give options to customize
              23. Have a way for them to opt out
              24. Have good content
              25. Use good forms and tools
              26. Keep good records
              27. Don't misuse records and information
              28. Be honest
              29. Be genuine
              30. Make friends with your subscribers

              Squeeze Page Optimization Tactics

              01. Use multiple squeeze pages
              02. Target top keywords
              03. Research and incorporate it into your page
              04. Build customer confidence
              05. Avoid being too flashy
              06. Don't exaggerate
              07. Make the customer feel secure and safe
              08. Keep it simple
              09. State the purpose
              10. Offer an incentive
              11. Follow through on what you say
              12. Be honest
              13. Have a strategy
              14. Have a target market
              15. Make your headline grab attention
              16. Use sub headlines
              17. Make copy the right length
              18. Point out benefits
              19. Point out your uniqueness
              20. Give details
              21. Explain how to they can use your offer
              22. Use photos
              23. Use video
              24. Have a simple layout
              25. No links
              26. Make it easy to opt in
              27. Give information about your business
              28. Have a privacy policy
              29. Generate interest
              30. Understand the point


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