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The Simple Guide To Creating Your Own Video Products

Exclusive Offer!

Never Before Revealed Information!


2 Of The Main Benefits to Video Products

1) It's much easier to SHOW someone how to do something, as opposed to just telling them.

Teaching people to do something with written word can be difficult at best. Some won't understand what you are trying to explain...they may be confused with certain terms or descriptions. With video, you can SHOW them what you are talking about to remove all doubt. There's no guessing that they are doing something correctly, they'll know for a fact!

2) Higher perceived value of all your products.

Writing a manual or guide is great, but to be honest, videos are EXPECTED to cost more. You are adding a personal touch, and spending your time bonding with your customer (or at least, that's how it seems). Because of this, the value of your product increases. You can earn more profit from the exact same amount of work!

  Here's a taste of what you will learn inside this guide...

  • What tools are you going to need to create your video product? In this chapter, you'll see the advantages and disadvantages of certain tools...and more importantly, what you MUST have in order to create a great video product.

  • Do YOU know how to edit your video? Unless you plan on recording one continuous video, and starting over each time you mess up, you absolutely must know the essentials of editing. Get them broken down into simple terms!

  • You mean I have to have a plan? This is quite possibly the most important step in the video creation process...are you prepared to waste hours and hours because you missed one of the steps?

  • Product delivery just got a little more complicated! Now that you have a video to deliver to customers, you need to know how to go about it. Will it be physically shipped? Downloadable? What if your customer is on slow dial up...all these questions and more are answered.

  • And a lot more!
    Resell Rights


     Keyword Gold Miner

    What This Amazing Software Does:



    Create a list of thousands of misspelled keywords in just a few clicks.


    Up to 6 options for you to choose from on how to you want the keywords to be misspelled.


    Add your own keyword list in the software for more flexibility.


    Adwords keyword wrapper feature to easily prepare your adword campaign.


    Organize keywords in broad, exact, phrase, lowercase and negative case.


    Saves you a ton of time, effort and spare you from spending thousands of dollars in competing for expensive keywords in the search engines.

     And Much Much More!

    Easy Poll Generator

    What This Amazing Software Does:                                                  



    Create a customized and professional-looking voting poll for your website in just a few clicks


    Create an unlimited number of online polls running concurrently


    Easily publish a poll on any page or website of your choice using an embedding code function


    Instantly view voting responses which are updated real-time


    Monitor and analyze polling results which help answer your call to action


    Establishes a sense of importance in your consumers by letting them know their opinions matter


    And Much Much More!

    • Blog Tracker

    •  Saves you time and effort from searching for blogs manually to leave comments on and building backlinks
    •  Shows you the Page Rank of each of the individual blog posts itself and home page of the blogs
    • Displays the Alexa ranking of each blog (so you know what's the amount of traffic the blog receives)
    • Tells you if you have left a comment previously on the blog so you can track your link building efforts with much ease.
    • Allows you to save your findings and results for more effective  tracking/analysis  in the future.

    Cloaker Shadow
    • Protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from the nasty affiliate thieves
    • Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others won't even notice it's an affiliate link (and you still credited for your commissions!)
    • Give you the ability to bypass merchant's squeeze pages and send your prospects directly to their sales pages or even the order page
    • Provide you the luxury of linking to even your own sale pages that you've created or other marketing materials in the event your merchants' sales pages are of inferior quality
    • Skyrocket your affiliate commissions and elevate you to the super affiliates status!

    Resell Rights

    Content Screener

    • Shows you exactly which are the parts that are duplicated using different color highlighting
    • Saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the  easy comparison
    • Displays the keyword density of each article for the keyword you've chosen
    • Helps to check on your freelance writers work and ensure all your content are not duplicated and will never be penalized by the search engines

     Resell Rights

    Forum Shout Out 

    • Allows you to store preset forum postings and allows you to paste them easily onto each individual forum with just a few clicks of the mouse
    • Saves a list of forums that are related to your niche so you can visit these forums with much convenience.
    • Enables you to customize forum posts and helps you to organize them easily
    • Speeds up your forum posting and saves you a great deal of time. (Hence, you get acknowledged as an expert in your niche MUCH faster!)


    Resell Rights

    Keyword Swarm

    • Uncover hidden niche markets with a push of a button.
    • Generate a HUGE profitable list of keywords with just a few clicks of the mouse
    • Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines.
    • Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN.
    • Save your results in excel sheet for deeper analysis.

    Resell Rights

    Link Builder

    • Reveal number of backlinks for each websites from 6 different sources including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Alexa.
    • Display the number of pages in your sites indexed in Google & Yahoo search engines
    • Allows you to spy on your competitors with just a few clicks of the mouse
    • Saves you time and keeps track of your SEO and link building efforts
    • Export data in excel sheet for deeper analysis.

    Resell Rights

    Optin Fire

    • Increases your optins magically by at least 200% and satisfy your prospects immediately
    • Boost your response rates by at least 30%
    • Add images, videos, audios or anything else that can be possibly be placed on a website as a thank you message after they opt in
    • Works with almost all of the main autoresponder services (such as Aweber, GetResponse and EmailAces)


    Resell Rights

    Project Organizer

    • Allows you to add or delete tasks from each project and tracks the percentage of completion for each project
    • Keeps track of the scheduled start and end dates of each project you enter so you know exactly how much time you have left for each project
    • Boosts your productivity greatly and allows you to accomplish so much more
    • Manages your time efficiently and you'll never have to worry about keeping yourself organized ever again.
    • ‘Calendar’ function enables you to check dates and list down your daily schedule for every single hour
     Resell Rights

    Squeeze Synergy
    • Allows you to choose between 3 different high-converting templates with three background colors
    • Enables you to enter meta tags conveniently for our Search Engine Optimization purposes
    • Boosts your productivity greatly and allows you to accomplish so much more
    • Add images or audios/videos to your squeeze pages using normal HTML tags (so your squeeze pages will be interactive!)
    • Convert your squeeze pages directly into HTML files or place it on the clipboard so you can paste it in your HTML editor for further editing
     Resell Rights

    The Monster PLR Graphics Package includes:

    • Squeeze Page Templates
    • Minisite Templates
    • Guarantee Buttons
    • Order Buttons
    • Icons
    • Arrows
    • Numbers
    • Headers

    And More! Plus you get Private Label Rights so you can do what ever you want with these graphics and templates. Some even have ready made sales pages.



    Grab 4 BRAND NEW Video Squeeze Pages
    These Powerful Templates Will Draw Your Visitors' Eyeballs to Your Opt-In Video Like A Lightning Bolt to a Lightning Rod!

    Digital Product Profits

    Digital (or downloadable) products offer huge benefits over selling physical goods - but not all digital products are equal.

    Inside this exclusive, specially-written guide, you'll learn about the most profitable type of products and how you can easily tap into the billion dollar digital product market with your own products - and with minimal investment of time and effort.

    Viral Marketing For Beginners

    Viral Marketing is the single most powerful traffic generation method on the Internet.

    This special report shows you how to create your own viral products, including reports, audios, videos and more - with links and instructions for free software. It includes lots of screenshots, to guide you through the process.

      Golden Internet Secrets

    Our exclusive concise report will take you by the hand, and show you the mistakes you've been making in your business.

    You'll learn the benefits to following a proven business solution, and the reason why so many of your fellow marketers will fail within their first year.

    This report will only take you 5 minutes to read, but it could change your life forever! 


     Awesome Article Marketing  
    - covers topics such as...

    * Why article marketing is quickly becoming the most effective marketing method 
    * How anyone can write a captivating article that makes money
    * The stuff about article marketing no one else will tell you
    * A quick, easy and effective way to dominate any niche with a few words
    * Making resource boxes make you money.
    * The ancient ways of article marketing you'll have to ditch 
    * What not to do and what to do to achieve awesome article results
    * Maximizing your writing by not even writing the article (no ghostwriting either) 
    * The timeless art of persuasion and how to do it with your articles
    * How to flood the Internet with your article and reap the benefits

    ...And a lot more!



    The Beginner's Guide To Membership Sites

    Membership websites are the wave of the twenty-first century not for one, but several reasons. The whole world has become 'computerized' and membership sites raised the bar in customer service.

    Owning a membership site offers tremendous opportunities and profit power that can be spelled in two words: recurring income. Additionally, the membership website owner does NOT necessarily have to scramble for website content constantly. Only if you know how to.



     Earn Using Social Networking Sites  
    - covers topics such as...

    * How to Really Earn Using Social Networking
    * Get Paid to Promote Your Blog with Social Networking
    * Four Ways to Earn Using Social Networking
    * Earn Using Social Networking through Forming Networks
    * Secrets to Successful Social Networking Sales
    * Top Social Networking Sites That Make You Money
    * What Not to do When Hoping to Earn Using Social Networking
    and much more...



    Facebooking Craze For Internet Marketers 
    - covers topics such as...

    * Why Internet Marketers Should Use FaceBook
    * How to Write an Attractive Profile
    * How It Can Help Grow Your Business 
    * How To Get 500 Friends In 30 Days!
    * How to Get Targeted Prospects from FaceBook Advertisements
    * Some No-No's on FaceBook
    and much more...




    Relationship Marketing for Newbies  

    -Highly Controversial Relationship Maketing Secrets That 
    Allow You To Persuade More People To Get Your Products And Services...



    E-Book Reseller Riches

    There are massive profits to be made on the Internet. Most of them revolve around the million dollar industry of selling information products in the form of E-Books. 

    The reason why we have decided to release another book is to share our combined expertise in the Resell Rights arena and how we can help YOU to create runaway autopilot riches without chalking out a single word of your own in terms of product creation. Before we jump in, we must 
    outline our reselling strategy with care.



    Secrets To Web Traffic Overdrive 

    -Traffic Building Techniques to Increase Visitor Flow to Your Websites and Explode Your Business Profits!

    To fully complete the success equation you need traffic. Traffic is to a web site what blood is to the body.Other than ensuring that you have a great product to sell, you need to focus on generating TARGETED traffic.

    If you already have a site and you want think that you are not getting the traffic that you are supposed to be getting, then it is time to uncover the Secrets to Web Traffic Overdrive in over 30 power-packed pages for F.R.E.E!




    Indexing And Linkbuilding

    - How simply visiting a forum can get you in Google overnight The exact methods the pros use to get Indexed and rule Google.




    Recession Survival Guide

    How to profit from an economic recession!



    Not Another Aff. Mktg. Guide

    * Why Each and Every Affiliate Marketer is Destined For Failure 
    * How Skyrocketing PPC Prices Will Be Your Best Friend
    * Why A Simple and Cheaply Made Video Can Make A World of Difference



    Profiting After The Sale 

    - "Don't Struggle To Make Sales, Learn How To Make Three Times As Many Sales Instantly...For F-R-E-E!"

    Would you like to get your hands on a F-R-E-E report that will teach you how make money on each customer AFTER they've already purchased from you?

    Profiting After The Sale will explain how you can take a second, third, even a fourth bite out of every customer who buys from you. Don't worry about driving as much traffic to your sites, once you learn how to squeeze every penny out of every customer you won't ever have to worry about making money ever again. This book will show you how you can finally put money in your pocket and it'll teach you the skills you won't be able to learn on your own. This is your chance to learn what everyone else already knows for F-R-E-E!



    Forum Marketing Secrets

    Sneak Peak of Forum Marketing Secrets....
    * Make Your Presence Felt through Forum Posting 
    * Forum Marketing Can Become an Addiction
    * Steps to Successful Forum Marketing
    * Importance of Forum Based Market places
    * Making Your Offer in a Forum Based Marketplace
    * Tips about Your Forum Based Market Place Offer
    and much more...



     The Digital Powerhouse Secrets  
    - How to Transform the Digital Dust in Your Hard Drive 
    into Profit-Pulling Cash Machines!

    You Will Learn Things Like:

    * D
    iscover how to build a profitable Internet Business 
    using only FREE downloads you get from FREE membership sites and Give Away events! 
    ow to use exceptional position mktg. tactics to differentiate yourself and your business from HUNDREDS of other Internet Marketers who are pedaling the same Resell Rights or Private Label Rights to the marketplace!
    iscover how to build a profitable Internet Business using only FREE downloads you get from FREE membership sites and Give Away events! 
    ow to brand yourself as an expert 'authority figure' by pooling all of your existing free downloads, tools and resources! 
    ow to find customers and drive in laser-focused visitors to your website using resalable digital products!
    And much more!



    Photo Organizer

    "A Quick And Easy Way To Organize Your Photos"

    A great tool if you own a digital camera - to help organize photos for websites or personal use


    Instant Woodworking Site

    "Instantly Build Your Own Moneymaking Website"

    Build your own quality 25 page website, featuring Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads which all pay you!


    Affiliate Paymaster

    "Quick And Easy Way To Pay Your Affiliates"

    A great tool if you run your own affiliate program - automates payments through Paypal


    Instant Wedding Site

    "Instantly Build Your Own Moneymaking Website"

    Build your own quality 25 page website, featuring Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads which all pay you!


    PHP Activator

    "Add Script Features Inside Your Web Pages"

    Makes it easy to embed powerful PHP code inside ordinary HTML web pages - includes several PHP scripts.


    Watchman Pro

    "Easy Website Monitoring"

    Monitors your web host from your own PC and notifies you immediately if your site goes down.


    Instant Squeeze Page Maker

    "The Easy Way To Create Your Squeeze Pages"

    Just fill in a form to instantly create complete ready to use squeeze pages.

    Completely FREE!

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