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How To Be Happy!

How to Be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living
By Joseph Miller

Don't Worry - Be Happy!

We've all heard that song, haven't we?  Chances are you've heard it and thought to yourself, yeah right, I wish it were that simple.

Well, it is that simple. . .however it isn't easy.  How would you respond right now to the question, are you happy?  If you have to stop and think about it, you could use some work in the happiness department.

Many of us think that happiness is something that you either are. . .or are not and that isn't quite true.  Happiness is an emotion and just like other emotions it can be controlled, if you know how.

Which brings us to How to Be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living.  Now, you may be thinking, just a minute here are you saying that there is a guidebook that tells me how to be happy?

Yes, that's exactly what we are saying.  If you are not experiencing enough happiness in your life, you are missing out on so much.  Did you know that your degree of happiness can have an impact on your overall health and well being?  It's true.

How to Be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living pinpoints exactly what you need to do to experience more happiness in your life by exploring this chapter list:

  • How to be Happy - An Overview
  • The ABCs of Happiness
  • The Secret of Happiness
  • Where to Begin Your Quest for Happiness
  • Characteristics of a Psychologically Healthy, Happy Person
  • Is Happiness a Conscious Ultimate Concern?
  • Why is it Wrong to Make Happiness Your Top Goal?
  • How to Focus Your Energy and Intelligence to Attain Happiness
  • How Satisfaction of Values Determine Our Happiness
  • Learn How to Be Happy – Preparing Your Self-Development Plan
  • How to Control Your Emotions
  • The External and Internal Routes to Happiness
  • How to be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living
  • Use Self-Exploration and Problem-Solving to Achieve Happiness
  • Six Steps to Find the Underlying, Internal Causes of Unhappiness
  • How to Make Radical or Lifestyle Changes to Attain Greater Happiness
  • How to Know What Will Make You Happy?
  • How to Resolve Your Conflicts to Bring Happiness
  • Self-Actualization – Learn to Attain Higher Self Power
  • How to Imagine and Create an Internal Model of Happiness in Your Mind
  • Two Worldviews - Negative versus Positive Thinking
  • How Can You Be Happy in an Imperfect World?
  • Deficit Motivation vs. Abundance Motivation
  • How to Develop Positive Thinking and Feel Happier in Everyday Life
  • Increasing Your Self-Worth to Get Greater Happiness
  • How to Develop a Positive Self-Image
  • Learn to Accept Self and Others
  • How to Be More Self-Confident
  • Using External vs. Internal Expectations to Evaluate Yourself
  • Sources of Dependency and External Control
  • A Complete Guide to Rational Living Sources of Internal Control
  • How to Be Internally Directed and Effective with Others
  • How to Control Other People
  • How to Achieve Peak Functioning of Your Mind and Body
  • Optimal Learning as the Basis of Happiness
  • How Does Harmonious Functioning Affect Happiness
  • How Does Harmonious Functioning Affect Emotions
  • How Mental Control Increases Your Level of Happiness
  • Learn to Be a Master of Your Emotions
  • Resolve Your Inner Conflicts to Bring Harmony and Happiness
  • Looking at a Problem from a Higher Level of Understanding
  • How to Overcome Depression and other Negative Emotions
  • How to Overcome Grief, Sadness and Apathy in Your Life
  • How to Lower Your Anxiety and Stress and Increase Confidence
  • Learn to Be Happy in All Situations
  • How to Funnel Your Energy to Maximize Happiness
  • How to Stay in Control of Your Life and Be Happy
  • How to Achieve Your Goals in Life and Be Happy
  • How to Manage Your Time and Create Happiness in Your Life
  • How to be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living

Now if that list doesn't get your juices running, you need a lot more help than you will find here!  Discover How to Be Happy: A Complete Guide to Rational Living!

Listen, there is no reason why you can't be, do and have all that you want to be in your life.  The only thing holding you back from 100% total happiness in your life is you.

One quick click and by tonight you'll begin to experience a new awareness of just where you are in your life and how to get where you want to be.  Don't Worry!  Be Happy!

How to Conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks!
Taking Control Of Your Life
By Mel Griffin


Do you find yourself sniping at your mate more frequently than usual?  Are you avoiding social encounters?  Have you recently developed feelings of apprehension or fear when there is no logical reason for it?

Well, if you can relate it may be advisable to get some answers.  You may very well be teetering on the edge of an anxiety disorder. The term "panic attack" has become a "trendy term" for anything that creates feelings of anxiety in a person.  Truthfully, there are many different manifestations of anxiety and so-called panic attacks are just one condition.

Having an anxiety disorder does not make someone a bad person.  Everyone experiences feelings of anxiousness at one time or another.  How a person deals with and expresses those feelings is wherein the challenge lies. 

Presently, anxiety disorders are assuming alarming proportions. Many adolescents and children also develop such disorders.

It afflicts more than forty million American adults. The instances of such occurrences are mostly of the serious kind with the disorders extending over a long period of years or many months.

"Taking Control of Your Life" will help you learn how to recognize the symptoms of various anxiety disorders and give you tips and guidance about how to deal with them.

Did you know that people suffering from anxiety disorder experience extensive tension?  This tension can cause serious physical and emotional setbacks.

 Here’s a list of just a few of the helpful things you find inside:

    • What is an anxiety disorder?
    • Why do people get anxiety disorders?
    • What are the different types of anxiety disorders?
    • Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders?
    • Learning about panic, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders.
    • Explaining specific phobias.
    • How to diagnose anxiety disorders.
    • Can anxiety disorders be prevented?
    • Treatment of anxiety disorders.
    • What is the recovery process?
    • Natural remedies to treat panic attacks.
    • How to get help for anxiety disorders.
    • Ten easy ways to boost your mood.
    • Self-help techniques to prevent or treat anxiety disorder.
      . . .and much, much more
Living With
Multiple Sclerosis

By Piet Mesmer

If you or a loved one suffers from multiple sclerosis, it’s time you discovered  life-transforming ways to cope with the disease…



2.5 million people worldwide and 350,000 Americans are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) every year learn how to protect yourself and improve your quality of life!

 Are you one of the millions of people living with MS? Are you constantly searching for cures, treatment options and information about your condition?  Do you even know if you have MS?

Did you know that there are different types and symptoms of MS?

Did you know that common symptoms can be confused with other diseases?  Here are just a few:

    • Partial loss of vision or total loss of vision in one eye
    • Double vision
    • General weakness
    • Change in sensation of hands, legs, and face
    • Unsteady walking with acute balance problems

These symptoms may not show to a great degree in some cases. Also, they may come and go. Many people only notice mild effects in the early stages which they either ignore or do not ask their Doctor about.

If you or someone you know suffers from or suspects MS, it is important to learn everything you can get your hands on about this life-altering condition.

MS affects an entire family, not just one individual.  MS need not be deadly.  There are available treatments that can help the person with this disease lead a normal, active life.

Death is only the result of untreated complications such as kidney dysfunction and when severe depression leads to suicide.  This is why information is so important.

While there is no known cure for MS, the good news is with proper information, you may be able to diagnose and take control with treatment.  

Living With Multiple Sclerosis is the best guide that teaches you everything you need to know about MS without wasting hours of your time OR your hard earned money...

This is the only guide you'll ever need to learn everything there is about healing your life.


End The Embarrassment Once and For All

Understanding Incontinence
by G. Fairweather

You can live a happy, productive life.  You just need to. . .

Take back control

Urinary incontinence need not control your life.   First, you need to grasp an understanding of how the urinary tract works and an understanding of why you are unable to control passage, either in small leakages or larger amounts.

The process should be simple, but when these involuntary leakages happen it can be due from any number of factors. Incontinence is not necessarily due to old age or childbearing.

The problem does not just affect the elderly, but youngsters as well, men and women alike.   It can be temporary or chronic.  It may be due to surgery, nervous disorders, disease or a myriad variety of other causes.

Unfortunately, embarrassment prevents many people from getting the help they need.   

Where to begin

Your first step is to determine what type of incontinence you experience. 

Understanding Incontinence is the first step toward ridding yourself of this condition once and for all.  Learn:

    • The physiology of the urinary system
    • How your urinary system works
    • The function of your kidneys
    • The difference types of kidney stones
    • Available treatments
    • Common causes of incontinence
    • Incontinence, childbirth and related myths revealed
    • Hygiene and personal care
    • Kegel exercises
    • Natural healing options
    • Diet and lifestyle changes
    • Bedwetting and incontinence in children
    • Useful tips for everyday survival

It's time to educate yourself.  Discover how your urinary system should work.  Determine what type of incontinence you are experiencing.  Stop worrying about the effects and take the first step toward handling this problem once and for all.

 Understanding Incontinence is the first step.  Get the answers you need today so you can begin the road to recovery tomorrow!


What Everybody Should Know About Migraine: Prevention, Treatment and Remedies

The Complete Guide to Migraine Headaches
By Alice Peart


You are sitting at your desk reading your email.  Nothing particularly exciting or irritating turns up in your inbox.  Or, maybe you are packing up the car for a family outing, looking forward to a fun filled Sunday afternoon.

Suddenly, and without warning, bright, jagged edged lights appear in your line of vision.  Closing your eyes you can see the outline of a pattern that stands out from the black background.

There's no pain, yet, but you know it's coming.  Over the next few minutes or even hours, the image will slowly move across your field of vision until it disappears off the field.  When it does, the excruciating pain strikes along with nausea and intense sensitivity to light.

If this sounds like you, it's a good bet that you are one of the more than 28 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches.   In all probability you are a woman because more women suffer from migraines than men.

The symptoms we mention are but a few more common pre-cursors to a full blown migraine headache.  Other people might experience a tingling in the leg or arm and some experience nausea so severe it leads to vomiting.

If you or a loved one do suffer from migraine, here's some important information:

Many times, patients do not realize they have migraine headaches. Physicians prescribe different OTC and sinus medications and antibiotics. Patients are not clear in expressing their discomfort while physicians do not give enough necessary importance to the prevalent symptoms.

However, a migraine is a life threatening disease. It can lead to severe conditions like permanent visual loss, strokes, dental problems and even death.

Is there anything you can do?

Yes, there is.  Luckily, you are reading this page.  The Complete Guide to Migraine Headaches is a brilliant source of information for anyone who is experiencing migraine or needs more information about how to diagnose migraine versus a plain old headache.

The Complete Guide to Migraine Headaches will guide you through the maze of information about migraines in a easy to read, down to earth roadmap about how to understand migraine.

Not only will you learn what migraine is and how to watch for the symptoms, you will also learn 10 tips about how to avoid migraine as well as more than 18 treatments.

Take a look at a small selection of the treatment information that's available:

  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Acupressure
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Massage Therapy
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Detoxification
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Herbs
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Acupuncture
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Biofeedback
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Exercise
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Vitamins and Supplements
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Homeopathy
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Craniosacral Therapy
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Cognitive Therapy
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Energy Healing
  • Treating Migraine Headaches with Ayurveda

There is no need to continue suffering when relief is just a click away.  Get the answers you need once and for all.  Discover how to know if you suffer from this life threatening disease.

Grab your copy today. . .you'll be glad you did!


Breakthrough Treatments Allow Anyone
To Cure Their Sleep Apnea and Snoring Problems

How To Overcome Snoring and Sleep Apnea
By Hoe Bing Lo - B BioMed Sci (Hons)

Other than the glowing numerals on the alarm clock registering 2:00 a.m., it's pitch black.  You've spent the last three hours trying to get some sleep.  Every bone and muscle in your body is crying out for rest!

But, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get to sleep.  You would almost swear there's a freight train bearing down on you, but that rumbling roar isn't a train.

The reverberating cacophony is coming from your partner.  That sweet, gentle person you swore to love, honor and cherish.  Hmmm. . .if memory serves you correctly there was no mention of snoring!

If this sounds like you or someone you love, it's really no laughing matter, is it?

Often you have no idea that you have this disorder until your partner hears your loud snoring or some of the other symptoms which can actually be quite frightening.  You may experience:

    • Gasping for breath
    • Choking noises
    • Loud pauses in breathing
    • Excessive sleepiness during daytime hours
    • Morning headaches
    • Lack of concentration
    • Feeling restless
    • Morning heartburn
    • Excessive night time perspiration
    • Increase in blood pressure
    • Irritability
    • Lack of mental acuity

Chapter 5 discusses these and more debilitating symptoms. 

You may know that the medical community considers sleep apnea as an "incurable" disease.  As a result of his biomedical science experience and other brain function studies, our author has found that many mental problems are related to sleep fragmentation. 

This awareness led to his in depth analysis of how to help people get a restful night's sleep.   The result is what you discover in "How To Overcome Snoring and Sleep Apnea."

As a neuroscientist, Hoe explains some of the breakthrough treatments that allow anyone to "train their brain" to become more effective and highly directed. 

Did you know that there are different types of sleep apnea?  Not only does he explain what these are but you will also learn:

    • What happens when you snore?
    • Who gets sleep apnea?
    • How is it diagnosed?
    • What are the effects?
    • And, of course, his breakthrough treatments

Snoring in your sleep is a common occurrence for most people and most people who snore do not have a serious medical condition.  Usually the snoring will only bother the partner.

While most snoring is benign, very severe snoring can lead to serious sleeping disorders.  The good news is that now you have a tool to help you understand the symptoms and possible treatments.

Sleep deprivation can lead to serious physical and mental conditions.  Sleep is absolutely necessary to your survival.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from severe snoring you owe it to yourself and him/her to grab a copy of this valuable tool today!


The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis
The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis
By Robert Ashe


Do you find yourself pulling on long sleeved garments even when it's sweltering outdoors?  Do you avoid social gatherings?  Do you chew your fingernails down to the quick just so you won't scratch until you bleed?

Well, if you can relate then chances are that you suffer from eczema or psoriasis. 

Years ago there was a specific brand of shampoo that used the phrase "The Heartbreak of Psoriasis" to advertise their product.  That phrase came to represent many situations in life that are seemingly uncontrollable.

Many people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis feel as though they are in a never-ending uncontrollable situation.  Because there is no "cure" they suffer from embarrassment which can lead to lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

Having psoriasis or eczema does not make an individual a pariah.  It is not contagious.  They are actual diseases for which there are no specific cures but there are effective methods of treatment.  Some of these treatments can even put the condition into remission.

If you or a loved one suffers from these skin conditions, what you need to do is arm yourself with information and "The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis" will give you just what you need to learn how to deal with the problem and how to go forward.

Here’s a list of just a few of the helpful things you find inside:

    • What is eczema?
    • What causes eczema?
    • Who is at risk for developing eczema?
    • What are the different types of eczema?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • How to avoid developing eczema.
    • Natural remedies for treating eczema.
    • What is psoriasis?
    • What are the genetic causes of psoriasis?
    • What role does stress play in psoriasis triggers?
    • Who gets psoriasis?
    • Psoriasis in children.
    • Treatment options for psoriasis.
    • Foods to avoid.
    • Helpful foods.
    • How do diet and climate affect psoriasis.
      . . .and much more.


Written in plain English "The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis"  will help give you some peace of mind by answering those probing questions about how to control your skin condition. 

Appearance impacts every aspect of your life and if left unchecked either of these conditions could result in permanent damage to your relationships, not to mention the overall impact on your quality of life.

The purpose of "The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis"  is to give you an over view of how to cope with your condition as well as provide you with information about the different types treatments you may find helpful.

So, why do you need "The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis?"  

Because it gives you what you need to know!

Thousands of people deal with eczema without long term, harmful results to their lifestyle.  However, many people find themselves retreating into a shell and feel as though their ability to function in their world is slipping through their fingers.

If you are looking for ways to deal with your own condition or how to help a loved one to cope, by all means get your copy of  "The Complete Guide To Eczema And Psoriasis."

Eczema and psoriasis can be diagnosed and controlled. 


What To Do When "Old-Timers Disease" Is No Longer Just A Joke
The Complete Guide To Treating
& Coping With Alzheimer's Disease

By Tim Wormald


It's a good bet that you, like the rest of us, have forgotten something and then, jokingly, said, "it must be old-timers disease."

We didn't mean to be hurtful, but our comment can cut deeply if there is a person present who is trying to cope with the disease.

With more than 18 million known cases of Alzheimer's Disease world-wide, the odds are that you have had some contact with someone who is close to this horribly degenerating disease.
It may be a victim or a family member of a victim.

Maybe you even suspect that a loved one is exhibiting early stage symptoms of Dementia and/or Alzheimer's Disease.  If you think that may be the case, The Complete Guide to Treating & Coping with Alzheimer's Disease is just what you need.

Learning what you need to know to understand the disease gives you a definite roadmap for how to cope, not only with the disease but with caring for your loved one.

Alzheimer's Disease is actually a form of dementia.  What comes first - dementia or Alzheimer's?  There are many conditions being investigated as possible causes of Alzheimer's Disease.

 We are still exploring the possible causes of Alzheimer's Disease. 

This disease affects vital areas of the patient's brain with serious effects on those parts which control long-term memory, motion, reasoning and thought.

If you suspect that a friend or family member is suffering from Alzheimer's, early detection is critical. 

No matter what your situation is, you will find the answers you need right here:

    • Need to identify the symptoms?. . .Chapter 5 breaks it down for you into the three types of symptoms:  early, developing and serious
    • There are 10 early warning signs and you can learn more about them in Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7 outlines the different stages of Alzheimer's Disease
    • Did you know that estrogen plays a role for women in regards to this disease?  Chapter 10 explains it for you.
    • Discover how important early signs can be in Chapter 11.
    • Do you need to learn better ways to communicate with an Alzheimer's patient?  Chapter 26 teaches you how to do that effectively.
    • How to care for an Alzheimer's patient without sacrificing your own health can be learned in Chapter 31.

Does your friend or family member exhibit signs of uncertainty when attempting simple, routine tasks?  Are behavioral patterns escalating to borderline violence?  Is there a family history of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease?

Any or all of the above could just be normal signs of aging.  However, why take the risk?  Don't wait until it's too late.

Get the answers you need now!

The Complete Guide to Treating & Coping with Alzheimer's Disease is not a replacement for sound medical advice. It IS a comprehensive outline designed to help you explore the options for diagnosis and ongoing care if your loved one is afflicted.


Are You Embarrassed
By Unsightly Dandruff?
New Hair Care Secrets Leave
Your Hair Shiny, Silky And Easier to Manage

How To Overcome Dandruff
by Sylvia Sage

This is it!  The big night.  You waited weeks for him to ask you for a date and the waiting is over.  Overcome with excitement, you nervously tap your foot on the pavement watching for his car.

Here he comes.  You open the passenger door and slide in quickly.  He smiles and nods appreciatively.   Making light conversation during the short drive to the restaurant, you know the evening is off to a grand beginning!

He parks the car and walks around to help you out.  During the short walk to the restaurant door his arm protectively encircles your waist.  Suddenly you're inside and the bright lights reflect off the mirror in the entryway. 

As he turns you around to help you remove your coat, you catch his image in the mirror and your blood runs cold.  Where there should be sparkling glints of appreciation in his eyes, you see disgust.   

Following his gaze you see it. . .telltale white tracks. . .sprinkled across both your shoulders like frozen snowflakes.  But it isn't snowing.  Your secret is revealed and the evening is over before it's begun.  Embarrassed, humiliated and defeated again. . .by dandruff!

Okay, so maybe our story is a bit dramatic.  But no less hurtful if you have ever had a similar experience.  The truth is, we've all had the problem at some time and to one degree or another.

Maybe you've tried some of the special shampoos and other hair care products on the market trying to rid yourself of the problem.  And, maybe they worked. . .temporarily.  But it still came back.

What you need is a little education. 

The first step is to understand that it's perfectly natural to shed dead skin cells.  It just isn't helpful when it happens in public.  You can do something about it!

How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders is just what you need to end the embarrassment forever!

Find the answers you've been looking for to control the problem so it never creates another humiliating experience.  Here's a sample of what you can learn:

  • How to recognize and identify dandruff
  • Discover what causes dandruff
  • How to dispel some myths about it
  • What doctors recommend
  • General cure for mild dandruff
  • How to prepare home remedies
  • Nutritional therapy
  • What herbs and supplements are available for treatment
  • Review over the counter options
  • How to treat severe cases
  • Other useful tips and guidelines

Did you know that 50,000,000 people spend  $300,000,000 each year trying to control the problem?  It's true.

But you have an opportunity to learn the cause, how to treat it, and it sure isn't going to cost you $300,000,000.  In fact, your copy of this guide will probably cost less than the last bottle of stuff you wasted good money on!

Don't let another embarrassing incident undermine your self image and leave you feeling helpless and hopeless.  Take back control today!  You have nothing to lose except telltale tracks on your shoulders!


"Everything You Need to Know About Having A Baby"
By Dr Irina Webster

Written by a medical professional, “Pregnancy From A to Z” is just what the doctor ordered to answer all your questions.  In fact, it probably has answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet!

In the Beginning!

“Pregnancy From A to Z” not only discusses the entire aspects of pregnancy, it also sheds light on what you should do before becoming pregnant to insure a healthy and happy child.

What’s more is a full chapter discussion about increasing the odds for having a boy or a girl!  No guarantees of course, but there are things you can do to sway the odds in your favor.

What we hope you will learn is how to be prepared for what is to come as your pregnancy progresses.  Why should you read “Pregnancy From A to Z?”

Because of the author!

Not only is the author a medical doctor specializing in women and children’s health issues, she is also a wife and mother.  And as if that weren’t enough, in addition to traditional  medicine she explores the alternative methods as well and incorporates a holistic approach to her practice.

As you can see in the following list “Pregnancy From A to Z” covers it all:  

  • Symptoms of early pregnancy
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy
  • Calculation of delivery date
  • Development of pregnancy: what happens to your baby inside the womb on different pregnancy stages
  • What happens to your body as pregnancy progresses
  • What to avoid during pregnancy
  • Which medication to use
  • Effect of smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs on fetus
  • Sex during pregnancy
  • Bleeding during early and late pregnancy
  • Morning sickness: what can be done to help
  • Risk factors for baby, abnormalities; when some investigations need to be done (like US and/or amniocentesis)
  • The use of anti-D in pregnancy
  • Group Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy
  • Diet during pregnancy
  • Childbirth explanation – normal labor, Caesarean section
  • Anesthetics used for childbirth
  • Evaluation of newborn – Apgar score- what does it mean?
  • Two to tango: father’s role during pregnancy
  • Birth choices. Water birth
  • What is ectopic pregnancy (risk, future chances for normal pregnancy)?  

All this and more await you in “Pregnancy From A to Z” a definite must have to answer all those burning questions about becoming pregnant.


How to Combat Unsightly Acne and Rid Yourself of Embarrassing Blemishes Once and For All. . ..

"The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies!"
By Pamela Archer

45 Jam-packed Chapters Overflowing With Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Acne But Were Too Embarrassed to Ask!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager or are a “30 something.”  Acne doesn’t really care as long as it finds a home.   

Do any of these situations describe you? 

  • Your Diet & Acne

    You love french fries and other greasy foods. But your skin breaks out.
  • Skin Care Products & Acne

    You’ve tried every cosmetic and tanning lotions on the market, but your skin still breaks out!
  • Hygiene & Your Skin

    You shower every day and still have difficulty with unwanted blemishes popping up.
  • Acne & Shaving

    You shave with a double-edged razor and you often have inflammation in areas afterwards.

If you can relate to any of those situations, you’ve got an acne problem and it needs to be under control. 

Help is just a click away. Available for immediate download, The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies is packed with 45 pages of information to help you understand ACNE.

First things first!

Knowledge is power.  You must educate yourself about Acne.  The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies discusses the causes, treatments and prevention strategies.

All of this is designed to help you deal with your Acne problem no matter what your gender or age is at this time.  Best of all it is presented in plain English instead of “doctor speak!”

Once you are thoroughly educated about Acne you can begin the task of determining what type of Acne you have (yes, there is more than one) and what steps will work best for your individual situation.  Why should you have The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies?

Did you know? 

Acne affects millions of people all over the world. The statistical distribution of the condition, by age and gender is:

1.    85% of adolescents and pre-adolescents are affected by acne.

2.    The condition occurs on some children under 10 years of age.

3.    Boys are more likely to have a severe form of the disease than teenage girls.

4.    About 12% of women between 22 and 45 years of age are affected by acne.

5.    About 3% of all men are affected during their adult life.

6.    Women are more prone to acne during adulthood because of premenstrual hormonal changes as well as consistent use of cosmetics.

7.    The incidences of acne reduce sharply after the age of 45.

Anyone can do it!

Now everyone can find the best treatments and precautions for acne of all types.  All you need to tap in to this information is a genuine desire to take control of your Acne problem once and for all. 

The good news is that we have the best source on the Internet for learning how to take control of the disease and The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies does just that!  

Don’t get left behind.  Right now, this very minute take a walk to your mirror and take just one long look.  If you are happy with what you see, then pass on this tool and we wish you a happy life. 

However, if you see the vestiges of Acne and would like to do something about it, you need The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies? With our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  

We know you will love the results!


How to Sizzle With or Without the Sun and Enjoy A Tan All Year Round!
Sun and Sunless Tanning
By Dick Merkell


Have you ever wondered about how celebrities always seem to have those gorgeous suntans and wish you knew their secrets?

You've heard all the horror stories about being out in the sun so you use the highest SPF sunscreen you can find and settle for being safe instead of sorry.  Maybe you've even tried a tanning booth or lamp. 

Even those aren't considered safe so you use one of the tanning lotions that only leave you a horrible shade of orange with nasty looking stains on your hands and clothing.  Or maybe your skin even started flaking!

Has this happened to you?  You spend just a few hours outdoors in the afternoon only to wake up that night feeling like shish kabob!  The sun can be deadly and sunburn is no fun whatsoever!

What's a person to do?  One minute you hear that the sun will cause cancer (which it can) and the next minute you hear that the sunscreen you put on two hours ago has already worn off!  Where can you get the straight scoop!

Take a few minutes, sit back and relax.  We've taken the guesswork out of tanning and put the answers right at your fingertips!

Tanning can be safe, affordable and fun!  Learn how with "The Complete Guide to Sun and Sunless Tanning!"  Learn how to take charge of your own tanning needs.  Discover how you can continue your daily activities without having to worry about what is best for YOU!

Find out how to stay outdoors longer than you intended without it becoming a serious issue.  Get help from us and stay in control of your own tanning.  Learn how to avoid painful sunburn and serious skin conditions that could raise potential health problems.

Here's what "The Complete Guide to Sun and Sunless Tanning" is all about:

• Learn about the different kinds of invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays.
• Discover information about the different skin types.

• Determine the SPF you need for your skin.

• Learn which tanning products you and your family might want to try.

• Find out which factors need consideration BEFORE you buy.

• Learn how to check out the ingredients in tanning products.

• Improve your tanning with our tips.

• Read our review of tanning products to quickly learn more about them and see if they might be right for you; tanning bronzers, booths, accelerators, pills, lamps, and more.

• Print out our Tanning Safety and “First Aid” Tips to keep handy on vacations, in your glove box and with your tanning lotions.

• Save money and check out our “Sunless Tanning Product Lines Reviewed” before you head to the store.

• Visit our resource section for additional targeted short-term, long-term or supplemental help and information.

• And much, much more

Getting a decent suntan needn't be a hassle or dangerous.  You just need to make certain that you understand how to go about it.


 All About Asthma
By Sharon Wicks

Did You Know?

5,000 people die from asthma every year

470,000 receive asthma treatment

1.9 million treated in emergency rooms

While mild asthma isn't considered fatal, severe asthma can cause respiratory failure.  Epidemic?  Probably not.  Disturbing?  Absolutely!  The last two decades have shown the fastest growing trend in the occurrence of asthma.

Environment has a huge role in triggering asthma attacks.  For the majority of folks, we work, live and play indoors.  Dust, carpet fibers, mold, weather, wood smoke and preservatives are just a few contributing factors.  Even specific gastrointestinal infections can cause asthma.

If you or someone you love appears to exhibit symptoms of asthma but you aren't sure of what to look for then "All About Asthma - What You Need to Know"  is just what the doctor ordered.

"All About Asthma - What You Need to Know" is not a textbook filled with medical jargon.  Rather, it is written in plain English, straightforward and jam packed with just what you need to know before heading off to your physician.

Today's patients are a savvy lot who take control of their own health issues as never before in history.  "All About Asthma - What You Need to Know" recognizes that and places you in the drivers seat.  Take a look at what you will learn:

    • What causes an asthma attack?
    • What are the different types of asthma?
    • How to identify the warning signs and symptoms
    • How to determine the severity of your asthma
    • Asthma in adults and the elderly
    • How to treat asthma in your child
    • Can you prevent an asthma attack?
    • What is the criteria to diagnose asthma?
    • What medications are used to treat asthma?
    • Learn about a "peak flow meter"
    • Common myths about asthma dispelled
    • Asthma an exercise
    • What about asthma and nutrition?

Move on over and click the link below and get your questions answered immediately.  Don't waste another breath.  Who knows when that next breath may come more difficulty?


Diabetes Reaching Epidemic Proportions?
Over 300 Million
At Risk Globally!

The Truth About Diabetes
By Geoffrey Leigh., MSc., N.D.

What you don't know can kill you!

Do you find that headline alarming?  If you did, good for you!  This silent killer must be stopped.  The only way that can happen is by each of us taking personal responsibility for ourselves and those we know and love.

Let's take a look at some facts:

According to endocrinologist Frank Vinicor of the CDC (Center For Disease Control):

 "We're seeing the greatest increase in obesity and lack of physical activity in people in their 30's, so therefore it is not surprising to find the 70% increase in just 8 years.

We are now beginning to see the consequences of physical inactivity and weight gain that go well beyond feeling good about yourself or cosmetic issues."

Did you know that approximately 17,000,000 Americans have diabetes?  This equates to 6.2% of the population.   And, at the current rate of increase, there are about one million new cases per year.

The really frightening part of this is that this is probably an "under estimation" because it is not uncommon for diabetes to go undetected for as long as 12 years before being properly diagnosed.

Sadly, many of us will lose friends and family before they are even diagnosed!  Why?  Because research shows that the following consequences of diabetes occur statistically in the USA per annum:

  • Premature death from heart disease - 70,000

  • Amputations of the lower limbs - 80,000+

  • Problems associated with kidney disease - 115,000

  • Loss of sight and blindness - 25,000

If it seems like a dismal picture . . . it is!  So what can we do?  You need to see your physician or clinician and obtain the proper tests to determine your own risk factors.  But, before you do that, you need to be informed.

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense

Knowledge is power and the more preparatory knowledge you are armed with before your visit, the greater the odds of understanding what you will be told by the medical profession.  And the better chance of having your concerns given more than just lip service.

Let's face it people, the entire medical industry is in chaos.  We read the headlines every day about people who "slip through the system" or are mis-diagnosed.   We are losing our best physicians due to the demands of the health care "business."

You need to take control of your health and well being because no one else can do it for you.  A doctor who spends 5 minutes with you in an exam room once or twice a year is not in a position to do it.

Diabetes is a very real threat to you and those you hold dear.   The solution is knowledge.  You need to know:

    • What is it?
    • What are the types of diabetes?
    • What is insulin?
    • How does insulin affect the body?
    • What is hypoglycemia?
    • What does hypoglycemia have to do with diabetes?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • Is it treatable?
    • What are the specific risk factors?
    • What is the function of the pancreas?
    • How does the pancreas affect diabetes?
    • How does stress contribute to diabetes?

You could spend months of research or years of education to get the answers to these and other pertinent questions.  Or, you can click the link below and have the answers at your fingertips in less than 5 minutes.

Diabetes is a very real threat.  You need to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones now!  Don't wait 12 years for a negative diagnosis when an ounce of prevention could add years to your life!  Do it now.  Your family will thank you.


Steroids - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
A Complete Guide to the Use and Abuse of Steroids
By Crosier Sullivan

You hear it on the evening news.  You see it in the newspaper headlines.  Another young athlete loses his life as a result of illegal steroid use.  He may be a friend of your own child or even a family member, bringing the tragedy that much closer to home.

It's no surprise why our children are falling prey to the lure of enhanced performance.  They are bombarded with images of their favorite athletes mocking the rules and blatantly espousing the use (or should we say abuse) of these deadly concoctions.

Let's not confuse the positive uses for steroids.  Doctors often recommend them to patients for treating diseases like:

    • Breast Cancer
    • Osteoporosis
    • Hereditary Angioedaema
    • Inflammation,
    • Anemia
    • Thrombosis
    • Endometriosis
      ...and other conditions

These and many other conditions benefit from the use of anabolic steroids.  They are especially helpful in the treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome.  In this case, they help to rebuild muscle.

They are also used in fighting HIV infections and hormonal deficiencies in men.  Steroids reduce joint pain in women due to osteoporosis in the joints like knees, elbows, hips and more.

Our problem isn't with the curative effects of steroid use, rather, the abuse of steroids. 

If you suspect that someone you care for may be heading down the slippery slope of steroid abuse, you need to arm yourself with the most effective weapon available.  That weapon is knowledge.

Can you answer these questions?

      • What are steroids?
      • Who uses them and why?
      • How do anabolic steroids work?
      • Are natural steroids better?

If you don't know the answers to those simple questions, you need help.  That help is readily available in "A Complete Guide to the Use and Abuse of Steroids."

This is much more than a simple report.  This comprehensive guide is a must have for parents of sports minded children or for the person who participates in a body building routine and is curious about the subject.

If you are the latter, you especially need to arm yourself with the most up to date information on the subject.  You are surrounded with a peer group of like-minded people who may already be abusing these drugs.  It is a simple matter to be misled and you need to be on alert.

If you feel as though we are pushing a panic button here, you are correct.  We are!  And rightfully so.  There is no time to waste.  You need to educate yourself and discover the answers to the questions above as well as:

      • The history of steroids in sports
      • Women and anabolic steroids
      • Effects of steroids on the body
      • More on the therapeutic uses
      • Teens and testosterone
      • Prevention

Don't wait until it is too late.  Don't wait for liver cancer, tumors, jaundice, heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney or liver failure, acne, trembling extremities or stroke to strike you or a loved one.


How to Conquer Pain Once and For All by Attacking the Source and Do It
Natural Pain Management
By Teresa King

Chances are, you may have heard the story about the guy who goes to his doctor and tells him, "Doc, it hurts when I lift my arm this way," as he twists his arm in an awkward position.

The doctor responds, "then don't move your arm that way," and hands the guy a bill for $100!

Plenty of people have laughed at that joke, but if you suffer from acute or chronic pain it's no laughing matter!

It's all in your head?

Have you heard that one before?  Maybe it's a backache, or a headache or a throbbing joint or muscle.  You go to your doctor and he can't find anything wrong.  He writes you a prescription for pain medication and suggests you see a neurologist.

The neurologist does an exam and tells you that you need to see a specialist and writes you another prescription for pain medication.

The specialist tells you that all you need is physical therapy, writes you another prescription for pain medication and sends you off to see a physical therapist.

Am I crazy?

By this time you probably feel like the doctors are right and maybe you are nuts!  No, you aren't crazy but you do need help.

If you have ever been on a medical merry-go-round like this you understand the frustration.  Pretty soon, instead of feeling better all the aggravation has just contributed to the original problem.

Okay, I'm not crazy, so what's next?

First, what you need is an understanding of what pain is and what it is not.  Once you understand that, you can begin to manage your pain instead of fighting it.

Here is where the handbook, Natural Pain Management comes in.  Once you understand what causes your pain you can explore some of the alternative methods for dealing with your pain.

Discover treatments for conditions like:

        • Arthritis
        • Back pain
        • Chronic headaches
        • Irritable bowel syndrome
        • Aching joints
        • Menopause
        • Migraines
        • Muscle pain

There are alternative therapies that are very effective for specific conditions.  If you have ever wondered about the efficacy of alternative therapies, this is another area that is explored in Natural Pain Management.  Some of these therapies are:

        • Acupuncture and acupressure
        • Homeopathy
        • Chiropractic
        • Massage Therapy
        • Tai Chi
        • Herbal Therapies
        • Biofeedback
        • Magnetic Therapy
        • Yoga

When it comes to you pain, there is no such thing as "one size fits all."  No one reacts to pain in the same way, just as no one reacts to any type of illness identically. 

There are thousands of people who have made the decision and learned how to manage their healthcare with alternative therapies.

Instead of popping another pill, isn't it about time that you investigated alternative methods to dealing with your pain?  You can do that with Natural Pain Management.

You will
also receive All the following bonuses!

Bonus #1:


Health Insurance Package - Audio 90MB
 2 Stretch Marks - Prevention And Treatment 58MB 
 3 Windsor Pilates Guide - Audio 
 4  Coconut Oil - A Healthy Choice - Audio
 5  How To Build Your Self Esteem
 6  101 Tips To Stop Your Childs Bedwetting Forever
 7 Understanding Acne 
 8  101 Tips To To Loose Weight
 9  101 Steps To Better Health
10  101 Power Tips To Prevent Headaches 
 11 404 Self Improvement Tips 
 12 500 Bath And Beauty Recipes 
 13 Smoothies For Athletes 
 14 Improve Your Memory 
15   Having A Healthy Pregnancy
16   15 Holiday Weight Loss Tips
17   The Weight Loss Primer
18   Vinegar For Your Health
19  The Power Of Yoga 
20  Balance Your Life 
21   Things You Should Know About Vitamin B12 - Audio
22   The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies
23   Atkins Diet Recipes
 24  Obesity And Weight-Loss
25  Low Fat Way To Health
 26  Amazing Weight Loss And Health Tips
 27  How To Use Your Mind For Study
 28  Memory Techniques
29. Health Library Niche Pack
Gods Banquet Table
Guides For The Home
Healthy Living For A Busy Family
How And When To Be Your Own Doctor
How To Reports
How To Sculpt A Leaner Healthier Body
I Hate Counting Calories
The Hygiene System
 37  Getting To Know Anxiety
 38  Your Charisma Quotient
 39 Stop Your Depression Now 
 40  The Power Of Concentration
 41 Dr Weils Guide To Herbal Medicines 
 42  Survival - A Complete Handbook Of Nature Cures


44 Million People In The US Have Already Given Up Smoking For Good. . .Now It's YOUR TURN!

Freedom From Smoking

By Patricia Krenik


It's easy to quit smoking, I've done it hundreds of times!


How many times have you made that comment?  You and millions of others have probably laughed that away on hundreds of different occasions.  Unfortunately, long after the false joviality, the addiction remains.

Let's take a closer look at this problem.  Smoking has an injurious effect on almost all body parts.  We know it affects your lungs most adversely and even the most addicted smokers know the risk of cancer.

But, there are other effects that you might not be aware of.

Here are some of the areas of your body that are affected by smoking.  They cover you from your head to your toes. . .did you know that smoking adversely affects: 

        • Hair
        • Brain
        • Eyes
        • Nose
        • Skin
        • Teeth
        • Mouth and Throat
        • Hands
        • Esophagus
        • Respiration and Lungs
        • Cardiovascular System
        • Liver
        • Abdomen
        • Kidneys and bladder
        • Male reproductive system
        • Female reproductive system
        • Bones   
        • Blood
        • Immune System
        • Legs and feet

Pretty scary, huh?  Aside from the obvious, I'll bet parts of that list are real eye-openers.  They sure were for me.  How important to your health and well being would it be to uncover some of the hidden effects of smoking? 

"Freedom From Smoking" details what the exact impact is on all the organs listed above and that information serves as a real wake up call!

The truth is, there is no "pat" answer to this epidemic problem.    The reasons for starting the habit are as wide and diversified as the people who smoke.  It stands to reason, therefore, that the reasons to quit are equally diverse.

That is why there is no finite, one size fits all cure!  What works for one person may not for another.  There are even methods that you probably have never heard of.  I hadn't, until I read "Freedom From Smoking!"

What makes this guide different from so many of the "self-help" programs out there, is that Patricia covers all the symptoms and the methodologies for treatment, and she does so in a totally un-biased, non-judgmental manner.

Rather than the normal clinical "harangue," her information is clear, concise and understandable.   She explores in depth, each of the many treatments that are available, providing the pros, cons and warnings associated with each one of them.

You will be amazed to discover so many diverse treatment options. 

Are you a smoker who REALLY wants to quit?

If you answered that question with a resounding "YES," you owe it to your friends and loved ones AND most importantly to YOURSELF to get a handle on your addiction.

If you are not a smoker, but someone close to you is, you owe to them to grab a copy of "Freedom From Smoking" today and help them down the path toward total wellness! 

Do it now. . .your life depends on it!


How To Detect the 4 Stages of Alcoholism
Take Control
Once and For All!

Taking Control of Alcohol
Claire Nash

However, alcoholism is not a laughing matter and our discussion here deserves serious attention.

We see and hear the statistics on television all the time.   More and more people are "self medicating" with illegal drugs.  Adults, teenagers, young and old alike. . . no one is immune.  With all the choices out there the number one drug of choice is still alcohol

Alcoholism is spiraling out of control here in the U.S. and abroad.  Perhaps you can recall images of the "town drunk" in the old western movies.  He was usually portrayed as a bumbling, likable and hearty sort of fellow who made you laugh.

Well, no one is laughing anymore.

The chances are very high that you have a friend or family member who is abusing alcohol.  Most people who abuse alcohol are in a constant state of denial.   They don't believe that alcohol is a problem for them, therefore they do not seek treatment.

Ignoring the problem only exacerbates the situation.  Sometimes the only course of action is intervention, usually by loved ones.  That's why it is so important to be informed and know what to look for in your own sphere of influence.

Okay, just what can I do about my loved one and alcohol abuse?

Learning about alcohol abuse has never been easier.  "Take Control of Alcohol" is just what you need to educate yourself about alcohol.  It is written in language that is simple and easy to understand.

Before you can help someone to recovery, you need to understand exactly what alcohol abuse is, where it comes from and why the afflicted party has it.  Learning this information is the first step in being able to lead your loved one along that road to recovery. 

Did you know that:

    • 40% of alcoholics in the U.S. are women?
    •  High alcohol content in the body reduces immune system ability to fight off diseases?
    •  Alcoholism is cancerous by itself and causes cancer of various body organs?
    • Women encounter higher health risks due to alcoholism than men?
    • Beer does not have a lower intoxication effect than wine or spirits?

Everyone is at risk for alcoholism.  It touches men, women, teens and the elderly.  Without help it is very difficult to stop drinking.  The biggest problem is denial.  Many people will look at a list of symptoms, shrug their shoulders and tell themselves, "Well, that's not me. . .I don't have a drink until after 5:00 p.m.).

Sound familiar?   If you suspect that a family member or friend is addicted to alcohol, you need to educate yourself.  The best way to do that is to get your own copy of "Take Control of Alcohol" and start learning right now.

The Senior Sourcebook
By Victor K. Pryles

Did you know that in the USA alone, someone turns 50 every seven seconds.  Yes, the baby-boomer generation is alive and kicking and the senior population reaching 65 and up will double from 35 Million to well over 70 Million in the next two decades!

So what does that mean to you?

It means plenty.  In the words of our author, "Unlike any generation before them, they will live longer, look and feel younger, have more options and better support systems than any 'elderly' group of people since the dawn of civilization."

This means that seniors will demand more and better information.  Retirement for these healthy, vibrant people may be non-existent and play time and travel are a given.

They do more, have more and want to keep it.  They require access to sophisticated medical and dental care.  They have more money and need state of the art advice to grow it.  Above all else, they have more questions than answers.

That's where "The Senior Sourcebook" comes in.  This comprehensive guide covers everything from Medicare to Financial Planning.  You won't believe what is jam-packed inside the pages.  Just take a look:

    • Senior Guide to Computer Literacy
    • Medicare & Health Issues
    • The Basics
    • Medicare Part A
    • Medicare Part B
    • Non- Coverage In Medicare
    • Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits
    • Catastrophic Coverage
    • Limited Income Subsidies
    • Medicare Fraud
    • Making Your Home Senior Friendly
    • Remodeling Resources for Seniors
    • Household Helpers
    • Senior Living Choices
    • Retirement Communities
    • Alternatives to Total Care
    • Nursing Homes
    • Senior Finances
    • Retirement
    • Savings Resources
    • 10 Questions To Ask Your Financial Planner
    • Choose An Executor
    • Creating a Will
    • Living Trusts
    • Reverse Mortgages
    • Medical Debt For Seniors
    • Basics of Bankruptcy
    • Medical Cost Resources
    • Volunteering
    • Employment Resources
    • Grandparenting
    • and much, much more

Whether you are fast approaching the senior category, are already there or have parents who can use your help there is something for everyone in "The Senior Sourcebook." 


How To Love People Enough To Involve Them In Your Dreams and Future

Friendship is a Verb (in a hurting world)
by Stuart Wood


Have you ever felt lost and alone?  Do you sometimes find yourself drowning amongst a sea of words around you, only to find the comfort you need elusive?

You need a friend.

Learn the importance of communicating with others.  And understand why having the opportunity to share triumphs, failures, fears and ambitions is so important for fulfillment in life.

You will always need people. Success in life is a collection of relationships and that success is dependent upon the degree you succeed with people.  Friendship Is A Verb teaches you how to do that.

You need a friend.

Friendship Is A Verb presents a practical guide to recognizing the importance of relationships in our daily lives and how to share that knowledge with others.

In the words of the author, "God designed us for relationship; otherwise He would only have made Adam!

You need a friend.

Learn why everyone you meet has something different to give.  Discover that even when some friends analyze and critique you, these types of friends are also necessary. 

Discover how many kinds of personalities involved in your life teach and strengthen you. 

Relationship skills can be learned, and Friendship Is A Verb is the first step to identify those skills and empower yourself to fall in love with people and people fall in love with you.  You need a friend.

"Buddy, Can You Spare Some Time?"

Time Stretching Tips
by Madeleine Frazier


Stop the world. . . I want to get off!

The television is blaring, the baby is screaming, your nine year old is changing the color of his younger sisters hair with a purple magic marker, the doorbell is ringing, the oven timer goes off and the jingling phone refuses to go to voice mail!

Does this or something pretty similar sound like your home?  Are you trying to figure out why it is that, with all of our "labor saving devices," technology still hasn't figure out how to add more than 24 hours to every day?

Although it's no comfort you aren't alone.   Something close to that scenario plays itself out every day in thousands of homes across the country.  It's no wonder the society is stressed!

The problem is compounded by the fact that most of those who relate to this little story also hold down a full time job. . .not to mention that most are women!

Sorry guys, but let's face it, the numbers of guys who share the chores are still very, very slim. 

So what's a modern day professional
and domestic engineer to do?

Why, grab some tips from your personal time management consultant, Madeleine Frazier!  TIME Streeeetching TIPS is just what your therapist would order if he knew how!

This little guide is jam-packed with everything you need to know to "de-stress" your environment!  As Madeleine will point out, we all have the same 24 hours.

So what's the difference between you and "Suzie Super Mom" down the street?  She has a job.  She has the requisite 2.5 children.  She takes care of her home.  Always volunteers for the PTA.  She always looks like a super model.  She's got the same 24 hours that you do.

So, what's got that you ain't got?

I'll tell you if you promise not to share the secret!  Suzie has her own personal time management consultant.  That's right, she has learned how to manipulate her 24 hours to her advantage rather than her detriment just by reading TIME Streeeetching TIPS!

.More than just another  "self help" tome, TIME Streeeetching TIPS teaches you how to take control of your time and energy and put them to work for you instead of fighting the tide.

Hey, you got yourself into the situation you're in and you can get yourself out of it!  You just need some guidance and you need to learn how to recognize what's really important in your life.

Once you have that information the sky's the limit!  How would your life be impacted if you could really streeeetch your time?  What if you could:

    • Learn just how much time you actually own.
    • Discover ways to "de-clutter" your mind, your home and your work.
    • Do away with self-defeating "mind talk."
    • Sleep better.
    • Improve your health.
    • Eliminate stress.
    • Achieve your goals easily.
    • Teach you what to do FAST!

Listen, if you have a sincere desire to do more, be more and have more of what's important in YOUR life, you need TIME Streeeetching TIPS!

Remember, you have the same 24 hours as the next guy or gal.  You can choose to continue your own self-fulfilling prophecy or you can learn important TIME Streeeetching TIPS!



"Maximize Your Potential With the Maximum Memory Power Systems!"

Maximum Memory Power
By John Williams

BONUS Audio Version!

You also get the Audio version of this ebook
as 8 MP3's at no extra charge!


Have you ever lost your car keys?  Maybe you’ve misplaced an important file or, heaven forbid, missed an important meeting.  We may try and pass it off as a joke but it really isn’t a laughing matter.

Forgetting the name of your boss’s wife at the company picnic could be hazardous to your wealth!

If you listen very carefully we’ll show you how you can improve your memory.  Much of our memory losses are merely absentmindedness.  This usually occurs when we are distracted and do not place enough focus on the task at hand.  In other words, we just don’t pay attention.

Anyone can get relief!

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, you can improve your memory. What you need is something to help guide you along, answer your questions and point you in the right direction so you can get some answers. 

The good news is that we have the best source on the Internet to answer your questions in a clear and concise manner.  "Maximum Memory Power" is a guide that introduces you to what you need to know to improve your memory. 

Take a quick look at an abbreviated list of content and see what you will learn: 

  • Break through the fog and learn how to focus
  • How to eliminate the “Did I?” dilemma
  • Power Pegging” for positive results
  • How to link them and never lose them
  • Mind mapping
  • Memory games
  • Locating your memories
  • . . .and much more

You must experience "Maximum Memory Power" in order to really get a hold of the answers you need. 

Research on diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, has indicated that keeping our minds active and positive may delay the onset of those diseases in some people. 

If you have ever wondered about whether you can improve your memory, you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of "Maximum Memory Power." 


A Comprehensive Guide To
Winning Contests

Learn how to win even if you've never won anything before!

Competition Commando
By Shaw Finn

How many times have you said, "I never win anything?"  If you're like most folks it's probably every time you buy a lottery ticket or fill out one of the tear off forms at a PTA meeting!

The time has come to change that to "I win all the time!" 

Competition Commando is just what you need to turn contests into your own lucrative hobby or avocation.  No matter where you turn you will find opportunities to enter a contest.  Doesn't matter if it's tickets to a first run movie or a chance to win a brand spanking new car.  Contests can be fun and profitable!

You can learn how to win.  New cars, clothes, luxury vacations. . .all are there for the winning and it really has nothing to do with luck.  Other people win these things, why not you?   The primary differences between "you" and "them" are:

    • They enter more contests than you.
    • They enter them more often.
    • They are more methodical.
    • They are selective.
    • They put more effort into it.

Are there some "insider tips and tricks" that you can put to work?  Yes, of course there are, and Shaw lays them out for you.

Some contests require that you "fill in the blanks in your own words."  Shaw teaches you how to prepare the answer just right and boost the odds of winning.  And, that's before you even get to using "winning words" that teach you how to tie in with the contest sponsors product.

People have lots of different hobbies like stamp collecting, crossword puzzles, knitting, model airplanes and so on. 

Then there are the folks who take their "hobby" to a whole new level!  They use what they learn in Competition Commando as an exercise in mental agility.  They enter contests following the guidelines in Competition Commando and the prizes they win are just a bonus!

Shawn tells us that the only competitions you CAN'T win are the ones you don't enter!  What have you got to lose?  A few bucks and a handful of stamps?

Heck, you need to read Competition Commando and apply the principles just to see if you really can win!  I'm betting that you can.  How about you?


How to be Happier, Healthier and Have More Fun!
Laughter IS The Best Medicine!

The Power of Laughter
By John Williams


  "The Power Of Laughter" brings you a long list of wonderfully laughable jokes. . .however. . .it doesn't stop there.

Not just another overdone "joke book,"The Power Of Laughter" explores the anatomy of a joke from introduction straight through to delivery.

He discusses the right and wrong way to tell a joke and teaches you how to determine the "appropriateness" and timing of your joke.

He also explores:

    • How to keep it simple
    • Laughing at your own joke
    • Risque jokes - yes or no
    • Insults and put-downs
    • Wrong joke or wrong audience
    • Timing
    • How to steal from the best
    • How to be a good audience
    • Your biggest asset

John Williams does not promise that you'll be the next star on the professional comedy circuit, but he does teach you how to add humor and life to your social and business encounters.

Whether you are already a good storyteller or someone who would like to learn how to develop and deliver a repertoire, there is something for everyone in "The Power Of Laughter."


Do Yourself A Favour - Eat Right And Stay Healthy!

Your Diet and Cancer
By Dr. Radhika Venkata
M.D. Pathology


Did you know that 60-70% of cancers are due to dietary factors?  And, that many of these may be prevented by changes in dietary habits?

That's right, and now there is an "answer book" for those who want to learn more about taking control of their health.

Your Diet and Cancer is a practical tutorial designed to give the reader valuable information about how cancers develop and how simple changes in diet may prevent serious illness.

Written in plain English, Your Diet and Cancer explores pertinent questions like:

      • Exactly what is cancer?
      • What are risk factors for getting cancer?
      • How diet influences cancer risk
      • The role of diet in actually causing cancer
      • Dietary carcinogens
      • How certain foods may reduce cancer risk
      • How some foods help fight against cancer
      • Common questions about diet and cancer
      • Great tips to use in your daily life

Not to be confused with a medical journal full of technical jargon, this book is jam-packed with over 60 pages of down to earth information and beautiful illustrations of the salient points.

This book is not a replacement for medical treatment or proper diagnosis.  It is a reference volume. The ideas and suggestions contained in Your Diet and Cancer are designed to help you make informed decisions about your health.

You have very little to lose and much to gain.  Cancer is one of the main causes of death among humans and your way of consuming food affects the risk.  Do yourself a favor and take control today!


Follow The Oracle Discover The
Secret Wisdom

To Live Life
To The Max! 

7 Ways to Live Life to the Max
by Dennis A. Curyer M.A

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman who never put a lid on his basket of lobsters. When asked was he not afraid of them climbing over the edge and getting away, he said, “Heck no, the moment one makes a bid for freedom all of the others drag him back in”.

Do you have lobsters in your life?

The lobsters are in the form of parents, children, relatives, friends, work associates, those in authority, etc. who, though well intentioned, will attempt to discourage you from your ambitions.

The greatest gift you have been given is the freedom to make choices. Use this gift to its maximum.  You have in front of you the key to secret wisdom.  If you use it,  you will unlock the secret to having all your dreams come true.

7 Ways To Live Life To The Max is that key and it's just within your reach!  Within the bytes and bits lies wisdom for the ages.  Not just a guide to happier living, it is a treasure chest of principles that will make your every wish come true.

    •  Are you down in the dumps?
    •  Do you suffer from depression?
    •  Are you burnt out?
    •  Looking for a new lease onlife?
    •  Are you lacking goals or direction?
    •  Wondering what life is all about and what your role is?

This book has been written to empower people to live with excitement and energy.  What are the 7 Ways To Live Life To The Max ?

    • Maxers Know the Big Picture While Not Ignoring The Small One
    • Maxers Live In The Real World
    • Maxers Live By A Code Of Ethics
    • Maxers Live Their Dreams By Conquering Their Fears
    • Maxers Are Lovers
    • Maxers Let Go To Hang On
    • Maxers Give And Know That Giving Is The Measure Of Greatness

You were not created to fail. You were created to win, to live a meaningful life, and to fulfil the measure of your creation.  Remember, the greatest gift you have been given is the freedom to make choices.

Use this gift to its maximum. Do not let it sit on the shelf and rust, or gather dust and become a museum piece. Do not give anyone your Power of Attorney to make decisions and choices about your life.

Make the right choice now. . .don't wait. . .you deserve to "live life to the max"!

Secret Tactics To Motivate Your Way to Success!
Discover Your
Hidden Power NOW!
Unleash Your Own
Driving Force to
Do More and Be More!

Motivate Your Way To Success
By Marc Sanders

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people seem to have the "midas touch?" We've all met people where everything they touch turns to gold and every little thing about their lives appears to literally burst with excitement and enthusiasm?
You are about to learn how and why that happens.
Imagine having the secrets to that "Midas touch" formula that infuses your power into every aspect of your life! Cultivate an attitude of positive expectancy, develop an attitude of abundance and finally create a definite purpose to your life!
Now you, too, can learn the powerful secrets that these people use to motivate themselves to success.  Secrets that show you. . .
  • Why you need self-motivation
  • How to develop the attitude and behavior of a winner
  • What you need to overcome procrastination
  • Ten ways to bolster or regain self-esteem
  • How to become self-disciplined
  • Unleash your full potential and put it to work
  • How to really set goals
  • The fine points of setting priorities
  • How to handle adversity and turn it into opportunity
You will discover:
  • How to be motivated when there isn't a motivator
  • How to master your emotions
  • How to overcome the fear of failure
  • How to develop persistence and never quit
  • How to remove your self-imposed limitations
  • How to become a winner
  • How to become a complete new person
  • How to remove any doubts about your capabilities
  • How to establish authority over obstacles
This revealing ebook will turn even the most unmotivated person into a success magnet!  It doesn't matter where you are in life at the moment, you can launch your own plan for success using these time-test strategies. 
If you are tired of mediocrity and ready to finally take control of your own destiny!


Stress the Silent Killer
By Ryan Sawyer

It begins like any other day.  After hours of tossing and turning, you have finally fallen into a fitful sleep when you are jarred awake by the blaring of your alarm clock.

Already feeling depleted before the day begins, you drag yourself out of bed, stagger to the shower and try to shake off the nagging anticipation of another daily grind.

You fly through the kitchen with a hasty good morning, grab your cup of coffee and bark at your 3 year old who is reaching for your arms with oatmeal covered fingers.  She cries, your wife snaps and out the door you run to join the safari just as the sun is rising.

Off you go to take your place in the line with other hunters on the daily trek to capture the prize and bag the "big one."  You negotiate the hunting party by switching lanes and exercising your cunning to creep a few car lengths ahead, all the while ignoring the blaring horns and interesting gestures of the other hunters.

Finally, you drag yourself into your office amid the ringing telephones, beeping fax machines and raucous voices all clamoring for your attention, and jockeying for position to have their request granted first.

Exhausted, you fall into the chair behind your desk when suddenly, panic strikes.  You can't breath.  Your chest feels as if someone has placed a leaden weight atop it, even though you are sitting up.  As you gasp for air, your head feels as if it is going to explode and your heart is pounding.  Before you know it everything surrounding you becomes dimmer and dimmer until. . . . . . . .?

If you can relate to all or any portion of the story above, you are a ticking time bomb just waiting to ignite.

Yes STRESS is the Silent Killer.  Is it the sole source for heart attack?  No, in fact the jury is still out as to the statistics on just how much of a risk factor for heart disease stress can be.  This comes from the American Heart Association.  It IS one of the risk factors, however. 

Interestingly, the medical community does know that stress contributes to buildup up plaque in the arteries.  Combine that one bit of knowledge with any of the other risk factors for heart disease and you can count yourself among one of those "ticking time bombs."

The good news is that this is one risk factor that you have control over.  You CAN reduce the risk, and "Stress The Silent Killer" is just what you need to discover how that is possible.

"Stress The Silent Killer" discusses how to prevent and cope with stress in your life.  Learn exactly what stress is and the different stages it can go through before the realization strikes that you'd best get a handle on it.

Investigate the source of YOUR stress and uncover the contributing factors in your daily life.

Explore the warning signs and primary symptoms of stress and how these symptoms are triggered. 

Here's a sample of what is revealed to you to combat this silent killer:

  • How to Prevent Stress from Getting the Best of You
  • Stress and Vitamins
  • Simple Changes to Reduce the Stress in Your Life
  • How to Stop Family Stress
  • Overcoming Stress in Your Marriage
  • How to Manage Your Money without Stress
  • How to do Hobbies to Relieve Stress
  • Humor - Learning the Lighter Side of Life
  • Life is too short to Fret - Overcoming Your Anger
  • Getting Away to Relieve Stress
  • Finding More Time - Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Getting Rid of Stress with Meditation
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • How to Manage Your Stress with Alternative Therapy
  • Natural Remedies for Stress
  • Breathing Techniques
  • How to Exercise Away Your Stress- Stress Relief Exercises
  • Stress Balls - How They Work

"Stress The Silent Killer" even gives you a "Stress Awareness Diary" for you to determine the contributing triggers of stress in your life.  Use this diary to plot your roadmap to learning how to handle this deadly disease.


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We wish you every success in your healthy lifestyle goals!

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