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"Who Else Wants to Double or Triple Their Online Profits... Without To Have This Amazing Collection?

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                                                                      Cheat At Online Texas Holdem-SPECIAL BONUS

Learn Card Tricks and Bar Magic ebook                



No Limit Texas Holdem Super Strategy Guide Pack

Secret Poker Strategies You Can Use to Dominate Your Poker Competitors Every Single Time!"

This package includes:

  • No Limit Texas Holdem Super Strategy Guide

  • Online Texas Holdem Secrets Revealed

  • Poker Mystery Bonus

  • PokeRelax Album

 120 Card Tricks - Plus Bar Magic

Learn Card Tricks and Bar Magic ebook
This ebook is full of card tricks, over 120 of them in fact. But that's not all.. it also includes bar magic for you to do at the local pub or bar. Bar magic is great for starting up a conversation, or just having some fun.



  • After Drinks
  • The Hotel
  • Lazy Magician
  • Mind Reader
    Four Kingdoms
  • Lucky 13
  • Spelling Bee
  • Teleporting Card
    Think of a Card
  • Vanishing Card
  • 49er Fools Gold
  • Bottoms Up
  • Cutting The Ace
  • Get Money
  • In My Pocket
  • Psychic Hotline
  • Poker Trial
  • Quick Flip
  • Slap Happy
  • Not Your Card
  • Anti Gravity Beer: An annoying person returns from the toilet to find that their bottle of beer has been turned upside down without any beer falling out. The bottle is then handed to them when the beer spills all over the place.

  • Everlasting Ash: A friend is challenged to see who can smoke the longest distance without losing any ash. You Win Every Time.

  • Liquor Switch: One shot glass is filled with water and the other with whisky. The challenge is to get the whisky in the glass that has the water and the water in the glass that has the whisky with out using any other containers including your mouth.

  • Penetrating Ashes: The magician takes a cigarette and rubs some of the ashes into the spectators clenched fist untill they disappear. He then says some magic words and asks the spectator to open their fist and the ash has penetrated onto their palm.

  • Coin Island: 1 glass, a matchbook, six coins, and an ashtray with water in it. Bet your friends one drink that you can get the water out of the ashtray using only the ingredients mentioned and without moving or tilting the ashtray.

  • The Bar Balance: Balance 3 empty beer glasses on top of each other on their outer rims, without the help of any other object whatsoever!

  • Psychic Dice: A spectator is asked to drop 3 dice into a glass of water, raise the glass over their head and count the total of the dice on the bottom. The spectator then sets the glass back down, the bartender dips his finger in the water, rubs his finger on his forehead and after a little concentrating, announces the total of the dice on the bottom to the spectators amazement.

  • Eye Popper: This can be a real shocker.

 Mega Magic

david blaine street magic ebookLevitate Right in Front of a Spectator! - This is the trick that made Blaine famous!

Twisting Arm Illusion - Twist your arm 360 degrees!

Cigarette through the Coin Trick - Push a cigaratte right through a quarter!

Psycho Kinetic Time - Change the time on the watch of a victim!

Coffee to Coins Street Magic Trick - Make coins appear in a cup of coffee

Ace Shake - A spectator signs a card, put back into a deck, and was made to appear between two aces!

Paul Xenon Tax Disc Removal Secret - Invite a spectator to stand near a car. Ask him to check the car tax disc inside the windscreen. You place his hand over the disc and pull it right through solid glass!

Coin Bite and Restored Coin - A coin is bitten and a piece is removed. The coin is then restored and the missing piece is spat out

String Magic Trick - Roll some thread into a ball in your fingers. The thread is then placed in your mouth and swallowed. You bare your stomache and then pulls the thread out from your throat!

Fly Resurrection - Resurrect a dead fly!

Mind Reading Card Trick - Literally READ a spectator's mind on what card he thought of

The Pop-Up Card - A signed card is put into a deck and shuffled. Later, the card pops up from the deck!

Two Card Monte - Switch the position of two cards right in front of a spectator's eyes without his knowledge!

Voodoo Ash - A name is written in a piece of paper, crumbled up and thrown in an ashtray. You now will guess the name written on that paper

Cough Cough - A signed card is placed into a deck. Later, you regurgitate that card from your mouth!

Card in Bottle - A signed card is placed into a deck. Later, you make the card appear in a bottle

Coin Vanish - Vanish a coin inside a spectator's hand without even touching it!

Card through the Window Trick - A card is placed into a deck. Later, you make the card appear stuck inside a window






Slots Betting Secrets

It includes the following:

  • History of Slots
  • Playing Rules
  • Slots Game Overview
  • Advantages of Playing Slots Online
  • Tips and Strategies
  • FREE Slots Games


Over $200 In Free Casino Gambling Chips eBook

You could potentially win hundreds, or even thousands of dollars by playing for FREE

This ebook lists online casinos and other Internet gambling establishments that allow you to play for real money, without risking a cent of your own.

Please note: Windows only,
not for Macs


E-Gold Money Games

This package has 12 SCRIPTS:

  • Batch Game
  • Number Guess Game
  • Black Jack Game
  • Scratch Card Game
  • Bubble Game
  • Color Game
  • Heads and Tails Game
  • Hi/Low Dice Game
  • Hi/Low Game
  • Odd/Even Game
  • Bird Hunter Game
  • Raffle Game






Blackjack Betting Secrets

It includes the following:

  • FREE Blackjack Games
  • History of Blackjack
  • Playing Rules
  • Blackjack Game Overview
  • Advantages of Playing Blackjack Online
  • Tips and Strategies


Money In 15 Minutes
Beating Online Roulettes!

In this PDF eBook you will learn:

  • How to get up to $225 in free money to get you going so you don't have to use any of your own money.
  • The strategy the author uses to make hundreds of dollars per day at online casinos with no risk of losing.
  • The link to the casino that this system works on 100 percent of the time.


Poker Betting Secrets

It includes the following:

  • FREE Poker Games
  • Advantages of Playing Poker Online
  • History of Poker
  • Poker Game Overview
  • Playing Rules
  • Tips and Strategies

 Payback For The Punters

This it the ultimate package for all you serious gamblers out there.

Learn strategies and plans to help you:

Take advantage of the current Football season and win!


Learn how to win from the bookies without using your own cash! Yes you read it, this is possible!!

Take advantage of the Black Jack tables for the best odds outcome with our free Black Jack Odds Calculator!

Fixed odds football betting system.

You will be provided with a full detailed e-book providing you with the information you require to
beat the bookies!

Football matches are much more likely to go true to form than horse races.

Consequently bookmakers have always been very cautious when it comes to Football betting!



Roulette Betting Secrets

It includes the following:

  • FREE Roulette Games
  • Advantages of Playing Roulette Online
  • History of Roulette
  • Roulette Game Overview
  • Playing Rules
  • Tips and Strategies

Online Texas Holdem Secrets Revealed!

  • Online holdem secrets only a hand full of online players know about.
  • A few key important factors you need to be aware of while playing online.
  • Maximize your online earning potential by using multi-tables.
  • The online texas holdem cheat sheet!
  • A software program that cheats your online competitors out of their money! A Must Read!

Value = $69.97 (This bonus is 100% original and can't be bought anywhere else)


PokeRelax Album


The game of Texas Holdem can become very stressful whether you play it live or online. Discover how you can ease your tension at a poker table, while still being focused. The best kept secret professional poker pros like Daniel Negraneu use to calm their nerves at major poker events!

  • Download over twenty minutes of tension easing sound tracks that will keep you sane while you play Texas Holdem Live or Online...
  • Listen to calm and relaxing sounds of the beach, ocean, or a rainy day.
  • Downlad Mp3 formatted tracks, so you can upload it into your iPod, Mp3 player, or copy it onto a CD for your stereo.
  • The only poker relaxation album available to download on the internet!

Value = $79.97 (This bonus is 100% original and can't be bought anywhere else)


 Illusions & Hypnosis

Easy Mentalism

The techniques and effects revealed in this ebook will enable you to put on a terrific display of mentalist and mind reading routines that will astonish your friends, family and colleagues. You may find that after demonstrating your amazing mental powers, people never think of you in the same way again!

Imagine asking someone to select a card at random from a normal deck of cards. You ask them to concentrate on the design of the card. You look into their eyes. You examine tiny inflections of the muscles in their face. Then piece-by-piece, you name the card they have. First you state the colour, then the suit and finally you state the exact card they chose! All this is done without ever looking at their chosen card – not even a sneak peek.

Or how about asking someone to flick through a normal book, then to read and concentrate on the first line of a chosen page. Again you look into their eyes and after a short time, scribble something onto a notepad. You ask the person to read the first line out aloud. You turn your notepad over, revealing you’ve written exactly the same sentence your volunteer was reading.

These two effects alone will convince people you really can read minds!

Some More incredible effects Include:

Pseudo Hypnosis - Against their will, a spectators fingers stick together by mind control.

Find the Lady - they win occasionally, but you WIN EVERY Time!

Flatliner - A spectator is asked to take your pulse. Soon your pulse slows down until it finally stops, dead.

Cutting cards by touch - a Spectator give you a number - you cut the cards and by touch alone you have removed that amount of cards that the spectator dictated.

Wallet, Watch & Coin - a Spectator places his wallet, Watch and coin on a table, you turn your back while he places them in different pockets - using your skills you will be able to announce what item is in what pocket.

Someone hides a coin in their fist - by reading their body language you can tell which hand the coin is in.

Who's Got What - Three people select three different playing cards from a deck of cards. Without watching them, you can correctly state who has chosen which card.

Guess The Card - You let someone cut a pack of cards and remove 1 card - ask them to concentrate on that card, without seeing it and with a moments concentration you can tell them the card they are holding.

You’ll also learn how to make predictions. For instance, you place a sealed envelope and three coins of differing values on the table. The spectator chooses one of the coins and flips it. You open the envelope, revealing that not only have you correctly predicted which coin they would choose but also whether it would land heads up or tails up.
Or how about asking someone to draw a simple picture
and to seal it in an envelope. In another demonstration of your mind reading powers, you can describe the picture they’ve drawn, even reproducing it exactly if you wish.
All of these routines and many more are fully explained in easy to follow step by step ebook guide. You’ll have seen effects like these done on television and stage by famous illusionists. Now you can learn their secret techniques and perform these illusions yourself. You’ll be amazing people with your newly found skills after just a few hours practice and what’s more, you’ll enjoy the dumbstruck expressions on your victims’ faces.

The ebook is divided into two sections. The first presents a wide selection of mind reading Illusions and Psychological Illusions. The second part is an Introduction to Hypnosis.

I’ll say it now and repeat it several times throughout the ebook – the secret to performing convincing mind reading illusions is in the performance. Some of the techniques you’ll learn are astonishingly simple, so the more you can do in your performance to distract your audience away from that fact, the better. The introduction to hypnosis is included to give you some idea on how you can phrase your patter and increase the illusion.

So let’s get going with some mind-blowing illusions…


"Discover the 100% Legal Secrets Las Vegas Professional Blackjack Gamblers Use to Make Literally Thousands of Dollars Every Week...I'll Teach You the Ultimate Step-by-Step Blackjack System, Casino's Don't Want You to Know About!"

Blackjack is very simple to learn, and believe me, very simple to master.  But I know what your thinking...there's absolutely no such system that guarantees a profit at the end of the day.  I'll tell you the truth, when it comes to gambling, risk is always involved.  It's a matter of being consistent with your winnings that makes you successful.  You'll have your share of being unlucky, but by following my system, I guarantee you'll be winning more than experiencing loses.

"I'm Not Worried About Being Banned!"

You've probably heard a few stories about individuals being banned from casino's because they win way too much!  Does that mean you'll be banned from a casino too?

Here are the reasons why so-called professional gamblers are being banned from blackjack casino's:

  • They are cheating or using tools to grab an edge in casino's... 

  • They use colluding (or teaming) methods that are looked down by casino's... 

  • They are mathematical card counting geniuses...In this case, YOU are not!


As corny as it sounds, I'll say with 100% confidence that you'll start winning instantly with my blackjack system, LEGALLY.  When you start winning at blackjack so very easily, you wonder why you never picked this course up earlier!

Wouldn't you agree that it's crazy to think you'll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again?  If continue to take trips to your local casino and continue to lose your money using your same old strategy - you're silly to think the next time you go to the casino you'll win with that same old strategy.

That's why you need to try something different...

"Here's how the Ultimate Blackjack System Can Help You Get the Winning Edge Starting Today..."

That's right!  I've just completed my new eBook called, "The Ultimate Blackjack System" that gives you complete control and the complete edge over blackjack live and online!  It's my unique approach to the game and is different from anything else you've ever seen!  This program has taken me years to master, but I've narrowed down my experience into a simple to read format, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Here Are Just a Few Amazing Blackjack Secret's Inside "Ultimate Blackjack System":

==> Learn the origins of blackjack and see why it's considered the most popular casino game in the world!

==>  Is blackjack truly a winnable game?  Learn the real truth behind the game of blackjack!

==>  How to play blackjack like a professional - The definitive chapter on how to approach and play blackjack at casinos or online.

==>  Discover how to really beat the odds and have them in your favor!

==>  Insights of each blackjack hand to play and how to play them!

==>  When to hit, stand, split and double down for absolute blackjack success!

==>  How to completely remove the casino's advantage and leave the casino a guaranteed winner!

==>  A Simple Card Counting System...

Click below to have instant access to the eBook.  Once your information is approved, you will be granted instant access to the download page where you will download everything including the Blackjack Cheat Sheet.

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 in the afternoon or in the morning!

 John "JohnnyReno" Vinters'S super poker strategies can work for you…


Here are the 3 poker situations poker players always screw up at:
  • The first one is slow-playing a hand.
  • The second is playing a big pair.
  • The third is bluffing.
Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough
Techniques Inside the Super Strategy Guide:

==>Easy-to-understand explanations of all the rules, odds, and hand rankings for no limit Texas Holdem.

==>Instantly size up hands, calculate pot odds, recognize tells, and identify bluffs.

==>Sneaky strategies to intimidate other players and force them to fold their cards.

==>When to make bold moves, when to fold, and easy-to-understand points that will win you more pots.

==>Guaranteed ways to strike fear into your opponents in just minutes!

==>POSITION MANUEVERS you can use to "steal" the best position at the table.

==>99% of players DON'T know the right way to check-raise. I'll show you the ONLY TIMES you should be using this technique.

==>Learn everything you want to know about Texas Holdem and play like the poker professionals - From winning strategies to calculating odds, this book’s got it all!


Ever dream of winning the lotto?  Well, stop dreaming and...

 "Discover The Proven Strategies Used By Underground Lotto Pros To Systematically Win The Lotto"


You've read the headlines:

"WESTERN 649 Proves Lucky Again With $1 Million Win In Calgary"

"$101 Million Lottery Ticket Sold In Texas"

"Jobless Maid From Kilmarnock Sparkling After Cleaning Up With $2.2m"

And you wonder: “Why can’t this be me?”

Perhaps some of these people are just lucky.  Media stories often focus on  the unemployed guy who just “had a feeling” and decided to buy a ticket for  the first time in years risking his last five bucks.  Or the 75-year-old  couple that recently lost all their possessions in a fiery blaze and then  finally won the very next day using the “lucky” numbers they’ve been playing  since their honeymoon in 1944.

But what about those people who actually know what they’re doing?  Some  lottery players don’t rely purely on luck to win the lottery, those who  don’t just wait for it to happen to them.  These people have systems based  on the numbers and mathematics that work for them.  You don’t hear about  these people because it takes the romance, the mystery, and the “luck” out  of the lotto.

But these people ARE out there, and you're about to learn their "secrets".....

The Secret Strategies Of The
Underground Lotto Pros

There is no magic way to ALWAYS win the lotto.  Anyone who promises you this is lying.  However, there are strategies and systems you can use to dramatically increase your odds of winning. 

The majority of people don't know these strategies, and just play the lotto blind, and their odds are slim to none.  While a few "underground" lotto pro's DO know these strategies, and they use them to make a killing.

And you're about to learn these strategies yourself.



Win That Lotto! - Proven
Lotto Winning Strategies Revealed

 Here are just some of the things you will learn in a few minutes after you download "Win That Lotto!".

*** The REAL "secrets" behind how to win the lottery.  No hype, no non-sense.

***Top lottery systems that will put the odds in your favor.  Your chances of winning will skyrocket over the average guy.

***How to avoid the common mistakes average lotto players make.  If you make these same mistakes, they are killing your chances of winning.

***How to come up with the best number combinations.  This will give you the best chance of winning the BIG jackpot or one of smaller prizes.

***Which number combinations NOT to play.  Certain number combinations are  ALWAYS picked by 100's and 1000's of other lotto players.  That means if you select the same  numbers, you will have to share your prize with 100's of other people.  So this is extremely important if you don't want to share your prize with 100's of others.

***The do's and dont's of playing the lotto.  You must know these things if you want to win.

***The lotto pros' most used and popular methods of playing the lottery.  Find out exactly what the lotto pro's do to win.

***Advantages and disadvantages of each "system".  Everything broken down for you so you can pick and choose your own methods.

***How to build your own winning lotto system.

***The truth behind free lotto.  Is it really too good to be true?

***The different lotto rules around the world.  Which countries have the smallest lotto taxes, which countries have the biggest jackpots, etc..

***And much more....

The above is just a short glimpse of what you'll find in the full "Win That Lotto!" eBook.

This eBook can make you a millionaire

There are millions of lotto players every year and 99% of them play the lotto blindly, just hoping to win.  The odds of an average lotto player to win a major jackpot are extremely low.  That's because they don't know the secret strategies in "Win That Lotto!". 

With the strategies in "Win That Lotto!" you will literally give yourself and unfair advantage over the average lotto player.  And your chances of winning the lottery will skyrocket. 

Even if you only occasionally buy lottery tickets, you need to know these strategies and tips to give yourself the best chance of winning. And if you seriously want to win a major jackpot, the secret "systems" found in this book will give you the best chance.

You can go on playing the lotto "in the dark", hoping to win.  Or you can use the  systematic approach and increase your odds dramatically. 

Once you know the "secret" strategies in this book, each time you play the lotto your chances of winning will be higher.

How much is that worth to you?   

 It will give you a new set of strategies you can use for the rest of your life to increase your odds whenever you play.

And even if you only play only once in a while, wouldn't you rather play with some sort of a strategy?  And not just throw away your money?

To place your order and start reading "Win That Lotto!" in the next 5 minutes just click the order button below...

What would you feel like if you won the lottery?  What would you do?  How would  your life be different?

Imagine being able to travel when ever you want...

Imagine being able to buy your family amazing gifts just for fun...

Imagine the freedom to do what you want, when you want...

All of these things can be a reality in your life.  There are people out there  already living their fantasy life styles because they won the lottery. Some of  them won out of pure luck, and some of them won by following a few systematic strategies.

If you are going to play the lotto at all, then you might as well play it  following a plan. Instead of playing blind and hoping to win, you can dramatically  boost the odds in your favor by following a few simple strategies.

P.P.S.  There are people out there right now living their dream lives.  You can be  next.  All it takes is one winning ticket.


Danube Casino

The Latin spirit, mixed with the most recognized and reliable online casino methods and techniques. The Blue Danube is your adventure.

Legally licensed and fully insured, Windows Casino offers a high quality gaming environment and the most secure payment system on the net. Windows Casino is among the top 10 online casinos.

We received five prestigious Online Gaming Awards for 2002. Including: Best Video Poker, Best Blackjack, Fairest Casino, Best Promotions, Best Online Casino.


 Casino on Net

Casino-on-Net offers players the chance to play the most popular Casino games - all easily downloaded within 10-15 minutes and free of charge. This winning combination has resulted in over 8,000,000 downloads of our software since 1996, making us the world's leading Online Casino.


Blackjack, One Zero Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker and a variety of Slot Machines, including Classic and Progressive with an ever-growing Jackpot!

Fantastic Game Features:

  • High average payout - 97.94 %!
  • Giant Progressive Slot Jackpot!
  • Play Multi-hand BlackJack.
  • Smooth graphics, fast and hassle-free play.
  • Win up to $250,000 on one play in our Keno game.
  • Realistic Casino environment, not a cluttered PC interface.
  • Private, Public and Reserved Group Tables.
  • Advanced Game History Log - the best in the business.

 Vegas Casino

Vegas Red is part of one of the online industry's leading full-service casino groups.

The Vegas Red software was developed and is maintained by PlayTech, the leading online gaming software company, with vast experience from the "brick and mortar" casino world.

Vegas Red appreciates and greatly values our clients' patronage and we strive to establish trustful relationships with each and every individual. We guarantee a prompt, personal reply to all questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our customer service personnel, who are the most professional and efficient in the industry.  


 Las Vegas Comps

Simply put, comps are any complimentary (read free) goods and services provided by the casino for the enjoyment of their patrons.

They can range from free soft drinks on the low end all the way to free luxury suites and private jet flights to Vegas and Atlantic City on the high end, with everything in between. They are available to EVERYBODY who gambles at a casino and many comps are available even if you don't gamble. Every gambler, even the small time player at the nickel slots can get their share. The quality and quantify of comps the player receives are dependent upon how much the casino thinks you are gambling, and where you gamble.

 Casino Bonus

As an incentive for new players most online casinos offer a cash sign up bonus.This is real cash deposited into your account that allows you to try out the casino with virtually no risk. Obviously the casino hopes you will enjoy their games and become a regular customer, so it makes good business to provide the bonus.

 Online Casino

With Internet Gambling growing in popularity over the last few years the amount of internet casinos has been increasing.

You can have just as much or sometimes more fun playing at internet casinos. Firstly with no travel and hotel expenses you can spend more of your money doing what you go to the casino to do, gamble and WIN! 

The best way to ensure that you are playing at high quality casinos is to use an internet guide such as this site, where each casino is tested and investigated in detail before ever appearing on our pages. We look for several features including the casinos license, the quality and fairness of the games, the customer support and the speed at which it is received, the payouts and the payment procedures. This ensures a fun and rewarding time.

 Virtual Casino Online

In order to play our casino games and win REAL MONEY, you must first deposit money into your casino account.

All deposited funds must be processed and approved before you are allowed to bet for real money. All transactions take place in US$. You are purchasing casino chips with your credit card from us.

 Play Online Casino Game

We invite you to experience the most realistic, computer desktop casino in the world.

Our games are lightening fast and provide endless fun. We pay out more than is required in either Vegas, or Atlantic City. We're certified by Safe Bet and also approved by the Electronic Gaming Commission.


We feature the highest quality gaming software in the world. Enjoy virtual casino action at home or in the office with great BlackJack, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette and more.

 Las Vegas Casino

Legally licensed and fully insured, offers highest quality gaming environment and the most secure payment system on the net.

Received five prestigious Online Gaming Awards for 2002. Including: Best Video Poker, Best Blackjack, Fairest Casino, Best Promotions, Best Online Casino.

Have also been entitled to carry the official seal of approval of the Electronic Gaming Commission

Is entitled to carry the GOLD approval of SafeBet:

Are approved by Gambling Commission as a safe and reliable online casino:

Received five prestigious Online Gaming Awards for 2002. Including: Best Video Poker, Best Blackjack, Fairest Casino, Best Promotions, Best Online Casino

 Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling offers players the chance to play the most popular Casino games - all easily downloaded within 10-15 minutes and free of charge. This winning combination has resulted in over 8,000,000 downloads of our software since 1996, making us the world's leading Online Casino.


Blackjack, One Zero Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker and a variety of Slot Machines, including Classic and Progressive with an ever-growing Jackpot!

 Poker Handbook

Poker is a microcosm of all we admire and disdain about capitalism and democracy. It can be rough-hewn or polished, warm or cold, charitable and caring or hard and impersonal. It is fickle and elusive, but ultimately it is fair, and right, and just.

The card game poker is the most popular of a class of games called vying games, in which players with fully or partially concealed cards make wagers into a central pot, after which the pot is awarded to the remaining player or players with the best combination of cards.


 Poker Jargon

The large and growing jargon of poker includes many terms. This set of pages contains brief glosses of most of the popular terms you may encounter in text or over the table.

If more than a brief gloss is required, there may be a link to a more complete article on the topic. Though space is not an issue here, the list has been trimmed to primarily those poker-specific terms one might find in poker texts or in common use in casinos. Not included here are those terms whose meanings are obvious or not specifically poker-related, those that are too regional, and those that are just obvious variations of words covered here.

 Cheating at Poker

Cheating in poker is more common than most people care to believe. Although most cheating occurs in private games that do not follow strict gaming procedures, it is also very common in regulated card rooms and casinos.

Cheating can be done either by means of collusion, sleight-of-hand (such as bottom dealing, stacking the deck, switching cards etc), or the use of cheating gaffs (such as marked cards, holdout devices, glims etc).

Cheating is as common in friendly games as it is in high-stakes games. A card cheat may operate alone, but most of them operate in pairs or small groups. The groups are often composed of one card mechanic who is in charge of manipulating the cards, one or several shills who pose as regular players, and a muscle who acts as a bodyguard. Street gangs also often employ a wall man who acts as a lookout, however this approach is more common with three card monte mobs, and back-alley dice gangs.

 Poker Strategy

Miscellaneous topics to cover: Probability - Bluffing - Sandbagging - Game theory - Psychology - Tells - Pot odds - Drawing - Protection - Value - Outs - Starting hands - Game selection - Position

Specific games: Texas holdem strategy - Draw poker strategy - California lowball strategy - Seven-card stud strategy - High-low split strategy - Razz strategy

 Poker Variants

The game of poker has many variations, most of them created in the United States in the mid-1900s.

The standard order of play applies to most of these games, but to fully specify a poker game requires details about which hand values are used, the number of betting rounds, and exactly what cards are dealt and what other actions are taken between rounds. Any game may also use any betting structure.

 Poker Betting Structure

The game of poker as played today requires that players agree before play on allowable amounts for betting (called limits), and the use and amount of forced bets.

These are collectively called the betting structure of the game.

The betting structure of a poker game is a more significant factor in its balance of luck and skill than the game variant being played. Higher forced bets and smaller limits increase the influence of chance. Smaller forced bets and larger limits increase the element of skill. Good games are carefully balanced so that skillful players will win in the long run while recreational players can win often enough for the game to be exciting to them.

 Poker Terminology

In the game of poker, Opens and Raises are considered aggressive plays, while Calls and Checks are considered passive (though a Check-raise would be considered an aggressive play).

It is said that "aggression has its own value", meaning that often aggressive plays can make money with weak hands because of Bluff value. Aggressive plays also tend to give the opponents more opportunities to make mistakes.

 Poker Hands

The word hand in the game of poker is used to mean any of the following:

The set of cards held by an individual player during play. Joe took another look at his hand when Virginia raised. The term holding can be used for less ambiguity.

The value of a player's hand(1), as determined by the rules of the game being played (see below). Karen's hand was a flush, but lost to Steve's full house. The term hand value can be used for less ambiguity.

A single instance of poker game play, also called a deal. We played eight hands of draw poker, then eight hands of stud poker.

Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride was first introduced to the casinos in 1993. Shuffle Master Inc, the company that makes those automatic-shuffling machines, created it.

The game is popular because it offers a potential for high pay outs. Because the players are not playing against each other or trying to beat the dealer, camaraderie develops among the players creating a fun atmosphere. The game and the correct playing strategy can be learned quickly.

 Poker Game

Online poker is not one game, but a large family of related games. Hence the online poker rules may vary from site to site.

There are so many variations of these poker rules that it sometimes seems a new "family member" appears every time someone picks up a deck of cards. Still there are general poker rules and principles that unite almost all games that fall under the name of poker.

Online poker is a rich, complex game that combines skill, luck and intense psychological warfare. Every player competes against and interacts with every other; each player's actions influence each other player's actions.

 Online Poker Chip

Thousands of players play poker daily on EmpirePoker, and there are many good reasons why!

We offer a variety of games and tournaments. We also offer FREE play at our play money tables, for as long as you like. Play on our free software live with other players at no cost while you learn the rules. In addition, we make every effort to ensure a fair and safe environment for all players. Your banking and personal information remain TOTALLY PRIVATE.


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