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Learn MUSIC Overnight

 Who Else Wants To Learn How To Play Piano, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass

And More Over Night With Ease?

This BRAND NEW Package Is The Most Extensive Music Learning Package Available Online That Teaches You  Three Different Insturments In High Demand....OVERNIGHT!

You Have A Unique Opportunity To Expand Your
Sales, Business, Income, And Internet Marketing/Music Knowledge
By Picking Up This Package RIGHT NOW!

 Make Sweet Music And Sweet Profits With This BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE Ebook Package!

6 Fantastic Ebooks


Take a look at what you can learn from just ONE of the ebooks included by viewing it's Table of Contents:


Preface *
Choice of Guitar
Main Parts of the Guitar
Lesson 1 Tuning the Guitar
Basic Terms and Symbols in Music
Lesson 2 The Notation of Rhythms
Lesson 3 Rhythmic Exercises
Lesson 4 Terms and Symbols in Guitar Music
Learning Pitches on the Guitar
Notes on the High E-String (first string)
Lesson 5 Notes on the B-String (second string)
Dotted Rhythms
Lesson 6 Notes on the B and E-Strings
Lesson 7 Notes on the G-String (third string)
Lesson 8 Notes on the D-String (fourth string)
Lesson 9 Notes on the G and D-Strings
Lesson 10 Notes on the A-String (fifth string)
Lesson 11 Notes on the low E-String (sixth string)
Note Drill
Lesson 12 Accidentals
Lesson 13 Rests
Lesson 14 Reading Guitar Music in 2 to 4 Parts
Reference Sheet
Lesson 15 Two Beginning Pieces
Lesson 16 Key Signatures
Lesson 17 Self Test
Lesson 18 Scarborough Fair
Prelude in D Major
Lesson 19 Exercises for the Development of Rhythm
Lesson 20 TwoSelected Classical Pieces
Lesson 21 Scales
Lesson 22 Slurs
Lesson 23 Basic Chords
House of the Rising Sun
Lesson 24 Advanced Tuning Techniques
Lesson 25 Finding Notes on the Fret Board
Lesson 26 Classical Guitar Pieces
Lesson 27 Guitar Repertoire Selections
Answers to Exercises

You'll be learning from an experienced guitarist who put this ebook together to teach his techniques to anyone interested in learning. In addition to this fantastic ebook, learn other musical skills like guitar tuning and reading sheet music. Whether you're just a beginner with no previous experience, or an intermediate learner, there's something in there you can use to build your guitar playing skills.

You'll also receive MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to this entire package with your purchase!

Act Now And You Have A Choice To Obtain Unrestricted Private Label Rights To These 5 Overnight Courses At A Price That Could Very Well Put Music Teachers Out Of Business OVERNIGHT!

Playing Guitar Overnight 3 Pack!

This fantastic step by step guide will literally have you playing actual songs on your guitar over night!  No ifs, ands, or buts, this is the real deal!

You Will Receive The Following 3
Packages On Guitar:

1. Your first lesson in guitar that will have you playing over night.

2. Your second lesson in guitar that will sharpen your skills dramatically.

3. Your third lesson in guitar, focusing on the 'lead' aspect of guitar playing.
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The Complete Guide to Learning the Guitar

The guitar is among the most popular musical instruments around. Because of how versatile the guitar is, it is a popular instrument to learn how to play. The guitar can play any kind of music that suits you interest whether it is rock, country or jazz or any other style of music. You may be interested in playing your favorite songs or maybe you are a budding songwriter and you would like to write your own songs.

Either way, the guitar would be the perfect instrument to learn in these cases. Like all musical instruments, if you want to learn to play the guitar you will need plenty of practice, perseverance and patience. Learning to play the guitar will be very rewarding experience if you stick with it and the guitar can give you many hours of enjoyment.

Now You Can Save Time and Money and Stop Searching for Information About Becoming the Next Guitar Pro!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all those questions you had about becoming the next guitar hero and the secrets offered in one place? You can spend hours searching online for answers or you can spend hundreds of dollars taking a class that would expose these secrets, maybe...


Reasons You Can’t Do Without this Infomation

1) The e-book describes guitar concepts in language you can understand.

2) You will learn that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive lessons, one book is all it takes!

With time, practice and patience, you can become the Next Guitar Pro! 

You will learn which guitar techniques really work and which ones don’t.

By reading this e-book, you will know which simple and easy to learn tricks will be right for you and which ones you need to wait for.

Discover How You Can Now... Enjoy Playing the Piano!

Why is learning to play the piano such a chore?  It seems that people who take lessons work and work but take years to learn to play anything interesting or enjoyable.  They are always unhappy about their lessons.  People who take lessons sometimes even hate their teachers because they feel ashamed of their playing.  The teacher may or may not intentionally make the student feel bad, but the fact remains that you lose interest if you never feel any satisfaction. 

Teachers also alienate their students by asking them to play music that is either too hard or worse yet, too easy.  Without a challenge, there is little point in trying to learn anything.  Teachers might pile on too much work for the student to practice on at home, or not give the student a clue as to what to work on.  Finding a good teacher can be extremely difficult. 

Trying to learn on your own can be just as frustrating if you do not have the right guidance.  You can search the internet infinitely and find all kinds of information on piano theory.  Most of it you will not even understand.  It is often in difficult language and assumes that you know quite a bit about music already.  You also have to deal with conflicting theories.  Sure, there are different points of view.  You just do not want to hear them when you are first starting out.  You want something you can rely on to begin your piano playing experience.

When you order lessons online, you often find instruction that is inaccurate and uninformative.  The teachers might simply be trying to make a buck, without regard for what you might or might not learn.  Besides this, online lessons can be very costly.  You might try to get information and end up getting endless spam after you have turned down the piano lessons.  You can find yourself locked into a long commitment of payments if you are not careful when ordering lessons on the internet.  It sometimes takes weeks, if not months, to get the situation cleared up.

Worst of all, most lessons do not give you the opportunity to have a good time with your piano playing.  You just drudge along from one lesson to the next, hoping to find that magical secret that is going to make it all worthwhile.  As you look for enlightenment at the end of the piano lesson rainbow, time passes you by.  You are left with nothing but a meaningless clutter of useless lessons that never got you anywhere.

Would it not be nice if you could find a way to learn to play piano that does not end in failure?  You could use a method of learning that does not require you to spend vast fortunes for a little knowledge.  Most of all, if you are anything like most piano students; you will be looking for a piano learning method that allows you some happiness.

You find yourself wondering what solution you can ever find to this problem.  You want to learn, but you do not want to commit to a process that will not teach you the basics until you have been at it for a long time.  Just when you thought there was no way to learn piano happily, you might be surprised to know that there is!

You Can Learn with Joy!

This is no time to give up.  You can learn to play with joy and creativity.  You certainly can.  It is only a matter of finding the right method.  However, there are few options for someone who wants to learn quickly on their own.  With most lessons, it takes many months to get just the basic ideas of what piano music is all about. 

Lessons can be incredibly boring, and yet people rush to take them year after year.  Did you ever stop to wonder why?  The reason of course is that it is very desirable to be able to play the piano and to play it well.  It is just too bad that so many people are duped out of their hard-earned money with endless lessons that do nothing but squelch this desire.

Yet, there is no more need to sweat over long, dull lessons.  All you need to do is to find a simple guide to beginning piano playing that will answer your basic questions.  You need a guide that will get you started and tell you where to go from there.  With the right information, you can learn all you need to know to begin playing the piano on your own.

The right solution for you is one that uses your abilities and talents in teaching you the most important lessons a beginning piano student can learn.  The perfect solution is one that takes the vast stores of knowledge in the musical world and highlights the most basic facts for you to learn first. 

You can benefit from simple explanations and descriptions of how to apply basic concepts in a variety of situations.  Do not settle for lessons that talk over your head all the time.  There is another option out there for you.  It is a product that will have you playing the piano quickly and enjoying it for the rest of your days.

It’s Pinao Playing For Beginners - ENJOY YOURSELF!

It is a product that will teach you everything you need to start having fun at the piano bench in no time at all.  You can not only start your learning with the Playing Piano - Beginners Guide to Playing the Piano!  You can use the same e-book to continue with your development as a musician for years to come.  The lessons you learn will be that expandable and flexible.  You will buy sheet music and theory books in the future, but you will never need another beginning piano guide!

Trying to learn to play the piano does not have to end in failure and disappointment.  This e-book will demonstrate how you can learn basic concepts and build on each as you achieve a measure of success.  That way, you will never feel like playing the piano is not worth the trouble.  You will always have your accomplishments to remember and you can add onto them over and over again. 

People in their prime of life get great benefit from Playing Piano - Beginners Guide to Playing the Piano!  They appreciate the fact that the e-book does not treat them like children, yet it explains everything in understandable language for someone who does not know music.  Elderly people learn from the e-book, too, with plenty of time to apply its concepts and plenty of people to entertain with their piano playing.

You will no longer be sidelined when others are displaying their talents.  You will find answers to your piano-playing problems in this e-book.  You will find great value...


You Wioll Be Glad You Bought For Two Reasons...

1)The e-book describes piano concepts in language you can understand.

The e-book is written in plain language with consideration to people who have never played the piano before.  You will find that you can understand this guide better than other beginner’s lessons you have tried in the past.  It is just that easy!

2) You will learn about detailed information on music for the piano.

It does not matter whether you want to learn chords and improvisation or learn to read music.  This e-book gives you information on both.  You can find out everything from where to put your fingers on the keys to how to play an impromptu song.  This e-book does it all


The BEST Part Of This Package....Playing Piano OVERNIGHT WITH VIDEO!  

Piano Work Is THE Most Beautiful Instrument Ever Invented, And All Of Us, At One Time Or Another, Have Wished We Knew How To Play Even A Simple Tune On One.  Now You Can....And You Can Do It Overnight!

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And Finally, The Bass Guitar Lesson Package:


With This Last Addition To This Already Incredible Package, You Will Be Able To Impress Your Friends With Yet Another Instrument, The Bass, That Was Self Taught....OVERNIGHT!


If you have struggled with how to play any one of these instruments, or ever felt like this:

Now Is Your Chance To Get Ahead Of The Game FAST!

Private Label Distribution Rights:
YES Sell Private Label Rights
YES Claim Full Authorship
YES Sell Master Resale Rights
YES Edit/Alter the Sales Materials
YES Added to Paid Membership Sites
YES Added to Free Membership Sites
YES Can be Broken Down Into Articles
YES Can be Packaged with Other Products
YES Sell at Auction Sites ($9.99 and Up)
YES Offered Through Dime Sale Events
YES Offered as Free Bonus
YES Given Away for Free

 A Book of Operas Their Histories, Their Plots, and Their Music, by Krehbiel, Henry Edward.

The stories of 17 famous operas, including the Barber of Seville, Figaro, Don Giovanni, Mefistofele, Faust, La Traviata and Tannhauser.

Also a seperate book by same author titled "'A second book of operas'. This was a two book set that in later printings they were combined into one larger book. 243 p., Among the important works Covered: Biblical operas, Anton Rubinstein, "Samson Et Dalila," "Die Konigin Von Saba," "Herodiade," "Lakame," "Pagliacci," "Cavalleria Rusticana," Mascagni, "Iris," "Madama Butterfly," "Der Rosenkavalier," "Konigskinder," "Boris Godounoff," Giordano, and Wolf-Ferrari.

  • Basic Music Theory
  • Beatles Complete Songbook
  • Guitar
  • Introduction to Music Theory
  • Jazz Harmony I
  • Jazz Harmony II
  • Jazz Harmony III
  • Musical Terms
  • Scales and Key Signatures
  • Understanding Your French Horn 


The Best Part Of All Is That You Can Have All This For An Incredible Small Investment Of Just $38.97

Because this package is completely digital and you download everything including the source code to some of the products, no refunds are available. Once customers have downloaded the source files we have no way of maintaining any control. You have virtually unlimited possibilities of doing anything (or nothing) with them While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.  So once you buy this it's yours for keeps! You OWN it! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...

ATTENTION HOST STAFF - I have distribution rights to ALL products, proof is available upon request. Furthermore, this listing complies with all HG rules and regulations and no trademarks or copyrights were infringed upon.

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