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Awesome Link Effects

Give Your Website Some ALE No More Boring Old Links Opening In A new Window Now You Can Keep Your Visitors On YOUR Website Regardless Of Where You Link To.

How many visitors have left your site never to return after clicking on one of your links to an external webpage?

How many times have your visitors got lost on your site when trying to view videos or images and they forgot where they came from?

How many times have you had to give up the URL of one of your 'secret' sites because it shows in the web browser address bar?

How many times have you fumbled around putting together pop up windows or the like to keep your visitors on your site?

Well those days are over. Now you can have pages open over the top of your website without fear of losing visitors.

ALE is a script that runs on a php server that gives you a set of forms, you fill in the details for the effect you want, press a button, and up pops the html code you paste into your webpage for the link.

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Competitor Ninja

Want to check out your competitors sites?

Then send in the NINJA !

The ninja will return with your competitors site details such as:

  • The site title
  • Its keywords
  • Its description
  • The text on the page
  • All the links on the selected page (click a link and the Ninja's on it !)
  • All the email addresses on the selected page

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Paypal IPN Generator

Are you feeling your paypal ordering process is not secure?

Have you been wondering how to generate a paypal instant payment notification system from a single and easy interface that can help safeguard your paypal sales and ordering process?

Then this script is your right choice and it is so easy to use for generating your paypal IPN system to be embedded on any of your paypal ordering button with just a few mouse clicks.

Just follow the instruction provided with the product, you will be able to set up your own IPN system in minutes.

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Power Effect

Discover How This Amazing Web Technology Can Transform More Of Your Bored Prospects Into Customers!

Why Have A Boring, Same 'Ol Headline As Everyone Else When You Can Have.

This isn't some animated GIFs, Flash, or Photoshop wizardry. Just "point and click" to create your own animated headlines, subheads, graphics, whatever... on the fly and get them to catch the instant attention of your website visitors.

Many of these effects in the past had to be creating using time-consuming and expensive tools, like Flash or Photoshop animation. With PowerEffects, I can churn these out in minutes, and start testing them in seconds.

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 Power Effects Version 2

If you want to create dazzling attention-getting effects on your website—designed to elevate your product above a sea of "me too" offers and lame sales letters—here's something I think you'll want to get your hands on it.

This isn't some animated GIFs, Flash, or Photoshop wizardry. Just "point and click" to create your own animated headlines, subheads, graphics, whatever... on the fly and get them to catch the instant attention of your website visitors!

Version 2 has many more features and effects engines! Popup lightbox windows featuring images, entire web pages, video, audio, and more!

Here are just some of the new features in PowerEffects Version 2:

  • Ability to save and load animated effects
  • Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor means no more swapping back and forth between your web editor and PowerEffects!
  • 3 New effects engines give you popup lightbox capabilities
  • Built-in help tooltips.
  • And much more...

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Profit Negotiator

Here's How You Can Convert More Visitors Into Customers With Very Little Effort Using This Ethical  Exit Traffic Technology!

In Just Minutes From Now You Can Experience the Raw Power That is Locked Inside Profit Negotiator and Use it To  Immediately Start  Maximizing Conversions, Capturing More Leads and  Generating Bigger Profits for Your Business!

Convert More Visitors Via Time Tested "Negotiation" Tactics That Suck In More Customers With No Additional Traffic!

Profit Negotiator is an incredible tool that grabs people that were leaving your site and sucks them back in as a paying customer.

However, when someone clicks away from your page, the page automatically shows the customer a special offer "on your page" that offers them a discount to get them to buy now, or you can also offer them something free to get them to enter their email address to you can sell them in the future.

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The Raffle Site Script

With this script, you can run a raffle offering as many different prizes as you want (digital, home delivery & pickup prizes are accepted), and the script will run fully automated down to running the raffle on it's own and doing the delivery of digital prizes instantly to winners!

You can use the Raffle Site Script to run Free Raffles (raffles in which people get in for free in exchange of becoming a part of your mailing list) anywhere in the world!

The Raffle Site Script is Packed With Features!

  • Fully accessible and customizable PHP script!
  • Use the Raffle Site Script on an Unlimited Amount of domains/websites that you own!
  • Allows only 1 prize per Ticket(s) Owner for Fairness!
  • Runs 100% Automatedly for your convenience!
  • And much more...

Private Label Resell Rights



Redirection Rocket

Do you want to create your own great looking affiliate links in 10 seconds or less?

Turn Those Long Nasty Affiliate Links Into Powerful, Search Engine Friendly Tracking Links Guaranteed To Increase Your Clickthroughs Up To 300%.

In Less Than 10 Minutes You Could Have The "Redirection Rocket" Script On Your Website & Less Than 10 Seconds Later Your Links Will Look Like The Pros.

The "Redirection Rocket" software is so easy to use, even a 3 year old could set it up in elss than 10 minutes, and start creating these awesome links.

Now think about it. If you don't possess the HTML, PHP or Javascript knowledge necessary to manually hand code your redirection pages yourself, it may take you many days before you can finally experience the benefits of professional redirection links like these. (Of course, depending on your present level of skills and knowledge)

With "Redirection Rocket" you can finally look like a professional marketer and track your affiliate link click thru directly from your password protected admin control panel!

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Roller Coaster Pricing

Roller Coaster Pricing Beat My Firesales by 2 to 1!

One of internet marketing's relative newcomers, Todd Gross, took his listmembers by surprise recently with the announcement and demonstration of a pricing scheme that is so devilishly clever that he had customers feeling like they had just hit the jackpot on a slot machine.

Roller Coaster Pricing comes with THESE GREAT ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

  • Firesale - Still great for short-term interest building
  • Upsell option - For offering resell rights or an alternate higher priced product
  • Discount Offer - Everyone loves a bargain. Pick a percentage and watch sales increase!  

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 Sales Bot Generator

Sales Bot Generator is a simple little script you can use to set up your personal 'exit traffic salesmen'.  As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, giving your visitors a second chance to interact with your site and take action on your offers.

Here are just some of the ways you will benefit when you start using 'Sales Bot Generator' today!

  • Slash Website Abandonment - Grab your visitors attention just before they leave and intice them back into your site with a new offer.
  • Increase Visitor Value - Increase the dollar value of each of your customers by converting and selling more often.
  • Boost Conversions - Convert more visitors into buyers by giving them a special discount just before they leave your site. (These people were about to leave forever and spend nothing)
  • Lighten Customer Support - Address some of the most common questions potential buyers have.  And much more...

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Thanks to everyone who ordered!.

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