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Martial Arts


Our story begins on your way home from work. You're tired and don't notice the man come up to you and ask for the time.

As you look down at your watch he grabs your hair and pulls you into the alley.

There's nothing you can do as he punches and kicks you and helps himself to your precious watch.

Don't take offense, but does this sound like you? Maybe you're one of the many millions of us who are criminally assaulted every day.

Or are you someone who has always wanted to become fit, athletic and focussed; able to take on the World no matter what it throws your way.

Either way, there has never been a better time to learn a Martial Art; but how do you know which Martial Art to learn ?

In this great new eBook (released 14th march 2007) I will tell you

Why you should practise a Martial Art
How to choose which Martial Art to practise
I'll give you an A to Z of the most popular arts, their strengths & weaknesses
How to choose the right Martial Arts School
How to avoid the most common Martial Art wrip-off's
I'll blow the whistle on the misconceptions of the Martial Arts including How Karate Guys Break Slate Tiles and How Ninja Go Invisible
I'll even tell you how to earn your martial arts black belt in half the time !

Order your copy of 'Martial Arts For Beginners' right now (only $9.97) and put yourself on the road to confidence, fitness and happiness.

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