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Your Own Online University


"Easily Create Credibility & Expert Status In Any Market By Running Your Own Internet  School, Training Centre, or University!"

In This Simple To Follow Program, You'll Learn How You Can Make A Killing With The New Wave Of Online Coaching and Consulting!

Quickly & Without Any Expensive Investment!

What you're going to be creating is a "Virtual School or University"...

Are you qualified?

Absolutely! All that you have to do is arrange some information on a subject that you likely already know about and you'll be able to satisfy the needs of students looking for information in that niche online.

You can also hire a ghost writer to write your entire course for you, making it possible to teach courses in markets that you have zero experience in!

How great is that?

What You're Going To Discover In This Interactive Online Video Course... 

  • School/University Introduction 

  • Simple Preparation

  • Creating Your School/University Portal

  • Creating The Course

  • Building Teaching Modules

  • Building Multimedia Modules

  • Building Evaluation Pages

  • The Student Grade book

  • The Semester Course Diary

  • Enrollments & Finance

  • Invite & Enroll 

  • Communication

  • Grading The Evaluation Pages

  • Best Practices 

  • Backend Business

As You Can See This Is A Complete, Paint-By-Numbers System Designed To Guide You Straight To Success!

Isn't This Going To Be Expensive Or Complicated?

No way!

In fact, setting up your online school or university is absolutely FREE!

You're going to discover a system that requires no software to install and is free to setup.

It's a very simple web based system to use and makes creating your classes so easy a 10 year old could do it.

Your students will also benefit from this incredibly smooth and simple interface when taking part in your online classes and will love the sleek feel of it!

In fact, all you have to do to have your complete training center setup is fill out a simple form and your administration information is e-mailed directly to you, instantly!

Won't I Have Trouble Creating Classes Or Course Material?

This is actually incredibly simple...

There are a few ways you can create great content for your classes...

One would be to simply write on a subject you know something about or record some audio on a subject you're familiar with to use as the lessons for your course.

Maybe you don't want to spend all of that time creating lessons, well there is still hope for you!

You can hire a ghost writer to create a few lessons for you on a subject of your choice and then you get to put your name on them as the author! Doesn't get much easier than that...

You could also buy dirt cheap private label content and use it as the content of your classes. (This is very cheap and very easy to do)

Won't Grading Lessons Be Time Consuming And Difficult?


In this amazingly simple system you're going to use to create and run your online course, you'll have access to a testing and grading system that does most of the work for you!

In fact you can setup all multiple choice questions and the system will do 100% of the work for you and give your student and instant grade!

If you'd like to ask essay questions which require your review of the answers, this is also easy to just drop into the test and review within the system for easy grading.

This system gives you the power to automate virtually all of the grading involved in your online classes!

Absolutely not!

You're going to
discover the top secret system to creating complete course outlines and curriculums in just an hour or two!

These can be very diverse lessons or classes as well! You can use multimedia, audio, video, text, PDF files and even blog posts and chat!

The Easy Way To Communicate With Your Students...

You're going to be amazed when you see the simplicity of communicating with your students.

Again, this system is FREE and provides the complete communication system within the software!

You can instantly communicate with any of your students and they can also communicate instantly with you through this sleek system.

No e-mail required, no spam issues, no headaches!

It's easier than e-mail to use and requires nothing more than typing your message and clicking one simple button!

You can even address the whole class via special blogs designed only for your classes making it easy to communicate with your entire student base with a simple click!

Payments, Enrollment & Backend Selling Is Easy...

You're going to learn the secret backend selling system that guarantees that your students will be excited to sign-up for your next class right when it becomes available!

This is an easy way to create a predictable, consistent income for yourself.

In this interactive video tutorial, you're going to learn the ins and outs of setting up your enrollment procedure in just minutes!

You'll discover how to collect payments easily and effectively from your students so it's not only easy for your students but pleasurable.

After your class concludes you're going to want to continue to make income from your students, right?

We've got you covered!Doesn't It Take Loads Of Experience Or Knowledge To Create Effective Course Curriculum & Outlines!

Creating Your Own Profitable Online School or University Has Never Been Easier Than It Is Right This Second...

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

And get yourself ready to create quality Internet Classes at light speed...

Click here to order right now for only $97.00 $47 (even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning).

Master Resale Rights - Making an Income from Your Own Internet University
  You are free to sell this video package and keep 100% of the profits.

Size: 260+ MB




Nothing is left to question in this course.

Not only is our course an incredibly easy to follow video based format, the course material was written in an easily understandable way to make sure that you can get started right away.

It isn't hard to create a credible, profitable and busy online training business that brings you money and respect like crazy. You just follow the steps we've laid out for you.

All you do is click play and watch your way to a successful Internet university!



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