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Refund Policy

 Refunds or replacements will be given only if the product you purchased is found to be defective.

Because our products are delivered electronically via the internet THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES GIVEN DUE TO BUYER'S REMORSE, "ACCIDENTAL PURCHASE" OR INABILITY TO PROPERLY USE THE PRODUCT. If you do not agree with this policy or are not absolutely sure about your ability to use the product, do not buy it!

To request a refund or exchange for a defective product send an email to: amr@e-bestsellers.com . You must include your receipt or customer number, full name and contact information, date of purchase and an explaination of the product's defect in the email. We will then determine, at its sole discretion, whether the product can be replaced or a refund should be offered.

If you do receive a cash refund and it is later determined the product was in fact not defective or you are found selling the product anywhere on the internet or we learn through investigation that you are known to regularly perpetrate fraud upon vendors by purchasing digital products then asking for a refund, e-bestsellers WILL PERSUE LEGAL ACTION for compensation resulting from your fraudulent violation of this contract.

All remedies are limited to the United States and Norway.

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