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TOP Popular Weight Loss Diets

Today's popular diets are attempting to style themselves as lifestyle choices, but this isn't working either. People want to be able to eat a sandwich now and then. They want the burger and the bun! Strive for balance choosing foods you prefer, and you'll have a better chance at lasting weight loss success.

This comprehensive special ebook covers the following topics:

  • Find The Right Diet For You
  • How much weight do you need to lose?
  • A Weight Loss Plan For Success
  • The Low Calorie Diet
  • Fat Loss For Idiots Diet
  • The Atkins Diet - Also Know As The Low Carb Diet
  • The Secret of Negative Calories Food
  • The GI Diet
  • The Vegetarian Diet
  • South Beach Diet
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
  • The Day Off Diet
  • Diabetic Diets
  • The Yo-Yo Diet
  • Anti-Aging Food : The raw food diet
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • The South Beach Diet
  • The Zone Diet
  • Blood Type Diet Plan
  • Sugar Busters Diet Plan
  • The Health Benefits of Green Tea Diet
  • Green Tea Diet Pills
  • Mega-T Green Tea Diet
  • AriZona Diet Green Tea
  • The Weight Loss Diet Pills
  • The Exercise Diet - The Best Way To Lose Weight
  • Body Building Diet

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Lose Weight by Burning More Calories

Everyone at one point in his or her life needs or wants to loose weight. Whether it is for health reason, or just to feel better about you, deciding on a weight loss plan is not as easy as it sounds.

There are literally thousands of plans and products on the market today designed to help the overweight shed unwanted pounds.

This comprehensive special ebook covers the following topics:

  • What is a metabolism?
  • Benefits of Increasing Your Metabolism
  • Measuring Our Metabolism
  • Metabolic Rate and Its Effects on Metabolism
  • 7 Wise Moves to Increase Metabolism
  • Resting Metabolic Rate: It is metabolism that matters!
  • Murdering Metabolism: A Crime Against Your Body
  • Diet pills versus Metabolism
  • People Have Varied Metabolic Rates
  • Most Common Metabolism Malpractices
  • Lose The Weight You Want Forever
  • Take Caution of Your Diet!
  • Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself
  • Losing Weight the Healthy Way is the Best Way
  • "Rapid Weight Loss Techniques"

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Fitness Made Easy

See how easily you can fit simple, quick exercises into your daily life!

You’ll learn all the tips, tricks, and tactics of those who must be creative to stay active. And you can get your hands on them in just minutes from now.

...here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • A new way to look at how you treat and care for your body.
  • 5 ways people end up looking older than they really are (a direct result of not taking care of yourself).
  • 3 questions you must ask yourself to honestly judge how fit you are.
  • The secret behind "slowly but surely" and how it can save the day for people on the go.
  • 5 reasons you'll never regret getting in shape (that'll keep you from falling back into old habits).
  • The lowdown on HDL/LDL counts, your cholesterol, and the risks of being in the red zone.
  • If you're a woman, exercise can be one of your greatest weapons against the bone disease
  • How to prevent diabetes by fighting it off with exercise.
  • How being penny wise and pound foolish is a recipe for disaster.
  • 3 ways to manage your workout program like you would any other project in the office.
  • The secret to keeping with your routine when you start to get bored.
  • An easy way for you, the beginner, to make the transition to workout king or queen.
  • How to fit exercise routines into your work day.
  • Keeping your blood flowing inside your cubicle.
  • How to use your children to stay in shape.
  • The secret to walking instead of driving (in ways much more practical than you think).
  • How a good set of "traveling shoes" can keep the constant flier in shape.
  • 6 tips every traveler can use to stay in shape and keep your routine while away from home.
  • 6 exercises to use whenever you find yourself stuck without a gym.
  • 11 exercise tools you can take anywhere.
  • Warning! Not all exercise products do what they say! Read this and save your cash for something that DOES work.
  • How to use every exercise advantage possible while staying at hotels.
  • An easy way to motivate yourself to walk farther distances.
  • The secrets to eating for exercise success.
  • 4 "fitness friendly" hotel chains you should be on the lookout for. 

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

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A Guide To Losing Weight - Audio eBook

(Over three and a half hours of audio)

This is the most comprehensive report on losing weight you will ever read! Not only does it include detailed information about numerous types of diets but it also includes tips on how to make your diet (regardless of which type you choose) a success.

Everything you need to know about losing weight is included in this special ebook:

  • Thinking Like a Thin Person
  • The Secret to Weight Loss
  • Key Strategies for Weight Loss
  • The Psychology of Weight Loss

You even learn about specific diets like these:

  • The Vegetarian Diet
  • The Atkins Method
  • The Detox Diet
  • The GI Diet
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • The Low-Cal Approach to Weight Loss
  • Sugar Busters
  • The Subway Approach
  • The Prime Ingredient for Obesity
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • Misconceptions Abound About Weight Loss
  • How to Lose Weight the Natural Way
  • How to Eat More and Lose Weight
  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

No stone is left unturned in this comprehensive ebook!

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The Secrets to Eating a Truly Healthy Diet Are Revealed!

With all the foods out there claiming to be low-fat or fat-free or cholesterol free and with all the conflicting research that one day says a particular food is bad for you and the next says it is good, deciding how to “eat healthy” can be extremely difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be that way … not anymore! Thanks to “Your Guide to Healthy Eating” you can now get all the tips and information you need to know to eat a healthy diet from one convenient, inexpensive ebook.

Here is just some of what you will learn on the pages of this amazing guide:

  • How to evaluate your current diet – answer these seven questions and you’ll know exactly how you are currently doing as well as what you need to change to begin eating healthier!

  • What exactly a healthy diet is and how to eliminate your fast food cravings and ensure you’ll continue to eat healthy from here on out – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make healthy food choices when you follow these simple tips!

  • One of the biggest keys to developing a healthy diet and sticking to it – you may be very surprised at what you read here!

  • Why the saying, “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more true – find out why these five words are words to live by here!

  • How foods work together – and how to use this information to create well-rounded meals that will start boosting your health and energy in no time!

  • How to plan healthy meals – planning healthy meals can be difficult, especially if you are cooking for a family who is stuck in a rut of unhealthy meals … however, read this important information and you’ll soon be able to have your family eating healthy without them really even realizing it!

  • The key to ensuring that you and your family eat healthy meals – plus, how to get your family involved in the preparation of healthy meals … it’s much easier than you think! 

  • How to stock your kitchen to ensure you continue to eat healthy and lose weight – plus, healthy eating tips for when you eat out!

  • How to cut through all the diet misinformation that’s out there and focus on the tried and true tips that are guaranteed to help you lose weight – as well as improve your health faster than you ever thought possible!

  • The ABCs of nutrition – learn this info and you’ll always be able to make the healthiest food choices at a meal!

  • And much, much more – this ebook even includes tasty, “healthy,” easy-to-make recipes that you can start using immediately!

“Your Guide to Healthy Eating” contains the tips, techniques and secrets you need to know to lose weight safely and live a much healthier lifestyle.

This is the ebook that will allow you to stop the yo-yo diet nightmare once and for all and turn your weight loss and fitness dreams into reality! You’ll learn how to:

·        Lose weight

·        Improve your health

·        Send your energy skyrocketing

·        Stop your junk food cravings

·        Think more clearly

·        Sleep better

·        Be far more productive in life!

·        And more!

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All About Body Fitness

Fitness modeling is all about have a sleek and well built body, one that the person could be proud of so that it has a second round of head turnings in the crowd. It goes around tuning one's physique being more appealing and in right shape. Attention gaining is undoubtedly the ultimate purpose of this. Being noticed is like finding everything. However, it is always the quality and kind of attention that you would get, which would matter. The aspiration to become a fitness model would expect not just a wonderful sleek shape but also good health. What matters more is the overall toning of an individual, i.e., the body along with the will.

The modeling world is always crowded with hopefuls and aspirants. If you seriously want to set your foot in such crowded arena then you must be tough enough to see right into the facts. One needs to have a right mindset and correct information for the same.

Being unique, matters

Though a perfect body is supposed to be the key, it is not all that enough. It counts less than a little. At times even in spite of having the most beautiful body would not meet the expectations.

Here are some benefits of exercising:

1. It is the easiest way to maintain and improve ones health from a variety of diseases and premature death.

2. Studies have shown that it makes a person feels happier and increases ones self esteem preventing one from falling into depression or anxiety.

3. An active lifestyle makes a person live longer than a person who doesn't.

If you have conditions that make exercise and physical fitness a challenge, your provider may refer you to an exercise physiologist who can design a fitness program for your specific needs.

The primary thing that is considered is the audience and the camera. If a good image in projected with the lenses trying to project positive, then you could have an edge. There must also be something unique set about you which must differ from the rest. People have been successful long before they ventured in the modeling field, simply to realize that they look no different. Hence it is essential that you have something which differs from the crowd, something that could be boasted about even when you come in midst of several other models.

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Stay Fit And Healthy For Ever

Our body doesn't care that we live in the modern world where food is plentiful. It acts the same as it would if we were living in a wild, having to hunt for our food. And it is not wise to go against the instinct that is designed to protect us from starvation death.

So, get ready for a surprise: you do not have to be hungry in order to lose weight. On the contrary, eating regular meals and keeping yourself full is what will actually help you stick to your healthy eating plan and reach your goals. Keeping your hunger in check will help you avoid overeating. It will also prevent you from feeling miserable, frustrated and out of control.

You'll learn about:

  • -- What is Metabolism?
  • -- Increase metabolic rate and lose weight
  • -- The Many Benefits of Exercises
  • -- Fitness - On Your Way to a Healthier You
  • -- Burning Calories: Drink Ice Water
  • -- Burning Calories: Burn Them Fast
  • -- Burning Calories: Burn Them Easily
  • -- Burning Calories: By Spinning
  • -- Burning Calories: Eat Right
  • -- All About Working The Transverse Abdominals
  • -- Aquasize To A Flatter Stomach!
  • -- Why Do People Do Exercises For The Stomach
  • -- Different Exercises To Get A Flat Stomach
  • -- All About Free Exercises To Flatten The Stomach Fast
  • -- How To Target Your Stomach With Yoga
  • -- Lose Your Belly by Improving Your Posture
  • -- Six Poor Stomach Exercise Habits
  • -- Shrink Your Tummy!
  • -- Stomach Exercises For A Flatter Tummy
  • -- All About Stomach Flattening Exercises
  • -- The Post-Partum Tummy Routine
  • -- The Stomach Exercise All-Stars
  • -- The Strong Stomach Workout
  • -- Using Resistance Bands In Stomach Exercises
  • -- Burning Calories: Overview
  • -- Burning Calories Versus Burning Fat
  • -- Burning Calories: Keep Moving
  • -- Burning Calories: Aerobics
  • -- Burning Calories: Tips For Fast Burning
  • -- Burning Calories: Treadmills
  • -- Burning Calories For Weight Loss
  • -- Burning Calories: Track The Burning
  • -- Burning Calories: In Everyday Activities
  • -- Burning Calories Through Multi-Muscle Activities
  • -- Not That Low-Carb Diet!
  • -- Valuable Pilates Exercise Tips for Successful Weight Management
  • -- Stay Fit and Healthy!

Diet and weight loss is big business these days. It seems you’re always seeing and hearing ads for weight loss products that promise amazing results. Some of them have their own meal plans, some are just small little pills that purport to burn fat, and others ask you to cut certain foods out of your diet in order to adjust the body’s metabolism.

Your metabolism is the amount of energy in calories that your body burns in order to maintain its weight. Whether you’re sleeping, running, sitting, standing, riding in a car or eating a bowl of chocolate fudge ice cream, your body is constantly burning calories in order to keep you going. Think of it as a fire within you, burning your fat and food away. No, sorry but you won’t burn enough calories chewing your chocolate fudge ice cream to cancel out the calories you just took in by eating that bowl of ice cream. It would be nice if it worked that way, but it doesn’t.

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Green Tea Diet

Lose body fat and increase your energy!

Green tea is a great alternative for people who are on weight loss programs because it can help them lead a healthier lifestyle. For instance, instead of drinking coffee and cream which area high in calories, green tea weight loss programs can not only save you from taking in too much calories but also let you take in several healthful substances like polyphenols and flavonoids. Green tea also contains a small amount of caffeine, a key substance used in most weight loss programs because of its appetite-suppressant properties.

This ebook will show you...

  • The Health Benefits of Green Tea
  • Study on Green Tea and Weight Loss
  • Dual Action Green Tea Diet
  • Green Tea Extract and Weight Loss
  • Green Tea Weight Loss Patch
  • Green Tea Weight Loss Pill
  • Green Tea: Weight Loss Supplement
  • The Weight Loss Benefit of Green Tea
  • Using Green Tea in Weight Loss Programs
  • Chinese Green Tea for Weight Loss
  • Chinese Diet Green Tea
  • Green Tea Diet
  • Green Tea Diet Patch
  • Green Tea Diet Patches vs. Green Tea Diet Pills
  • Green Tea Diet Pills
  • Mega-T Green Tea for Weight Loss
  • Mega-T Green Tea Diet
  • Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill
  • Green Tea Weight Loss Capsule
  • The Effects of Weight Loss Capsules
  • AriZona Diet Green Tea
  • AriZona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng Extract
  • Nature’s Bounty Super Green Tea Diet
  • Green Tea Diet Aid
  • Schiff Green Tea Diet

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Advanced Dieting Methods

and Fat Burning Techniques
Tried And Proven Successful Methods!

You'll learn about:

  • -- Making Your Low Calorie Diet Work

  • -- Low Calorie Diet: No Calorie Foods

  • -- Eating Out On A Low Calorie Diet

  • -- Dealing With Water On A Low Calorie Diet

  • -- Low Calorie Diet: Burning Calories Effectively

  • -- The Three Hour Diet-A Dieting Revolution Indeed!

  • -- Atkins Diet - Processed Food vs The Unprocessed

  • -- Monohydrate - The Best And Natural Way To A Good Looking Body

  • -- Dieting By Weight Loss Surgery

  • -- PH Miracle Diet- Alkalize Your Body

  • -- Nine Facts About Fiber

  • -- pH Miracle Diet - Criticism

  • -- The Greatest Dieting Mistakes

  • -- Vegetarianism And The PH Miracle Diet

  • -- What Is In A Weight Loss Diet Pill?

  • -- Drugs That Induce Weight Loss

  • -- Weight Loss Plan: The Goal To Go For

  • -- Weight Loss Program - In A Week's Time

  • -- Weight Watchers Dieting

  • -- Teen Dieting

  • -- PH Miracle Diet- Alkalize Your Body

  • -- Shopping Tips For The Ph Miracle Diet

  • -- The "Quick Weight Loss Diet" Trend Disadvantage

  • -- Lose Weight The Herbal Way - 5 Important Ingredients And Side Effects

  • -- Low Carbohydrate Diet

  • -- Overnight Weight Loss

  • -- Nine Facts About Fiber

  • -- Atkins Induction Rules

  • -- Overcoming Plateaus On The Atkins Diet

  • -- Ph Miracle Diet Basics

  • -- Is The Ph Miracle Diet Right For You?

  • -- pH Miracle Diet - Criticism

  • -- Pre Maintenance Stage Of The Atkins Diet

  • -- Teen Dieting

  • -- Dairy products - Good or Bad?

  • -- Help Your Child Lose Weight

  • -- Handling The Challenges Of Dieting

  • -- Can Alli Help You Lose Weight?

  • -- Eating Healthy On A Budget

  • -- Eating Healthy When Eating Out

  • -- Secrets To Rapid Weight Loss

  • -- Finding The Beauty Within While Dieting

  • -- Garcinia Cambogia Extract - A Natural Weight Loss Supplement

  • -- Green Tea Weight Loss Plan

  • -- Losing Weight Through Hypnotism

  • -- How To Make Your Child Eat Healthy

  • -- 15 Keys To Rapid Weight Loss

  • -- Losing Weight In Menopause

  • -- Nutrition For The Elderly

  • -- Parasites And The Ph Miracle Diet

  • -- Ph Miracle Diet Cooking Tips

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Healthy Diabetic Diet Plan

Eat Right, Lose Weight to Control Diabetes
Maintaining a healthy diabetic diet is an essential part of
controlling blood glucose levels.


You'll learn:

  • -- Diabetes Risks, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Information ...

  • -- Signs of a Diabetes Symptom

  • -- Knowing the Types of Diabetes

  • -- Could You Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It?

  • -- Test to see if you are at risk for having diabetes

  • -- How To Live With Diabetes?

  • -- Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

  • -- Diabetes mellitus type 2 – Symptoms, causes and treatment

  • -- Complications of diabetes

  • -- Diabetes In Children

  • -- How to Prevent Diabetes

  • -- Diabetes Management

  • -- When to Eat when you have Diabetes

  • -- When you are Hungry in Between Meals

  • -- Diabetic Diets – Consistency and Variety

  • -- What Type Of Insulin Is Right For You?

  • -- Diabetes and Your Eyes

  • -- Diabetes and Your Feet

  • -- Diabetes and Your Heart

  • -- Diabetes and Your Mouth

  • -- Guide To Understanding Your Cholesterol

  • -- Keep Your Blood Sugar Level Under Control

  • -- Blood Glucose Meters

  • -- Recommended foods for diabetes

  • -- Easy Meal Planning for Diabetics

  • -- Good Carbohydrates and Bad Carbohydrates

  • -- Protein’s Affect on Blood Sugar Levels

  • -- Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetics

  • -- High-Fat Foods and the Affect on Blood Sugars

  • -- Free Foods in a Diabetic Diet

  • -- Keeping on Track with your Diabetic Diet

  • -- Meal Planning for an Active Diabetic

  • -- Using the Food Pyramid in Diabetic Diets

  • -- How Many Servings Are Right For You?

  • -- Tips for Revamping Favorite Recipes

  • -- The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Diet for Diabetics

  • -- The Role of Fiber in a Diabetic Diet

  • -- The Glycemic Index and Diabetic Diets

  • -- The Exchange Diet

  • -- Benefits of the Exchange Diet

  • -- Satisfying a Diabetic Sweet Tooth

  • -- Carbohydrate Counting Diet

  • -- Benefits of the Carbohydrate Counting Diet

  • -- Reading Food Labels

  • -- Benefits of a Healthy Diabetic Diet

  • -- A Diabetic Diet for Vegetarians

  • -- Controlling diabetes with natural health products

  • -- Control your diabetes by Vitamin C and Vitamin E

  • -- Natural Foot Care for Diabetics

  • -- Adjusting your Diabetic Diet for Special Occasions

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The Hoodia Diet

You'll learn:

  • What is this new diet anyway?

  • A Brief Guide to Hoodia Diet

  • Is this new diet effective?

  • Is The Hoodia Diet Safe?

  • What is hoodia diet extreme?

  • Hoodia Diet: What's the hype all about?

  • The Diet that Really works

  • Hoodia: The Easy Diet

  • The miracle pill or just another trend?

  • Does Hoodia Max work?

  • What makes Hoodia so important anyway?

  • What makes it so popular anyway?

  • Can you grow hoodia at home?

  • Hoodia Diet: Which is the Best?

  • The Cactus Miracle Pill?

  • Dessert Burn Real Hoodia for Real Results

  • Hoodia Diet Pills: Safe and Fast Weight Loss

  • Hoodia Diet: Practical and Reliable

  • Hoodia Patch: The Alternative for Pills?

  • How does Hoodia Diet Pills Work

  • Hoodia Liquid Diet for Faster Results

  • Hoodia Diet and Green Tea: A Healthy Combination

  • Hoodia Gordonii Pills: How do you know which is fake?

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Are you on a diet or dieting right now? Is your Weight Control, Weightloss or Fitness Program working?
Do you need an Overweight Program? Obesity is a high factor in heart attacks. Good Nutrition, Fitness, Good Health & Dieting all help to lower your chances.

NOTE: This is NOT the Atkins Hard Copy Book in .download pdf format

The Carb Counter
1000 Low Carb Recipes

71 Top Weight Loss Tips

And Much More... !
Start loosing the pounds now for the summer!

SUPER BONUS: Order now and receive MASTER Resell Rights so you can sell
The Atkins Carb Diet, Atkins Carb Counter & the 1000+ Recipes and keep 100% $$$ of the profits

New Diet Revolution: For over twenty years Dr. Atkins' dieters have been successful at losing weight while eating luxuriously and feeling completely satisfied. This is why the Atkins diet is the only major diet on which high rates of long-term diet failures are virtually unknown.

Now you too can be one of the successful dieters of 2004 by following the Dr. Atkins diet plan. This collection will give you all the information you need to know about losing weight with the Atkins diet.


1. The Atkins Diet Plan

Why Atkins works Atkins, the rules-find out what food is allowed and isn't allowed, food you can eat liberally and those that are limited. Convenience foods How to Test yourself to show Atkins is working Ongoing weight loss Preparation for permanent maintenance of your ideal weight Lifetime maintenance.

2. Atkins Carb Counter

The easiest way to count your carbs, no matter what diet you're on, is with Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter. And it's handy enough to take everywhere.
* Is guaranteed to work for all low-carbohydrate diets
* Has over 1200 listings
* Includes brand-name products
* Lists grams of carbohydrates, protein, and fat

3. Over 1000 Atkins Diet Recipes

243 pages/1000 recipes to keep you on the Atkins program with ease. The variety and simplicity of these recipes will ensure that you never run out of inspired ideas for your next low carb meal.

4. The Latest Atkins Thinking & 10 New Tips

Based on the latest research and 10 of the best new Atkins tips to diet and stay healthy.

5. The Right Fats Can Slim You, But The Wrong Fats Can Harm You

What every dieter needs to know about high fat diets

6. Dr Atkins Original Sheet

The original Atkins diet sheet where you can lose 1 stone in 2 weeks.

7. Cellulite Report

Everything you wanted to know about cellulite including what it is how you get it treatment of cellulite exercises to help treat cellulite

8. 71 Top Weight Loss Tips

The top 71 tips for you to lose weight and keep it off.

9. Top Fat Shedding Exercises

Three of the best exercises to burn excess fat

10. 12 Reasons to Use a Treadmill

Not many people use a treadmill on a regular basis, here's 12 good reasons why you should.

11. Tips For Handling Midlife Weight Woes

Nine top tips for women on how to handle weight gain when you reach middle age.

12. Basic Introduction To The Atkins & Quick Tips

Basically this is the getting started guide, gives you a brief outline of what you need to do first and what the main benefits are of the Atkins diet.

13. Diary of Vegetarian on Atkins Diet

Including tips and recipes following the diet especially for vegetarians.

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Information about the diets and explanations of how they work

4 week maintenance meal planner

2 week induction meal planner

A breakdown of the good and bad foods, so you can plan which will be the best foods for you.

also lots of tips on how to make the diet work best for you.

Hundreds of delicious recipes that give the nutritional values to.

The GI Diet or The South Beach Diet is based on reducing foods with a high glycamic index, food that increase the blood sugar after eating a certain foodS.-------WHICH MEANS THAT , eating foods with a low glycamic will curb your eating habits,and you WILL LOSE WEIGHT

The documents Will Be Sent Out in Acrobat and Word Format.


The GI Diet Under the Spotlight

It seems every couple of years another diet finds favour amongst A-list celebs and creates a media storm. This time it's the turn of the Glycaemic Index or GI diet to jump into the spotlight.

But before dismissing it as just another 'celebrity slimming craze' only suitable for the rich and famous, there's some good news: this is a diet that most nutritionists and dieticians actually like, too. Here's the lowdown...

What exactly is the Glycaemic Index?
In 1981, professor of nutrition Dr David Jenkins was looking at how different carbohydrate-rich foods affected blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and discovered that, contrary to popular belief, many starchy foods affected blood sugar levels quite dramatically, while some sugary foods had little effect. From his research, he developed a scale called the Glycaemic Index, which quite simply ranked foods based on the effect they had on blood sugar levels.

How it works
The Glycaemic Index runs from 0 to 100 and usually uses glucose - which has a GI value of 100 - as the reference. The effect other foods have on blood sugar levels are then compared with this. In simple terms, the GI index tells us whether a food raises blood sugar levels dramatically, moderately or a little bit. Foods that have only a slow, small effect on blood sugar have a low GI value, while those causing a rapid and massive rise in blood sugar have a high GI value.

So what's the link with weight loss?
The theory behind diets based on the Glycaemic Index is that foods with a low GI value slowly release sugar into the blood, providing you with a steady supply of energy, leaving you feeling satisfied longer so that you're less likely to snack. In contrast, foods with a high GI value cause a rapid - but short-lived - rise in blood sugar. This leaves you lacking in energy and feeling hungry within a short time, with the result that you end up reaching for a snack. If this pattern is frequently repeated, you're likely to gain weight as a result of constantly overeating

How do GI diets work?
Diets based on GI index simply encourage you to eat plenty of foods with a low GI value and avoid those with a high GI value. This helps to prevent swings in blood sugar, helping you feel fuller for longer. However, most GI diets also recommend cutting down on fat, especially saturates. This means many of the foods which have a low GI value but are high in fat - whole milk, crisps and chocolate, for example - are still limited.

What affects the GI value of a food?
There are several things. Firstly, the overall nutrient content of a food will affect its GI. For example, fat and protein affect the absorption of carbohydrate. This helps to explain why chocolate, which is high in fat, has a low GI value. It also explains why high-fat crisps have a lower GI value than low-fat jacket potatoes. Whole milk also has a low GI value because it's packed with protein and fat.

How you cook a food, the degree of processing and the ripeness and variety of a fruit, for example, also affect its GI. Even the structure of the carbohydrate itself influences the GI. For example, processed instant oatmeal has a higher GI than traditional rolled oats used to make porridge. This is because, as a result of the processing, the starch in instant oats is more easily exposed to digestive enzymes, causing it to break down and enter the bloodstream more rapidly.

Meanwhile, some foods have low GI values because they are packed with fibre, which acts as a physical barrier, slowing down the absorption of carbohydrate into the blood.

So what happens when I eat a meal?
GI index charts only identify the effect different foods have on bloods sugar levels when they are eaten on their own and, consequently, many nutritionists believe this is one of the main problems with GI diets. Basically, when you eat a mixture of foods together as in a meal, the GI value of that whole meal changes. As a guideline though, the more low GI foods you include in a meal, the lower the overall GI value of that meal will be.

Are there any cons to the GI diet?
As outlined above, one of the main limitations to GI diets is the fact it's difficult to identify the GI value of a meal. Meanwhile, some foods with a low GI value are also packed with fat and/or salt and contain few nutrients. Chocolate and crisps, for example, are high in fat and contain few vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, a 50g pack of salted peanuts contains around 5g of salt - that's almost the maximum amount recommended by nutrition experts for good health!

Consequently, it's possible to follow a GI diet that's packed with fat and lacking in many of the nutrients you need to stay healthy. However, most GI diet plans come with advice to cut down on the amount of fat you eat and recommend avoiding many of the high-fat, low GI foods. For example, they recommend choosing skimmed milk over whole milk.

What do the experts think?
In general, most nutritionists and dieticians are supportive of the basic principles of the GI diet. They do, however, believe that you shouldn't get too hung up about avoiding all high GI foods because when foods are eaten together in a meal, that meal can have a very different GI value to the individual foods it contains.

How much weight can I expect to lose?
Most GI diets suggest you will lose around 1-2lb a week, possibly with a slightly greater loss in the first few weeks when your body loses water as well as fat. This follows the guidelines recommended by nutrition experts.

How does it differ from the Atkins Diet?
Unlike the Atkins Diet, which bans most carbohydrates, especially in the early stages, GI diets actively encourage you to eat many carbohydrates and antioxidant-rich fruit and veg. The diet is also high in fibre which means you're less likely to get constipated and, because carbohydrate isn't restricted to any great degree, you won't get the other unpleasant side effects associated with the Atkins Diet, such as bad breath and headaches. GI diets also tend to follow healthy eating guidelines and are low in fat, especially saturates. And if that's not enough, GI diets are much easier to follow if you are a vegetarian!

Are there any other health benefits to the GI diet?
Following a diet that includes plenty of foods with a low GI index may have a role in helping to prevent or reduce the risk of getting Type 2 or maturity-onset diabetes, according to experts at Diabetes UK, the largest diabetes organisation in the UK. Research has also shown that lower GI diets can help improve levels of 'good' cholesterol and so may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Is a GI diet suitable for people with diabetes?
Anyone with diabetes should always check first with their doctor before making changes to their diet. However, most diabetes experts agree that including foods with low GI value in meals can help to maintain even blood sugar levels. However, they also agree that eating to control control diabetes, isn't just about looking at the GI value of foods. You should also focus on eating a balanced, healthy diet you can stick with for life.

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Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule!

 You’ll learn all the tips, tricks, and tactics of those who must be creative to stay active. And you can get your hands on them in just minutes from now.

The sooner you get started, the better. You may not have time to hire a trainer, go to the gym three times a week, and completely change the way you eat.

However, slowly but surely, you can change your daily habits that WILL have an effect on your health.

When you decide to park a little further away from work to walk the extra distance

When you realize you can use your kids to stay in shape - while spending time with them as well  That's when you start to burn extra calories.

Keeping your blood flowing while sitting at your cramped desk at work will increase your energy and improve your mood

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The Fun of Getting Thin, How To Be Happy and Reduce the Waist Line

An incredibly practical approach to losing weight. Through teasing, jokes and anecdotes, Blythe talks about the unconventional yet simple and effective ways to reduce fat. 

Blythye does not seek to profound new theories about weight loss neither does he suggest some medication or remedies for combating obesity. 

He explains the various steps he took to lose weight that anyone can copy. 

He also believes that any one serious about losing weight can also put them into practice and achieve the great results. 

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This is an audio ebook to teach you and others

healthy eating habits without the hype

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Eating Your Way To Fitness

Lose Weight and Body Fat Without Giving Up the Yummy
and Tasty Foods You Love!

Eating Your Way to Fitness very clearly explains in easy to understand English what an individual needs to know about the effective steps on how to set personal goals in order to achieve fat and weight loss – permanently!

You can now lose weight without giving up the yummy and tasty foods you love!!! All the answers are contained and clearly explained in Eating Your Way to Fitness e-book. It gives you clear guidelines and instructions on how you can now enjoy your food (and snacks too) and at the same time lose weight at the rate of TWO POUNDS per week!!!

Here's What You Will Learn From Eating Your Way to Fitness E-book.

Eating Your Way to Fitness – Get Fit and Healthy Without the Agony! provides you all you need to know about:

  •  The Importance of Proteins and Carbohydrates in your diet!
  • How you can eat FATTY foods to help you lose weight!
  • How to maximize your water intake for a healthier weight loss program!
  • How to permanently lose weight and keep lean for the rest of your life!

Other weight loss and dieting programs make you sacrifice the quantity and quality of foods you eat for short-term weight loss! After six months or so, you begin to notice that you weigh more than when you started out on their sure-fire weight loss program!

Why? Because right off the start, the program is not provided for sustainable weight loss!

Sure, you will lose more than 5 POUNDS within 2 weeks but do you know that those 5 pounds you lost include muscles too? Why? Because other weight and fat loss programs advocate severe carbohydrate restriction which is detrimental and may be dangerous to health!

On the other hand, Eating Your Way to Fitness – Get Fit and Healthy Without the Agony! provides you with a complete, comprehensive and thorough strategy on how to permanently lose fat WITHOUT the need for diet pills, expensive equipment and unnecessary exercises to keep fit and maintain a healthy body!

By learning the techniques from Eating Your Way to Fitness  you can lose weight permanently using a scientific approach:

  •  You will increase your self confidence!
  • You will have more time for your family!
  • You will become more productive!
  • You will look and feel great permanently!

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Guide To Help Teenagers Lose Weight

1) A decrease in the likelihood of health risks

Studies show that being overweight plays a major role in health risks such as heart disease, respiratory problems, hormonal imbalances...and several more. Are you willing to risk your teen's future health?

2) Increased self esteem, leading to an improvement in overall lifestyle

Self esteem plays an important role in today's society, and being overweight can have a serious effect on your teen's mental well being. Your teen is far likelier to excel in adulthood if they are at or below their recommended body mass index. Is your teen's success in the future at risk due to being overweight now?


Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

  • What are the psychological issues for overweight teens? In this chapter, you'll learn all about the mental issues that need to be considered. To your teen, the weight may not even be a thought...which makes this an even more difficult situation to approach. Do you know how best to handle it? 
  • How do you go about parenting an overweight teen without creating more problems? Sometimes, saying, or doing the wrong thing could make matters worse. It takes just the right amount of parenting to handle this delicate situation. 
  • How can teens lose weight safely and quickly?We'll reveal the safest, and fastest ways for a teen to lose weight quickly. One thing you never want to do, is to jump on one of the "fad" diets. The actual best way may be surprising... 
  • How worried should you, as a parent, be about your teens weight? It's normal, and appropriate for a parent to worry about their teen being overweight. But just how worried should you be? We'll break it down, and reveal the best course of action. 
  • And a lot more!

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A Blueprint To Building A Body You Can Be Proud Of
Take your wishes and wants and finally put them to action. Build a body you can be proud of.
Making the decision is the first step. The second step is to gather information about the options available to help you begin your journey.
Options abound for the beginning bodybuilder and they can all appear quite daunting when you are just getting started. In fact, it’s easy to become extremely confused and discover more questions than answers. Questions like:

» How do I build muscle?

» How do I strengthen muscle?

» Am I healthy enough to begin a muscle building routine?

» What should I eat?

» How often should I eat?

» Should I eat at different intervals throughout the day?

» Is there a specific diet for building muscle?

» How many calories should I eat?

» Should I take supplements?

» Should I join a gym?

» Can I create my own gym at home?

» How can I avoid being ripped off?

While these may seem like very simple answers to a bodybuilding veteran, for the novice faced with decisions that may affect health and lifestyle they are extremely important.

“Muscle Building Mania” is written just for you, the novice who is considering his/her options when approaching such a change in your lifestyle.

You will find answers to the questions above, as well as an exploration of the pros and cons to joining a gym or creating one at home.

Review the different types of equipment that are available to you as a bodybuilder and what purpose they serve.

What changes do you need to make in your dietary habits and what impact they will have on your bodybuilding efforts are revealed.

Learn how to protect yourself against outrageous claims by over zealous marketers.

All this and much more is at your fingertips. “Muscle Building Mania” is an absolute must have for anyone who is considering becoming a bodybuilder.

Before you take that second step, arm yourself with the most powerful tool any budding bodybuilder should have. What is that tool? Knowledge!

» Before you even think about your exercise routine
» Before you begin researching a nutritional program
» Before you shop for supplements
» Before you join a gym
Learn how to protect yourself against outrageous claims by over zealous marketers.

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How to boost your metabolism and lose weight!

You'll discover the truth on how to speed up your metabolism with simple changes to exercise, diet, and daily life.

Feel like those holiday pounds never went away? If you think you're stuck with a "slow" metabolism. A metabolism that doesn't seem to let you eat anything at all, much less anything you want.

...here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • What metabolism is and what metabolism isn't.
  • How metabolism helps you (in ways you've never thought of).
  • The truth behind calories and how your body deals with them (it's the same with fruit as with ice cream).
  • How anyone can speed up their metabolism by making changes in these 3 areas of their life.
  • The place to start when trying to boost your metabolism through exercise. 
  • Why jogging isn't enough to boost your metabolism and lose weight by itself.
  • The secret to burning more calories while you sit around doing nothing.
  • Interval training as your secret weapon for fitness (and burning extra calories).
  • How the most health-conscious add variety to their fitness routines (for better results).
  • How wine with dinner can help you lose the battle over your metabolism.
  • Why getting just the right amount of sleep can help your metabolism grow strong (Plus 6 tricks for getting to sleep on time).
  • Will learning to relax turn into one of your best weapons for fighting a slow metabolism? The truth is revealed...
  • Why most people are wrong about how they look at calories.
  • How to stay within your calorie limit and still get the proper nourishment.
  • The secret to eating more to weigh less.
  • Experts choose to eat early in the day for this reason.
  • Breakfasts that will only make you more hungry later - and you should avoid.
  • This type of food takes more energy to breakdown (burning more calories) - and you should get your hands on some.
  • Why a trip to the grocery store can be an adventure even for the health conscious.
  • The truth about carbohydrates (once adored by weight watchers)! And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

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Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself

Change Your Thinking Today...

You don’t have to be hungry when you diet. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying the kinds of foods you never thought you could while on a weight loss program and never feel like you’re
starving yourself.

Inside these pages is a wealth of information about losing weight and still feeling like you’re cheating on your diet. What can you find?

  • Information about metabolism and why it controls your weight loss

  • Putting yourself into the right mindset to lose weight

  • What foods you can eat

  • What foods you CAN’T eat

  • How to shop for the right foods

  • And much, much more!

This book takes the advice of nutritionists, diet experts, and even the Mayo Clinic to offer YOU the best advice around on how to lose weight and not feel hungry in the process. After all, that’s
why most people hate the thought of dieting.

The secret to losing weight without starving yourself is right here inside these pages. Plus it gives you some excellent advice on
what foods you should eat, portion sizes, number of meals and exercise regimens. In fact, you will read about

  • A great fat burning exercise workout

  • Toning exercises

  • Exercise to banish cellulite

  • Walking for weight loss

  • And other forms of exercise to help you along!

Shedding those extra pounds is no easy task. It takes determination, willpower, and a little work. How do you do that? By being committed to your health and your weight loss goals. But first,
you need the tools.

  • A chart outlining the caloric content of certain foods

  • How many calories you can burn during specific activities

  • Over 15 delicious recipes for weight loss

You don’t have to spend hours counting calories anymore. Just follow the advice in this book, and you will lose weight. But you have to be serious about it!

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Exercise Your Body Type


Discover How to Quickly & Easily GET BODY TYPE EXERCISE



How can you make the best of what your body has to offer for fitness and exercise, healthy living? How can your workouts give you MORE, with some consideration for and of how you are build, your bone structure, stature, physique, physical height/weight, presence and distribution of body-fat, metabolic rates and MORE? Have you ever considered these aspects as part of your overall health and fitness assessment(s), your workout routines, types and duration of exercises and the like?

This guide on body type and exercise, will take you from start to finish, doing any, some or all of the above and so much more! YOU CAN REAP THE REWARDS OF WHAT BODY TYPE and EXERCISE INSIGHTS, WISDOM AND SECRETS HAVE TO OFFER!  

Body type, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle can all work together to make and get more out of life! There is a newer push to use things like inner strenghts, talents, natural endowments, be it muscular or skinny for that matter, to get the most from your activity and mobility!


§         Body Type Or ‘Types’  And Exercise – What Do They Have In Common And To Do With One Another         

§       Body Type And Exercise - A Different Perspective, Angle And Approach To Fitness, Movement And Exercise         

§        The Role, Rationale And Merit(s) Of B/T or Body Type Exercise and workouts in general– Risk/Reward And Necessity!

§       Body types and exercise - A Recipe For It’s Success - Synergy! Putting Both Elements Together, Making The Most Of Body Type And Exercise (For Every Body Type And Everybody!)

§       A Practical Approach For Your Exercise And Body-Type

A Personal Exercise Plan- Customized According To Body-Type – How To Go About It … and much, much MORE.

Learn how to tell your body type, how to learn more about what it means for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle...

Body Building For Beginners

Body building has always been thought of as a man’s sport. It’s true that most top-notch body builders are men. If you are a man interested in body building, you really have some advantages that can help you tone and sculpt a beautiful body.

...here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • The Anatomy of Body Building
  • Body Building for the Real Man
  • Fitness Body Building
  • Body Building Routine
  • Body Building Program
  • Body Building Tips, Tricks & Rules
  • Nutrition in Body Building
  • Body Building Diet
  • Body Building Supplements
  • Does Drinking Really Affect the Muscle Growth Process?
  • Body Building for Males
  • Body Building for a Woman
  • Body Building for Girls
  • Body Building Exercises
  • Body Building Workout
  • If you can’t afford a personal trainer...
  • Body Building Pics
  • Valuable Strategies For Maximum Muscle Gains
  • Abdominal Exercises For Beginners
  • Shoulder Exercises For Beginners
  • Chest Exercises For Beginners
  • Build Muscles For Beginners
  • Body Building Equipment
  • Body Building Clothes
  • Body Building Photos
  • Body Building Forums
  • Body Building National Championship
  • What Do You WANT? What Do You DESERVE?

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Total Bodybuilding

Body building is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased caloric intake, and rest. Workouts are designed to focus on certain muscle categories, and foods are consumed with the intention to build the body’s metabolism and increase mass.

Everything you need to know about bodybuilding is included in this special ebook:

  • The Bodybuilding Principles
  • Weight Training
  • Exercises
  • Workout Plans
  • Eating Right
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Cooking for Mass (Recipes)
  • Sweet Dreams (Getting Enough Rest)
  • Supplements
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Protein
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Steroids & Growth Hormones
  • Body Building for Her
  • Body Building for Teens
  • Contests

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Insider Nutrition Secrets

"Secrets To Living Longer And Healthier Revealed By
Nutrition Scientist!


Healthy eating is much more than just dieting.

“Insider Nutrition Secrets” will de-mystify and reveal the answers you need before you start wondering where you are going to store all those “special meals” that cost an arm and a leg.

Starting today, learn the facts about what your body really needs to survive longer and healthier. 

Discover “insider information” from a former food and drug expert.

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How To Develope a Perfect Body

When talking about weight loss, there are three components of balanced energy, which include calorie intake, calories stored, and calories expended. The way it works is that if the amount of calories taken in equals the amount of calories being expended (burned), then there is balance and the body's weight is stable.

...here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • -- Losing Fat and Staying in Great Shape is a Difficult Task

  • -- Are You at a Healthy Weight?

  • -- Learn To Read Nutrition Labels

How To Develope A Perfect Body - Tips, Tricks and Rules -

-- Understanding Your Body: A Different Perspective

-- How Much Do You Know?

-- Muscle Power

-- What Is the Difference between Weight loss and Fat loss!

-- The Starting Point

-- Knowing Our Stomach and Body

-- Prakruti – Type – Different Combination of Elements In the Body

-- Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight After 50?

-- Working Out

-- Lose Weight and Get In Shape

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How To Lose Belly Fat

If you are looking for advice on how to lose stomach fat then following these tips and tricks will help you to lose that gut.

Belly fat is nothing but stored energy. By burning more energy stored in the belly one can reduce the fat.


Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • What is Belly Fat?
  • How people accumulate belly fat
  • Main causes of belly fat
  • Different ways you can get rid of belly fat
  • Why losing belly fat is important?
  • Best ways to lose belly fat
  • How to get a flat tummy
  • Best exercises to combat belly fat
  • Fighting against belly fat
  • Learn To Read Nutrition Labels
  • A Simple Plan To Lose Belly Fat
  • How To Control Cholesterol Through Your Diet
  • How to totally get rid of belly fat
  • How to totally get rid of belly fat
  • Simple steps to lose your belly fat
  • Weight Loss Surgery, Is It A Safe Option?
  • Yoga for Abdominal Weight Loss
  • Alternative Medicine – New Way to Lose Weight
  • Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight?
  • The road to the perfect abs

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Fitness Modeling

Through this e-book, we will teach you several very key elements to keeping yourself fit. Each tip and tool given is something that you can do easily, without much help and with the ability to see benefits.

 Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

Fitness Model Basics

- Where Are You Now?

- The First Steps...

- Fitness Modeling Its Not Only For Weight Loss

Would You Like to Be a Fitness Model?

Body Fitness And Its Effect On Your Life

- Beauty and Fitness

- What’s Healthy?

- How Can You Improve Your Body

- Aerobic Training

- Strength Training

- Your Overall Body Fitness Plan

- Moderate Exercises to Fitness!

- Working Out for Extreme Fitness

- Health Pointers for the Fitness Modeling

- The Elite Fitness Systems Secrets Revealed

Diet Fitness, You Are What You Eat, Really!

- A Look on Diet Fitness

- Health and Fitness

- 10 Things You Should Know About Stretching

- Dieting To Lose Weight

- Can’t Give It Up!

- Improving your heart’s health is essential

- Improving Health Risks

- Eat Whole Foods

- Overall Diet Fitness Plan

Mind Fitness, A Healthy Emotional Life

- A Healthy Brain

- Emotional Health

- Stress Management

- Spiritual Well Being

- Emotional Eating

- How can you improve your mind’s fitness?

- Your Self Esteem

- Build A Social Network

- Managing Stress

- Brain Power!

- Your Overall Mental Fitness Plan

Lifestyle Fitness, You Are What You Do, Too

- Smoking, Drinking And Drugs

- Do you wake up rested?

- Supplements

- Financial Concerns

- Meditation And Yoga

- Rewards

Tips on How to Become a Fitness Model

A Short List of Bodybuilding Fiction

Valuable Tips for Fitness Models To Stay Fit and Healthy!

Tips Associated to Diet and Fitness for Keeping Your Body Healthy

Reaching Your Body’s Full Potential

Better Work Out

Seven Top Outdoor Exercises

Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Tips for Buying those Fitness Equipment Machines

Build Your Own Home Fitness Gym

Guidelines in Finding A Fitness Club

24 Hour Fitness Centers and Clubs

How to Choose the Fitness Center of Your Life

Fitness Model Championship


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Getting Started with Pilates

Easy to follow hints, tips and advice to gradually achieving optimum Health and Vitality and improving your general Well-being with a simple exercise and eating regimen.

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • Pilates History
  • What Is Pilates?
  • Pilates Principles
  • Pilates Tips
  • It's time to start a Healthy life
  • Getting Started with Pilates
  • Drawbacks to Pilates
  • Personal Pilates Exercise
  • The Routine of the Pilates Training
  • The Advantages, Disadvantages, and Exercises on a Pilates Ball
  • So, you want to learn Pilates at Home?
  • Pilates Products for Home Use
  • Benefits of Pilates
  • Outdoor Exercise and Pilates
  • Beauty and Pilates Exercises
  • Simple Strategies to Keep Your Body Fit and Improving the Quality of Life
  • Pilates: Definitely Not a Waste of Time
  • Devote Yourself to Lifetime Pilates Exercises
  • A Pilates Program For Success
  • Exercising During Pregnancy
  • Quit Smoking With Exercise
  • Never Drink Alcohol Before You Exercise
  • Water And Exercise
  • Which Pilates Trainer is Right for You?

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Gaining Weight

Tips To Gain weight for The Skinner Guy

Being a skinny guy in a fat world is just no fun at all. You don’t get the respect you want at home or at work. You don’t get as many dates as the more muscular, or even worse the chubby guy gets. You have less confidence, which means you don’t always take the chance to go for the things you really want in life. You’re a smart guy and you are capable of so much more than this in your life. The time has come to turn the tables and achieve your dreams…

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • Being a Skinny Guy in a Fat World
  • Why Women are Attracted to Big Muscles
  • How Being too Skinny Damages your Health
  • Basic Weight Gain Theory
  • How Muscles are Built
  • Work Smarter not Harder
  • Working Out too much Sabotages your Efforts
  • The Workout Plan
  •          Workout 1
  •          Workout 2
  •          Workout 3
  •          Workout 4
  • Why your Rest Days are Vital
  • Do you need Supplements?
  • The Eating Plan: Phase One—Bulk Up
  • The Eating Plan: Phase Two—Final Cut Phase
  • The Mindset—Thoughts Determine Results

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Your New Years Weight Loss Resolution

Are you ready to finally discover the secrets of weight loss that have been kept from you for so long?

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • The real reasons why you gained the weight
  • How to overcome the factors that are keeping you fat 
  • Fad diets and how to spot them 
  • Does your weight have emotional control over you?
  • The difference between obesity and overweight 
  • How to determine your ideal weight 
  • Pounds or inches? 
  • How to lose weight based on fact not pie in the sky hype 
  • Why your weigh scales will only make you go insane 
  • What kinds of foods you should be eating to drop the weight 
  • How to eat to lose weight 
  • How to turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine 
  • Types of exercises to turbocharge your weight loss
    ....and lots more

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Sports Nutrition

You're About To Uncover What The #1 Key Is To Sports Nutrition And Exactly What Sports Nutrition Is And How It Can Help You, No Matter How Much Time You Have Had To Prepare!

It doesn't matter if you've never experienced sports nutrition up close and personal, This guide will tell you everything you need to know, without spending too much brainpower!

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • Discover what the #1 key is to sports nutrition.
  • Learn what the carbohydrates rule is.

  • What essential nutrient your body needs the most. 

  • Find out how to plan you meals for your essential nutrition. 

  • Discover exaclty what foods can hurt your nutrition needs. 

  • Learn what supplements you should be taking for you desired activity. 

  • Find out exaclty what sports nutrition is and how it can help you. 

  • Discover what all the major aspects of sports nutrition are. 

  • Learn exaclty how much water is the right amount of water consumption for your body.

  • Find out the correct way you should be consuming water to your benefit. 

  • Discover what you should be drinking for optimal sports nutrition.

  • Learn a plan for successful diet management for your nutrition. 

  • Discover what foods you should be eating for optimal sports nutrition. 

  • Plus much MUCH More!

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Think Yourself Thin - Audio eBook

Lose Weight easily and effortlessly...
Do you have 70 seconds a day to spend getting the slim beautifuly body you've always wanted without having to diet?

Then download and hear a new way of losing weight!

Powerful Weight Loss Strategies

If you want to start losing weight, just slightly tweak the habits you are already used to. Eat, but eat different. Don’t sit when you can stand. They...it’s the little things that make up the extra inches around your waist line!

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • => Understand why it's so much harder to keep the weight off now than ever before. 

  • => Learn how to best use the effects of drinking water to help you lose pounds.

  • => Learn the 2 most important concepts for losing weight and keeping it off.

  • => Understand why drinking plenty of water is so important.

  • => Discover which popular fruits will fill you up without adding too many calories. Not all fruits are created equal!

  • => Find out which drinks you should stay away from - it's not just soda pop!

  • => Learn what not to do with your vegetables before you eat them.

  • => Understand why fiber is so important and why you need to eat more of it.

  • => Learn which vegetables to avoid and which vegetables to savor.

  • => Learn what vegetable you should be eating every day.

  • => Learn to control that SWEET TOOTH.

  • => Learn which fruit juices are acceptable and which are not.

  • => Realize that an entire week of dieting can be ruined in one day of party food.

  • => Learn which butters are preferred when trying to lose weight.

  • => Find out the truth about canned fruits.

  • => Learn that having a cup of coffee with some cream and sugar can be as bad as eating a large piece of rich chocolate cake.

  • => Understand why setting meal times and sticking to them is so important.

  • => Understand why skipping meals can actually make you fall a step behind when trying to lose weight.

  • => Learn that you should be eating at least 4 meals a day!

  • => Discover if eggs are an acceptable part of your diet.

  • => Find out why eating diversely can help you stick to your diet and keep you from getting sick.

  • => Find out the best time to eat breakfast and why.

  • => Discover the truth about carbohydrates in your diet.

  • => Understand the importance of protein in your daily eating plan.

  • => Realize that you do not need to cut out fats entirely and how much is an acceptable amount.

  • => Discover what a non-stick frying pan can do for your weight loss plan.

  • => Discover the benefits of fresh parsley - it does more than just make your breath fresher!

  • => Understand that taking a day off from working out is not only acceptable... but encouraged!

  • => Learn to be on the lookout for low-fat and no-fat substitutes.

  • => Discover why you really should chew your food 8-12 times before swallowing.

  • => Learn two advantages to exercising outdoors.

  • => Learn 3 everyday secrets to help you burn calories while at work or play.

  • => Learn how to fight the urge to become a couch potato.

  • => Discover how to use stairs to your advantage.

  • => Learn what meats are preferable when trying to lose weight.

  • => Find out how punching your pillow can help you lose weight.

  • => Learn what to do with high tech gadgets such as remotes and cell phones to help you burn calories.

  • => Learn why body massages can be a great tool for losing weight.

  • => Understand how good posture can help you to burn more calories each day.

  • => Discover the value of high fiber multigrain breads.

  • => Learn how you can use the concept of "grazing" to actually eat more meals a day and still lose weight.

  • => Understand why smoking can negatively effect your weight loss plan.

  • => Finally understand what TV commercials are good for.

  • => Learn what role salt has in obesity.

  • => Learn 2 great stress relieving AND calorie burning activities that you will always have time for.

  • => Understand when "cheat food" is acceptable.

  • => Learn how to calculate the total calories in each gram of fat... and hence no which foods to stay away from!

  • => Learn to do pelvic gyrations regularly. Whether you do them while people are watching or not is up to you.

  • => Discover which breathing exercises will help burn extra calories.

  • => Understand why you shouldn't eat certain snack foods and how you can BENEFIT from others.

  • => Understand the importance of a warm-up to your exercising routines.

  • => Learn how to use elevators to your advantage, when no one is looking of course.

  • => Find out which is better for you, tea or coffee, and why.

  • => Learn which wines to dine with and which wines to avoid altogether.

  • => Discover which ways to reward yourself are acceptable and which are counter-productive.

  • => Understand why it is important to count calories and how to use that information to lose weight.

  • => Learn the hidden danger of fried foods.

  • => Learn to let your dog lead you on your next walk.

  • => Learn a simple exercise you can do anywhere at any time of day to burn extra calories.

  • => Discover the correct intensity level for your beginning workouts... it's a lot less than you'd think.

  • => Learn a simple technique that will continue to motivate you to lose weight.

  • => 7 common exercises and the number of calories you can expect to burn during each.

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01_Foods that Increase Body Fat
02_Foods that Decrease Body Fat
03_It's all a Matter of Making the Right Choices
04_Yummy Tasty Recipes for Health
05_Carbohydrates and Our Body

Undertaking the combined nutrition-exercise-weight training regimen requires time before a lifestyle change for the better can be accomplished. At your fingertips are the knowledge, tools and information you need in order to achieve a leaner, more muscular and attractive body including a healthier and more productive lifestyle starting right now.

Foods that Increase Body Fat

Foods that Decrease Body Fat

It's all a Matter of Making the Right Choices

Yummy Tasty Recipes for Health

Carbohydrates and Our Body

Be patient as you work towards the achievement of your goals, it does not take overnight to undo what you have established over a lifetime. However, you do not need another lifetime to change and get fit for a healthier lifestyle.
Hard work eventually pays off. All that is needed now is for you to be patient and committed towards doing the commitment to a new lifestyle.

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Body Makeover

Body Makeover helps you with losing weight and reshaping your body. The software contains: animated leg and ab workouts, illustrated Pilates exercises, animated plyometric drills. It also calculates: your BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Liquid Calorie Consumption, Recommended Daily Calorie Intake according to various activities, Daily Calorie Expenditure. It has a built-in 20-Day Low Calorie Diet Planner, as well.

  1. This body mass calculator is so easy to use and can be used by both people who know the metric system or the imperial system. You simply put numbers into the boxes it asked you for and then it calculates it easily. Use this calculator for yourself or others, use it whenever you wish. But also let it be known that although it can give you your BMI number, always talk to a doctor about your overall health because there can be other factors in determining ones health and fat levels other than a calculator.

  2. Quick Health Calculator - Want a quick, good-looking, easy-to-install health calculator for your web site? Look no further! The Quick Health Calculator is a free program for your web site that measures the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a visitor as well as risk for weight-related illnesses. The Calculator is sleek, and very easy to adjust to the look and feel of your web site. The calculator is validated in both JavaScript and PHP to insure easy of use for visitors.

    Best of all, Quick Health Calculator is free to use on as many web pages and web sites as you want!

  3.  Calorie Burning Calculator calculates daily metabolic rate, or the number of calories that are required to maintain one's weight. It has a nice, simple interface, and is incredibly easy to add to your health-related web site. Just unzip, upload and you're done!

  4. Calorie Count is a useful tool for calorie intake calculation and diet planning. Calories do count and it's also important how efficiently your body burns them. Calorie Count also contains a diet planner with professional advice on food combining, detox, suggested daily calorie intake bor men and women, calorie intake from beverages consumed, as well as some useful guidelines for speeding up the metabolism and making the most of it. People make the mistake of thinking they have to make drastic changes to lose weight and get in shape, but the secret is to make small changes and incorporate them into their lives permanently.

  5. Ab Makeover shows you the most effective way of flattening your stomach. It is a combination of strength training (with a extra focus on mid-section), cardiovascular exercise (short, hard workouts), and stable blood sugar (keeps you from adding additional fat and makes it easier for the body to use body fat for fuel). It also contains calorie intake and expenditure calculators.

  6.  Flat Abs Secrets - In order to be successful at thinning your waistline you must have a basic understanding of how the ab muscles function and how your body burns fat. If your goal is to have a nice flat stomach, the first thing you need to do is decrease / eliminate the layers of fat that are on top of your abs. The most effective way of flattening your stomach is a combination of strength training , cardiovascular exercise , and stable blood sugar.

  7. The Weight Loss tracker is easy-to-use method of keeping track of your caloric intake on a day-to-day basis. The program can be added to your web site as for added functionality, and to increase the number of return visitors your site gets. Using the Weight Loss Tracker will help your visitors get a feel for how many calories they consume on a day-to-day basis, as well as if they are consuming less or more calories than you need to maintain their current body weight. We made all of the shortcuts we could to make the use of the weight loss tracker as simple, efficient and flexible as possible.

  8. Weight loss calculator measures body mass index based on your weight and height and is used as a relative measure of your health. For adults, this information is used to determine if your weight relative to your height is either underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese.

    People who are overweight or obese are at higher risk for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Anyone who is overweight should try to avoid gaining additional weight. Additionally, if you are overweight with other risk factors (such as high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high blood pressure), you should try to lose weight. Even a small weight loss (just 10% of your current weight) may help lower the risk of disease. Talk with your healthcare provider to determine appropriate ways to lose weight. Information courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  9. 26 Animated Ab Exercises eBook.

    Would you like to work on your abs and achieve a 6 pack stomach? Here is a fantastic fully animated eBook with complete instructions for each exercise to spot tone your tummy and firm up for that fabulous swimsuit you have been lusting over. You will love it!

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