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Just One of These Tips Will Help YOU To Save More Money, Make A Better Relationship, Have A Healthier Body and Create Huge Success In Life and Business!

There is no question in my mind that these e-Books will help you become a much better man or woman than you are now -- regardless of your age, sex or social background -- if you just read them and begin to practice them.

Nothing complicated here, just some proven tips for helping you to become a better human and ultimately improve quality of your life.

After reading this Best-Selling Collection, you will never look at the world the same way again.

You'll be able to immediately interpret certain actions and adapt to any situation.

Communicating with other people would become a much easier task. You will have a better understanding of people. It's like your eyes will be opened to the world for the very first time.

Get Some FUN and FREE TIME Into Your Life!

If you wish your life more success; if you want to eliminate pain, uneasiness, tension and anxiety; if you wish to take a break, pause, or stop amidst the chaos of everyday living; if you're ready to pull your life together and hold it in your hands once again; then you can start right now. No need to get out of the house. No need to put on makeup. No need to put on fancy clothes.


If You Think Dr. Phil, Oprah and Steve Jobs
Are the Best at what they Do; Think Again
They Run their Businesses, and Communicate with Prospects
Based on some Less Obvious Sets of Standards
Used ONLY by a Handful of Internet Marketers.
You will discover what these less obvious sets of standards are in my collection...

 Grab your copy of this Collection today and put yourself on the path to a long and healthy life!

Successful Failing - How One Multi-Millionaire Failed His Way To Success

Look behind any millionaire and you’re likely to find a trail of past failures. Each failure is a learning experience and propells the successful person forward. Lean how to embrace your failures and turn them into a profitable wealth building experience.

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Concrete Confidence

A practical guide for acting and feeling self-confident at any time and in any situation...

Monetization – the word has got a new meaning today. In these difficult times, people are trying to monetize just about anything and everything. Some are hitting the jackpot, achieving multiple monetization streams on a single product they have. While others are just wasting away, not quite able to come to grips with the concept of monetization.

Here is an eBook that tells you how you go about monetizing things. How you can add to your income putting in minimal effort, and ensuring that that income keeps on flowing into your bank account.

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Achieve Prosperous Living through Spiritual Empowerment 

You'll learn...

  • What Is Spiritual Empowerment?
  • Enriching the Spirit – 5 Tips
  • Spiritual Empowerment through Alternate Therapies
  • Being Your Own Spiritual Coach
  • Learning from Life and Moving On
  • Spirituality and Money – Understanding the Equation
  • Understanding the Secret of the Law of Attraction
  • Thinking and Growing Rich
  • Striking the Balance between the Inner and Outer Aspects of Your Body
  • Moving Closer toward Spiritual Nirvana
  • and more....

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How To Be Happy with Yourself


Social networks or relationships are essential to happiness. People are different, accept people for whom or what they are, avoid clashes, constant arguments, and let go of all kinds of resentments. If arguments seem unavoidable still try and make an effort to understand the situation and you might just get along with well with

Happiness is actually found in everyone, increasing it is a way to make a life more wonderful and also healthier.

To be happy is relatively easy; just decide to be a happy person.

Abraham Lincoln observed that most people for most of the time can choose how happy or stressed, how relaxed or troubled, how bright or dull their outlook to be. The choice is simple really, choose to be happy.

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 Health & Wealth MAGNETISM

 You'll learn...

  • The Law of Attraction – What It Really Is and What It Is Not
  • Understanding the Secret
  • Mindset and Management
  • Pivoting Your Thought Process
  • The Secret and Your Money
  • Wealth Manifestation through the Law of Attraction
  • Applications to Internet Marketing
  • The Secret and Your Health
  • Balancing the Inner Self and the Outer Self
  • Improving Your Future
  • and more....

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 Self Esteem Improvement

You'll learn...

  • What is Self-Esteem?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Who gets low self-esteem?
  • How do I get it?
  • Can I change my Self-Esteem?
  • How to accept compliments
  • Do you always speak negatively about yourself?
  • Don't apologize for your actions
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Are you a procrastinator?
  • Listen to your Self Talk - Inferiority and Superiority
  • Underachiever and Overachiever
  • Attitude = Self-Esteem
  • Growing a "YOU" attitude Instead of "ME"
  • 10 Tips to Improving Self-Esteem
  • and more....

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You'll learn...

  • Why Are We Shy?
  • When Shyness Can Be A Problem
  • Discovering The Inner You
  • Shyness In Business
  • Shyness In Social Situations
  • Using The Internet To Overcome Shyness
  • Taking A Step Towards Joining Groups
  • Taking A Class On Public Speaking
  • Do You Need Counselling?
  • How To Remain Free From Being Shy
  • and more....

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Techniques for Prosperity and Spiritual Success

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Formula to Success

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Complete Guide to Past Life Regression

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How to Interpret Your Dreams

The world of dreams and dream interpretation is a complex and varied place. There are thousands of interpretive tools out there and thousands of ways to interpret your dreams.

What this book does for you is teach you how to remember your dreams and analyze the images so you can put the messages given to you to good use.

You can find out what it means if you dream about:

  • Your ex

  • Being naked

  • Your teeth falling out

  • Angels

  • Fire

  • Children

  • Animals

  • People

  • Tornados


We will also guide you in the right direction if there are images you dream about that we don’t cover. There are thousands of resources out there. We’ve compiled this book using those resources and given you the definitive guide to starting with remembering and interpreting your dreams to

Change Your Life!

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The Hidden Power of Goal Setting

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Healing through Past Life Regression

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How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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Easy and Effective Meditation Techniques

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Meditation and Relaxation 

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 Become Your Own Relaxation Expert

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Life Between Lives 

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Motivation for Success And Happiness

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How to Overcome Procrastination 

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Self Development & Self Improvement with Astrology

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The Might of Character Building

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The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons


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Advanced Memory Techniques - Think Like a Genius

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Accomplish Anything You Want in Your Life

Do you believe that there is a formula of proven steps that you can follow in order to achieve something that you want in life? Yes, there are steps and strategies that you can follow. If there is a proven step to success, why doesn’t everyone achieve what they want in their life? You have to know this, in order to achieve amazing results in your life, you have to be 100% committed and you must be willing to sacrifice your time and effort.

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The Secret Door To Success

"What is the secret of your success?" People never ask a man who is a failure, "What is the secret of your failure?" It is quite easy to see and they are not interested. People all want to know how to open the secret door to success. For each man there is success, but it seems to be behind a door or wall".?? Discover the Secret Door That Leads to Achieving Anything that Your Heart Desires in This Powerful Book?? Secret Door is a series of talks on various topics relating to the attainment of wealth and happiness. The book teaches how to triumph over our troubles and raise ourselves to a state of bliss.?? A lot of examples are drawn from the Bible. The author explains how our misfortunes could be transformed into joys in a matter of days.?? He shows how the right mental attitude can lead to success and the precaution one must take if the riches are bestowed upon an individual.


Be Happy! - Overcoming Feelings Of Hopelessness


Successful Career Change Tactics Revealed 


Improve Yourself - Dealing With Trouble of What Life Brings


Dealing With Loneliness


I Can... Therefore, I will 


Look Good, Feel Better 


The Self Improvement Handbook


Ways To Achieve Wealth 


The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth 


 12 Winning Leadership Qualities

12 Winning Leadership Qualities: Unleash the Leader Instinct Within You is a complete and comprehensible report made to let you know what makes a real leader, and how to possess each of the qualities that comprises him and makes him a true winner.

It will show you how to become a better person that others will follow; not because they are under your command, but because they trust you with everything you have to say.

This book is your key to knowing and unlocking the vast leadership potentials you have within you!


 How to Conquer Difficult People

How to Conquer Difficult People is a systematic and accurate study of difficult people in their various disguises. It teaches you how to quickly spot difficult people instantly, and how to design counter-offensive strategies to conquer them - without needing for a fight!

This book reveals stress-free techniques to overcome difficult people by using their strengths against them. Like the gentle martial art of Judo, this book uses the ancient combat principle of "fighting without fighting," to ward off offenses by going with the flow, and yet have the enemy helpless on the floor in the end.

Now is the time to conquer the difficult people in your life, and turn them into allies. Discover the easy and effective tactics that have been tried and tested in real life situations!

What you will find in this book:

The mechanics of difficult people.

The root cause of people's difficult attitude, and how to stop the plague.

How life's pressures can make a person difficult.

How any individual can become difficult without being aware of it.

How to increase your level of toleration to fight off the difficult attitude.

Crucial factors affecting overt pressures.

How to get difficult people to obey your commands.

Ways people react to pressures.

How difficult people transfer their attitude to you.

How to turn a bad attitude into a good attitude.

How you can acquire the personality of people you idolize.

Why those who suffer from difficult people can become more difficult themselves.

Powerful steps to develop the willpower to deal with difficult people.

The main problem in communicating with difficult people, and how to solve it.

How you can make difficult people happy.

The right thing to do if you don't agree with the opinions of difficult people.

How to escape from their traps.

The first step to overcome difficult people.

How to make sure you're not becoming a difficult person yourself.

The right time to give your unsolicited advice.

When telling the truth becomes a fault.

The most effective way to fight off the fiercest pressure attacks.

How to stop difficult people from becoming obnoxious.

How to deal with a difficult self.

How to manage a difficult spouse.

How to conquer difficult parents.

How to handle difficult children.

How to overcome difficult siblings.

How to deal with difficult relatives.

How to handle difficult friends.

How to conquer difficult classmates.

How to manage difficult neighbors.

How to deal with difficult bosses.

How to handle difficult partners.

How to conquer difficult co-workers.

How to deal with difficult strangers.

How to outsmart a difficult person who interferes incessantly during your speech.

The similarities between handling difficult people and animal training.

What difficult people treat as a mortal sin.

How to use the art of diversion to conquer difficult people.

How to shift difficult pressures away to other people.

How to get out of tight situations.

The best thing to do when things really get out of hand.

And a lot, lot more!


 How To Be A Champion Negotiator

How To Be A Champion Negotiator reveals powerful tactics to proficiently negotiate with anyone and attain your objectives, even if you think you're not capable of doing so.

This report discusses the essential characteristics of a champion negotiator. You can acquire these traits to succeed in any situation that requires the use of negotiation skills.

It will teach you how to attain win-win situations, where you and your counterparts will end the discussion both satisfied with the outcome. Remember that no type of negotiation can ever be successful unless both parties are pleased with the ultimate result.

With this report, you will learn what your position is in a conflict and how you can change your role to become a champion negotiator, if you are not yet one.

What you will find inside How To Be A Champion Negotiator:

How champion negotiators create win-win situations.

Common sense strategies in effective preparation.

Different stages of conflicts.

Words that boost your negotiation skills.

How you can switch roles in a conflict to become a champion negotiator, if you are not yet one.

Words that boost your negotiation skills.

Reasons and causes of conflicts.

Main casts involved in a negotiation.

How champion negotiators successfully play their roles.

How multiple negotiations occur in your life even before you were born.

The number one goal in resolving a conflict.

The only way to resolve a deadlock when negotiations bog down and no agreements are reached.

4 stages of conflicts and how to detect them.

What sets champion negotiators apart from the rest.

The function of mediators in negotiations.

Secrets of a winning message.

Types of negotiations that nobody can win.

4 personalities across the negotiating table.

How to use communication to persuade the opposing side to your way of thinking.

Unbelievably simple ways to MELT the hard-line position of the opposite camp.

The champion negotiator as a/an parent, spouse, sibling, neighbor, classmate, officemate, employee, boss, business partner, seller, buyer, teacher, student, suitor, the one being courted, or participant in a crisis.

Some practical applications of a winning message.

Tips in framing messages that elicit immediate action.

How to use context to your advantage.

Ways of developing an awesome charisma.

Checklist of traits of champion negotiators.

Reasons why you may lose the first round of a negotiation.

How to keep communication lines open in negotiations.

And a lot, lot more!


Hypnosis Help - Heal with Hypnosis 

If You'd Like To Learn How To Help Your Family And Friends, Now Is Your Opportunity To Learn!

Hypnosis Help Will Teach You...

  • How To Perform Self-Hypnosis!
  • How To Practice Hypnosis On Others!
  • How To Know When The Hypnosis Was Successful!
  • When Hypnosis Won't Work!
  • How To Perform Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Alternative Anesthesia and Behavior Modification Hypnosis!
  • How To Use Hypnosis For Parties!



 You don't have to keep letting your anxiety disorder run your life. You can take back your inner power and change your life for the better starting today! In order to have control of a thing, you first must understand it. And that is what this handy little guide will help you do. Understand this illness for what it is. And, what it isn't.

Let me further tell you that this guide isn't just for those that suffer on a day to day basis with Anxiety though. This is also a guide for those that may be living with someone wrapped up in this difficult battle.

For a disorder that is spread out across the United States and has more than 40 Million sufferers, it is one of the most misunderstood illnesses in the nation. And why? Not because the information on this dipilitating disorder isn't available. No. But because for someone who is currently struggling to get a grip on their Anxiety, it can be next to impossible to perform such a task. Especially if they are experiencing a full blown Anxiety attack!


Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion



How to Manage & Conquer Depression

Check out some of the information you will find inside:

What depression really is.
Official and unofficial symptoms of depression.
How to know if a person suffers from depression.
The basic principles in handling depression.
Practical and helpful methods to combat stress.
How depression affects your relationship with a loved one.
The recuperative formula that will help in handling depressives.
The best ways to treat depressive illness.
Things to consider when going for therapy.
Amazing remedies for self-esteem.
Types of people most susceptible to depression.
What times we are most susceptible to depression.
Preparatory action steps against depression.
The importance of finding someone to talk to about the problem.
Fabulous tips to control and manage your anger.
Why depressives usually are ashamed of themselves.
What to do with serious/harmful depression.
When anti-depressants are to be used.
What an outcome analysis is and how it can help in dealing with depression.
The negative effect of expecting too much or aiming too high.
An exercise to help you realize your value and reduce your accountability for negative events.
How happiness can be self-generated.
How setting goals can help in curing the depressed.
How negative ideas can be defeated.
Effective techniques to be optimistic.
If anti-depressants are better than self-help methods.
Tips to rejuvenate your spirit and inner being.
Efficient planning and time management tips to avoid depression.
What Postpartum Depression is and what to do with it.

And a lot, lot more!


How to Develop a Good Memory for Name, Faces and Facts

How to Develop a Good Memory focuses on teaching you how to develop and use your Mental Filing System to its fullest and best.  With its easy-to-read lessons, tips and tricks, and fun memory exercises, How to Develop a Good Memory will be helping you to improve your memory, especially for names, faces and facts, in no time!  Its chapters include...

  • Chapter 1: Mental Filing System that Really Works

  • Chapter 2: How to Get Your First Five Mental Hooks

  • Chapter 5: How to Remember What You Read

  • Chapter 6: Five More Keys that Unlock Memory

  • Chapter 9: Five Little Words that Increase Your Memory by a Third

  • Chapter 10: A Shopping List You Can’t Forget

  • Chapter 11: How Salesmen Sell Their Memories for Cash

  • Chapter 12: The Art of Forgetting the Right Things

  • Chapter 14: How to Speak in Public Without Notes

  • Chapter 15: Baiting Your Mental Hooks for Better Writing

  • Chapter 16: The Cost of Forgetting the Wrong Things

  • Chapter 18: How to Remember Numbers

  • Chapter 20: Interesting Facts and How to Recall Them

  • Chapter 21: How Good is Your Memory for Names and Faces?

  • Chapter 22: There’s Gold in Those Names

  • Chapter 23: How to Get the Name Straight

  • Chapter 25: Fastening Faces in Your Mind

  • Chapter 30: The Simple Secret of Remembering People in Groups

  • Chapter 33: Fun with Names and Faces

  • And much, much more!


Law of Attraction

Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

The law of attraction is a law based upon the idea that the energy given off by a person’s mind, whether it be good or bad, will draw like energy to it. This means that by encouraging their minds to give off good energy waves an individual would be able to draw positive energy waves out of the universe to make good things happen for them.

Inside this e-Book you will learn:

  • What the law of attraction is
  • The history of the law of attraction
  • How to use the law of attraction to make changes in your own life
  • The areas of your life most affected by the law of attraction
  • Why the law of attraction does not always work
  • Why not everyone believes in this universal law
  • What sets the Law of Attraction apart from all of the other methods of manifestation currently available on the marketplace


How to Develop Self-Confidence
In Speech and Manner

Discover How to Replace Your Fears, Doubts and Timidity with a Powerful Self-Confidence That Will Allow You to Achieve Your Dreams and Goals!

 Powerful eBook Reveals the Tips, Tricks and Techniques You Need to Know to Develop Self-Confidence in Both Speech and Manner!

You will learn:

  • The steps to building self-confidence – so you can achieve a greater state of self-confidence quickly and conveniently!
  • How to strengthen your will power – the value of a strong will simply cannot be overestimated!
  • The cure for self-consciousness – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get over your fears and truly begin living!
  • The power of “right thinking” – while negative thoughts have the power to destroy, positive thoughts can provide you with the fuel you need to achieve your dreams!
  • Where to draw inspiration from as you strive to build self-confidence – everyone needs to be inspired sometimes, find out where to get a quick pick me up when you are feeling down!
  • How to improve your concentration – so you can stay focused on improving your self-confidence and achieving your dreams!
  • How to become physically fit – fitness plays an important role in building self-confidence!
  • How to examine yourself realistically – discovering the real you and gaining an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses is essential to developing self-confidence
  • How to rid yourself of negative thoughts and habits – by focusing on the positive your self-confidence will soar!
  • How to act and dress like a self-confident person – appearance can have a dramatic effect on how you are viewed as well as how you view yourself!
  • How to develop your imagination – as well as how to take the initiative to ensure your ideas are heard
  • How to have confidence in everything you do – including in business, society and public speaking!


Anxiety & Depression 101

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

  • Anxiety causes
  • Depression causes
  • Medical treatments for anxiety and depression
  • Alternative therapies
  • The future of treatments for these conditions
  • And a lot more!


Stress Management
How To Break Free From A Stressful Life

"Stress Management - How To Break Free From A Stressful Life"  will not only give you easy to understand details of what you need to live a happier life by giving you some real life examples of others who have also experienced stress, but it will tell you in easy to understand language just how to react to stress in a positive way.  Although you cannot control some stress factors, you can control how you react to stress.  By learning the tips in this book, you are on your way to a more tranquil lifestyle.


Trance and Treatment: Clinical Uses of Hypnosis

The book covers the history of hypnosis, what it is, how it works, the methods used to measure it, and its applicability clinically. It is organized in a manner which makes it easy to follow and is sufficiently detailed which makes it easy to understand. The purpose is to serve as an introduction for those new to the subject of hypnosis or to give new perspectives to those with experience. These worthy objectives are met.


How to Use Your Mind for Study

Here's a sample of some of the things you'll learn:

  • That the best way to study for an exam is, believe it or not, cramming!

    The benefits of cramming is that at such a time, one usually works at a high plane of efficiency; the task of reviewing in a few hours the work of an entire course is so huge that the attention is closely concentrated, impressions are made vividly, and the entire mentality is tuned up so that facts are well impressed, coordinated and retained.
  • How to get a mental second wind anytime you need it

    It's totally natural for someone to get mentally exhausted after hours of study and even though your brain is telling you to stop, you know you must keep going, but it feels impossible.... BUT it is possible to gain a second wind and steal a few more hours of productive study time out of the day and out of your body and I show you how.
  • How to master the art of effective note taking!

    Students, as a rule, do not realize that there is any skill involved in taking notes. Not until examination time arrives and they try vainly to labor through a maze of scribbling, do they realize that there must be some system in note-taking. A careful examination of note-taking shows that there are rules or principles, which, when followed, have much to do with increasing ability in study.
  • How to become insatiably interested in any subject, no matter how boring it is....

    "I can't get interested in Mediaeval History." This illustrates a kind of complaint frequently made by college students. In this chapter I show you simple techniques that make learning about any subject more interesting. It's really quite simple, yet very powerful.
  • I also show you how to get your body into peak physical and mental health for peak performance
  • And so much more!


    The Key To Happiness

    Learn how you can remove barriers that are not healthy for you and stopping you from following your dreams. When you remove barriers you will finally be free and happy.

    You'll learn:

    • What is Happiness?
    • What's Your Definition of Happiness?
    • Circumstances beyond Your Control
    • Happiness is a Choice You Make
    • Questions to Ask Yourself
    • What is your biggest dream?
    • Peak Experiences and Existing Talents
    • The Base of Passion
    • HOW TO get past the barriers
    • Set Goals and Achieve Them
    • Living Your Passion
    • Turning Passions and Goals into Reality
    • Alone But Not Lonely
    • The Key to Happiness
    • Create More Romance In Your Life
    • Change your mind and the rest will follow!
    • Choosing Happiness
    • Don’t Be a Victim of the People Pleasing Quadrant
    • Find Happiness By Giving Happiness


    A Healthier, Happier and More Successful You

    You can become a healthier, happier and more successful person by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. You will have to make changes to the overall you, not just change the amount of exercise you do or your diet. The secret to achieving happiness and a healthier you is to balance your body and mind in harmony, it is only when we are balanced in physical health, mental and spiritual that we are truly healthy.

    Master Resell Rights

    How To Communicate With Body Language

    "How To Decode People's Inner Feelings And Emotions Through Their Body Movements, And How You Can Use This Knowledge To Succeed In Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life!"

    How to Communicate With Body Language for Maximum Success will teach you how to recognize various emotions or feelings such as nervousness, openness, anger, boredom, doubt, frustration, or excitement simply by observing facial expressions, postures, and gestures.

    You can use the knowledge of body language to identify if confidence, dominance, and other characteristics are existing in people. On the contrary, you may also perform these gestures when you want to convey certain personality traits to subconsciously influence others. Cool, isn't it?

    After reading this book, you will never look at the world the same way again. You'll be able to immediately interpret certain actions and adapt to any situation.

    Communicating with other people would become a much easier task. You will have a better understanding of people. It's like your eyes will be opened to the world for the very first time.

    Here's some of the information you'll find inside:

    • Body movements indicating interest.
    • Body movements indicating that a person is more open to agree with you.
    • How to know if a person is thinking.
    • Body movements indicating frustration or dismay.
    • How action-oriented people act or move. 
    • How to know if a person is keeping a secret. 
    • Body movements indicating boredom 
    • Signals conveying excitement 
    • How confident people act or move. 
    • Signals exhibiting authority or power 
    • Body movements that signal anger. 
    • Body movements that signal nervousness or tension. 
    • How to know if a person is having suspicions of you. 
    • Body movements for reassurance. 
    • How a person acts to convey pride. 
    • How to detect a liar. 
    • How to read body movements more accurately. 
    • Actions to make someone like or trust you. 
    • How to build rapport. 
    • How to dominate your counterpart in a negotiation. 
    • The first thing to do in a negotiation. 
    • How to increase your sales using body movements. 
    • One gesture that must never be done when selling. 
    • Signs that show your customers are willing to give in. 
    • How to read and counteract potential objections of customers. 
    • The right time to close the sale. 
    • How to use body language to leave a lasting impression on your job interviewer. 
    • Proper postures and gestures to ace the job interview 
    • Body movements to avoid during a job interview. 
    • How knowledge in body language can help in restoring order in meetings. 
    • How to use good flirting movements to your advantage. 
    • How to attract the opposite sex using body language. 
    • How to know if a person of the opposite sex has feelings for you or is interested in you. 
    • Great conversation openers 
    • The power of the touch. 

    Master Resell Rights

    "Easy Ways To A Better Life", is definitely something you need!

    Is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to take control of your life.

     You'll learn:

    • The meaning of Work/Life Balance and why it is important to you and to all of us.
    • How companies are recognizing the need for work/life balance among their employees .
    • How to objectively analyze your job and decide if you have to find another position.
    • How to improve the situation at work, if you can't leave the job you are in.
    • How to better manage your time and take advantage of the time you have to get things done. How to transition from work to home and back again so that you and your family can enjoy your time together.
    • How to better manage stress.
    • How to start your own plan to regain control of your life



    Bohemian San Francisco

    Its Restaurants and Their Most Famous Recipes— The Elegant Art of Dining

    Get Hands-On Cooking Advice & Kitchen Tips with "The Elegant Art Of Dining".

    The Elegant Art Of Dining is an easy learning guide that will help create the basic steps toward quality and efficiency.

    The Simple Steps To Improving
    Dining Room Service & Increasing Restaurant Profits...

    Master Resell Rights

     The White House Cook Book

    Tons of recipes!

    Information on Etiquette, Dyeing/Coloring and Health Care/Hygiene

    - 754 Pages -

    The important point to be made is that it was (and is) a very popular American cookbook and has been so for more than a century.

    It is quite comprehensive with numerous household hints and tips in addition to hundreds of recipes. It is subtitled A Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Information for the Home Containing Cooking, Toilet and Household Recipes, Menus, Dinner-giving, Table Etiquette, Care of the Sick, Health Suggestions, Facts Worth Knowing, Etc. And it has all of that - but also more. There are sections on carving, dyeing or coloring, French words in cooking, House-keepers' Time-Table, Management of State Dinners at the White House, and Food for the Sick.

    Master Resell Rights

     Healthy Life Cookbook Long

    A low-fat, low-calorie cookbook filled with a variety of recipes encompasses quick after-work meals, fancy dinners, family favorites, and exotic new entrees, along with tips for leftovers and hints on getting meals on the table faster

    At every stage of life, a well-balanced diet is essential to quality of life.

    HEALTHY LIFE COOKBOOK is caring for your heart and bringing families together with delicious foods and helpful, healthy cooking tips to create meals that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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    Man's interest in character is founded on an intensely practical need. In whatsoever relationship we deal with our fellows, we base our intercourse largely on our understanding of their characters. The trader asks concerning his customer, "Is he honest?" and the teacher asks about the pupil, "Is he earnest?"

    The friend bases his friendship on his good opinion of his friend; make-up; and the maiden yearning for her lover whispers to, herself, "Is he true?" Upon our success in reading the character of others, upon our understanding of ourselves hangs a good deal of our life's success or failure.

    You will learn about:



















    And more....

    Master Resell Rights

     A Pocket Manual Of Good Manners

    How To Behave: A Pocket Manual Of Republican Etiquette, And Guide To Correct Personal Habits Embracing An Exposition Of The Principles Of Good Manners; Useful Hints On The Care Of The Person, Eating, Drinking, Exercise, Habits, Dress, Self-Culture, And Behavior At Home; The Etiquette Of Salutations, Introductions, Receptions, Visits, Dinners, Evening Parties, Conversation, Letters, Presents, Weddings, Funerals, The Street, The Church, Places Of Amusement, Traveling, Etc., With Illustrative Anecdotes, a Chapter on Love and Courtship, and Rules of Order for Debating Societies

    Master Resell Rights

     The Book of Business Etiquette

    Good social skills are critical to success in today's competitive business world. Excellent manners not only grease the wheels of commerce, but an employee's positive professional image and improves a company's reputation.

    The Book of Business Etiquette, a practical guide for interacting effectively with colleagues, customers, and business associates, details the social skills necessary to ensure personal and professional success.

    The Book of Business Etiquette offers an invaluable and handy reference for up-and-comers and established managers alike, as well as for students of communication and organizational culture

    This guide covering the critical areas that can help people succeed in the climb up the corporate ladder. From the basics of getting off on the right foot during the job interview to handling office politics to dining etiquette, this book covers everything today's businessperson needs to know to navigate the tricky world of etiquette whether at home or abroad.

    Master Resell Rights

     Fast and Smart Ways to Infinite Riches

    The Wealth Express: Fast and Smart Ways to Infinite Riches! will guide you on your journey to financial freedom. It will reveal to you important information on how to think and what to do, in order to make more money and stay wealthy for good.

    To attain financial success, you have to think, act, and feel like a rich person. This report will expose what the wealthy are thinking and doing, so you can get the same results as they are getting.

    Take a look at some of the information you'll find inside:

    • A simple yet very powerful technique to find solutions to money problems, and to begin attracting wealth and prosperity in your life.
    • The major differences in thinking between the poor compared to the rich.
    • Why your thoughts coupled with action are the most important determinants to creating wealth.
    • Why financial knowledge is a must to create and maintain wealth.
    • How to finally say good-bye to the dreaded "rat race."
    • Why financial abilities are more important than money itself.
    • What motivates a person to create wealth.
    • Why learning (by keeping updated) is an important non-stop process to creating wealth.
    • How fear and other emotions affect the creation of wealth.
    • The preparations/steps to take in order to become financially free faster.
    • An effective method to suppress the fear of losing money.
    • The most important subject not taught in schools.
    • How the qualities of the rich make them wealthy, and how the qualities of the poor plunge them deeper into poverty.
    • Why expenses and savings affect your financial status more than how much you are making.
    • The reason why being broke is much better than being poor.
    • Know if items "on sale" save or waste you money.
    • Why mistakes are good sources of learning to improve yourself.
    • Why change is part of creating wealth.
    • How a time of difficulty can be a time of opportunity.
    • How incomes are categorized.
    • The types of profitable businesses worth investing in.
    • The big difference between "hating to lose" and "being afraid to lose."
    • A brief step-by-step plan to make money on the internet.
    • Important aspects to consider when venturing into the real estate business.
    • A simple yet extremely powerful tactic to get free advertising.
    • Why marketing is an important tool to promote products and services.
    • The importance of communication to become wealthy.
    • How to use your five senses to make more money.
    • How businesses flourish.
    • The types of investors.
    • How giving can help you become wealthier.
    • How rich one should be to be considered rich.

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    How To Boost Your Memory Power

    Take a look at some of the information you'll find inside:

    • Why being smart is not necessary to have a good memory.
    • Foods that allow your brain to operate at its peak performance.
    • What you should do to improve creativity.
    • The 3 types of memory.
    • What a group of researchers did to improve the memory of elderly people suffering from dementia. 
    • 2 requirements before going to sleep in order to remember information better. 
    • Helpful techniques in mood conditioning to boost your mental capacities. 
    • The first thing you should do before memorizing anything. 
    • Common causes of a poor memory. 
    • Successful strategies to maintain your focus. 
    • How to keep track of all your thoughts. 
    • Terrific tips to intensify your motivation. 
    • How your subconscious helps you to remember. 
    • Popular techniques of association. 
    • Valuable methods to enhance your imagination. 
    • Similarities between the mind and a video camera. 
    • 7 powerful tactics to overcome forgetfulness and absentmindedness. 
    • How to utilize your senses to boost your memory. 
    • Why you can better remember a person who owes you some money compared to someone who doesn't. 
    • 11 extraordinary strategies to help you remember names and faces. 
    • How to convert numbers to words. 
    • How to transform numbers to pictures. 
    • Super techniques to remember long strings of numbers. 
    • How to recall an item from a chronological list. 
    • How to easily remember dates, time, and TV channels. 
    • How to develop a keen sense of direction. 
    • How to recall addresses and places with ease. 
    • Special tactics to remember occurrences and events. 
    • How to organize your memory for easy retrieval of information. 
    • 7 principles of memory. 
    • How to remember facts better. 
    • What the most difficult things to remember are. 
    • What things we are most likely to remember. 
    • How much the capacity of the human mind is in holding information. 
    • How to successfully memorize unrelated words. 

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    Dress for Success

    Practical Information, Easily Applied To Your Life

    If you would like to dress for success, but are unsure as to how you can go about doing so, you may want to consider using the services of a professional fashion consultant. Professional fashion consultants are individuals who consider themselves experts when it comes to fashion. In addition to helping your shop for dress for success clothing, a fashion consultant can provide you with information on what is popular in the world of fashion, as well as provide you with moneysaving shopping tips, and much more!

    You'll learn:

    The Benefits of Dressing for Success
    Going Beyond the Clothing
    Should You Hire a Fashion Consultant?
    Dress for Success - Tips & Tricks
            1. Tips for Women
            2. Tips for Men
            3. Tips for Teens
    Pros and Cons of Dressing for Success
    How to Dress for Success on a Budget
    Common Mistakes Made By Those Looking to Dress for Success
    Dressing for Success
         1. Instances In Which You Should Dress for Success
         2. Tips for When You Shop
         3. Applying For a Loan
         4. Business Meetings
         5. College Scholarship Interview
         6. Job Interviews
         7. Applying for Jobs
         8. Business Trips
         9. Dressing for Success When Working from Home
       10. Dressing or Success at the Office
       11. Tips for Dressing for Success in the Workplace
    The Importance of Examining the Occasion
    Why You Should Shop Online
    How You Can Use the Internet to Your Advantage
    Dressing for Success with Storefront Retailers
    Resources You Can Use to Help You Dress for Success

    In keeping with your options, when dressing for success, it is also important to focus on price ranges. Although it is more than possible to find expensive, designer clothing pieces and outfits, you should be able to find much more. With dressing for success increasing in popularity among many individuals, of all social standings, a number of clothing manufacturers have developed dress for success clothing lines that are aimed for those on budgets. This is ideal, as you shouldn’t have to be rich or have unlimited financial resources just to dress for success.


    Character-Building Thought Power

    You can make yourself the person that you've always wanted to be

    In this book, every effort is made by the writer to explain what comprises good habits and why every one needs it early 
    in life. It draws the conclusion that habits nurtured in early life concretize into impulses in future for the good or bad of the subject. 

    Master Resell Rights

     Reduce Stress and Be Happy!

    The Practical Guide to Success and Happiness!

    Stress is the curse of living in modern times. Everyone suffers from stress.

    And the stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, emotions and minds.

    Feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day, the best thing to do is relax.

    Watching television may be a form of relaxation for some, but is not a recommended method by experts. When we watch TV we are bombarded with commercials, ads, sounds and images. So how do we achieve relaxation? If there are thousands of ways we can get stressed, one of them is not meeting deadlines, there are also many ways we can relax.

    In recent studies, experts have determined that heart disease is linked to anger and irritability is linked to mental stress. Too much stress brings about ischemia that can lead to or cause a heart attack. Relaxation takes on added importance in light of this matter. Managing your anger and attitude is significant to heart health, and relaxation can help you manage stress.

    What you will learn by reading this amazing guide:

    • Stress Vs. Relaxation
    •  The Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times
    •  To Go or Not to Go Happy, that is the Question...
    •  Taking Action To Improve Your Life
    •  Strategies For Overcoming Procrastination
    •  Impossible is Just a Word
    •  Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make
    •  Reduce Stress and Be Happy
    •  Manage Your Stress Levels by Acupuncture
    •  Kundalini Reiki - Achieve a More Relaxed and Energy Life
    •  Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easily Done
    •  Everything that happens to us happens in purpose!
    •  Every problem has a solution
    • And much more!

    We all have our insecurities. Nobody is perfect. We always wish we had better things, better features, better body parts, etc. But life need not to be perfect for people to be happy about themselves. Self improvement and loving yourself is not a matter of shouting to the whole world that you are perfect and you are the best. It's the virtue of acceptance and contentment.

    When we begin to improve ourselves, we then begin to feel contented and happy.

    Master Resell Rights

    The Power of Concentration

    The Power of Concentration helps you to achieve anything you want in life by harnessing the Power of Concentration. It reveals the techniques of concentration through mental focus and visualization with vivid examples. 

    It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person that is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration

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    The Art Of Meditation

    How You can Completely Relax Through Meditation

    Have you tried meditation to solve your stress and health problems? If you haven’t done so yet, now may be one of the best times to make that experience a reality. Mediation is one of the most sought after forms of stress relief and is even recommended by many doctors. Something that valuable is something that you should be striving to learn. If you are someone that spends your evenings worrying, stressing about all that needs to get done and even feeling physically bad without being sick, then meditation may be an ideal solution for you. In meditation, you transform the way that your mind is working. While you can’t say that it’s a simple process, meditation is something that you can easily learn to do and then use daily.

    This book will prepare you to begin meditation and take you into a world that far too many people don’t realize exists with such benefits. If you are skeptical, there is nothing to lose by investing a few minutes in learning this process. In fact, you’ll find yourself striving to learn more once you have just one or two sessions of meditation. Learn to meditate alone or with friends. In either case, you’ll find many different methods to select. More so, you could be improving your health and well being. That’s worth just a few minutes of your time!


    Easy Guide to Hypnotism

    Here's what you'll find inside Easy Guide To Hypnotism:

    • The truth about hypnosis. Shake away those preconceived notions about hypnosis as evil, mystical, or occult.
    • Scientific discussion on hypnosis and mind control.
    • How hypnosis affected one of the most infamous men in history, Adolf Hitler.
    • Two ways by which hypnosis is performed.
    • How people get hypnotized on a daily basis. 
    • The people most highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. 
    • How the improper use of hypnosis can take someone's life. 
    • Hypnosis used as a mechanism for military intelligence. 
    • Common techniques to effectively hypnotize subjects. 
    • Signs to determine if the subject is already ready and open to hypnotic suggestions. 
    • Can hypnosis bring you back to the past? 
    • Hypnosis used as a tool for surgery. 
    • The best way to treat a physical condition more efficiently. 
    • Hypnosis used to resolve crime investigations. 
    • Fantastic tips from stage hypnotists to put on a great show. 
    • How to tap into your subconscious 
    • How to be a self-hypnosis practitioner. 
    • Elements needed for an effective hypnosis session. 
    • How to use hypnosis to captivate your lover. 
    • How to use hypnosis to quit smoking and other bad habits. 
    • How to use hypnosis to lose weight. 
    • How to use hypnosis to make someone a real winner. 
    • How to use hypnosis to create financial abundance. 
    • Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic induction techniques for free, including deepening, induction, testing, and trance! 
    • Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to solve health problems for free, including asthma, depression, stress, constipation, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, weight gain, smoke addiction, and many others! 
    • Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to enhance your abilities for free, including concentration, creativity, memory improvement, public speaking, self-confidence, speed reading, financial prosperity, and many others! 
    • An extremely powerful self-hypnosis exercise to clear your mind and calm your nerves. 
    • Instructions on how to ease away your physical tensions and mental worries through trance that is the gateway to hypnosis. 

    Master Resell Rights

    Mysteries and Powers Of Hypnotism

    Understand Hypnosis - What's True and What's Not; How To Do It And Do It Right; How To Use It To Have Super Confidence, Break From Bad Habits, Lose Weight, And Excel In Life!

    If you wish your life more success; if you want to eliminate pain, uneasiness, tension and anxiety; if you wish to take a break, pause, or stop amidst the chaos of everyday living; if you're ready to pull your life together and hold it in your hands once again; then you can start right now. No need to get out of the house. No need to put on makeup. No need to put on fancy clothes.

    Mysteries and Powers Of Hypnotism - filled with in-depth research, the latest updates, and hands-on hypnosis tutorial that is easy to follow, practical, and fitting to your lifestyle. 

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    Improving Oneself For GOOD and Achieve Goals in Life

    Improving Oneself For Good and Achieve Goals in Life Is a guide that helps the reader get out from the rut, boost the reader's mood, teaches the reader how to deal with trouble and other great tips on how to change into a more positive You once and for all.

    Master Resell Rights

    “Who Else Wants to Discover the Amazing Secret to  Living Stress-Free!”

    In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing world, stress has quickly become a big part of our everyday lives.

    The truth is these days it seems like stress is everywhere we are … whether we’re at work, at school, on the road and even at home –and being able to identify and cope with stress is fast becoming an essential life skill.

    In fact, being unable to cope with stress has been shown to lead to a myriad of physical problems, including cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, migraines, gastrointestinal problems and arthritis, just to name a few.

    Well, luckily for you the answers are now available in a new ebook entitled, “How To Manage Stress Effectively.”


    At Last! The Tips, Techniques & Secrets You Need to Know

    to Cope With & Eliminate Stress are Revealed!

    The “How To Manage Stress Effectively” ebook highlights time-tested techniques to identify stress and to reduce both our perception of it and its harmful effects.

    Read this easy-to-follow guide and you will gain practical, effective skills to manage stress both at home and in the workplace.

    • You will learn how to simplify your busy, complicated life.
    • You will learn to identify stress-causing problems and decide what needs to be done to solve them quickly and easily using a step-by-step approach.
    • Your newfound stress management skills will lead to a calmer, simpler, more enriching life.

    Here is even more of what you will learn by reading this amazing guide:

    •  What So Bad About Stress?
    •  Effects of Long-Term Stress
    •  How Much Stress is in Your Life?
    • What’s Causing Your Stress?
    • Symptoms of STRESS
    • Can stress trigger diseases?
    •  Good Stress vs. Bad Stress
    •  Behaviors Causing Stress
    •  How Stress Effects Your Body And Brain And What To Do About It
    •  How to Combat Stress - Action Steps
    •  How To Reduce Stress
    •  How To Reduce Anxiety
    •  How To Relax Fast
    •  How To Teach Your Children To Beat Stress
    •  How To Stay Calm When Life Isn't
    • How To Build Self Confidence Today
    •  A Simple Tip For When You're Stressed
    •  How can stress be controlled and eliminated?
    •  Do Not Let Your Stresses Get The Best Of You In The Business World
    •  Helpful Tips for Dealing With Anger Management Children
    •  Child Stress Management Ideas
    •  Taking the Stress Out of Back-to-School
    •  How Teens Cope With Stress
    •  Four Steps to Combat College Stress
    •  Reduce Stress Before Exams
    •  How Can You Deal With Your Holiday Stress?
    •  How to Manage Stress Effectively
    •  How To Relax More & Worry Less
    •  Are You Worried You're Worrying too Much?
    •  Valuable Tips to Handle Stress
    •  Avoid Too Much Stress, Help Yourself To Manage It
    •  7 Practical Methods to Combat Stress
    •  The Truth About Stress And Hypnotherapy For Stress Management
    •  Stress and anxiety Vs. Self Hypnosis
    •  Tai Chi
    •  Spas are a great way to relieve stress!
    •  Music Elevates Our Mood
    •  Forgiving Yourself and Others
    •  Naturopathy - A Way to Relieve Stress Naturally
    •  How Can Better Breathing Banish Stress?
    •  Exercise Your Way to Stress Reduction
    •  Achieving Happiness Through Meditation
    •  Prescription for Stress
    •  Tips For People Who Stress About Money
    •  Tips to Cope With the Loss of a Loved One
    •  Dealing with Loss and Grief
    •  When Marital Breakup Happens
    •  The Stress of Pregnancy
    •  Stress and the First Year of Parenthood
    •  Easing the Stress of Cancer
    •  The Stress of Mental Illness
    •  Dieting Your Way to Stress Management
    •  Is your Relationship Causing You Stress?
    •  Is Your Personality Causing You Stress?
    •  Are Your Kids Stressing You Out?
    •  Are You Stressed Out by Your Marriage?
    •  Eliminate Stress and Anxiety From Your Life
    •  How to Eliminate Stress Instantly, Effortlessly In 10 Seconds!
    •  Keeping a Safe Distance from Management Stress
    •  Medical Risks Of Stress
    •  Self Management to Stop Stress
    •   Three Things You Can Do Now To Reduce Stress
    •  Managing Your Stress by Managing Your Time

    · And much, much more!

    “How To Manage Stress Effectively” contains all the tips, techniques and secrets you need to know to manage stress and begin living a much happier, more satisfying life.

    This is the ebook that will allow you to finally break free from the tremendous stress you’ve been under –without having to take any risky medications with potentially harmful side effects. You’ll learn:

     - Why there’s so much stress today

     - Why not all stress is bad

     - The causes of negative stress

     - The health and psychological effects of stress – particularly long-term stress

     - How to tell how much stress you have in your life right now

     - How to determine what’s causing your stress

     - Tips for managing and overcoming your stress

     And much more!

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    Thinking Beyond Your "Limits"

    Your 7 Days Program


    Master Resell Rights

    Public Speaking - Your Key To Success

    Learn the technique and tip to deliver good public speaking speeches...

    After youre finished reading Public Speaking - Your Key To Success!, youll be able to: - Overcome your fear of public speaking. - Manage speech anxiety effectively. - Prepare a powerful speech using 9 basic steps. - Analyze your audience to make your topic fit their interests. - Organize your speech carefully to improve understanding and recall. - Organize an introduction that will relax you and your audience. - Identify the 3 qualities an effective speaker should possess. - Know how public speaking can improve your personal development. - Identify the 4 general types of public speakers. - Use language effectively. - Know the guidelines in choosing a specific topic. - Use question and answer sessions to make a lasting impression. - Know how public speaking can improve your personal development. - Use quality visual aids to make your speech much more powerful. - Write and deliver an interesting, clear, and cogent speech quality. - And more


    How To Bring About a

    Positive Change in Yourself To Ensure Success

    The right attitude not only defines who you are but also your stance and success in life. That is why all top of the line business owners are those who have in their lives been not just about physical, mental and social prowess, but about the right attitude, with regards to the nature of success and achievement and the need to achieve something in life.

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    How To Cook Husbands

    Learn Secrets Most Women Will Never Know About Keeping Great Men.

    If you are spending time looking for ways in which you can improve your relationship, you obviously love and care for your partner and what you want to have together.  Start your changes by celebrating your relationship!  Celebrate the joy of having met that one very special person, find joy in the wonderful things that ‘click’ about you and your spouse and celebrate what you are committed to building together.  You can celebrate any day at any time and you can also celebrate by surprising your spouse.

    On your next birthday, celebrate your spouse and how he or she makes your existence better by presenting him or her with a gift.  He or she will be so surprised that you might see a tear or two of joy fall. 

    Start paying attention to what he or she likes.  Really listen to what your spouse says, pay attention to the items he or she says he would like to try someday and get it for them.  Don’t give it to your spouse immediately and put the item away for a period of time.  The period of time is up to you- it could be a week or it could be a month.  When you think that he or she will no longer remember discussing the item with you, present it to them as a gift.

    Take over a chore or daily task for your spouse without letting them know about your intentions.  Mow the lawn, washing the car, cook and clean up from meals or clean the house- do something substantial for him or her.  If you find that he or she loved having the break from a particular task, do it over and over again as often as you can.

    Everyone knows the old sayings about marriage and how everything requires compromise and each partner should give 50%.  Well- they are wrong!  Everything should not require compromise or everything will end up turning into a business negotiation and someone will feel that they gave up more than they should have.  This leads to resentment and it doesn’t have to.  While there are certain situations that may be important enough to you or your spouse to make an issue of that will require compromise, it’s time to consider making sacrifices here and there for your spouse.  He or she will, of course, be surprised when you do so, but they will also begin doing the same for you out of appreciation for you and your actions.

    Each partner in a marriage should not be giving 50% all of the time.  If you are only giving 50%, you are only doing have as well as you could be doing.  If you and your spouse are both giving 100%, you can’t go wrong.  You are both giving your marriage all of your dedication and effort.  If you and your spouse are planning on only meeting each other halfway, you will only be successful half of the time (or maybe even less).

    Romance isn’t really romance when it’s convenient for you or your spouse.  Your romantic gestures on romantic days like Valentine’s Day or birthdays can only be considered romantic if you go out of your way to be romantic throughout the rest of the year.  You don’t have to spend money in order to be romantic, either.  Begin offering to stop on the way home in case he or she would like you to pick something up.  Never allow anyone else to greet him or her at the airport no matter what time the flight arrives.  Start getting up and taking care of housework or even the kids before he or she has the chance to ask you to.

    Instead of thinking about being romantic, simply do it.  Make the decision that you are going to fall in love with your spouse and simply do it.  If you spend too much time thinking about it, you will find yourself the victim of self-sabotage.  You will focus on faults, hurts and other unimportant distractions that will stop you from reaching your goal.  You don’t need books or a professional to help you with this process.  You simply make the decision and you will DO it.

    In order to become more romantic by just doing it, you will find that listening is your best tool.  By listening to him or her with more that just your ears but with your eyes and heart as well, you will see that there is so much more to discover about the incredible person you are committed to.  Not only will you find that they are offering all sorts of clue and tips on how to be more romantic in your relationship, you will also find opportunities to offer support and fall in love all over again.


    Practical Mental Influence

    Unlock the Powers of Mental Concentration to Influence Other People and to Change Situations. Learn How to mold the mind "one-pointed," until you have focused and directed a mighty degree of Mental Influence toward the desired object. 

    Practical Mental Influence is course of lessons on mental vibrations, psychic influence, personal magnetism, fascination, psychic self protection. 

    Containing practical instruction, exercises, directions, that any one can master in days, this is a must for lovers of divinity. 

    All the ancient mystics which have been jealously guarded by the adepts in monasteries and temples are made available for your reading here. 

    The book talks about the higher spiritual forces in man which if tapped can virtually move maintains and ensure personal success with the least effort.

    Master Resell Rights

    How To Increase Your Reading Speed 

    Here's just SOME of the information you'll find inside:

    • How you can get at least 80% of what you need to know in just 11-13 minutes, even from the topics you're not interested in. 
    • The most important part in every paragraph that should be given the most time in understanding. 
    • You can learn anything by doing three important things. What are they?
    • Why speed readers are considered impatient readers.
    • Why pronouncing words when reading should be avoided.
    • How speed reading is calculated.
    • The minimum length of time needed to read a block of words.
    • How the newspaper reading method is being done.
    • How to effectively avoid reading out loud to one's self. 
    • The relationship of speed reading and reading comprehension. 
    • The advantages and disadvantages of sub vocalization.
    • Major causes of decrease in speed reading.
    • What the most rudimentary type of reading is.
    • The difference between eyesight and vision.
    • How to reduce the number of times the eyes skip back to a previous sentence. 
    • How many bits of information per second our conscious and unconscious brains take. You'll be surprised at the difference. 
    • How to increase information perception by 50%. 
    • How to improve memory and concentration by 10%. 
    • The reading rate of an average college student on fiction and non-technical materials. 
    • What the "good" reading speed is. 
    • How to properly skim a reading material. 
    • How to properly scan a reading material. 
    • What the use of the hand is when reading. 
    • What type of reading is necessary for academic materials. 
    • How to use the triple learning strength. 
    • The relation between written English and spoken English. 
    • Where to begin reading. 
    • The 4 basic conditions for increased reading rate. 
    • When we should "scan" the text. 
    • What factors outside your control influences your speed in reading. 
    • What type of reading is needed when you want to acquaint yourself with the subject, yet complete understanding and retention of text information is not necessary. 
    • The 5 types of reading. 
    • Significant factors that reduce reading rate. 
    • The proper way of underlining texts in textbooks. 
    • The purpose of asking the question "So what?" in reading texts. 
    • The 2 different parts of the brain which is responsible on word analysis. 
    • What parts of speech should be the center of focus when reading. 
    • How practice speed reading should be done. 
    • What part of the eye is responsible for speed reading, and how to train it. 
    • What a fixation is and what is its role in speed reading. 
    • The necessities prior to reading. 
    • Why news articles are redundant? 
    • When to use a pen for underlining texts. 
    • The difference between skimming and scanning. 
    • What to do when your momentum seems to be slowing down. 
    • What type of reading is time consuming and needs a lot of concentration. 
    • How to eliminate sub vocalization in order to increase reading speed. 
    • What should be done if you need only the shallowest knowledge of the subject. 
    • How to tackle reading those huge computer books. 
    • Why re-reading is inadvisable. 
    • Other important aspects that hinder speed reading. 
    • When to use a card or a folded piece of paper when reading. 
    • The self-tests to estimate how fast you can read and how much you can comprehend. 

    Master Resell Rights

    Money Saving Tips and Tricks

    Becoming debt free works on a few simple principles. Payoff the debts first on which you will be paying huge interest, allocate an extra payment each month to accelerate your debt payments. Use monthly payments from a paid-off debt to pay another un-paid debt. A clear explanation is provided in this e-book.

    This e-book has been written out of the experience gained during many years in this field. It has been written with the special concerns of people who cannot afford to limit their debts or become debt free

    People from teenagers to adults should find the e-book valuable. If we learn, we can avoid having debts and we can save money. Couple of hours reading this e-book will help you save couple of hundreds and thousand of dollars.

    You can learn:

    Money Saving Tips and Tricks: A Brief Introduction
    § Why an e-book or how-to guide on money saving tips and tricks?
    § Why would or do you need money saving tips and tricks?
    § The business case for and rationale behind family budgeting
    § Benefits and advantages
    Family Money Saving Plan Defined
    § What is a family money saving plan?
    § What constitutes a good family money saving plan?
    § What should it contain and look like?
    The Family Budget Process
    § How to set up a family money saving plan?
    § Some practical suggestions and a step-by-step summary of a family budget process
    § Hints, tips, tricks and tools for money saving
    § How should a family budget be used?
    Final Thoughts On Money Saving

    Do not waste your time asking on how to become debt free! Read this e-book now!


    How To Improve Self-Confidence 

    The best part is that you can learn how to do this in 15 powerful chapters that will boost success in your personal as well as professional life quickly and easily . . .  Guaranteed!

    If those sound like pretty bold statements to you, you’re right they are! But if you are truly serious about acquiring self-confidence and achieving your dreams listen carefully because we’ll show you how.

    Can you imagine having the secrets that instantly put incredible power into your words and attitude? We are talking about the ability to persuade and inspire others easily and confidently.

    Well, we are here to tell you that you can learn the secrets and skills necessary to unlock your own personal power. You will discover how to use that powerful self-confidence to exercise control over your circumstances and influence others in your personal as well as professional life!

    Some of the most powerful tools to build your confidence and influence more customers, grab more profits, and achieve new heights in your personal life as well are just a click away. You’ll find secrets that show you how to conquer:

    • Fear of rejection

    • Fear of loss

    • Fear of failure

    • Fear of people

    • Physical stumbling blocks

    • Re-training “self talk”

    • Goal setting

    And that's just the beginning of what you'll discover here! 

    How to Improve Self-Confidence will turn even the most socially challenged person into a convincing powerhouse just oozing with confidence!

    It doesn't matter how high or low your confidence level is right now...these time-tested secrets are the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to boost your confidence through the stratosphere!

    I can't even begin to describe how powerfully these secrets can affect your life! And you can find it all here, in this exciting new ebook...

    You will discover: 

    • How to overcome the most deadly killer of confidence known to man. . .fear 

    • How a few simple subtle changes in your posture can increase your confidence. 

    • How to set goals. Everyone says to do it, but who teaches you how?

    • How to literally talk yourself into success.

    • How to anticipate and overcome negative situations before they occur.

    • How to establish your authority to convince others that you're a force to be reckoned with!

    Master Resell Rights

    Build Your Self Esteem - A Guide to Self Improvement


    Master Resell Rights

    How To Lose Weight, Enjoy Great Food and Lifestyle

    For the woman that wants to look younger than she is. Loss Weight the Most Effective and Healthy Way.

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    Your Road Straight to Success


    Master Resell Rights

    Time Management - Tips, Techniques & Strategies

    How To Quickly and Effectively Get More Done In A Week Than Most People Can Accomplish In A Month!

    Check out just SOME of the information you will find inside:

    • Necessary pre-requisites to help you manage your time effectively.
    • Main factors in determining your personal time.
    • How to become proficient in the art of prioritizing.
    • A very powerful tactic that can help you get more things done in one week than what most people can accomplish in a month.
    • The most notorious (and oftentimes irresistible) activities that steal away most of your time, and how you can effectively overcome them. 
    • How to make your time productive when you really can't avoid the time thieves. 
    • How to do just once what people are doing many times. 
    • How to make emails work for you in your pursuit to save time. 
    • How to finish your job in much lesser time and attain a balanced life. 
    • Extraordinary methods to gain more direction in accomplishing whatever needs to be done. 
    • Significant factors to boost your job performance and efficiency. 
    • How to triple or quadruple your time to enjoy life to the fullest. 
    • How to relieve yourself of tasks that you hate to do. 
    • Super tactic to give you the right motivation. 
    • Practical tips to overcome procrastination. 
    • Three important aspects in planning your moves. 
    • Motivational tools to give you the zest in starting out a task or duty with vibrant enthusiasm. 
    • Important things to remember in setting goals. 
    • Useful ways to create a sound plan. 
    • How to utilize your effort or energy to become an achiever. 
    • Suggested organizational method you can do to entail great results in managing your time. 
    • Terrific techniques to organize your tasks and activities. 
    • Unique and fun tactics for organized filing. 
    • How to remember important dates or occasions without fail. 
    • How to minimize errors and mistakes that waste so much time. 
    • Great ways to help you create a better working space and lifestyle. 
    • How to minimize your time looking for objects. 
    • How to get control over your workplace, your life, and the time that surrounds you. 
    • What to do to reduce stress and anxiety. 
    • Why many people achieve very little despite spending most of their time on certain activities. 
    • How activity logs function. 
    • The standard technique used by top-level athletes, successful businessmen and achievers in realizing their dreams and reaching their goals. 
    • Keys to being really productive and efficient. 
    • How tasks should be prioritized. 
    • The difference between an Action Plan and a What To Do List. 
    • The importance of effective scheduling.

    Master Resell Rights

    Think Your Way To Wealth, Success & HAPPINESS


    Master Resell Rights

    Amazing Speed Reading - Subliminal NLP 

    Speed reading is the act of quickly absorbing written information. The goal is to read quickly but still retain comprehension of the material.

    The rate at which people read material is not a constant and varies greatly depending on several factors. Some material, such as school work or manuals, may require more contemplation and fewer distractions in order to process and still understand what is being conveyed.

    Being able to read ten books in a single day is useless if the reader is unable to retain comprehension of the material. 

    This subliminal program attempts to improve and concentrate these skills.

    Master Resell Rights

    Be More Decisive - Subliminal NLP 

    Are you sick of people taking advantage of and treated like a doormat?

    Well now you CAN do something about it!

    Stop being passive and begin taking control of your life. The "Be More Decisive" audio seeks to retrain your mind to make decisions that benefit YOU.

    Enjoy feeling of being in control once again, as your assertiveness increases.

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    Better Creative Thinking - Subliminal NLP 

    Everyone is creative to some extent. Most people are capable of very high levels of creativity; just look at young children when they play and imagine.

    The problem is that this creativity has been suppressed by education. All you need to do is let it come back to the surface.

    Take sixty minutes out to kick-start your inner idea machine. Begin churning out new and insightful ideas, thoughts and inventions that will amaze the world, with this awe-inspiring subliminal track.

    You will soon discover that you are surprisingly creative.

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    Improved Memory - Subliminal NLP

    You might have come across some people in your life with an exceptional memory and often might have been tempted to call such persons geniuses.

    At times you may have dreamt of possessing such a a memory but simply did not make an effort assuming that a good memory is a gift of god. However these geniuses are not necessarily god gifted. In the present world even a normal person can gain a super memory with the help of easy NLP hypnosis techniques. A raised memory status enables you to face various challenges of life and perform all your tasks with ease. By easily and effortlessly helping your mind connect those useless bits of information to things you already know, you’ll find that your memory increases dramatically.

    The "Improved Memory" NLP audio uses simple NLP techniques that can help you to easily achieve your desire of increasing your memory.

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 Love Your Physical Self

Secretly disliking any part of your body can hold you back from so many of life's adventures. Stop worrying NOW and begin the journey into freedom. Accept what you cannot change and move forward once and for all, with this amazing new subliminal recording. 

Our overall self-esteem is more closely related to the way we see ourselves than it is to the way others see us. How we see ourselves is important to our physical and emotional health. Our most fundamental sense of ourselves is as a body; therefore, our body image is closely related to our sense of overall worthiness.

Our self-destructive behaviors may begin with thoughts such as "I'm too heavy" or "My nose is too long." But such thoughts can be changed. We can exercise our imagination to begin to change the way we see ourselves. Because body images reside in the mind, our goal is to teach our minds to be our allies rather than our enemies.

This powerful CD is set to do just that.

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 Improved Public Speaking

Ever been nervous, anxious, or downright fearful when having to speak to a group?

Imagine everyone in the group is looking at you with smiling adoration. Feel that they can't wait to hear the next thing you're going to say. See them nodding approvingly and occasionally glancing at each other, astonished at the depth and breadth of your wisdom. If you do, if you tell yourself you are the best speaker this audience has ever had the good fortune to hear, you will be. And when you realize that, your fear and anxiety will - poof!- disappear.  This is just one of the NLP techniques you'll discover in "Improved Public Speaking".

These positive affirmations help you to reach the ‘goal’ you have set for yourself and open doors for you that would otherwise have been kept closed.

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  •  The Art of Living a Fulfilling Single Life


    The report + audio will also show you:

    How to become an empowered single in our present day society and economy.
    The ways of improving your self-image amidst your partnered family and friends.
    How you can successfully embrace the good life of being single.
    The many places where love thrives, especially for single people.
    The reasons why true love becomes a real challenge nowadays.
    How to answer the most annoying questions about why you are single.
    How to effectively change your attitudes and emotions about being lonely and single.
    How to use your time to get to know yourself better and be with friends.
    The right responses to the numerous questions and negative attitudes associated with being single.
    How to overcome loneliness and combat self-pity.
    How to survive the clutches of loneliness.
    How to enjoy being single with the right socializing techniques.
    The many ways to meet people and the right attitude to go about it.
    When to determine the right time to begin a relationship again.
    To know outright who is the perfect person for you and how to stay clear of those who can't commit in a relationship.
    How to fully accept the state of being single and realize that it is not so bad after all.

    And more helpful information to show you that being single is as equally wonderful as being in a relationship!

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    Change Your Mind - Change Your Life!



    Master Resell Rights

    Detoxify Your Life Eliminating Bad Habits Effectively 


    DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE: Eliminating Bad Habits Effectively will show you the step-by-step procedures on how you can get rid of smoking, alcoholism, procrastinating, tardiness, negative thinking, overspending, and gambling.
    It will effectively guide you towards the right track. It will inculcate in you the proper way of replacing all these bad habits with the mindset that you can overcome any bad habit in a very triumphant and rather convincing way.
    This report will make you believe in yourself. It will put you in a state wherein all these bad habits are just tiny hurdles waiting to be jumped over.

    Inside this report + audio, you will discover:

    How bad habits are formed.
    The most persistent bad habits.
    The shocking effects of smoking. You'll think twice after you read this.
    Effective methods to quit smoking.
    How to battle alcoholism addiction.
    Warning signs of being alcoholic.
    The shocking effects of drinking excessive alcohol.
    3 infamous types of procrastinators.
    Nature of a bad habit.
    The unhealthy effects of procrastination.
    How to weed out the procrastinator in you.
    The counter effects of the "cold turkey" method.
    A powerful cure to chronic lateness.
    The usual habits of time bandits.
    Causes of perennial lateness.
    Powerful tips to eliminate tardiness.
    How to counter "crabby" people.
    How to protect yourself against negative thinkers.
    Characteristics of a compulsive gambler.
    When you should never, ever participate in any type of gambling.
    The most popular rationalizations to overspending.
    The one common element why we make compulsive decisions with money.
    Seven helpful tips to get out of debt.
    Useful budgeting tips.
    How to overcome negative thinking.
    The type of gambler you can afford to become if you really can't avoid gambling.
    How to be in total control of the way we think and act.
    Where bad habits come from and how they are developed.
    How procrastination affects your health, and the ultimate solution to it.
    How to overcome any bad habit with positive thinking and the right mindset.
    How to motivate yourself and come out successful in conquering all your bad habits.
    A powerful, daily affirmation technique that will lead you to the ultimate goal of being free from any bad habits for the rest of life

    And a whole lot of other inspiring and helpful information to help you do away with all your bad habits in the fastest and easiest way possible.

    Master Resell Rights

    Journey To A NEW You


    There are many benefits from going on your Journey. Here are but just a few:

    - Better Health: You are less likely to have serious health problems with good nutrition and exercise

    - Feeling Better: As you progress on your Journey, you will begin feeling better. You will have more energy.

    - A Better Social Life: It is no picnic being made fun of! When you lose weight, you “look” better – which is what society demands.

    - Higher Self Esteem: When you look better and feel better, your self esteem will naturally increase. Your Journey has given you the confidence you can do anything you set your mind to!

    - Less Tension and Stress: Not only does exercise help strengthen your heart, but it releases and reduces tension and stress that you build up during the day.


    How To Stay Focused and Increase Your Concentration 


    In this ebook + Audio, you will discover:

    • How to apply meditation, hypnosis, yoga, self-talk, NLP, and other powerful concentration exercises to superboost your focus. 
    • The foods you should (and should not) eat to power up your focus.
    • How to focus your attention on specific tasks.
    • How to concentrate even when you don't feel like it.
    • How to be more confident by using your ability to concentrate.
    • How to improve your ability to listen and study.
    • How to improve your memory.
    • How your brain functions at four different wavelengths.
    • How to bring your brain to a highly creative level.
    • A huge influence on your ability to focus and concentrate on a particular task. 
    • Four essential elements of concentration.
    • How to concentrate despite distractions all around you.
    • Culprits that can keep you from being able to focus and concentrate.
    • How to clear your head to focus on the solutions, and not on the problems.
    • How your memory is related to you and your concentration power.
    • The unbeatable advantages of achieving true concentration.
    • How your physical well-being affects the way you focus.
    • The roles of supplement, exercise, and sleep in your ability to focus.
    • The five super concentration arsenals.

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    Getting The Best Things in

    Life by Channeling Your Energy Positively! 

    This Isn't Anything You've Ever Been Exposed To Before. You're About To Be Handed The Key That Unlocks The Hidden Secrets Of How To Finally Have The Life You Dream Of...


    You've probably read every self help book out there and purchased loads of self improvement courses on positive thinking...

    But they've always been missing something.

    Sure, you've been through the steps, said the positive statements in the mirror but they just aren't working.

    That's because you're missing a secret ingredient that no one has told you because they just don't know it...

    You're going to learn that secret today.

    Here's just a few of the awesome tactics you're going to master quickly...

    • Why you should never use positive thinking they way you've been taught in the past!

    • How to plant seeds that blossom into amazing successes every time!
    • How to predict success before you start working on a project!
    • Secret ways to give yourself huge boosts in motivation & confidence in 3 seconds or less!

    • Exactly why most other self improvement courses fail to perform and how you can avoid failure forever!

    • How to fast track projects like never before (you'll learn how to pump out a 2 month project in just a week or two through insider action techniques).

    Master Resell Rights

    Wipeout Stress in Record Time! 


    In this ebook + Audio, you will discover:

    • The three phases of stress and how they affect the body.
    • The main causes of stress and how to overcome them.
    • The diseases brought about by stress, the harm they bring, and how to avoid them. 
    • How stress is developed.
    • How to eliminate the stimulants of stress.
    • How to handle occupational stress.
    • How to use meditation to combat stress. 
    • What autogenic training is, and how you can use it to fight off against stress.
    • The different relaxation techniques that you can use against stress.
    • The relationship between spirituality and stress.
    • How pictures of certain objects can trigger asthma and allergies.
    • How stress brings about miscarriages in pregnant women and sports injuries in athletes. 
    • How to set up roadblocks against various points of the stress model.
    • How stress can make you perform better and lead you to action.
    • How to take control and assume responsibility for your own behavior.
    • Main food culprits that cause stress.
    • The type of noise that eliminates stress.
    • How to rate your occupational stress.
    • How work stress is costing businesses billions of dollars.
    • Powerful steps to conquer occupational stress.
    • Symptoms and treatment of burnout.
    • Key components of stress management.
    • Training to relax the mind and body.
      And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    A Guide To Anger Management


    This audio + ebook will also reveal to you:

    •  What anger really is and how it can affect your life.
    • The major causes of anger.
    • The idea why humans do have the need to be angry.
    • The danger when anger transforms into a negative emotion.
    • The reasons why all of us needs to know proper anger management.
    • Why some people copy other people's anger.
    • The main goal and purpose of anger management.
    • How anger management works and why it is very effective.
    • The people that can help you handle your anger.
    • Factors that influence the outcome of anger management.
    • The different techniques used in anger management.
    • How to gauge your anger.
    • The right way to relax when you are angry.
    • What Cognitive Restructuring is and its role in anger management.
    • The different ways on how you can find solutions to your anger.
    • The role of humor and its importance in defusing anger in certain situations.
    • How to enhance the channels of communication and address anger positively.
    • The proper way to adjust to the environment so as not to be destructively angry.
    • Timing and anger management.
    • How to avoid being angry.
    • The different alternatives you can use to distract you from being angry.
    • When you should seek counseling.
    • How to train yourself to be assertive enough not to be angry.
    • Time management and how it is used in relation to anger Management.
    • The critical ways on how you can learn to forgive.
    • The use of faith to eliminate all problems associated with anger.
    • How to determine if you anger is truly under control.
    • The right way to act if chronic outburst continues despite managing your anger.
    • The right things you should do if an angry person confronts you.
    • Answer to the question of whether anger is inherited or not.
    • The link between video games and anger.
    • Relation between anger and gun control.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    How To Ace Your Job Interview


    This audio contains the amazing secrets you need to know about job interviews and selling yourself to selective employers.

    In this audio + ebook, you will discover:

    • The reasons why your resume alone won't give you the job you want.
    • How to walk through the door of opportunities in your chosen career.
    • How to present your resume to get it to the right people.
    • How to create a great, lasting first impression on your prospective employers.
    • What to wear and not to wear on job interviews.
    • How to get ready for the big day.
    • The things you have to bring and the things you have to leave. behind during the job interview.
    • The rules of courtesy and etiquette you should never forget.
    • Research and spying tips to know more about the company, their goals, and their strategies before showing up for the interview.
    • Why knowing more about the company is a crucial task.
    • How to determine the perfect job for you.
    • How to write an appealing resume that really sells.
    • How to create an eye-catching cover letter.
    • How to act properly in a restaurant interview. 
    • Dining etiquettes you need to observe in a luncheon interview with your prospective employer.
    • The different kinds of interview questions and how to property answer them.
    • How to get the interviewer hanging with your every word.
    • How to answer behavior-based interview with flying colors.
    • How to respond to trick questions and impress your future employer.
    • Case-study interviews and how to handle them.
    • How to answer research-related interview questions the right way.
    • How to act when you are subjected to surprise interviews and stress interviews.
    • 4 ways to deal with an interviewer who is intentionally assaulting your resume and skills. 
    • The key points in a team interview.
    • Effective steps to ace a technical interview. 
    • The 10 commonly asked interview questions about your educational background.
    • Top 17 harmless "getting-to-know-you" questions you should always have a ready answer for.
    • The 13 career inquiry questions employers always ask.
    • The 10 general questions about your experiences.
    • The 12 analytical questions you might want to do a research on.
    • The 3 case study questions that can prepare you for anything.
    • The things you should ask yourself to show your future employer your genuine interest in the position you are applying for. 
    • The type of questions you can choose not to answer. 
    • How to exude competence that sets you apart from the pack.

    And a whole lot more!

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    Natural Healing Wonders


    This report with audio contains the most essential things you need to know about natural healing, including the most powerful methods used in naturally curing diseases.

    In this report, you will discover:
     The predominant type of treatment practiced by up to 80% of people in the world. 
     Essential oils used to cure specific types of illnesses. 
     The negative effect of eating cooked foods frequently.
     Disadvantages of pasteurizing, canning, and microwaving.
     The amazing curing ability of trigger point therapy. 
     How hydrotherapy can treat various illnesses.
     Natural healing that lessens pain when certain parts of the feet and hands (and also other points on the body) are pressed or manipulated.
     How to achieve maximum healing and longevity by merging breath work, self-massage, movement, posture and meditation.
     "One-minute miracles" that work like a charm.
     The surprising healing power of crystals.
     The powerful healing power of affirmation and guided imagery.
     Natural herbs that treat sicknesses and how to use them.
     The different aspects of massage therapy.
     The role of yoga in the natural healing process.
     Why you need to change your diet to be healthier.
     Colon hydrotherapy, its effects, and how it is done.
     How acupuncture can enhance your health and well-being.
     The field of Chiropractic, its application, and when to consult with a chiropractor.
     Hypnotherapy and why it is very effective in healing diseases.
     What enzyme therapy really is and how it is applied.
     Aromatherapy and how it can positively affect the body.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    Set Your Motivation On Fire!


    In this report + audio, you will discover:

    What motivation is and its role in your life.
    How to distinguish fiery motivation from normal motivation.
    What the challenges and obstacles of everyday living are.
    The most common motivational factors you can use.
    The society's role in motivating you.
    The importance of maintaining fiery motivation.
    What intrinsic motivation is and its relevance in your life.
    The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
    The concept of self-regulation.
    The different motivational theories and how they can help you.
    What Maslow's Theory is about and how to effectively apply its principles.
    Goal-Setting Theory and its applications.
    The role of punishment, stress, aggression, secondary goals, and coercion in the motivation process.
    The ways on how to maintain fiery motivation despite insurmountable obstacles and challenges.
    How to use fiery motivation in a business setting.
    How to use fiery motivation when learning something.
    How to use fiery motivation to improve yourself.
    How to use fiery motivation in relationships.
    How to use fiery motivation in the rehabilitation process.
    How to use fiery motivation when getting rid of your bad habits.
    How to use fiery motivation in playing any types of sports.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    How To Be Your Own Psychiatrist

    Do-It-Yourself Psychological Therapies to Enhance Your Well-Being.


    It contains simple methods of understanding psychological therapies. Its techniques are very easy to read and digest, unlike complex, boring information you'll find in those thick psychiatric books. You'll be raring to treat your own self in no time!

    If you know the basic principles behind psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, then you can retreat to yourself and start psyching in the same way your psychiatrist does it to you!

    Master Resell Rights

    Cheat-Proof Your Marriage Without Hiring a Detective


    Do you want to know the signs that your partner is cheating on you? Do you want to learn the ways on how to maintain your marriage cheat-free as it is? Then let us show you how!

    What we have prepared is a comprehensive guide on cheating in the context of a relationship. The report Cheat-Proof Your Marriage Without Hiring a Detective contains all the information you need to know about the attitude, behavior, and action of cheating husbands and wives and the different ways it can be detected.

    It also contains relevant data about the concept of cheating, why it happens, and how rampant it is nowadays. Aside from these, this audio report will also teach you:
     What a good relationship entails and what you should expect from your partner.
     The nature of a man and a woman, and what causes them to cheat.
     What cheating really is and how you can consider an act as such.
     How common cheating is in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship compared to couples who are actually married. 
     The ways men and women cheat.
     The most common signs that your partner is cheating on you.
     The changes that cheating can cause in a person, both physically and emotionally.
     How to detect if others know that your partner is cheating, but are hiding the truth from you.
     Amazing ways to maintain a cheat-free marriage.
     Great tips on how partners can avoid flings in their workplace or at home.
     How to ensure that your partner is contented on the relationship that both of you share.
     Romantic things you can do or say to keep the love blooming.
     How to determine when it is better to hide things than to be too honest about it.
     The importance of giving your partner some space to breathe.
     Helpful tips on how to give your partner the space he or she needs to harbor their own identity.
     The importance of being honest to your partner.
     The ways you can keep communication open, whether you are together or apart from each other.
     How to keep your partner attached to you.
     Tips on how to make sure that you are still the apple of your partner's eye.
     The importance of sex in a marriage.
     Ways on how to enjoy and maintain great sex.
     The activities you can share to nurture the marriage.
     What to do if you still get cheated despite all efforts to prevent it from happening.
     The major factors that trigger partners to cheat.
     How to effectively deal with a cheating partner.
     How to avoid cheating from happening to you.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    Overcoming Addiction


    This audio and report package is filled with powerful information to help you break free from all forms of addictions, easily and painlessly.

    Overcoming Addiction: How to Regain Control Over Your Life provides you the step-by-step instructions on how to stand on top of your addiction and eventually emerge victorious in your battle for a free and wonderful life in less time.

    In this report, you will discover:

    The meaning and nature of addiction.
    Self-test questions to determine whether you are addicted or not.
    How addiction begins and how to control it from the start.
    The common reasons and explanations why addiction happens.
    The different patterns of addiction and its relevance.
    Family coping patterns and the role they play with addiction.
    How to complement the physical aspects with psychological aspects to cure addictions.
    The alternative methods of overcoming addiction.
    9 great tips to stop addiction.
    The most common addictions, its causes and cures.
    The disease model of drug addiction.
    The rewards system related to drug addiction.
    Drug addiction and the road to recovery.
    How smoking becomes an addiction.
    The major reasons why people get addicted to cigarettes.
    Powerful steps to put out cigarettes for good.
    Excellent motivators to quit smoking.
    Alcoholism and how to stop it.
    Gambling addiction and the unmistakable attributes of gamblers.
    How to effectively treat gambling addictions.

    The other types of addictions and their descriptions.

    Food addictions and the most common types of food people get addicted to.

    Addictions to behaviors and activities, and how to avoid them.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    How To Exploit Your Brain's Unlimited Power 


    Master Resell Rights

    How To Be A Master Communicator


    How to be a Master Communicator: Speak Effectively in Any Situation! contains step-by-step instructions and astonishing information on the power of speaking and communicating competently with others.

    Just follow everything stated in the report and you will see massive improvements in your life!

    This report will show you:

    The undeniable advantages of being a great conversationalist.
    Crucial elements of effective communication.
    Important do's and don'ts in a conversation.
    How to act properly when engaged in a conversation.
    Things you should never do when talking to a person or a group.
    9 remarkable suggestions of what to talk about with anyone.
    The reliable way of asking good questions.
    When to break, and not to break, the ice.
    Likable ways to talk to strangers. They'll feel like you're a close friend!
    Helpful techniques to remember when talking on the phone.
    How to impressively address a group of people.
    Friendly ways of joining other people's conversation.
    How to talk to "extreme" types of people.
    The ideal way to end a conversation and leave a lasting impression.
    How to effectively get your message across your listeners.
    How the art of listening can help boost your success in communication.
    How to decode the body language of the person you're talking to.
    How your tone of voice can affect the results of a conversation.
    Factors that make a conversation stressful and how to avoid them.

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    Ignite Your Metabolism 


    The report contains remarkable tips and techniques on how to effectively speed up your metabolism and attain the lean, fit body you've been dying to possess.

    In this report, you will discover:

    How metabolism really works and how it affects your body.

    The different types and components of metabolism.

    The amazing formula to speed up your metabolism.

    Vital factors that affect your metabolism.

    5 major reasons why you should fire up your metabolism.

    The role of your mindset in achieving a faster metabolism.

    Simple yet effective exercises to ignite your metabolism.

    How to undergo strength and resistance training.

    Weightlifting and its effects in improving your metabolism.

    5 weightlifting exercises that you can perform for a faster metabolism.

    Metabolism-boosting strength exercises, without using weights!

    12 muscle areas that you should focus on exercising to improve your metabolism.

    What interval training is and how it affects your metabolism.

    A 7-day step-by-step program of speeding up metabolism through proper exercise.

    Three important concepts you have to consider when planning an exercise program.

    The key benefits of eating right.

    Nutrients needed by your body to speed up the burning of fats.

    Foods that you have to avoid like a plague if you want to boost your metabolism.

    Recommended foods to ignite your metabolism.

    Why you should carefully schedule your meals.

    Sample meal plans that promote better metabolism.

    Food myths that you should watch out for.

    The direct link between stress and metabolism.

    Effective ways to rid your body of stress.

    Long-term strategies for de-stressing.

    The importance of sleep in having a scorching metabolism.

    Master Resell Rights

    Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results  

    Here are some of the things that you'll discover when you purchase Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results:

    How to realize your unlimited potentials.
    How to achieve your goals without struggling.
    How to appreciate the beauty of the world.
    What your true purpose in life is.
    How to attract more love.
    How to find success within your reach.
    How to be in control of your actions.
    How to be an encouragement and inspiration to others.
    How to become more productive in your endeavors.
    Vital tips to have a positive attitude.
    Tips on how to feel contented in life.
    How to be open to new ideas.
    Why it is important to accept your flaws.
    How to spot the line that separates right from wrong.
    How to make the universe conspire with your every wish and dream!
    How to get what you want with a single thought.
    Why people commit self-sabotage.
    How you may be set up for failure and how to change that.
    Why it is so vital that you monitor your thoughts as you progress through the day.
    How the mind could be compared to a garden.
    The best way to overcome previous negative programming.
    How to alter your old limiting beliefs.
    How to control your subconscious mind.
    How to reprogram yourself.
    How to replace old beliefs with new beliefs.
    Amazing tools for subconscious programming.
    How to use visualization in programming your mind.
    The importance of having a sense of gratitude.
    How your thoughts can improve or ruin your life, and what you can do about it.

    And many more life-transforming benefits…

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    Office Politics  


    Here are just a few of the things you will find:

    A long list of specific tactics that could be used against you any time. Armed with this list, you will see them coming a mile away. You see, a large part of the power of these methods is in their sneakiness, but once you know them, you can detect them and defuse them. Methods that would have disturbed you and left you confused will lose a lot of their power as soon as you are able to see through them.

    6 specific techniques that people use to make themselves look good.

    4 ways they have of keeping themselves from looking bad.

    No less than 11 ways, not counting variations, that people use to make others look bad - not a pretty picture, I assure you.

    The deeper reasons that lead them to succumb to the temptation to use such distasteful methods.

    And if you're afraid that some readers might use this book the wrong way, to improve their " skills ", don't worry about that. There's a whole chapter devoted to the ravages that inevitably result from their use, not just to others, but to themselves. Not pretty either. After reading that chapter, your anger against them will turn to pity.

    What the " fetid swamp of the wishy-washy " is, WHY you don't want to go there, and HOW you can avoid it.

    How to stay strong and balanced at all times, so that they will think twice before choosing you as a victim.

    Detailed, practical advice about how to deal with people so that everyone is better off. Methods that make a lot more sense in the long run, and that won't keep you from sleeping at night.

    9 different ways to tell if someone is lying to you. This section is worth the price of the book in itself!

    5 anti-stress techniques that you can use on the spot to calm yourself down and keep from losing your cool. These are invaluable!

    6 specific ways to boost your energy and keep it high. You'll want to use these techniques all the time, not just when you're at work.

    A detailed rundown of how to handle an attack in various circumstances.

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    How To Defeat Procrastination


    Learn the effective ways on how you can stop procrastinating. By simply following the techniques in the report, you will wake up one day and realize that you are doing all the work required of you for the day. But more importantly, you will begin to see your goals coming into shape, both the short-term and the long term ones!

    Aside from that, the report will also teach you…

    The signs of procrastination and how to determine if you are a procrastinator.
    The characteristics of procrastination and the way it negatively affects your aspirations and dreams.
    The psychological and physiological aspects of procrastination.
    Why procrastination is considered a behavioral problem.
    Effective treatments against procrastination.
    Why procrastination has such a strong hold on a person.
    How other people perceive procrastinators and the reason behind those thoughts.
    Different factors that contribute to procrastination.
    The most common causes of procrastination.
    Eight key points to check if you have the tendency to procrastinate.
    The major emotions that you should focus on developing to effectively eliminate procrastination.
    The reasons why procrastination is considered as a big personal issue.
    The facets of your personal life that is affected by procrastination.
    How procrastination becomes evident in your performance at school, at work, and at home.
    Easy steps on how to stop procrastination immediately.
    Excellent tips to ensure that you eliminate the procrastination habit out of your system for good.

    And a whole lot more!

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    The Hidden Power of Universal Laws  


    Inside The Hidden Power of Universal Laws, you will discover:

    A surefire roadmap to experiencing the life you want.

    The most powerful force in the universe.

    The key formula that makes the universe respond after sending out your intentions.

    The 3 vital steps in applying the Law of Attraction.

    Great ways you can apply the Law of Attraction in your business dealings.

    How to have a fulfilling, abundant life filled with joy, peace, happiness, and good health.

    How to produce high energy positive vibrations of thought that produce great achievements.

    How your gratitude can be so powerful and energized that people around you can't help but notice your aura.

    How to find out if you have really forgiven someone.

    A great way to stop the process of thinking negatively.

    How to get your thoughts back to where they should be when you experience something traumatic in your life.

    How your thoughts can become dangerous.

    The reason why another bad thing seem to come right after an initial bad event.

    Important reason why you need to avoid doing unwholesome actions.

    How to tell if someone has the spirit of gratitude.

    How someone blessed with abundance can lose it.

    The mystery on why the rich seem to get richer, while the poor seem to get poorer.

    Why some seem to find themselves living in poverty or not having the lifestyle they wish to have amidst all their efforts.

    The effect if the thoughts we have for someone else never materialize to the person.

    How the Law of Attraction operates in our lives.

    How to be in harmony with the Law of Attraction.

    How to apply the Law of Attraction in both business and personal aspects.

    The ways and explanations as to how your thoughts can control you.

    The steps to visualize your thoughts and make them real.

    The proper way to visualize.

    How the Law of Vibration works.

    How to make sure the Law of Vibration is applied properly.

    How the Law of Karma affect lives.

    What karma is and how it works.

    How to understand karma and use it to your benefit.

    The three doors of action, according to the law of karma.

    The Law of Gratitude and how to benefit from it.

    Five key mistakes that people make with regards to gratitude that cause them not to get what they want in life.

    The power of the Law of Love.

    The big difference between satisfaction and happiness/ abundance.

    How to complete the process of the Laws of the Universe.

    Why some people seem to get what they want while others do not.

    How to become more abundant in life.

    The best way to practice the Law of Allowing.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    Guide To Neuro-Linguistic Programming 


    This report + audio is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals and major techniques of NLP, written in layman's language that is perfect for anyone who has no/little knowledge or experience in NLP.

    Beneath NLP lays the power to change your lives for the better - all you have to do is to unleash it!

    Inside this report, you will discover:

    What NLP really is and its unlimited potentials.
    How NLP improves your communication skills.
    How to enhance your self-esteem using NLP.
    How NLP can help you manage time well.
    How NLP can help you overcome fear.
    How NLP unifies your mind, body, and feelings.
    How to build rapport and establish good relationships.
    The history of NLP and its functions.
    The amazing positive effects of NLP in therapy.
    How NLP can effectively assess your specific needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses.
    How NLP can help you experience a dramatic change in your routines and lifestyle.
    How to eliminate stress entirely.
    NLP strategies you can apply in all aspects of your life.
    What allows you to avoid making the same mistake again, thus, paving the way to learning.
    How NLP can be used as a manipulation tool.
    How to fully indulge in a situation physically, mentally and emotionally.
    How to resolve conflict between parts so that everything will be able to work systematically to produce success.
    A very powerful method to change your habit or personality.
    How to change your personal history using NLP.
    An effective change technique that allows you to draw out the negative influences that have haunted you in the past.
    How to eliminate bad behavior.
    How to change your belief system for massive success.
    A very effective method that can cure panic attacks, trauma and phobias.
    How to respond appropriately to any given situation.
    How NLP can help you be more creative.
    Why bodybuilders and other gym enthusiasts have been turning to NLP to enhance physical performance.
    How NLP can stop addiction.
    How to make money with NLP.
    The powerful strategies of NLP.
    How to use anchors to attain any state you desire.
    How to use NLP on yourself and its benefits.
    How to apply NLP in your business.
    FAQs about NLP.
    The current trends in NLP.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    Finding True Love Online  


    In Finding True Love Online: The Exciting Adventure of Searching for Your Special Someone on the Internet, you will discover:

    Who or what types of people to avoid online.

    How to write effective write-ups.

    How to recognize if he/she is a keeper.

    How to create a good first impression.

    Do's and Don'ts of dating.

    Vital tips on taking the next step - marriage.

    How to meet up with others and eventually ask them out on a date without having to personally meet them.

    How to find others with whom you could develop a friendship or a romantic relationship with.

    What's in store for the future of online dating.

    Important reminders in searching for your special someone.

    Why it may not be advisable to join dating sites that have millions of members.

    How to join online dating sites.

    How stand out from the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of other members registered in the site.

    Great venues where you can meet people from across the world and make new friends.

    How even the shyest person can open up and speak his/her mind.

    Success stories documented from online chatters.

    Important reminders when uploading a photo for your profile.

    How to make them feel comfortable with you.

    How to open up many channels for communication.

    How to write a catchy and fun profile.

    The key to having a successful online conversation.

    Red flags that can warn us if anyone is lying.

    Safety precautions when meeting someone for the first time

    Advice for women about the types of men to avoid.

    Effective tips to break it off with your partner in a gracious manner.

    How to know if you're experiencing true love.

    Three very important aspects for a relationship to work.

    How to deal with cultural differences.

    How to enormously reduce the chances for scams and fraud.

    It isn't too late. Millions of people have been successful meeting their significant others online. Be one of them right now.

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    No More Shyness!


    With No More Shyness! How to Enhance your Relationships and Social Life, you will discover:

    The damaging effects of shyness in a person.
    The different causes of shyness.
    How today's technology and the need for lesser interaction contribute a lot in making people shy.
    How to visualize your way to a shy-free reality.
    How failures and rejections develop shyness.
    How to fully improve your personality.
    How to apply NLP in defeating shyness.
    How shyness can affect your social life.
    The characteristics of shy introverts and shy extroverts.
    The different ways to determine your shyness level.
    The different consequences of shyness in your life.
    How shyness differs from social anxiety.
    An amazing technique to help shy individuals overcome social fears and phobias.
    The 14 questions used to identify your stage of shyness.
    The major reasons why some children tend to grow up shy.
    The psychological ill effects of shyness in an individual.
    The step-by-step fool-proof methods you can actually follow to get rid of shyness.
    Powerful medical/scientific ways of eliminating shyness.
    How to be an efficient conversationalist no matter how shy you are.
    The most effective ways to start a conversation.
    How an extrovert can turn out to be shy.
    How to determine if your baby is shy in as early as two months.
    The first thing you must learn to do to overcome shyness.
    Powerful medications to overcome social anxiety.

    And a whole lot more!

    Master Resell Rights

    How To Develop Your Own Unique Sense of Humor


    How to Develop Your Own Unique Sense of Humor will help you to:

    Examine your past for clues to your own humor style.
    Analyze your relationships for insights into what you consider truly funny.
    Find the humor in everyday situations that surrounds you.
    Discover and develop the humor in your friends, family, and business associates.
    Lighten up a tense or dull situation in an appropriate manner.
    Use humor to your social and political advantage.
    Develop higher levels of communication with family and friends through humor.
    Deepen relationships using humor.
    Encourage an atmosphere of joviality and fun.
    Differentiate between helpful and harmful humor and always utilize the helpful.
    Engage in the subtleties and nuances of humor rather than the cheesy, slapstick style that turns people off.
    Gauge a situation as to the appropriateness of humor.
    Learn to laugh at yourself, including your own failures.
    Tell jokes the professional way.
    Get past the "tough room".
    Use humor to help dispel family problems.
    Raise children properly using humor.
    Know what parents are teaching their children that are detrimental to the development of their kids' sense of humor.
    Discover what adults can learn from babies in regards to humor.
    Know why you should encourage your child's sense of humor.
    Use humor to enhance your child's social skills.
    Use humor to save you from the drudgery of work.
    Know a safe way to introduce humor at the workplace.
    Come up with those inside jokes.
    Know what jokes to avoid telling.
    Use humor to communicate information more effectively to your audience.
    Apply humor so you can make messages easier to accept.
    Use humor to live up public speaking.
    Be humorous when the unexpected comes.
    Handle the chatterboxes while giving your speech.
    Know the simplest, most spontaneous, and contagious type of communication ever devised.
    Know the underlying reason why laughter is the best medicine.
    True story of how laughter saved a man from a life-threatening illness.

    and so much more!

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